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Michael Brush (MarketWatch, Caution with Stocks)

Aug 8, 2018|

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The financial exchanges line on FaceBook can you do want to Berrian chug discuss the issues of the day and see which one smiles the most. Days because of financial exchange radio network. This segment financial exchanges brought her in part icu senior safeguard the educational program designed to protect the elderly from financial abuse your senior safeguard credit unions in Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island and Delaware. Our training and certifying their team members to recognize elder financial abuse and what to do in response. You can do your part as well does it better values better banking dot com for more information. Don't let strong second quarter economic growth and the stock market rebound from all of the big selloffs earlier this year fool you. This isn't the time to put new money into stocks had dubious trades on or own stocks on margin there may be trouble ahead. The author of that paragraph as mr. Michael brush for marketwatch.com. And brush up on stocks dot com. Mikey sounds like your little worried about the market. Well. Yeah you know. It does look dirty you know I mean it's important to remember that nobody ever predict what it is. Nen. That you can identify. Risks are elevated and I think that. OK talk to us about it some of the things that you have are concerned about one of them is. Rich sentiment. Right. Dietary look at two things try to make you know risk assessment and are always look at. Senate. Try to watch what crowded. It's tough to get it senses sentiment. I advocate about two and indicators. And read them. And it's come it'll it'll be it in the past several days but people still early election that's not agreed to it because juries want. You know there are fewer people left by starts Super Bowl right and each day and two. You know people were overconfident. Prize but that. You reference is one of the indicators you look at the vick's because I noticed I think yesterday it was it ten. Fixes to the next aspect. And it didn't vote for or. We go to some other users aren't there. World one that's it that's very relevant I think it is labor shortages. And we we need to talk about that because you have companies. If the logistic companies as an example. That are turning away business because they can't find drivers you've got airlines that are canceling flights because they can't find pilots. I learn it even got construction companies turning down jobs because they can't find workers I think the labor shortages probably the best point you making your article by at least that's my opinion. Right. Yet historic original close loop on the big picture search sentiment plus market. Nabbed. Sets or when. When market Brett is power and there aren't a lot of start participating in strength. That's that's early signs of breakdown so what you see that combination sent him. Were. That's never kind of they're now but not quite so yep it's important paper shortages mean economy has just continued long. You know from the Obama strength. And it's still years and and inevitably that judge wears down and paper and it's it's on and so Chris skiers wage. Wage increases. Which. Mike totally why we haven't seen wage growth I looked at the last wage growth number was two point 7% year over year it's not a bad number. But with the you know with no unemployment with the jolts report that we looked at yesterday I I I say to myself. She wage growth should be in 044. And a half maybe 5%. Yeah yeah that's an arching question we have seen wage that it actually has been okayed it but that's just a question in your group for. But yet that's actually question at a I think partly because. You know there's a lot of older people in a paper worse and they and not ask for raises. Or you're. A fair amount a lot of sorrow. And and another thing at distorts wage measures is that as older population rules are. And aggregate pay lowers because people by definition. So Scott Muni issue but. I don't really know but I think that's gonna change I think it's gonna change and I think that's key as the labor market now very. You're worried about the trade war. Well you're you know I think trump is Smart enough not to get it to country were we kind of speed that is. Excuse to bluster and back off. A deal that cut it. In jail and still it's still escalating though aren't. Yep we'll see that's it thank. Even if he doesn't get it all out trade war. That threats it along where it that's going to be bad start. And I think I don't think where that's done. Yet these beach. Garbage. Your. Well that's kind of the last one doesn't that defeat it works is it look there there's seems to be the writing on the wall Europe's gonna fall in line. Gonna get some kind of concession out of China. Canada miner who cares. In and visit to China as the big one. Right China. All he needs is a little something out of China and he can declare victory. Yeah exactly epic battle wrapped up before the election because as you know the last thing trump wants is some architect. Q what works here papers it is on the part that's. That's what. He sees the bigger. Well look at it that election last night in Ohio it looks like the Republican won. Yeah I was very close. Was it was but it's still if he can get the economy. If you keep the economy strong. Through earn November. And an eight CI I see the re stumble like is I think you get something done on trade prior labored. I I just think that's a Smart thing to do war. May be it's it's the week or two after Labor Day but he wants to be able to go on the campaign trail in September and say. Yup by I stopped the Chinese abuse I stop the European abuse were bringing jobs back to the United States economy strong GDP could be 5% I mean. Then bended knee. I don't think you have an you're a lot of loss in the house knew prior to pick up seats in the senate. I think that makes sense veteran about the intraday. Developments with beyond that it has been closed now. Now okay I series or by Columbus Day. You know. Right yeah it. Are there. And and I think the watcher is it in a lot of stimulus on an army already UK and that means. Act. And spending. And fiscal. That's not good I mean that sounds good near term. It's. A lot of the history sure it said that he'd economy which we expect that overreact with exception. And I think that's a big risk here and I think that. Many Europeans want funny but I think it I think more people think about attic could be. Forget Michael thank your for your time thanks Rick yeah Michael brush for marketwatch.com.