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Dave Clark (Seeking Alpha, CTL, IEP)

Oct 30, 2018|

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Stay on top of breaking financial news by becoming a member of the diaries brigade blog on the financial exchange should dot com and sign up today. It's John Mooney and a couple of stocks under the microscope in his stock talked today century Lincoln icon enterprises Dave Clark from seeking out the joins us Dave. If you like dividends that doesn't it doesn't really get much better of the century link is that is that that didn't sustain. It sure is John you know and when we talked last time one of those questions you had that we didn't get to was one of your. Favorite topic regarding dividends through the coverage ratio yeah. Right yup absentee so you know that you know. There have been yield is something that I'd back into. You know I don't start off the screen charge defined eye yield stocks I'd look for all you know the first thing is. They've got their jump over all of pre work workers are hurdle and that the number one is coverage ratio so Kiki knows is covered richer at one point six. Based on free cash. Oh. Okay but that's all right it means for the time being it's safe. You know that but you like the company. That's the bottom line is is you know ultimately is the company that sustains that. Liked the first thing I would board is the long term growth story. Bet that that's beyond that's been number one thing started from there and and that we talked about the war. Are due to global growth story first DP you know. It is you know unlimited right now because they're right in the sweet spot. For that transition to part EU. Just prepare. You know backing up their legacy. Cash flows. OK other company looking at is Icahn Enterprises now I think if Carl Icahn is more of a corporate greater than investor but. I assume you like him as an investor. I sure do you know what follows call for for many many years and even though right now. I feel in the current market environment we're in what I'm what I'm looking for news. You know I feel cash flow and cash is king liquidity going to be. A premium right now speaker of art built I don't feel like we're in the middle of the big one you know sort either. Recent pullback a buying opportunity. And I haven't I haven't I'm not long REP yet I'm still looking it over blip. He's got a lot of cash it's not a percent owned by call majors. Sold out you know like you're you're. You know most people know him for the corporate raider aspect of his reputation. But he also a great conductor are not remember how he invested an apple. And then really Q Robert on the back so. Got a lot of liquidity four billion dollars so. And that dividend right if he's got the liquidity is that that's a very high dividend they have you think that is also sustainable. Yes it did the bill ratio is 87. So that's Omaha according dependent you know it is but it is 90% Obama by call. That shares its name Okie actually. Okay ought to wait for the required to pay out the right that's who aren't would Dave Clark from the Dave Clark five not from the Dave Clark but it. I know will never will keep reminding you. Thanked seeking alpha appreciated.