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Tim Stevens (CNET Roadshow, 2019 Lincoln MKC)

Aug 6, 2018|

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What's hot and what's trending. The world of finance find out from Barry Armstrong and chuck silent on the financial exchange radio network. Diet. And. We're joined now by Tim Stevens from CNET Roche are talking to us about between the nineteen Lincoln and KC ten thanks for coming on you know I just got out of the the car market mr. shopping for a number of months for a new car looked at it on a difference a suvs. I'd get Lincoln's were a little bit out of my price range I was really looking that area but. What is this it was this car compared to in terms of size it's you know in that luxury crossover market that's really popular right now. And give me some comparison points and terms you know how big discards. Right so this is on the smaller side for an suvs but still a pretty good stock car we're looking coupled something like an Audi Q five or the BM WX threes in the kind of mid range as he besides. But really what Lincoln trying to do that this car park on the other's views are really focusing on luxury bulk Audi and BMW. And cars like the actor RDX are really focused on trying to be Chordiant on an engaging. While also being luxurious Lincoln really saying you know we're not trying to export we're trying to beat. Luxurious and comfortable in that's really what this court. And petty thing it did I mean it's trying to go up against Audi and BMW those are pretty tough competitors. Are they succeeding with this car. Yeah I think I think they are in a lot of ways to get the new corporate nose on the car finally which makes it look a lot like the Lincoln Continental which I think is a really nice looking car so that helps a lot you know. Presence is what this really all about it government luxury cars I think today he has that base. But also in terms of comfort is definitely more comparable than those other cars again it's not going to be as engaging you'll be having as much on the trip is. But it stuck in traffic we're just 2 in the morning commute you will be more comparable than those and I think the big step forward to. And pricing also comes out very favorably when compared against Audi BMW so it is hitting a lot of. Can surprise you when he timeout to get into one of these things I mean I guess and give us the base price but you know actually if you're an outfit with some some decent enough to cost. Yeah exactly so base price of looking at about 34000 dollar which is the same cost of the outgoing and he's he's that hasn't gone up. If you want a little bit more well option you're starting at about 41000 or where to reserve and if you add on a lot of options that we would recommend. About what you're getting into the mid to upper forties. But if you really have more spending and getting the black label option which is what can I if you're are those start at 40000 dollars and take you up the mid I think he's. But for that you'll get concierge service and Greek car washes and a lot of other night and well we can get over the image that appeared. How does that sort of do that price point comparison to the Audi and BMW that's who they're really donor applicants and beating them on price. During price point it a little bit higher for both the BMW and the Audi but if you want you know if you go option option that Lincoln will command just a little bit cheaper there have been pretty good job. Day you talk about a lot of you know a lot of what you liked about this car was the interior of the luxury and there I mean is that should we take that mean they drove a little bit clunky or is it just not you know not the same Teva drive as you are getting from these other you know performance type carts. In terms of straight line performance and actually can be pretty quick you can option that would that sooner or 85 horsepower 2.3 liter Turbo the same boat and especially in the eco boost mustang so in terms of straight line performance we can get up and go pretty well. The more terms of the handling the cornering more of the cardinal rule that more not be as responsive. But it is going to be more quiet a lot of those carpet are really good job of likely noise you can act and what inflation but that meant this very comfortable car much more so than the. Could I put up one of those windows that would you know drown out my children in the backer does that come standard on this. I'm not tendered and our darker dark about corporate money summit agreement for a picture. Tim appreciate talent on again that's between nineteen Lincoln and Casey and Tim Stephens from CNET Richard's office about the state. Tenet and Stephen's last name to first there's always gets me confused about what happens if you see that occur then. I do NASCAR I did not end up with the Lincoln and Casey I ended up with the use. Do you stand at the used Toyota Sienna which which pay there is a in 25 Hulu would it have been if you'd buy today. In ET. In Britain. 3540. And so what's that for savings 40%. If teens over forty. Already miles. 40000. Aka super drive that first 14150. Maybe more I helps two I I hope that that's the current that idea of mine girls for their first car. Fourteen years from it but at the wealth. We'll see look at me it's easy save a lot of money. Buying a slightly used car deal that's that's what I've found anyway and it budget eating you can also I just heard. If you buy the wrong one that that if you do it once and had a bad experience I imagine that can really sour yet. Used car market late when my son's who has seen landscaping business. Bought it truck over the weekend. And he needs some help finance in this and all finance at four. But if you want to finance unit take your cousin who's a mechanic to look at. And you know what mechanic and he took found two things or wrong with it kid and they're gonna be repaired before he takes ownership of that truck so. And we thank you need more people that's the the things he you have to be careful of the year it is. Is that unity by selling it too cheap rate eat here all you do is buying a really big repair bill if you're buying a car that she be prouder of the money to repair. The only thing that had made a little bit hesitant about trying to use one has him. Really think the new safety features on these cars are pretty cool it is automatic braking B lane departure alerts that sort of stuff I find to be. Really intriguing technology. That I would like to have a car in my car but I'm not quite well on a shot next ten to fifteen and I. I think what you'll see too is that technology right now is clunky Lotta people. That have it turn it off yeah it day by those vehicles and they turn off that technology has yet it's still clunky and not user friendly. Five year from now I think that stuff will be better that your.