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Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, Tesla)

Aug 10, 2018|

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What's hot and what's trending. The world of finance find out from Barry Armstrong and chuck signed up on the financial exchange radio network. This segment financial exchange has brought you in part by CU's senior safeguard and educational program designed to protect the elderly from financial abuse your senior safeguard credit unions Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island and Delaware training and certifying their team members. To recognize elder financial abuse. And what to do in response you can do your part as well does it better values better banking dot com for more information. We're joined now by Paula Monica to talk about while I've been calling it the circus that is Tesla Paul thanks for coming on. Where there where do we go from here with Tess I mean just you know technically speaking what does the board have to do at this point. Our guest. I think you have a board. Too seriously. Evaluate. Whether or not the company should go private and in Hamas has put the company in play essentially with. This series if tweet then the blog. A couple of days ago whether or not test like in. Actually go right at parole for me to be seen obviously but. Something that they have to consider. You look at that age you study the stuff all the time the entry talked to a lot of analysts a lot of board members of what is your take I mean was the board just completely caught off guard by this actor that's it caught. It seemed to cut you know catch most people that I've talked to completely off guard do you think terrorist completely you know sideways that's. I don't think they were compact. Leave the caught off guard in this statement that they put out. After the actor's between he seemed to indicate that. It is the conversation that having been what they might have been caught off guard by. Was the fact that he's on mosque was going to start tweeting about it. Making it. Something that went from just BB private discussion in order to do. What I have my believed to have followers now all planned out what. I mean it's certainly doesn't seem to me like any. The big shareholders had any inkling to this domain BA haven't heard fidelity or any of the big guys come out and say. Oh yeah I am we've been we've been talking about this and we are aware that. What is this all mean for for eagle on personally thank. I still say that it would have moved in to maybe. Put the the phone down and stopped reading that much it not alone Linda. Having that I mean that's actually like you know big shareholder at Billy Gifford you know Scottish investment firm that. One atop. Owners in I mean in the eight to this story there's mr. Bloomberg the few weeks ago where. One of the portfolio managers they're essentially said that they you know which is not with. Not be. Focus on. On social media that if we knew if you look at just all the different things beyond my job. Like right now be it'd be one thing if he just had the unprofitable company that is at all. The you know spotlight that comes from. Being the CEO of that company he's also got space accidental but a support company in the area a group ventures and then. In just a whole lot for one person there are only 24 hours a day seven days a week. With a phone that. If you're sleeping at the factory than maybe leave somewhere. Now it's it's just too much I think most would reapply to stop a paper I think I. I mean clearly the markets take on all of this is that. It's their time at 420 a share going private it's trading at 356 right now in most people seem to be doubting that this is happening. Yeah it's come all the way back to where you laws of war at the masters between Donna. Tuesday so I think there is a lot of doubt. About whether pot you know that would happen then that means that bigger variety of reasons. One it is an issue. How actually you know accomplished. That to mean. You are a long term investor you are one of the beavers in. Electric cars and Elon Musk storage. Do you think that he's war. Henry Ford in PT Barnum and which is Ellis poured in twenty dollars which is not that big a premium to. Where the orchestrating now after a long term believer than port twenty would be you know relatively. Low priced itself. Well one person I talked to said that you know what that number started with five as opposed to a sport sort of a non starter. You think that's going to be the the perception of a lot of the smaller individual investors here. Well I think with interest is that. And there are real questions that we just don't have answers to is what it must mean we're you could potentially have the company B soul be pried it. Or on. To be equity stake currently. Sort of like what you know summit bastard have with. Paced back and fidelity outing they they expect either just a lot of questions about the mechanics that do you own a couple hundred shares at. You don't want a sell out. What does it mean that in depriving them use you know but it turns. Out get out the the exit strategy where's the acquit. The half and now lots figure out and not a lot of details. And Paul appreciate you coming on has always. Always an inch take and test slamming its story of the week and Hollywood obviously don't we will talk about it again I would I would think so Pollack thank you very much have a great we had tears YouTube Richard.