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Roger Cheng (CNET, Google Event 2018)

Oct 10, 2018|

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Business news is constantly break. And we're here to break it down and show what it means to your portfolio it's the financial exchange with Barry Armstrong and jugs not a on the financial exchange radio network. Our trivia question in the prior segment was in what year was Nikki Haley elected governor of South Carolina the enter was the answer was 2010. With 51% of the vote were the right answer Christine. That is Larry from Nellis he had the right answer today and that's excellent. An art trivia contest is brought to you today by seasons 52. With 43 locations nationwide including two in the Boston area and one in West Palm Beach. Season still is on a mission the mission to provide you with a better way to eat. Visit seasons 52 today in Burlington Chestnut Hill are Palm Beach Gardens. For good seasons 52 dot com for menu information and reservations but your holiday party today and get a special gift for all of your. Guests. Joining us on the line now is Roger Chang from CNET here to talk about Google's event and all of the devices they are going to be unveiling Roger thanks for joining us. Roger no Smartphones tend to always get the the biggest buzz at these kinds of things just because we by so many of them at this point. What is the early buzz surrounding the pixel three in pixels three excel. The pixel three and pickled reacts all the latest collection from simple. The this is definitely Moro bay uterus improvement over the pixel to a lot more polished do it. They'll tweak scarcity and added an opt for the appropriate now to like yet and but ultimately is that is yeah this is the improvement Oprah watchers don't. In terms of pricing on this where where does it stack up as far as and cost comparisons to the Big Apple and Samsung phones. So that's what we just. Africa responded they've decide the buck the trend of the thousand postmarked on both agree. I only start at 800 dollars and I believe the the X now is that. More so. Now about how expensive if you if you really break it down it 150 dollars more than last year starting price on the X two. More expensive but at least it's not in it's not only that that. Apple's. What about these out these home assistant devices I know obviously we've got to you know apple has won Amazon has won Google's got there's FaceBook I think is just launching one. The Google home hub as well as the Google assistant it anything new coming out of those products this year. Apple and Google on the public wanna the media product yet it was area a tablet. But it parlor mortgages being. But wanted it it like the Ambon act of shadow and achievement to be the portal. Despite those just now a couple days ago. This whole pocket which the united doesn't have a camera it is more their position as. That night Clark. Or elect or. Digital photo frame and so it. It. It is part of their strategy to get their Google said in an all in good terms. Even. Double the one but it though one of these controllers are. Says inducing that they don't have a camera on it are they worried about security concerns of privacy concerns I mean they just recently announced the shut down Google+ they've got to have some concerns around privacy and data Aaron. Yeah and security it does that Lee. It out now right edge at all but there or a couple point what they are not security there to protect our data. But I think that what with Google that you know are there in the camera from on opposite it where it simply. Shutting down and it turned out he. The fine. Roger these devices have been around for the a few years now. Did to people find they have to replace them at any corners are pretty much once you get one you have when I'm just wondering how many of these they'll be able to continue to sell going forward. A great question that they've won at a I've found one you'd you'd I want these things it. And age as oral he had parked in the beer down that your view what you've got security you've pretty much that. Really it I want you to buy one the power. Happy of what is everywhere Rucker all on and that's why at the board but at least. Are kind of pushing to get you to buy their particular because what you bind act so you'd via a Google home. You've pretty much bet you're the not too bad that it does that they use yours and it. Echo at Amazon and elect you're a lot like the switched to other. There but apparel. Rather any idea how many people have one of these in their homes right now are not just the Google ones but any of these home devices. I mean I don't have exact bet that there are millions sold the the fact that. On these low priced dot but he won't be any you know the site at forty dollars. A they had it last year's. He quality yet item. They've moved a lot and Google particularly at the old Andy has done its job patched up. Very good Roger we've got to run but thanks for joining us that is Roger Chang from CNET.