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Dana Hull (Bloomberg, Tesla Private)

Aug 8, 2018|

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We wanna hear from you. Thanks Steward Barry's 263566. And let us know what you think about the stories we discuss your team to the financial exchange radio network. Joined now by Dana hole from Bloomberg talked to us about I guess the 82 million dollars circus that is Tesla these days. Dana thanks for coming on. Tell us about your take on you know between the came out yesterday what it means for Tesla stock and based on these Sony on mosques history. How serious should we be you know treating this communication. Why it very seriously and menial unmasked is Chief Executive Officer of both cast and being taxed at what went public in twenty and basic has always been pride and he has long. Signal that he wishes that have Butler credit he has said that interviews that he mid April filmed a pilot and now last year. And I think Ed you know what he's signaled yesterday that he's very theories about the question is. Be aware if he's getting money from because he said that you know financing to cure without any details haven't had any trees filings. Elena stepped forward instead yeah like we're onboard with this and we're gonna get them the money to do it in so. There's a lot of questions about you know who had you lined up in terms of support for the deal and what and global that the current barge shareholders a couple of don't let it go along with no are they gonna cashing out can keep talking about. Allowing current investors to kind of be in the private companies setting up some kind of separate fund and they'll it is entirely clear how that would actually work. Raised on mad you know you have liquidity every six months and you can stay in investor as a private as a private individual shareholder. You know. I agree with you we need to take this seriously in spite of the fact that he almost as a bit of history with Twitter and you know make some comments that are a bit out there. Usually when you have a deal like this you know being rumored about though you don't usually get some rumors about. Maybe that there is financing lined up already are aware that might be coming from it usually gets ready. Did you would your attic from Mike can help our private equity. Folks are out of the rough it was in an unusual that they believe that it. But it is kind of broke on Twitter yesterday it was communicated. In the first place at times reported that. Saudi Arabian and well and Saudi Arabian Auburn well. He can like every reporter carpet company act. You're on bank and credit at fort plain and extra people thought it was a joke. For twenty hot reference. When talking about on time attacked by companies. Eight. And in the meantime tree stopped those are roller coaster today you're being or at the as a people looking at how much. How many billions of dollars would be required to deal across the line and he's very science in orbit. Mean is it really hurts people up and and and if you bought it likely that means for EST. And investors know about this before he tweeted about it and means that the board game that discussions about this. Week but it. We haven't heard from investors haven't heard large investors area like. Right. Now I mean it's basically why I mean let's talk about why he would want the company beat prime rather than public I mean there's good reason for it right. Allen is likely that in mind that they're ordered a quarter. Expectations of the public. He you know it's not he had a lot Anke. Preparing for your calls you know economic questions and Leno from as it sort of epic male talent beta sign a lot of questions about the company's financials really ES and and he's. And short sellers they are betting against companies he. He'll think that there can't be that pepper car under attack from short sellers to our intern manipulating media and that. That and it helped the circuit and the like country an email alternately yesterday. He said that being exposed to that much more operationally efficient company credit that act. Yeah I mean it does allow you then take much longer term approach and I can appreciate that what concerns me is that he seemed so. It is. Ferocious towards polish orders of his stock you have an agent really dislike I Andersen the DN EC hates it sure there's no. You look at the overstuffed story you mean short. You know everybody's critical of mosque because of the way he's playing the game look at the shorts out you know they shorts third nod in this league. Dan appreciate coming on a state a hole from Bloomberg talking to us about Tesla and the I guess announcement on Twitter from Milan lost yesterday thanks Dana. I. Yeah. Look I don't have any love offered the you know. People shorting any stock I think it's kind of vaguely dirty pool if you don't know what a short isn't it it's a guy or an investor an investment company. That will. Debt and buy options that the company's gonna go down in price and then what they often do and it's been. Recorded industries they'll go in they'll play it stories and nail create falsehoods. That it's cause that stock to go down in price in their four making money right and I don't have any love for them but. If we're talking about incentives that Elon Musk might have to come out there and say something false and that's one new. That's one theory is NEC all right Chad Ainsley the he and he rinse them yesterday I know guy who short ones. Good friend of mine short tussle. So he lost a lot of money yesterday. And a that's you know eat it but he's not he's also not filling selling. Use this false rumors about her.