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Ben Fox Rubin (CNET, 2018 Cyber Monday Figures)

Nov 28, 2018|

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The markets are still lol lol yeah. Get our weekly market recap by becoming a member of batteries brigade music financial exchange showed Judd come and sign up today. Big box Rubin from CNET now joins us here to talk about these Cyber Monday sales numbers for. We'll just couple days ago now but we already have them. Ben thanks for joining us. Absolutely. Yeah. And so what was the total dollar value of goods sold on Cyber Monday this year and how does that compare to prior years. I have to be online numbers and online the numbers are really really good. Seven point nine billion dollars. Although online that's up 19%. From last year at the very useful comparison retail sales bottom line. In the united aid during an average day is one point four billion. There's that huge increase in just one day. Is there any particular placed we have any data on kind of where the biggest increase was due to not get that granular with the. Oh is it appears that there are two major trends that are rising sea increased one of them is strapping on your own. So 2.2 billion dollars up that seven point nine billion in from shopping on your own bat than do single day record. In US history and that's a really really big number considering that shopping on your own. Was a big problem we've go a long time there's also the other thing that Adobe all a bit. Which is basically buy online pick up in the door it's not something that I generally do I don't actually understand why consumers do it by. I'm sure a lot of people have been depleted Leo. And that is also something that's really charging and actually be helping traditional retailers in the game again but like in the. In terms of any particular retailers that reported. Really big gains in the in the year are there any that stand out that says hey we had a really good on line Black Friday or Cyber Monday. In general Amazon usually had a really really strong back on Monday. They had another bill record this year it is not surprising at all because they always have a sales record. On Cyber Monday. Unfortunately they also tend to provide some of the they get there at at. So one of one of the bat that they mentioned has probably the only ones really were pulling out. Is a 180. Million items were what are you on. Between. Thanks giving and Cyber Monday on Amazon.com in the United States which is again these numbers are like so big it's really hard to wrap your head around them. And one of the things that stood out to man Amazon's numbers they bought whole foods backed out last year. They sold a record number of turkeys during the Thanksgiving season and also had a record number of those turkeys delivered. Directly to homes instead of having people come in the hole who Kamal. Yeah I mean that. Pretty impressive and also that's another effort from Amazon where they're really trying to convince people to you more online grocery shopping. Bet on so in the area that's been a little bit vote to pick up Amazon fresh which is. And done vocal the world that are grocery delivery service and been around for more than a decade and hadn't really been running back quickly though. People are buying more turkeys on line maybe they're gonna be to convince people to do more grocery shopping online through these types. Holiday shopping. War you know special fail thing like that. Very good Ben thanks for joining us say we appreciate it. Absolutely thank you that's been box Ruben from CNET talk Mets Cyber Monday sales for 28 teams. You know chuck the the reason that a lot of people do the buy on line and pick up at the store. Has to do with package that I guess it's become an a real problem and I'm not talking about just in the inner cities and in bad neighborhoods. You know you hear all over the country package that from the front door is is becoming. Like a lost it's it's occurring every day. I'd say I had a package problem yesterday actually so I and ordered something from Amazon. And I've I've picked it up but as I was doing and I reopened my front door to go win in the door swung in and hit the package over the railing. And so the package actually went down behind my bushes off my front steps. And so I got my wife to hold me by my feet high speeds down a to pick the package up and then see poised to me back up over the railing. So that's my issue with packages that I had to deal with yesterday it was at a church. Are there was quite funny for anyone driving by seeing you know of this geez holding me by my ankles just as a picking this. Package thrilling only four feet to the ground. Why don't you just walk down the stairs and go behind the bush and picked up the pack so I just put all my Christmas lights up there so I didn't have a pass through the lights and that it wanted to disrupt the lights because I thought I'd put them up very nicely. And so I I had no way to get back there. Other than her holding me by my ankles as I lowered myself down to pick the package I just did you videos that I'd you know yesterday. I'm sure someone driving by took because you you couldn't miss you were in a brick red sweatshirt numbers dangling over the edge there. Opinion Merritt area very strong woman yes odious. It is this type of thing happened do you frequently. And more than I'd like to admit now David -- bush again yes again and again or still Tucker as the case may be.