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Antuan Goodwin (CNET Roadshow, 2019 Toyota Avalon)

Oct 22, 2018|

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The markets are still volatile. Keeping score. Get our weekly monthly recap by becoming a member of batteries brigade visit financial exchange showed Don coming sign up today. Time to talk cars are we're joined now by Antuan Goodwin from CNET roach who had a talk with 2019. Toyota Avalon Antawn thanks for joining us today. Aren't doing well so I took a look at the gavel and just as I was like to have you know look at the cars before we talk about him. My first question is what happened to the front of this car because it. It looks like it giant mouth driving down the road facing right now you what's what's the thought on the styling. Well the avalanche front end is. Ridiculously aggressive this year I think that's what is making them a large step to kind of get away from the boring brand that sort of be reputation that it had. And it might have gone as far on the apple on this if you look at it from the sky from career even from certain angles. You can see what they're going forward the aggressiveness but knowing that I know really think that it worked out well for them. So let's get past kind of what the front end looks like. Let's go first under the hood what what what kind of engine do we have what what are we go work with in terms of power there. You've got a couple of options the main option to most people going to be at 300 horsepower V6 engine that we don't really did in the car. In the meeting with a pretty smooth automatic transmission but if you are. Other kind of person who want to get you'll economy and you don't really care about having 300 horsepower he could step down to. About a 200 horsepower. Hybrid version that can reach around 4344. Miles per gallon I feared. Concern would like to lose comfortable ride go hybrid if you're looking for something when more power. Patrick acting the veep stakes is definitely file an option. It wouldn't when you get inside of this the Avalon is is you know Toyota's luxury car that they make how close does that get to their brand Lexus in terms of overall quality and in the comfort that you can get firmness. Bullying here but a lot favorite part of the Avalon especially in the limited trim where they've got really nice letter. Really nice detailed what bitching and stuff like that. The interior of the Avalon in my opinion. Is about as good which are getting electric yet. And so they kind of makes it a little bit of a tossup between where the U wanna pay more for electricity can. Slightly better didn't finish. Or you're really happy with what what would arguably be called in very luxurious interior and the Avalon is that. Most of the building with over you can expect from elect says there. I'm incomparable. But for a little less money. What stands out as far as bells and whistles there anything in particular that stands out as far as. The technology that's available in this car. Woke and one make the clearest big east since. We standard earlier adaptive cruise control your lane keeping fearing that this compliance monitoring all of that is standard features between nineteen model years doubt you ought to pay extra. He gave any of those things anymore where some of the competition your check on what those 2000 dollar they each package to get something like that so out of the box. You've got pretty much everything that you could why as foreign driver aid and comfort technology for long highway crews visitors log into traffic. Men knowing the that you really have to pay more or a band would be nicer than what he had been elated he. It's one what are we looking at in terms of cost on the Avalon where do you start in how high can you end up. There are 35 the debate model which again he'll come with. All of that they via technology and it's still a really nice looking car on the inside at the very least. Top of the line you're looking around 43 depending on when you do be it their hybrid there of about that same range they've done an interesting thing where they kind of they're trend so that you either go forty or you can go luxurious and at the end of the day you don't end up paying too much more he would have to decide what attic are you want. You're good Antawn we've got to run but thanks for joining us and we will catch up with the soon. That is Antuan Goodwin from CNET roach who tugged at the 2019. Toyota apple C a pay forty grand. For one of the ugliest cars on the road that is just sinful that's a log in am I wrong in the event as it does not look good on water coral. I looked at us like a big mouth coming at you is just an. Hideous. Sarah can I offer my two cents on why they did it. Sure to stand out it's cheaper to build grilled then to build the give the ball or Norma and I order for improved slight. The weight of the car which helps. Gas mileage I've been it's stuff like that actually plays and as well as it does not will and I'll tell you now it like you say it looks like an open mouth that the rest like that the rest of the car actually looks pretty nice BC the front of it nearly. Boortz. And there's part of the target the bumper fall off like what's what happened to tough sell. That's its cities. 8000 out of a Morrissey a lot of these on the road and in you know the thing he has. People don't wanna buy sedans in the first place don't you think sedan sales. Have fallen. Ian beat people want these suvs seasonings is either the full sized midsize war. You know he had a family he elected you buy in one of those fans the years that that's what people don't. The other Avalon historically if you look at how many vehicles they cell per year. It. Doesn't look like it's done particularly well recently it's declined for about 4802016. It's gonna end up being around 32000. This year and actually 2014 had been around 67000. And under beginning next year player as there they're struggling with you know being able to the key to gross sales and digital alarmed you know maybe they won't detonated did you show on the back half of the car. In it's at least you'd sell a detailed look at the front. What don't we have your deposit eager to sell the back out for itself to real option.