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Roger Cheng (CNET, CES 2019)

Jan 10, 2019|

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So the big Consumer Electronics Show that happens every year at this time is currently going on out in Las Vegas and joining us now to talk about is Roger Cheng from CNET Roger thanks for joining us today. Robert Rogers so every year it seems like we get kind of a major theme in terms of what. Companies are pushing our member few years back and in these are some of the failed ones that I remember more than anything else 3-D TVs were going to be the wave of the future not so much. Where ovals. Who have caught on a little bit and then we had the Euro about augmented reality and virtual reality which is still I think for most people least more Leo. More kind of fantasy than reality at this point what kind of the big theme that we're getting out of this year's show. Not one of the biggest at this one apparently I like five C a next generation or go to is the pastor. We'll get a lot more used the show. I really have to sell up are a lot more I at the other two early side ego can't. You know board appointment the next few months but I don't want the public art it but the evident when it. What about what are we senile I always like to see what kind of the next big thing is in TV's is that anything meaningful there or is it more along the lines of 3-D that isn't ever going to actually be. Normal for people. You know what the want to acknowledge that order I think is a decade that is a imagine late sharper resolution before itself. But it bill that road I don't know if brought out. At a but you're actually make you video. No one actually get a lot of by the bubble while one the more I think he beat this thing went out he will he be the and there it is one of the court market yet it is it is what those create Elantra and that know when you know letter by. Roger every question I'm going back to the that TV's the AK ones there. There's so little programming even in it in four K right now what's the incentive and what's the reason that companies are coming out these eight KT TVs is adjusted my aim for the. A lot of it is yet he's the united factors need to keep pushing the envelope while technology companies there is to keep giving. A typical beat an upgrade of the event that we pursue technology that people are going to be applied for the next year they like it has the game. You what you think and there is Trent like BP oil there got to keep moving on and expect that. Rhetoric we've I've seen a whole bunch of bug growth in the Smart home area over the last two to three years in particular. Anything stand out on that front at this year's show. Guys I think this show is that we've been a big one for a veto if they're that help the home whether it and oral lacks. Really. Google them around as you'd front that the show out Google actually at a a boot what he is a small world after all there aren't like this thing that you can actually go around to demonstrate palpable there or. But you could now be that we are a lot of be. Sure. You know there to do that there is the one that you want. Roger what does the weirdest things that's I was I was poking around on the CNET CES website earlier. There's a 600. In sixty dollar Sauna that you can use to blow dry your dog. How is this the weirdest thing you've seen it at CES are there weirder ones. I think there're couple weir one back. Relatively affordable now that will help you. Not Doran. And yet that that's not right that waited in Asia we lack back. That your batters he had he had that year a lot of it doesn't make the market are the don't buy it but it'd. Called a mean Bo Bennett with our that the. In terms of bought anything unexpected obviously you know I know that we get kind of view of the TVs and things like desert anything that you saw this year we said. That actually you know kind of blew my mind it made me think a little bit. 11 at hello affiliate of melt art. That you actually pressure really quickly. But you're eight and that figure now than I expected later here you are both the pain. Are quickly. That's kind of fascinating actually. I didn't ultrasonic principles and I've eager fan I think it is they'll cart it or that is the critical approval work there don't failed but I am eager I would do only at you bet that that is I would gladly paid money. Rivera good Roger thanks for join this day we appreciated and we will catch up with the soon. Our credit. That is Roger chain from CNET talking about the Consumer Electronics Show. That concludes I believe tomorrow out in Las Vegas match if that thing would wash your T toot Dario. You'd just you know area with Q and do it after every meal today they use you work wonders gum disease that's the case or here's the one that I've always thought about not so much for me but other people. What if you could just where half the cut your hair. What if you could just put a hat on that would cut your hair yeah is that that's never gonna happen.