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Dan Ackerman (CNET, Samsung Galaxy Note 9)

Aug 10, 2018|

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We wanna hear from two tech Steward Barry's 263566. And let us know what you think about the stories we discuss your team to the financial exchange radio network. Welcome back to financial exchange Peter how hearing Mike Armstrong were. Thankful for you could join us this Friday afternoon we're also thankful to Dan Ackerman. From CNET who joins us tackle at the Samsung galaxy note nine this is a phone will cost 2000 dollars. Maybe 12150. Dollars and DM what makes the Samsung galaxy note nine worth a thousand dollars. There we're really look into that category. Well. Is a thousand dollar or were more than trying to set that the right to be that there were that react coming at. They added a couple of new features this year over last year's all the battery a little bit bigger and percent and got the big deal because they add them. Exploding bone problems in the past. But the main thing I like you're skeptical by the spill into the boat that note they cut it for years. Now the stylus. Has Bluetooth and it and whether they made it. You can click a button on the ballot and will take a picture where you can easily remote shutter you can use it Cuba. Buick remote control your power play poker not that he or or or OPE I get that cool but it really does seem a lot like Lester as well. That's pretty does some pretty cool that particular feature course we've had seen the thousand dollar iPhone acts. It's a tough thing to predict how do you think. Consumers our. How do you think this will be received by consumers is there are enough new stuff in this to justify a four digit price tag. But here's the problem we've kind of hit a plateau in terms of both design. This lab that blasted metal and plastic looks a lot like every other lab the lab they're metal and plastic. And convince people equally and do internal features. Our combined 2000 dollar phone that looks the same feel the same as last year's out now are well the way everybody the year before that. Becoming increasingly top I think all these phone manufacturers whether Samsung or apple or anybody else. Really need to start pushing the boundaries aren't designed to panic and they do an innovative and different. Or people are gonna say on the is that well maybe bastard Miller but it looked the same again. Dan that Mike Armstrong here. There are few a few things that companies can do in their past that really make me turned off their products for a very long time and definitely phones the catch on fire is one of those things that usually makes me draw a line in the sand. DS. Have we seen that in Samsung sales with their other phones. How do you get over that hump as a company. That's what could be. Yield to meet you alternately a year and a half later two years later almost no one's talking about it the sidelines shocking. Wikipedia. The about that but to their credit they did a very good job of being very transparent about their investigation and what they found that the different sides expect rod into look at. How this horrible thing happened. I thought that the Oprah being very transparent and remember it'll be in a lot of information about back you know about. Set that fire that it was the worst possible time they were finally spat. He basically beat apple by name they had that you were more interest being bigger more feature packed phone because Apple's own bet you were frankly very boring. And then there can't go or kept it fire that set back a couple of years. They're kind of backed up to where they were now I think I think it was Britney had a shot in a short memory for things like that. And this sport athlete bigger battery inside there this is whatever one really should be watching out or I'm sure if the state they have at. 25 point check system and it out like that can look at the batteries now. But the outcome for a while I feel like there was still a fairly forgiving. Bigger battery bigger fire 439 note in history say. The device looks largely the same as twenty sixteens notes seven in includes many of the same components as DS nine plus like the processor. And camera. If that's true it is the bad note nine and big gala at minus the slightly smaller and more mainstream bone. And last year they had that note eight MB STA. And these are you look and feel very similar on camera hardware is not a greater distance but we're operating. Actually and stuff I think is pretty clever aren't artificial intelligence stuck in the town where where you. Surely you are up extra our. Younger person or better. We export gave bill in the camera will bill would make it extra because it's renting depiction going to look like. Auto plants animals that liked that the white balance and all the other things automatically where you. Pretty clever I think it would you got more and more phone that catch. We'll Dan Ackerman wonderful to hear from you about the Samsung galaxy note manage we'll see in the media lest we rushed to judgment only time will tell whether people agree. This thousand dollar 12150 dollar phone is really worth that much money Dan thanks for your time. Yeah. And I don't cocktail now call me old fashioned but I don't like phones that once caught on fire though I mean I guess is by mistake the only ones certainly it's a mistake in old. Most likable man are not happen again because they've gone through. Hours and hours and days and days of testing and making sure that doesn't happen again. I the only thing I don't get. Samsung has Boone. I guess the designation that it is the best Smartphone on the market correct. On an iPhone. Mean. But what's really taught how to define best I mean like the best performing. I think it's an abort sand if you look at the specs if you look at the tests done by in Japan right companies and yes Simpson's at the fastest processors best he'd. And and yeah pretty Boortz the higher selling fall what's more popular. The iPhone right I can't hide if on the market worldwide I don't think Apple's best split earned and maybe navy. Affiliates apple if it is apple that is the case I don't understand why they just didn't. Be more competitive in terms of pricing. Like it make you eat 99 and beat apple. I only time I think there I think the United. States market here meanwhile apple or is the most popular phone year. Yep it. Does not necessarily. Applied to use the Chinese market I'm just curious yeah. What is it. How away away away of these Chinese delegates measure I mean that's that that's huge. So. Thousand dollars phones. I can't justify in my in my stance you know we've reached that plateau. Market yes and I think what's so special about this phone and there isn't years then you know terrorism dollar pricing you know it's for me I've had the same iPhone for three years now I get the six ass. You know war would agree on the phone time. Yeah acts or yell what are you don't like we actually do call back here at the financial talkers or mimic sticks with what he loves it it until it dies. But yeah. Thousand dollar phones are just now know thanks and not in my hand in the cards.