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Ian Sherr (CNET, 2018 Apple Event)

Sep 13, 2018|

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Business news is constantly break. And we're here to break it down and show what it means to your portfolio it's the financial exchange with Barry Armstrong and Jones soda on the financial exchange radio network. Segment of the financial exchange is brought to you when parked by a leader bank it's not too late to get a great rate on home mortgage. Interbank has some of the most competitive rates around call 8776917900. Or visit we've bank dot com for more information your bank is equal housing lender member of DS CNN Dallas 449250. In share from CNET joins us on the line to recap everything we learned that the apple event from yesterday Ian thanks for joining us. I. In we're good let's let's talk a little bit of bowel so you know what we saw yesterday. Used to be at these events every year re got something groundbreaking you know Steve Jobs always command sale by the way one more thing and any introduce some revolutionary new product. Revolutionary yesterday or more just continued evolution that we've seen the last couple years. Yet it. Definitely a way that belt more than at least Mary time and output back a little bit on I. At apple where quite a while at that point. What did you think is that people. I've been at this point at even during the eight hour period would say well you know that that. I'm the news and then it would open man I've ever you'd sign that he really Luka. The door adopt like when he birds on the iPhone or even when he showed up the MacBook Air but it occurred back I would not like. And it became a thing well out by this time around apple that I knew I. And what I think is really big here is that last year you were they to a write it on me. And this time around they are doubling down. At that thing. What is really bad lie here even open them would be bad if iPhone ever and it wears the right that put out a dollar would. A lot of people that was it elect. People body intro and now apple now out about it on an ad which is no doubt about it and a Mac with. The larger. Question that right now at 11100 dollar and it it cheaper or an add on and copyright and ER. And that had to abort the green quality and it incumbent upon the color right you better get on an art to be are currently it. But that a lot of what it. Ian in terms of looking at the the products that they announced. We know that there are hundreds of millions of of older devices that people haven't refreshed I have one of them I still have an iPhone six just as I haven't found the last few versions to be too compelling despite the fact that as eventually sold a boatload of tens last year. Is directing in this year's phones that would convince someone like me hey this is the year to finally get a new one. Yeah I think what that being bad is it common true open Silicon Valley is don't ever by the current version of anything and and they'll be I bowed and when he came out and be sure I'll attribute and but he CNET. We're very positive where. I've been back in or it is yet labor I write as a batter. Eight a lot Writely is that. That being that apple is that even more here than in Japan and beat up on your eye on. I bit should Bennett are far more efficient it is getting better battery life. They made a big big inning damage batter one that would Wear our Obama the it was bad. They were surely not the low light but it that they could make the upon which. I note on it is at all of them cannot make very quiet and low light. And like you know in the dark or during the night or during. And these photos were incredible we're able to reproduce what we do our review on CNET that could be a pretty big deal that your big iPod dock or. The other thing is it simply that I'd been hit by it are much refined right there back there they've got all these other features that apple pushing like. The you know albeit Iliad and melody that the weren ED I don't think the deal you'd great but it you're at it. Then what does that mean one way or is that next year is up all new technology I mean I hope I. It would be they wireless technology that. Not a fanatic he were bored out that you'd be significantly actor and much more reliable. And all the fun out here are don't have it you may want to wait here or they'll. Ian the iPhone obviously makes up the bulk of Apple's sales near the revenue and their profit at this point. But there's a little bit more buzz this year about that the new iteration of the watch it leaves the apple watch for. And I'm curious on on this issue is this the version that finally makes these Smart watch has become a more mainstream that finally kind of catapulted them into you know the public guy a little bit more. Yet so I I I don't like that in the future and half and I would tell you opt out idea landmark reporter and commentator I would say. That it'd been back in watching people. Ideas are really getting in there that I don't think. Everyone you know a lot them are all of that but there's a lot about apple done with that you were Applewhite. Coming out. That may dark side of one of them. Is that it had eighteen meter re in it well electrocardiogram. And look into Mary I know her divide it agreed that it. That allowed an app that nation and on yeah you know we use you go to hospital. And now Barack. Abbott and watch which means that I doctored and how are going to be looking at that point perfectly and even before that happened. How that started it out on the apple watch it you start you are wearing it. And it is now on your plan. Because they get information permanent right that I don't how active you are big and your heart is. They're people who already have written story about how the apple what they've done burger and a written in our Arctic pack. Battle it because it would be able we're of one thing or weird so those type that being. They're getting into the public content but it it looked traditionally a lot of people are locked in the day I didn't Wear white and before I got an app one. I think you're going to be a pretty hard they'll require. It guarding apt. Very good. There that's you share from CNET talking about Apple's latest events you know the whole idea of waiting a year for the five G. Makes a lot of sense is gonna see these new. It sofa phone I've buying now young is gonna have that capability it means that. That picture's going to be huge wave of new purchases Wi-Fi one next year might be the year for me like the.