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Laura Adams (DriversEd.com, Distracted Driving Report)

Oct 9, 2018|

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The financial exchange. All lowered or England and also now in West Palm Beach, Florida. Check out our website had financial exchange showed Doug come and find the station closest a year. This is the financial exchange radio network. Laura Adams from drivers Ed dot com joins us now and she's if she's revealing a survey that there that they did added that I'm not surprised in the least by but I bench incredibly disappointed by Laura thanks for coming on. Why you we stir up with just running through a few of the key metrics that you found in your servant. The drivers that dot com survey it wanted to take a look at what's going on behind the wheel right out and what are the behaviors and habits the decisions but drivers are making. And as you mention that it's not that surprising that certainly is disappointing. We found that a lot of people are giving them pretty risky behavior. Seventy degree per cent of the the survey respondents said they are. Reading attack. Behind that we will get 4% said they're taping tax. The kind of deal. Could certainly you know not I'm not good habit we also asked about other things like watching video doing right. You know doing social media. 8% said they are watching YouTube videos. Hi in the field I thought that was pretty shocking. That's a better. I mean that to me sounds more dangerous than drinking and driving if you're watching a YouTube video wall driving. How can you possibly pay attention to what you're doing. Absolutely for a person that even that there watching Netflix programming note that. Really indicate to me that there is a serious problem maybe even a kind of addiction you know we're watching. Video it and using that sound bite her in the car. You know I was I I saw an article a few months ago that may be a little bit proud of my generation that we had been a pretty significant reduction in. Intoxicated driving number of arrests around drunk driving. But it looks like we've just replace the alcohol with a cellphone. That it's absolutely true we do see that you know alcohol is is reducing. The message out I think people are getting it we did still buying a small percentage but that they feel like they are located drive after drinking. But what's interesting is that 10% of the drivers that dot com respondents said. That they have driven actors smoking or adjusting marijuana. Within the past twelve months. Thought that maybe your problem you know that we see becoming more widespread especially after -- states are legalized yet. You know it's even more troubling is I read this John Moody by the way I I read that. Like a third of the people who smoked marijuana in Colorado where it's legal safe they are better drivers after smoking pot. And I I certainly gotten out that two or not but. You know it does make people feel like they are. You know in control of the situation where maybe they're not only control. All of them pretty important haters that we wanted to highlight and make sure. You're good driver be aware that many people out there on the Broder do these risky behaviors and need to be any more tests and that driver. To keep yourself states. Maria see it every day on dude every drive up and down route 128 here in Boston but I know it's everywhere age you see people just staring down their phones changing lanes without noticing it and it's it's. It's petrified. I don't know if you can answer this but. Nationwide they're very strict penalties about being intoxicated with while driving how significant are the penalties for distracted driving these days. Yes they really do vary from state to date on some states like California. Have eliminated it at you know at all you needed structure silence. But other states like I'm here and tax debt certain areas are okay with and and other areas are saying eking it out. Talking on the ballot you could be touching Hispanic using as a nap or some kind of guidance which can be talking not. They're there are a lot of inconsistencies. State to state eating county county with and it states. Do you think that until we get to the point where we can standardize this and and really get a solid. That bitch about education and it it is a little confusing for consumers and I don't really know what a laugh out. That regardless of whether it's a lot or not live I think the key is to understand that if you are talking. Like you're driving or using your you're distracted you're even if it is illegal you are distracted and you are likely going to you know eventually. Get this kind of act. Accident related to that fact that you're just not focused. A 100% on the road. So it. You seem to be concluding may damp maybe I'm drunks and secret conclusions but you more in favor of the carrots you know training and focusing on this. As part driver's education or. More in favor of the stick witches increased penalties for distracted driving. Yeah you know I do you think it's gonna take boat I do think that awareness is that the first step and that's one of the reasons that drivers that dot com. Doing this study just a rape awareness of the problem. And education you know he would need to be in safe driving habits and get really good education that they begin to drive so that they have that happen at the last tractor tire life. And it here you know the driver who is older and you're tempted by LP. The new technology that maybe wasn't there when you're younger and driving. You need to realize that the that the problem per adult. As well as young drivers that it really doesn't matter how old you are to be. Very distracted by technology. Don't think it just because or talking on speaker phone or he got 42 man thought I've found that you're doing the right thing. That's better that's holding assigning your hand but it it still leaves you cognitively distracted. From the resident and that's not say. Undoubtedly in fact I read that the improvement you get is little if none. By doing it as you said you know on a speakerphone that your mind is then on that conversation. And you're actually a pretty close to the same risk is if you're they're trying to type something it. Absolutely study after study has shown that. Having a speaker phone and it really does not help beaten you're boring is just trying to bolt attack. Try to think about that conversation which are also thinking about. The road and what happened that you just yet do not think about it and that one Smart though is even a short distraction can be incredibly dangerous. Well clearly a significant issue twice 163450. In driving distracted fatalities. Laura thank you coming on the show index Wednesday to us we appreciate it. And they added this is one nets read the really is for somebody to spends a lot of time on the highways. I see it every single day and it is. You if you do it long enough you're gonna kill somebody. Well yeah I mean is more more crashes to which is August causing more and more traffic and you just seat on the highway right simple. You know no fender Bender type. Accidental Ohio which is a well what alleged to an offender better on the highway but she'll wonder. And you know what happens a case like that Tucker we've seen it. You're in traffic that traffic moves during you know in a traffic jam. Yet some running room. And you think you have more running room and you have. And you look down and all of a sudden you're right on the back of the card for an illness that stopped and you figure at the time to check you don't have the time jackets. Time passes what quicker than you think nothing aside just from phones in terms of distracted driving I think a problem is touch screens on these cars gets the touch screens can because I used to have one yet action do them install. You know sometimes you have to radio button and it just doesn't change when you want it to him. You know he is eager taking your attention off the road essentially in you navigating through all these you know options of bells and whistles and the scars now. You know I think touch screens are problem or motive yet I do you. And force that not a big fan of new federal regulation but. We've got federal regulation against driving under the influence of alcohol. I think you need to have some sort of consistent minimal law around distracted driving but that is group. You know a tough thing I don't remember remember this though you do not have a right to drive. You're right to do a whole lot of things you don't you don't have a right to drive it is a privilege granted by the state. So weakened set what ever perimeters we want to regulate that and we should. Because we're talking about. My life and your life not just the person driving around. Distracted driving that person should not be on the road. And has no right to be on the road attacker had no idea regulated the Oakland told us we we did that's probably do give out tickets these days out hunter talks and say clearly you can at least prove that it happens but it's going to be much more difficult truth it's a misdemeanor offense and it spent time in prison for it. So today it's it's a very serious issue that we continue to deal with right now.