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Sherz Mian (Zacks, Q3 Earnings Season)

Oct 17, 2018|

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Stay on top of breaking financial news by becoming a member of the carries brigade log on to financial exchange does come in sign up today. Do you have one of the new on demand hot water heaters in your home. Did you know that according to manufacturer's instructions you must have professionally cleaned annually. Let easy plumbing help protect your investment and they can even provide you with a quote over the phone. Call for an appointment at 781. 862. 1190. Or visit them online. Easy combing MA dot com easy coming we can fix mass master license number 101. 83. In joining us on the line now is Shiraz my round from Zacks he would talk about Q3 earnings season and Shiraz thank you for joining us today. Oh struck what kind of expectations do we have we're we're kicking it off right now with a lot of the financials. What kind of guide answer re getting in general for most companies heading into this earnings season. Guidance was relatively on the weak side. Page and I mentioned rather it could be because. Compared to the proceedings three quarters starting with the last quarter of 2007 it would guidance has really turned out. It was modestly. On the on the stock site so estimates for youth we have come Donald. Since the water Goddard the way. The negative provisional was sending you each but it nevertheless was on the negative side. In terms of any specific sectors are we getting positive or negative guidance from any sectors in particular on this quarter. So management scenes are a lot more tentative. At a minimum even if he had not providing specifics. If they have a lot of it today though is that if if they are products or services. Incorporated. A lot of elements that are exposed to the trade be. There is there's a fair amount and to be as what's happening with the burgeoning market. We have heard about the turmoil in currency market the Turkey and some other nations. And it's not clear what it then that we'll see in two and have a bearing on their court. And more stuff these beings or Americans like the national. Big big bit substantial portion of their revenues abroad salt. As as the old crop conference. Or not commit at this stage that is surely got in management commentary of guidance as well. Straws as far as what we're seeing in markets right now the last week has been pretty volatile. Largely due to inflation concerns and rising interest rates on the back of those inflation concerns. Have any companies come out and mentioned rising rates as a cause for concern I'm thinking in particular. Anything housing related or banking and anything out there that's potentially guiding differently with regards to interest rates. The sole purpose of bail. Aren't that beneficiaries. A rising interest rates. On what he's made it means and have made or be lending operations as well. But the bulk of their business. Whether it's with corporations all the house old. Benefit. When interest rates go up. Be it home builders in the broader housing sector. That at the receiving end up at frame at a negative for them. This many other industries and sectors that are soul. Will most likely be at the receiving end and what happened negative impact of their bottom line. What are the that if he fled to be you know with a lot of these years is. That is is very little bit frustrated have benefited companies. In their interest expenses. Is being used as we speak football. We've interest rates going up and out of those companies that spend more interest expense. And debt will have a negative impact that Saturday. Very good Shiraz we've got to run but thank you for joining us today we appreciate it. And that is Shiraz mound from Zacks.