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Michael Brush (MarketWatch, BAIT Stocks)

Aug 27, 2018|

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The financial exchanges live on FaceBook and YouTube watch Berrian chug discuss the issues of the day and see which one smiles the most. Today's financial exchange radio network. This segment of the financial exchanges brought to you in part by easy plumbing the only plumbing company you'll ever need to handle all your heating and drain cleaning jobs are. I use him. Is that experts and can repair your problems with Al replacing them which saves you money. Call easy opponent today at 7818621190. That 7818621190. Or visit them online easy plumbing MA dot com. Easy plumbing we can fix mass master license number 10183. Joining us on the line now is Michael brush from market watch as well as up on stocks dot com and Michael thank you for joining us today. It Michael on doing well and was reading through well your recent article I think was from Friday. And in my first question that I was wondering about that they Google just to try to figure artist who is Albert Meyer who matters that. If he. The best known on nine managers. Around he's. He's got to Texas money managers eats it got a very good record he and or quarter. Accounting. And ads like these would give him vintage he's very good that it's at Oakland. Oh. And he's talking about instead of looking at the things stocks FaceBook Amazon apple Netflix in Google which have had been so popular over the last five years. He's talking about the big stocks and I'm curious what exactly that Akron is a meat it not Akron isn't that where exactly that term means. So serve but he's watching right the ams and so forth go out and and by the red suggested that name back. They've ever well. By and hear that so. But the Chinese equivalents which is what you're referring to. Have been really hurt our way street were years where. China slowdown. Humans relations and are soaring today bird I think there's still buys so retarded here about. About Baidu. Ali rob a IQ. And and. And in looking at those four for people who are familiar with them what businesses are there compare bulls in the United States. Yeah exactly and it any Internet direct quote lost but beat up pretty close so so Baidu search app right so that is the it's got revenue grew. 3030. Cent per. Barbara is the so on mine telling about. And again pretty well. He year. And then IQ uses. Netflix and Tencent is social network platform. Use Bates and nails pressured by exposure to game. You can. Michael in terms of potential upside here obviously the you know the of these emerging markets companies in general gotten crushed this year. Part of that is due to dollar's strength that we've seen in particular in the last few months. That tends to be cyclical though and would suggest even if you don't see in a trade deals resolved right away. You might still see you know chance and you can make some money on the currency play here. Well I think that's really pushing it because. The column. Our road before this one that we talked about where is bullish call the bird markets and I agree acute that the dollars likely we can hear and I think that because you know it's generally. And I and I use that yet by your editor that I don't get currencies but it really. EM is emerging markets are current proxy word for the dollar way so. Play media are pulling. And I think the dollar two year treat workers go away and I think Kia. And I think by the way. You know these eight starts Jews simple way. Michael or any of these companies threatened by US businesses potentially getting into China in the future. Yeah that's a good question too because that's the other reason it down. In Google's. Turned in there and editor. You know I don't think so I think they're probably. I think Serbia. Although you know go. With it do but. You know they. It's a game because it's. China has demand and go to bed he. And so yeah. Are good Michael thank you for the time we've got to get out but thanks again for joining us. Michael brush from market watch and up on stocks dot com talking about the big stocks. As a way to potentially play emerging markets.