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Sep 13, 2018|

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Vote on our daily poll question had financial exchange showed John come while you're there fire of the media player and watch the show while you work. This is the financial exchange radio network. Are you afraid to call a plumber because you don't know the cost easy plumbing can complete most simple residential service calls. 300 dollars could be a block sicker dream that we keep Foster shower head for a non stop running toilet. Always put it is they can fix it fast and leave your home spotless. When they leave call today at 7818621190. Or. Visit the monoline easy on the MA dot com mass master license number 101. 83. Adam Johnson now joins us from New York in our weekly stock doc segment is the founder and author of bull's eye brief. Actionable ideas for thoughtful investors. Adam thanks for joining us this week how aria. Are doing great they're barely able. A little green on the streets today and I am thrilled about it because you know with a breakthrough is contrary to bury. Yeah let's let's talk a little bit on those trade breakthroughs both China some positive news. It also seems like Canada back to the tables well. Yeah they're an armored. Your partner and I that this is it just because we keep getting all these very positive. I'm kind of one liners adequate treatment. The effectively the Canadian trade that cheap foreign affairs minister but become effective regret you know what you're thinking like. In response to question what is going. Very well. Are you have been absolutely. And you've been battling back and forth between Ottawa and Washington. Yeah. And instantly that they've improved to the ground on theory which I know with all. But it was a it is one of those things for them and even you know compromise to let you let. Forward Eric or mr. don't know that Belgrade belt. I think we're indicated you know a candidate like you know my BorgWarner had been doing a much better market down. Then after Turbo chargers. In the country. Better act now. Against the all of it caught order activity is that this is really good I like what it. Adam what do you see in terms of that there's a lot of concern about mid term elections coming up. In November what do you see as far as how markets typically perform in this kind of situation where he's coming out of mid terms in November. Well first of all we just as well but but him and what side. You know edit edit so angry at you so. No food and you know accusations flying everywhere but I was able to create their that was then now it by a lot of great. Well basically the problem and there's no major election incredibly. Entry mid term elections in World War II. You hit in the stock market rally in November and December by an average of seven point two. Regardless of what happened. And we know typically in mid term election. There are they flip flop that occurred beat incumbent party always lose and see what happens if victory at bat out that in spite of all the great commitment by the volume certain seat abyss that they buried it kind of could be that no matter who it. But you know that's your back adapt. The last couple days have been a little bit confusing from an inflation perspective we got data yesterday on the PPI today and CPI both coming in weaker than expected. It really breaking an up trend in inflation that we've seen over the last eight months. What do you think this does to the projections for interest rates over the next three months that also out in the when he nineteen. I think the Fed has made very clear the lo and Betty is how they're gonna run. So you know he PI coming in today it and weaker hurting interest they couldn't vote would be quote. An actual that would be a cook but nonetheless. And you know we're gonna get torn by basically you look at it on future. We're gonna get 25 basis point. On the it's a reporting sick but like 98%. Certainty you look at in December bet on future creek 71%. Certainty we're gonna get. Another twenty by the went by they would not let her get a coup that. You don't want that part. In that you look at the forecast. What the that is very telling us about neck here and there are about the great. For next year and now the sudden you know we're three and a quarter on Fed Funds there is perspective now the current year is going higher and near active. You know with inflation running. Well we're in the morning two point seven. You know you can't have. Effectively negative rate in this country that one way bet on going up which we speak and forced the failure higher here haven't. Refinance how you are thinking about buying out. You're thinking about buying a card and if they get bottom line you wanna do it now because pick and now it can be worked. Very good at a thanks to the time we appreciate it and I'll get to the next week. At record. Adam Johnson from bull's eye brief dot com and Adam picks new stocks posted every Sunday mornings he can sign up today at bull's eye brief dot com.