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J Mintzmyer (Seeking Alpha, GLNG)

Oct 9, 2018|

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Vote on our dearly poll question as financially strained showed John come what your mayor buyer of the media player and watch the show while you work. This case the financial exchange radio network. L and she liquefied natural gas exports are surging and there may be a way to cash in on this trend. And thank you grabbed me and show. Jake a goal or LNG is a player and LNG in all aspects. What you like it in particular. Google lawyers not just work. On forced out city or are much. A bit and show or be part other developing boating ON GI LNG transport and all the reports. Most recently though are great for transport the urged. A couple what you're not gonna show. She about diet and a lot of air about dot 40000 dollars they are a lot we that thirst. Over a 100000 dollar per day. While so demand growth is definitely strong we know that that's that's part of the reason what's going on do fear though that might be peaking. I know now at all like our yet the biker about 06. Point. And meanwhile demand and protect you are between ten and 15% per year forward. We're actually very bullish shop on the board you know after years I am back I think what is it started he. What do you see as the upside on this stock or one of you talk about their earnings you know little bit about the financials just you know how healthy they are and and how expensive the stock news. Yeah absolutely for the last quarter we actually a pretty low spot it's like a saner lower 40000 dollars a number. That point forward by the current rates about a 100000. I dollars per day which is yearning skyrocket. The third quarters gonna go up. I we don't know exactly about earnings mean it's easier to fork out ebitda as a lot on upper. But we should EIU street pick up a lot they're forty razor dividend 100%. On the last order. And that they guided they're going forward as he repeated doc he's increased that the detrimental to increase I think we'll always be. Other dividend potentially as much as double over the next year. And diet and then has other current rate walked in on longer term charters which he or stability or what kind of yield is right now. You'll pretty low on onkyo and its corporate growth open a putt there right now the you'll ever an average yield on U percent. I'll be going forward market that wants it lock in the long term charters are more. You're getting an above you know money market yield for waiting which which which is nice. Any other picks in that sector or is this the one company you re like and what are some of their competitors. They considered their mean our competitors gas water and boats CO or better demean other transport plane and we like them as well. But the valuations are quite yet. I hit it back cycle aren't elegy a more spot set out and got bought. And yet it's not really actor and there are. If you look at the last six months or so of the stock trade but the stock chart they'll be that you ought to outlaw parties before the game in the chart another clear that we like. Is that teekay LNG partners that sparked civil EGU. And that's more of a learning complain about my might appeal more to the spokesperson there. Excellence will. LNG symbol GL NG Jay thanks very much. Are you want you to.