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Nov 29, 2018|

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On top of breaking financial news by becoming a member of number of calories per day blog under financial exchange does come in sign up today. Yes I think. Joining us on the line now from New York just Adam Johnson from Apple's side Greif dot com. Adam OP had a good Thanksgiving good to talk to today. It's extra great being with you it was the the good break. I purposely didn't work. You know you gotta you gotta keep the pressure up from time to time but could be beckons that only you know got agreed on the street. Well it's it's it's been a good week in markets and that that the two big things that seem to be in focus. Our rates with Powell speaking yesterday and then you've got trade with the G-20 meeting. Coming up this weekend president trump signaling just earlier this morning I think his quote was that he is hopeful that he can get something done. With China this weekend. What what's your sense of what's going on on both of those issues. Yeah well I mean first bought just on that front I think he is hopeful as frequent need to deal thank you you'll guy that he effectively got himself elected by saying you know. We were gonna win so much you're gonna be tired of winning but you know he actually lost the though you know he needs that we. And this is one way to do it you know treated bed over shattering. So much right now means to operate. That he really needs ED TVs that would mean you know he says though he needs that I think they've been working behind the scenes to make something happen. Though if they get you know any sort of agreement even a small and I think the market because you know that the buyout. Adam on that do you think that any deal can be reached on the more substantial issues like intellectual property protection joint ventures and things like that or is this likely going to be more superficial. As far as they were agreeing that we're going to be able to import and export you know soybeans oil and things like that easily. Yeah I think you're you're absolutely right on the money here created distinction between the EC. Wins and partly. I think we Kennedy. There are good if we put things behind us you know Alia I mean what they go yet you know. Former mid western and really hurt by this. And and subsidies that the federal government but he gather or report a vanity you know that. Robert street traders rate. And they don't want it can't they wanna be at the belt. The strong crop they wanna be. So I think we probably get beat he went when he talked about the order went intellectual property. He makes it a cold. To accomplish that is the rupture. Whereby if you were American company wanted to business in China yet that a joint venture in China that includes each. And now that there Chinese partner at full access all of your intellectual property. That relief across the apple they don't do. It changed that. Rupture it can be very difficult probably doesn't happen simply get it at dinner went buried. You know on Saturday night but if we get the progress that we need to I I think the market. At a what are you thoughts on oil at the moment we've seen you know about a thirty little bit north of the 30% dip in oil prices touching below fifty a barrel for the first time in awhile earlier this morning. Concerning or do you think we're near the bottom. Well okay folks. Well first off you know. I think a lot of people get the oil thing wrong people think though the price of oil was following that means that demanded following in the economy's rate it. Though there it would only be emphatic about that. The US. Saudi Arabia and Russia are all for the first that it history. Producing more than eleven million barrels a day back in the US the web with the with not a weak demand issue. It's a I apply. Issue that's what it woke up at very different there are a lot of oil out there. So the fact that oil was all it actually a good thing in this particular. As to when it stopped falling. Well we may actually. There is is stabilized because who. As suggested that well you know maybe. We can cut back on production up saudis probably building to participate need to be in the from the paper. Disaster but. You might get. Russia to back off lightly that will create them the ability US open there's so very profitable at an acceptable work. They probably want something. I don't think we get a run back to sixty but you know that the camera he'd actually by you which is if it cheapens a couple of board you know get. Down in ninety up by UT. You'd see. In other words exploration production company US. I'm actually like marathon petroleum because the root Sochi. They can buy cheap regret refinery built athlete remember prices at the pump a lot easier than. He is the margins for refined you know their inflate here and overall I think it. You know follicles but. Very good Adam we've got to run but thanks for joining us that is Adam Johnson from bull's eye brief dot com it would just picks up every weekend so make sure you sign up so you can get.