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Julie Bort (Business Insider, Inside Tesla)

Sep 6, 2018|

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Stock tips stuck with the Barry Armstrong and show that's gonna teach the financial exchange on the financial exchange radio network. Just the companies that certainly has been under the gun for most of 22 and joining us now to talk a little bit about what's going on inside Tesla. Is Julie board from business insider Juli thanks for joining us today. Hi pat thank you for having me. Absolutely so Julie we have a chance to look through this article that you put together and first of all it's it's phenomenal work just the amount of research that went into it. I guess let's start with. Well there's there's there's about different place we could start let's start first with you on mosques because a lot of the potential issues seem to sinner around him. Specifically. Let's talk about the management style that he's using and what you found from people that you talked. Act now. On. Current. Site. Where. I got an actor. But still people describe it or where are. I. You know that there. Locked. Everywhere I. It out corners. Let me. Start like you know is it possible. On that they right. Car packs older. Act based at. That are out. Other guys that are. There that. Could be. Speaking short at. A but. I doubt that there. What are their cars. It. So moving from there how we get from that type of leadership to what apparently. Our work conditions that are. If you're an individual incredibly unpredictable grueling. And in some cases it just too much for people handle and a lot of cases actually. They're that it like it is. People who work right so the cat is simply that we passed it by the way. Honest though these are all that are currently at late or recently played. Aren't so arm muscles aren't all. And all okay. So we sort of covered again so we. You know there are a lot at definitely cost or that are not the right there. There and some of Ameritrade are doing and other controversy going on there to be happy if I'd let employees. Not describe it out to me as the work. At that do they want and our State's deep in the midst and it really really and maybe right now right. Because it really is trying to usher in a world where where where there are more renewable. Delete rights and they want it still a lot of work. They're not so part of the workforce are. Is because there aren't and Reno Nevada content they hire a lot of credit never had an industrial background. Comment it kind of problem. But aren't some people out of the bit about step that they could've gotten there are tiny. When I talked view but yours we're sorry but living in car now because yes that would work or an hour week. House in the area. Condit though aren't as desperate side or the other side there are. You know like. Expectation and a workaholic. And that sort of always rise came and show up at the carpet out stunts that that is extremely burnout. Well and at your artwork every but he did great. Happy are all great. Julie you are musk has come under an awful lot of criticism over the last three to four months some of it from us as well because of via either stores about what's going on at Tesla his social media behavior the snapped. How much of that simply is the fact that lucky he's trying to break into kind of uncharted territory here. And in doing so you kind do have to be a little off the grid a little crazy in order to do that. I mean. No way. No way and I got have to cut some people but they're they're really there's a real feeling of being tendered right. Oh. There's that currently there's still this giant killing other sport and are now right. But as a parent and and they feel like the a lot of it's a lot hours don't reach out out talent and. There are not throwing out you know abducted you know here and there but that really motivate. Some parents but our. So they're definitely another site where is unpredictable. And sometimes. We backed of people at that airport apparently started the ball. You know Internet. And stay as. We're out I got it. Well where there are. Some of it is because he's trying to you know aren't you know. Data weigh in if there is why we sort Eller are betting against you market. You know made it a vote about that. Content and other it just being that are out. Like go for a couple. Very good Juli thanks for the time today we appreciate and thanks for put in the research on this is well. That is Julie Bork from business insider talking about Tesla and the way things operate there at this point you think the end of next year's tended. I think within fifteen months were gonna know whether this company is in for the long hall or if they're going under you know. And B yeah it could be sooner than that the by the end of next year we are going to know whether or not they can make it. I think the big factories. Coming in do with Mercedes and BMW made these luxury car brands. General Motors hasn't really dented the Mercedes when I was looking more into it yesterday range only 200 miles that's going to be big impediment for them think yeah.