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Denise Grady (NY Times, Aspirin & Heart Attacks)

Sep 20, 2018|

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Business news is constantly break. And we're here don't break it down and show what it means to your portfolio it's the financial exchange with Barry Armstrong and jugs ought to on the financial exchange radio network. This segment of the financial exchanges brought to you in part by your bank it's not too late to get a great rate on a home mortgage. And lead a bank has some of the most. Competitive rates around call 8776917900. Or visit lead bank dot com for more information leader bank isn't. Equal housing lender member FDIC NM LS 449250. Should older people in good health start taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks strokes and dementia and cancer. Good question it's also the first paragraph and an article that was written by Denise Grady in the New York Times hi Denise welcome to the show. We're glad to glad to well I'm an older person I considered myself to be in pretty good health. What's the deal on aspirin a day my doc told me to start taken. They did did study because there was not. Any information and really good at and act out what to tell all to people whether or not they should start taking. So what they've found in the study is that if you're healthy. And you don't have that big risk for heart attacks and haven't already had a heart attack or stroke. That you don't need to start taking it and you probably shouldn't. Because there are and there's more harm than good to it from completing. But then it gets it gets a little complicated because they also say. If you are already taking. You probably should not stop until you ask your doctor about it. But that and that was the finding and it was kind of an interesting way to get this study because they didn't. They looked at individual things like cancer and heart attack but then they also came up with this kind of dot com positive measure. Where they tried to look at what they called it disability. And they tried to look and see if it'll took them awhile. But they're more likely older people to date independent. And live on. The lip and went up and nursing home or or it is aimed at subway you know it's somehow appropriate quality of life and and let you'd be pretty living person and under. And yes it was now. I didn't it didn't really can really make a different. Where did you don't come for. Yet there's this this is a bit this isn't we you're dressing in your article is not new this is so I don't think I'm only thirty years strained. You know yeah decades ago it if what is it. It did become clear that if you had already had a heart attack them or a stroke. That aspirin could really help you avoid having that happen again because it stopped. Or interferes with blood clotting and both stroke and just about all heart attacks come from clot. Start with a clot and so that he can. We do that and you can't reduce that risk but then the people that have a high risk there is some. I had the benefit for them is the better than. And it is for other people you know they have they have more to gain. Why not just here but Denise when I'd just take a Staten drugs considered dot if you had a stroke isn't a doctor goodness as prescribed Staten. I yet and that at this sport any different way you know doesn't work on cholesterol Ireland and maybe on the nation that this works dot clock. You know it's that it got a blood type. And al-Qaeda attack people off and start with. Clocked as Elway and stayed there is thought that that by now that if you have a hard if you haven't I attacked it will give aspirin to chip. Rate rate yet I have heard that. Yeah the it's. No it only if it injecting new you know they say that again if you're if you're healthy and not taking it. You eat you don't need to start but that they are they all devices though is talk to your doctor about it. But that sounds like it's the that just more of a safety measure on their part right now is are they saying that just to. Confirm that it's probably not gonna help you. Yeah yet they I think there's also a question. That conduct. About it he would deny it for awhile. And you stopped taking it. Could you have some sort of read down to where you might be a more prone to clot. And before. When you come off the track. And it sometimes stability of that failure if you decide you want it up where you've adopted this site you should talk to somebody about what. When and and Howell is the best way to do it. And they did a pretty good study or is 191000 people and it was including blacks Hispanics and white Americans so it's not who wasn't. It's not like black people should take it white people shouldn't write it. Snow days and today they went. Black people on. Thank you into this study at a younger age than white people. 65 instead of seventy and the reasoning was that they seem to have some higher risk of heart attack third dimension so the good ideas for it and Q. To comment earlier and and that they were something like. 16171000. People die from Australia and that's. Between two and 3000 and the United States and I think we need to happen where blacks and Hispanics so they'd try to take again a pretty good epic it corrupt faction. Very good period well Denise thanks to write in the article and bring it to my attention I wouldn't of seen it otherwise because I don't subscribe to The New England Journal of Medicine. Addict Denise Grady from the New York Times you have you must've heard that rate is your dad take an aspirin a day. No I mindless and I've certainly heard it you know it's a mean it's it's pretty much ever since I was grown up efforts I am in at least a 2030 years this via an easy easy.