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Dr. Drew Ramsey (Foods Helping Anxiety & Depression)

Oct 3, 2018|

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To vote on our daily poll question had financial exchange showed John come while you're there fire of the media player and watch the show while you work. This is the financial exchange radio network. Joining us on the line now is doctor drew Ramsey drew is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University. These are doctors today a little bit about foods that target depression and anxiety drew thank you for joining us today. My editor couldn't be here are pretty beat their brain. Apps that let's let's talk a little bit about kind of the the food and emotional connection that that you've described in in a lot of your work. Can you just give a little basic overview on some of the findings that you had in general. Sure the group ultimately it published paper and local animal like a tree caught in at a constant gluten in the finding a literature pretty straight forward. You'd have more traditional diet of whole foods humans of all the eaten your risk of illness like depression though on. Last year two randomized trial. Join the putting patients with depression on a Mediterranean. Diet. They're correction dramatically. And in the big common cents. Emote or outcomes to prenatal prenatal depend on property. What are the biggest obstacles to getting people proper nutrition and looking specifically the United States. Well specifically we eat the wrong fruit and it pretty straightforward you look at what American. No it's no mystery why we're struggling with a weight course purple heart disease and diabetes we eat. Too many simple sugars refined car and it in IP one of the problems through these people a hard time understanding incentive. They're significant dent does physically financial as Ebert painting you eat it in and to be on pleasurable. 82 assistant or they long putt. We look at the top driver disability in well worldwide and to be an America is clinical depression. But more from our economy and any other illness. We have a competitive solution like food it's just to make comments and for all of us have to really incorporate that as if I would think about it. In an embryo obviously tend to look at things from a business in dollars and cents perspective being you know business focus show. We know that the cost of depression both in and you know lost worker hours and and medical bills and so forth is significant each year. Do we have any idea how much of that cost could be offset by simply eating properly. Well look let's do eating properly and exercise does not to let belching into that that they stick to continue to so the data about questions for example. Looking at dietary pattern and depression rate he's he has thirty to 50% reduction. So that's billions and billion dollar a better count it. I also know that we're eating better is is. Cost more the most recent state smiled trial by at least jacket shook the individual on the type to question 840. Australian dollars. The we be seeing it is book savings to the individual and then to have that. Are you can't on final numbers which is. That type of human smile that happier people they built better released just better communities better. Than the it to make them a little local and and also from a playing standpoint we split national kill hoping to date guys that hold under national killed eight. It just looking at Cahill was a phenomenon both health wise so the Everton where we are and intricately at two cups of kill her here. Now there's more simple more than a the Cuba pretty simple really really inexpensive and easy to grow. They're accessible to all Americans and in easy to that makes the wishes to. It. And the two pretty critical to look on the train them bring it. Doctor how long does it take for a change in diet to have a measurable impact on someone's the overall sense of well being and so forced. Media put so there's the acute effect which sucks that the brain can placebo effect which is look everybody can tests that they'll they'll all night. And so Brit now the company Eads and kale eat some you know really hope he coaching too late echo oil and the peak it's a good choice. And avoid the bad and everybody listening you don't know. He's still today and tomorrow you're gonna feel a little better as you made a better truly believes that short term. Know winning the plate for ourselves but the minute and then. In terms of overall reign aspects of the mood the we'd be trying to operate now it's not just to their twelve and for the outpouring growth and girl to be. In those changes when he either green into what I call more coral boat you're talking for weeks and each week is getting net. No more robust into at a press in effect an and then that the longer term and would be appropriate that we do we lost a lot of people. That you know six on down the road you have more money mr. eating animal might await more connected to your food a lot of weight and feel better so. Those are Camilla the timeline of the brain. Doctor let's say that I have a real soft spot for a five guys burger and Fries and despite my best efforts. I still have one of those every couple weeks or so is that something that completely. OK to do occasionally. You know it but direct net difference someplace to Baghdad yes a couple. But a local record prize. And I over the which paid about national for a decade. And the they and the reason developer comprise than their number bogey there we'd do it but. You know the basic idea is don't advertise based on taxes it's every couple weeks giving her burger and Fries I don't think that the real any bank an expert help people at. I don't like in the about the quote on quote cheat day yet but I'm under a minute here that I like cheating and I don't like it. They eat eat that burger with respect to working from. But with the mind on this of people Brokaw right that's cheap for you with the expense to the planet that birchard practice. And and you think about. All the believed to make that healthier when we go to Wendy's blunt who cricket 'cause it's inexpensive and you can we get double vegetable. Optical piecemeal but twice as many vegetables. An apple always has been even as the restaurant to pull Wii is a great example. Oh excessive would be you can go and you can order a way that off your brains beat in the look upon like being in that condos and corporate he has. And even with great currently. Very good outstanding doctor thank you for joining us today we really appreciate it. That might but it took it to detect. What they could indeed common that we get an. Books or to the world market really appreciate you get focusing on an open. Think you recruit but he hurt eating kale. Outstanding thanks again that's doctor drew Ramsey and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry Columbia university. And it is national. By chance on having any detail and chicken salad for lunch others you know just day. That was what I desire not just by chance of it by eEye yeah it's. Eating healthy is kind of a pain in the neck. Yeah it's it's at first it is his first round though look the TV example pineapple. Is really good for an opponent be takes like 510 minutes to cut one up. Random bytes lies to its white grapes. Grapes are good for him to date there at all after that today. But he you know preparing a salad it's easier to elect he said go order Chinese food than it is to prepare ourselves and eat healthy that's the downside is true. Eating unhealthy is cheap and it's easy it's fast. It's also bad for.