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Sheraz Mian (Zacks, Q2 Earnings Season Update)

Jul 18, 2018|

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The financial exchanges live on FaceBook and YouTube watch Berrian chug discuss the issues of the day for the which owns most of this and to exchange radio network. We're right in the middle of earnings season for the second quarter right now and joining us to get an update on where things stand the Shiraz immune from. Sacks Shiraz thanks for joining us. Thanks very reach out. Absolutely so Shiraz let's let's look at where we stand for the S&P 500 right now how many companies are reported in what are we seeing in terms of the overall scorecard for them. So including odd off the reports. This morning shut the F 48 S&P 500 companies ever ordered result. I'm almost 10%. But he's 48. In 89 point 6% are being EPS estimate. 83 point three per. And I'd be in revenue estimate. Our earnings are up from the same quarter last year by 23%. And revenues drop you'll only get 10%. Of the very very wrong only a relative to what he had BV. From the same group of 48 companies are doing in order of very strong start for you to owning these. Mr. Ozzie mentioned that word right now north of 80% of companies are beating on both revenue and earnings what do we see in a typical quarter what's normal for beat rate. So it's been very strong in the last couple of learning evil but the typical. At reduced debt. About two thirds to 70% of the companies would be EPS estimate. And fifty to 55%. Of the companies would be revenue it. Very very impressive. Performance in. Our company's beating expectations. Even the expectations were put to respond to begin with. Are there any particular sectors that seemed to be coming out ahead in this quarter even though I know it's via still relatively early but any sectors that seemed to be near kind of leading the way. You know be a man is is had to be represented in the am all right now. You would build the market has been less than impressed with an ant results. It's a billion theories. Going. Bought in looked surprises. As the winner of the cooperate. We as we go farther onto your results from from me the other Specter. He is you'll all that brought up but the mood in the market would be other technology that but I bet they are. The sample is pretty duty waited too worked there. Straws as we look out to our company's giving any guidance for third and fourth quarter earnings that's affected out outlooks for what we have the second half of the year. There's a lot of quantitative discussion about the matter is that would be concerned. I'd be old broad out there the guidance is still favorable. The estimate for you need. He's the Pembroke water which won't be affected by how management guy. Is is holding up pretty steady at this stage. But there is as I mentioned quantitative. Discussions just the word he used the trade the currency. In our ability matters. I'm balance. Guidance is it is inevitable as the aid in the and not got the order. Very good Shiraz we appreciate you taking the time today and I'll we'll catch up with the soon to you see where things end up for the quarter. Shiraz Meehan from Zacks talking about second quarter earnings season. And you know as you mentioned typically you see somewhere in the range of two thirds to 70% of companies beating their earnings estimates and we're seeing close to 90% that are beating right now so to Q seems to be very strong at this point.