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Dr. Brian Raskin (CEO of Advanced DDS, Robotic Dentistry)

Sep 12, 2018|

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Business news is constantly break. And we're here to break it down and show what it means to your portfolio it's the financial exchange with Barry Armstrong and chuck soda on the financial exchange radio network. Heating season is right around the corner get your hot water steam boiler inspection before your first cold snap we've gotten the cold cold the experts it easy plumbing. They'll put your system through a comprehensive test make sure. All the components are working properly. Get a head start anywhere preparations and call easy call me today 7818621190. Massa master license number 101. Joining is on the line now is doctor Brian Raskind he is the CEO. Of advanced DDS and we're talking about robotics dentistry today. Doctor rescue thanks for joining us. Our pleasure. So. Doctor rescue we we see in the the in in in different kinds of surgery all kinds of robotics being used today. If four of those kinds of medical procedures what works available as far as robotic dentistry to. Well what I quite fair replaced in the he's still being about the only been working that we're getting closer there's actually some robotics that opened placed in him play. We're gonna expand told you we're the drills should go worry you should make the at the economy forward and controlled things for you but the dentist is still involved. So I think where we're not that close to doing no dentists know person involved in your dentistry. But robotics and other ways helping us make restorations is really. Has become very very popular. But let's to talk just a little bit about of the quality and helping to perform those procedures what kind of impact do you see from the use of some of these robotics that. Can just you know work. Alongside a dentist in terms of improving the quality of care. Well I mean we too quick to talk about cat cam which is milling machines designing restorations and making programs. So I'll take a scanner and dusk and Hutu. And the computer will then help design your restoration. And then it will send it to milling machine that will actually fill out your crown while you wait. Allowances. That this has changed could be 234 visits in the past 21 visit coming in your office. Prepping scanning somebody's mouth and finishing their crown and one that is. What what does that do was far as the cost of some of these procedures and does that drive them down I know obviously there's upfront investment on this equipment. But in the long term that has to drive cost down right. Well it could drive cost down and equipment is expensive the materials are expensive. But there's a couple of different things that that are costing patients one is the actual build the damn postage and two is the time that they have to give up in order ago. So if you're going three visits to the office to have a crowned on. And you respect taking sick time and vacation time to get there and now it's only one visit how much is that state right. So you know there's there's there's different he's been caught and procedures are also done quicker and easier so technology might not cut down the actual. Cost of the crown. But it will make it easier faster and better. When we talked about the the dentist that will be using this kind of technology. They're the ones that don'ts are are they giving patients less than the best treatment in that case then. Not a good question I think coming in the analog technology well what I used to do with a lot of dentists still do still works. And even if you do it. Through an impression instead of the scanner when they send it to their lab the lab that normally do and it'll digitally. It's a little distance so getting the advantage of digital having that done at the lab instead of doing that their office. Into. In terms of the number of dot dentists that are using this at the moment how do we have any data on how many. Practices have this kind of technology right now. I don't have the exact. And these scanners and in actual act and nobody cheered and it is increasing. I met Beckham leave in the goes to a digital dentistry convention now in Orlando to percent in the which is very very big meetings so it's getting more and more popular. And I think that over the next ten years it's gonna you know really takeover. It takes a while for people to learn that technology in invested and so as a patient. You should be aware of what's out there and you should be asking you dentists need do things digitally blind you know what is the advantages. And be an advocate for yourself. Regular doctor thank you very much for joining us tonight. So real pleasure thanks for having me and I hope you finish your patients those occasions you how to putt and go out and maybe got a little more information. Outstanding very good that's doctor Brian rescue he is the CEO. Of advanced DD apps.