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Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, GrubHub)

Jul 27, 2018|

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What's hot then. What's trending. The world of finance and go from Barry Armstrong and chuck signed up on the financial exchange radio network. We're joined now by Paula Monica from CNN money like PR every Friday talking to us this week about a company called grub for. You know anyone not familiar with the company it's. Food delivery service you go on their happen you know pick out where you wanna order from and they'll handled delivery. Paul what is giving grub the advantage against a number of other companies that are during the same thing here. Yeah there's a lot of competition they've got to order after Newbury outpost made an Amazon getting into the but I think what grow up has done is they've bought. And other activities see what we yours gonna make. You know. You wrapped presents to them. Cross United States they've done a good job partners with Opel. Restaurant in national app deal with I don't branched out now. And in I think out of the disease. The yuck company. In NATO Europe lot of the right. Today they're with their recent earnings report you mentioned that the stock is up 25% I think on Wednesday. All younger guy. It's only been public trade for what four years now. And yet there's been publicly traded for about four years but that growth is still extremely oppressive country. L were up 1% profit more than double so that kind of growth that. You we argue just the size you know the huge are brought up. In the stock price I think they're clearly. Cognizant of the fact that there's going to be increased competition I think that's what they do it is. You know or another I'm mobile technology company called libel law that you know it can help them in Warwick vigil he meant it. Customer loyalty programs kind of adding to the services about or at. Sorry and I know they're charging a delivery fee they pulling in revenue from advertising. Award today I mean you mentioned the special deal they have with that KFC Taco Bell. Where there are many main rit revenue line items. I mean the raiders really coming from you know the deal but they have with or are companies and now all you know can cut of the sales recently. He yet you know advertising at a small part. I think what really you can be is looking to do it just can you do it and didn't. Other market in trying to bottle so that people think about. Take out in doubt ordering alone there are ordered food on their phone with a group of it broke out as opposed that and numerous other services out there that it. Now pol and grab. Level up the purchase their tremendous by since a sister that's of public as a bust mr. at the began like yup and called scavenger. And an impressive that they bring more than 200 clients to the table four Grupo. What's your sense of how the level up technology. Is that a game changer for Greg covers it really just. Bringing in you know another 200 potential. Restaurants like beer burger pop alien to the about network. Yeah I breakthrough those other restaurants to network I think that is keep it I think this is probably. But that I think there are more interest in the view content. Technology things like oil the program they've developed we have a lot of their client. You know that back could potentially give them an advantage though first some other competitors that. Clearly have a lot more resources at their disposal. Keep on going up like Wilbur him and he will be the for Agra I would immediately I think investor equipment that well. So I guess that's the you know ten billion dollar question and you kind of alluded to it they're doing a lot to try and you know build up that wall but. Let's say Amazon does turn around tomorrow and say were Clinton. A few hundred million dollars into the food delivery business to grow up hub stand a chance. Given the investments that they've made. I think we still do I mean that being you know maybe I'm being bit naive and rooting for the underdog if you want to call that mean it but what's wobbly dollar market cap companies about the fact that I don't mean. Although well what I do you think it interest is that your findings on the areas. We consider everything a market that. Companies are able to withstand pressure. From Amazon and and even other giant mean if you look at it like Spotify totally different market of course but. Spotify is still doing quite well even though apple is compatible for use your word. War. Smaller companies that are by no mean I mean he's. In the MVP there are a market eligible for companies in China like Amazon and apple and you know Barack. Clippers got as well. We see and grab public recently expanded into Santa Barbara Reno Scranton. Spokane so you know kind of second here. Cities what's your sense of how much more geographical growth there is four. Untapped markets for grown hub to address. Yeah I don't like Ramallah security they count all the executives are pretty optimistic that the industry is bill. Beer at the right so there are locked the market the companies looking at it though. Go into in like they have not reached saturation point just yet I think where. Rat you out Bible about you know grab the too many market you know by there's been you know. A criticism Starbucks or. There well Paul Ritter should come and on company's name is grove hub ticker symbol GR UB. Big Bayern report on Wednesday apple have a great weekend thanks coming here. We talk about domestic. You know expansion that they've done and ignoring the fact that. Well it is an app that delivers food there's the whole world for them to go and take on it. There's no reason that you can't going to candidate with the same technology in other companies that don't see why they would. Prevent them from doing Seau. In other parts of the world how much they charge restaurants. I don't think they disclose I mean they charge consumers. I've seen the delivery fees media's eyes like five bucks. And I think where there make a lot of money is paid KFC Taco Bell you partner with us and we're gonna put you re at the top of the list every time somebody searches and geographic area and you passed. Never used it never I've always been a picker upper right yes I I don't know I was too lazy if it delivered continues if that you when I what I like about it is if so every time I asked my wife he would he would do for review take where he won him the answer is. Always Chinese and now. A don't I don't couldn't figure I don't know you figure out no you figured I've figured out last time and they show a dry varieties of its like know anything but yeah exactly of these is the exact conversation I have my wife every time we get home from work and yet and a cup you know. So at least go above you know what your options are you say okay this is this is all within five square miles of us we go pick it up in the next half hour order raid on this happened. And we do that like that feature so it's nice to five bucks hookah. But again or you can just go pick it up and and charged delivery charges just. Use the service so why would manages color restaurant. It just use you've gotten all the menus for all the different restaurants on one application if that's why online order. On line ordering. I'd rather than just going to each individual restaurant's website checking out the mag you can. Take all right there and one half. They put together usually they're put together a list of these the most popular order items that got from these restaurants giving you tips on what to order as well. I'll like I'll try to I'll grant outright out of the weekend show research don't give us a little bit of a review when you come back to Louis next week.