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Adrian Garcia (Bankrate.com, 2018 Best & Worst Driver States)

Dec 6, 2018|

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We have part of the financial exchange in an instant by texting us and 63566. Starter tell extra keyword Barry and become a member of our brand new textbooks tell us what you think 24/7. Right here on the financial exchange radio network. Yeah. Well joining us now to load the best and worst states for drivers is Adrian Garcia from Bankrate dot com and Adrian it's good to good to have Leon here today. Thank you could be injured I wanna start off with the worst states just because. Those the ones that really get us all excited to get our blood boiling a little bit. Our producer Tucker and I'd just before the break we did you know we are saying it what do the worst states that it seemed like to drive and and we it's at Rhode Island in New Jersey I'm curious where they may rank on your list of worst states to drive him. At that but because they're kind of put on the money they aren't the bottom and whatever and what you Mitch and his numbers that event and pitchers the number or worst of all it is under a lot of people predict bested California. That's followed by quiet Connecticut and Connecticut. What what goes into these rankings what's the methodology for ranking estate good or bad. Sir the decree took a look at these factors basically at number one was tossed it looked at what people are paying their insurance gas prices and it in. Number two is right equality reluctant at road conditions. And to commute time and lastly we were depicted at its very important. It looked at prospect and vehicle that. And so what when we take a look at the best states where they tend to be there any any Constance as far as you know geographically the types of states that the best states for driving tend to be in. The destitute for driving tend to be in the middle of the country the places like North Dakota tick in the number one spot. Bought by Iowa and Ohio. Some of these places like Nebraska which is also on the top ten. To have less people and do the road reluctant justice for those for those present at these. Ticket let it possible that the that may be helping them but it is the firing of a lot of rest of the public. When we talk about the the worst states to drive in the worst overall was California. Which got the worst overall score that I saw in terms of driving quality. It was I believe the worst score as well for cost. In safety was pretty far down on the bottom as well to California really good with anything related to driving. What are the things that stood out on a state that was close to the bottom was Florida where the driving quality was kinda middle of the road. But cost and safety both had negative scores what was the case there. But it. We've looked so we waited more step of Libya on. Wrote condition and that and constant state sitting let bill took but it is were broke condition was a lot worse. Ito's what brought the brought it down but it is looking like California which mentioned noted for part of their road toward port condition. This that it depict it at the national average of 22. We're doing is beyond New England states tend to rank as far as I know Rhode island's obviously near the bottom of the list but any other New England states that stand out either good or bad. New England tended to be torn. The bottom half of the states. But to better. Overall some of them kind of middle attack just Portugal or if you look at places like. Massachusetts. That's as you sit at other times it in California. And twenty diabetic. It's an actual relative to six minutes not much of a difference but it just interest if they click that. Having a better return to order that California. Regard Adrian thanks for joining us today we appreciate it. Adrian Garcia from Bankrate dot com talking at the best in worst states for drive so I think Florida and he gave the population growth is. Just too fast to handle the in the infrastructure can't handle the population growth. They've written poorly for cost as well I know one of the big things in fort insurance costs are very high in Florida so those are yes that's it that's a negative. For for the state of Florida there you know gas costs I think you're kind of middle of the road in general. No pun intended but it's it's really lose insurance costs that tend to be significantly higher I've seen a lot of estimates that say the cost of car insurance in Florida can be anywhere from 25 to 40% higher than in other states.