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Mike Lewis (Author of When to Jump)

Aug 24, 2018|

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We wanna hear through to us. I Steward Barry's 263566. And let us know what you think about the stories we discuss your team to the financial exchange radio network. They say with a financial exchanges brought you by leader bank's brand new product called Z deposit this is another free program which streamline the opening of tennis security deposit accounts are totally digital experience. Landlords to open an account. On line invite tennis and to their information and manage all of there's three deposits. Just called Z deposit team to get started at 7816418691. Again at 7816418691. Or visit them online at Z deposit dot net. That Z deposit dot net member FDIC leader bank. Step ahead Joseph. Any us on the line now is Mike Lewis he's the author of win to jump and Mike was on with us. Back about pro eight months ago when he first published his book earlier this year in January. And he joins us now again because she's doing two interesting things with his company Mike thanks for joining us. There are absolutely Mike. I know he had his book published earlier this year my first question is what we've been doing since then spent eight months what what's been going on what even visit. That's a well that the the incident and they were open book tour. And put it up and show included about thirty or forty different. Different stops around the country and our way is. Dubai with an event at a they're Australia and Asia is the bigger than the Dropbox. Partnered with brand communities. We did pop up we did every type of thing to think of this up quite cool universe these. It was it was a whirlwind that it was maybe the most fun I would never whatever edit that the look at it but it is a lot. Very cool now the book that you wrote I know well you know we talked about it a little bit when it was published. What's it about who who has a targeted at an in what's the key theme that you want to you know discuss with regards to. Yet it's really a book about anybody who's thinking that taking any at pitching their life but the first. So whether that our professional that they are people within their company or maybe you can bring up started. Small business oracle to another company ended the book at forty somethings story. Of people from all walks of life for bait district changes are people who would have. I figured out the nitty gritty and country as part of the fun show. What does it look like to believe that budget plan that they are looked out at the risk on the able. And a little bit different and it really incorporate these order book is not much you know it is that it will help them avoid their collegiate. That are reaper is with which rock solid guy and an 830. A 43 people that you can relate to or require for Europe and that book has now turned into a podcast with an obstacle went up and then we've got art in you'll never got over. Altogether apply in person and who would have bought into the couple weeks we've got a special our court. Well and and let's talk about that a little bit because you know most the times. People publish a book they go on the book tour in the and they say geez that was fun a little tired now let me take a little time off. You instead of putting together these these events now you they're they're called jump callebs and what what exactly do you do at the what what exactly happens of one of things. What what we are there is that you know or will the country and talk about this book has really. About Britain people together this year right you and Rory recorded just and have a you're from and or have it don't mean earns a 10. In need other people are breaking bread and shares hit an inside but hey how are you doing what what's your next step. And it went in today's world it's the heart of our network here are real and important that we started this for years ago little effort into you know we are. We green and brand like all by involved week. Created a place where the pop up farmer's market with food and covered under it and jump. We have it that keynote address that by Sheryl and other woke our leaders and it a puppy and a real life music and performance that from. From artists for it it's so everybody who's been all ignorant to perform to their food and and attendees and that it took out. 150 people. Raw and whether or their business that are only whatever they're done maybe we invite them every week or for people around the country now come together and and and a different in each year we started off it would be great are there all the numbers and it. Now Mike you you mentioned the word deal in that you had to deal for our listeners on this and look our our listeners are very Smart they they're they're listening to us to figure out how to make money and and and how to get the best deal. So I'm curious what kind of deal you actually have for the. Yet so if if you let it oratory and a curse and picket Irving. And I'm happy detector Crable we call a special PX he is our go to when it jumped Dhaka that went to jump dot com. You'll be awake for it ordered it to the that the program and what you do there's a place that couldn't is coated the equipment occurred. Money yeah I'd be. That money be ideal what word you were 20% op EDS has called all act. But again that went to jump psychotic click go get it get. If you put in money VIP. Current long as we get up to patent it. 40% off all access pass. At a private dinner with weapons shipment. I eased. All they Saturday outbreak our work our respect and another thing like that. I hope you get the whole kitchen sink at 20% opt for a or you got it it's just clear listeners if they use it to our current money directly. So when the jump dot com money VIP is the code in the dates on this it's BI that the seventh and eighth of September and Boston's that right. Yet starts Friday night with a private dinner at blue dragon the numbers that are. And it runs throughout the day number eight and it wrapped up by the independent. Very good Mike great to talk to you again and good look at the event who hoped to see you there actually in a couple weeks. Our spirit here I am currently out Stan that is Michael Lewis he is the author of when to jump in once again that offer if you did want to get the 20% off there. You can go to win to jump dot com and use the code money VIP when you are checking out. It'll give you 20% off there.