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Clay Risen (NY Times, Bourbon Industry)

Jan 8, 2019|

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We're joined now by clay recent from New York Times in the the title of the article last week was led by cult fervent distillers dreamed of and now. Notification of Kentucky and you know clay I have is that Christmas this year and it seems like the last couple of years. The Bergen market at least in my family has been blowing up I think that was like the most giving gift this year for Christmas was a bottle of local Bergman from Gayle whenever distillers like. What are we seeing today in today in the suburban craziness. Yeah you know when I answered covering this probably 67 years ago crack is really taking off and and you saw the big guys starting to get and answer these. Key to growth there and it and upped their game but everyone expected it was sort of you know you get that that would. New move on people searching something else after awhile but. What I think is really happened of the last three to five years has been. Egypt and implications all this trance so. The craft guys some of two really good ones are producing just stellar whiskey. And things that people are willing to pay top dollar sport and the same time that the big brands as I have really succeeded and stepping up their games so. You know a category that used to be and topping out at fifty bucks a bottle. Most the time now you know that's barely scratching the surface of what a luxury bottle costs. Sure and I think about the beer market today that certainly had legs for awhile now the craft beer market and just growing and growing for a feel like a decade. Two decades now. But that's pretty nationwide it doesn't seem like it's overly concentrated in any one stage how much of the burba is really coming from Kentucky this. Well by and large units still about 95%. Volume comes out of Kentucky they have. You know for every prayer every country handful of small craft distillery is around you at peace. Enormous. Facility in Kentucky that are just pumping out whiskey and good whiskey Irish to. There really. They really know how to do it the difference between. Kraft heard between the beer industry in the whisky industry where you know say what you will about the big guys in deer but they weren't producing. Not only the best stock price they were piecing first certain certain demographic certain tight tight both appear. And day now with with whiskey was. You from the beginning. Did the big guys were setting the tone so you know and that's what they're really banking on now is that when you go to a police flake. Jim beamer heaven hell or or four roses in these are great distillery but they're also big distillers. Yeah I think about it Napa for instance and the experience that's been built around. You know wine tasting at California and you just all the industries that popped up around that. Is is that what you think you need in Kentucky to really have the staying power that you know the US wine industry has seen. Yes I will tell you what if I had if I had any business sensitive by Ed. A little bit of scratch I would quit my job I would move to Kentucky and open. At a resort hotel because that is that's what needed to know that the industry is there. The key note that the horse race news there at the beautiful countryside is there. You've got some big cities and bull on Lexington to these. Facilities are small towns and and that way it I think people when they look at. This part of Kentucky they think that what Annapolis liking you were near San Francisco and Oakland but you know Europe in the top of the bay. And what was really needed was you know good restaurants. Good. The other things to do whether it's called four or kind of our resort circling the you know someplace where he goes from friends and they don't wanna be whiskey they can do something else you'll know that infrastructure. That's still. Is cherished coming around and incident lot of talk about luxury hotels about luxury resort about luxury restaurants. And and I think over the next five years that's what you're amnesty. You were financial show saga mass tampering on the spot so I don't know if you would note are any of these big burger makers publicly traded. Yeah yes of Oakmont I mean Jim beam is certainly probably traded. Do who have stood DR geo who owned a good number of interest in the area there and walker yeah yeah yeah they don't Johnnie Walker they also they make bullet. All it is one of the big. Big Bergen and and ride brands out there and ideologies behind that. But you're right I mean a number of them are also. Are privately held. It just kind of you know mix and match. A lot clearest and really inching article out of New York Times I'm I'm definitely seeing it and clearly I'm not the only one missing this explosion in the burn industry. What's your clearest and New York Times appreciate joining us crap.