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Adam Johnson (BullseyeBrief.com, Walmart & China Tariffs)

Aug 16, 2018|

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The financial exchanges live on FaceBook and YouTube watch Berrian chug discuss the issues of the day and see which one smiles the most. Days of financial exchange radio network. This segment of the financial exchange is brought to you in part by CU senior safeguard. An educational program designed to protect elderly from financial abuse their senior safeguard credit unions and Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island and Delaware. Our training and certifying their team members. To recognize elder financial abuse in what to do in response. You can do your part as well is it better values better banking dot com. For more information. Joining us on the line right now is Adam Johnson rumbles by briefing dot com. We've talked about some of the big stories in the market Adam thanks for coming on. Chuck Berry Specter happening and now by the way shut welcome back from vacation on earth. Little atom. Lucky you I got I got mine and now it's time for you to get yours I guess so let's let's talk a little bit about Wal-Mart here we are talking about him a little bit earlier today. But for a company this size this is about as good of an earnings report as you can get it seems like. Now my got a huge best failed in and year. Warning half percent and they're so what if we could talk about your front you know. Brick and mortar is not dead to their civic or grow trees and buying at that conference deliveries all that was very good. I think the single most important take away from the old quartet is the fact that it is more evidence. Tax cuts are percolating through the economy. No we cut people's taxes they have thwarted the average American got a 5% rate and Wal-Mart where they shop. More than anybody else thought so we're more than Amazon. In Tibet where America shops though wouldn't he won't work. They'll rise the most in ten years that it directly or direct reflection. A tax cut that the wonderful wonderful story. Adams that's one of the big stores it's moving things upward today the other one. Is the news that China in the US are gonna be resuming trade negotiations prior to the end of the month so within the next two weeks we're gonna have that. I've I'm somewhat skeptical on these just because I feel like we've we've seen the store before it happened at progress made but I'm curious what your thoughts are on. Yeah I think other. That this is hitting it quite attention it deserves the people in the butt hole where it could really. Hear what. The headline from mediated. You know you look at earlier times negotiations to resume. Dot bet dot but it really low level if not actually a low level OK because if not the Treasury Secretary. The belt for the commerce secretary in itself. People interpret the low level it stated now. David now that is the under secretary of the treasury I actually though data at very well. I stepped down within a number of times. And he would be former comment from UBS. Extremely thoughtful and hear the BC. Is very very close like. They talked everyday clothes. It Larry Kudlow who is president up it economic advisor in the White House beat all the wheel mr. bell. But I don't think people realize. The fact that David now pat. Aren't you leading spearheading these negotiations. Is an important it is I think they he Kudlow and trump are they have all the popular point line and in effectively now pat is. Beat trump messenger it's not a low level I think it as a back door saying I think the goal is to try to figure out. How to eighth helped the Chinese state state. And we made it look like trump got a victory. And that has happened behind the scene they need to make it appear at the low level but trust me it's not it's of really big deal. Adam by the Chinese incentive to get something done soon as in before the mid term elections. Oh my gosh yeah there at the school puppet says if they wait until the term election corrupt might get. Weekend it be for example loses power but what he doesn't. And by the way the generic ballot is dirty what would you favor and all that out if they double jeopardy law. The fact is the Chinese stock market at all what are their. They have a real problem in China right now they're having the lead the banks with liquidity to try to make up for the fact that failed abroad. Are struggling to keep up atop the one of the recent like in the Chinese you want ball so that obviously the Chinese get it bet that they need a deal. But Beverly Hills. Adam. Customer of the Chinese France doesn't buy more than us Britain doesn't buy more than us we are China's biggest company our current customer arena. Well if you look at the EU as a whole pretty close and depending upon how you want to collect that you might actually beta unit that. Slightly larger customer but. Yeah but that's a that's a combination of countries that that's you know there's correct countries around you. They're region yeah. But yet as far as a single country I don't know they'll eat a well know the Chinese need to demand has been the Crown Point I'll bet big need out. More than we need them I'm not trying to bitterly regret but you know like in my portfolio and problem Alibaba. And you know I'd say John Deere B Unicode you know I think actually we're gonna get very popular topic on Mexico. And they're getting you back and forth candidates have been able. Also we've got now. Here free free work being negotiated. Between. By the US in Europe. Borg Warner and other companies that got all like to Garber wants BWA. Our largest maker Turbo chargers. 75% of their sales are outside the US. Huge beneficiary. If we can portrayed out what actually took it is BWA violate their factory there in the country. That they are building they'll actually get it by air but. And here that you're all kind of about your arms. You could benefit whatever trying to highlight right subscribers. I think trade is moving forward it just it doesn't always feel that. Got Adam thank you very much for your time we appreciate it. Our current record at Adam Johnson bullseye brief dot com always like talks now against duke. He seems to side he's on your side on this one now I mean he. Liken it like this struck the year. You're. Yeah you're a retailer of some kind you you serve the the public. And you have one and selling our plates you're selling plates and yet one customer. That represents 35% your business so be my wife she buys all my points right right. Well don't you want that customer to be happy and are you gonna give that customer happy wife happy life well eager to give that customer a little bit better price. Then you might give the customer believe represents 3% a year business or 4% pistons. You will like I think that the question that and have an Adam touched on this briefly is. How do you make it look like everyone wins in the that's the trick is you know is China can't can't go home and say EG. He needs to retain face back you know what if you look at it and hope the president US president chided both the kind of beat their chest on the same day I'm I'm gonna win now. You gotta get both people win it but I just be happy if they stop stealing our intellectual property you and me both is if they paid their bills you know. Deeds its unity if that's how I think of the Chinese and some perspectives.