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Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, PZZA, DPZ)

Jul 13, 2018|

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Join our brand new text club by texting the word battery to 635660. Send your first and last name and get involved today you're listening to the financial exchange radio network. The same with financial exchanges brought she buys you rent your landlord take advantage as he ran a fully automatic on line rent collection tool that is free for landlords and accounted participating bank and always free for tents. Now collection of local banks are offering this unique program including leader banking and stone sign up and have rent payments deposited directly into your account. Call 7816418691. Today or visit you rent dot net for more information amber FTSE. Joining us on the line now as he does every Friday as Paul Monica from CNN money you'd talk a couple of pizza stocks with us and Paul thanks for joining us. Appropriate timing you know we're we're getting towards that lunch hour. We're we're talking near Papa John's and dominoes let's start first with Papa John's. Which obviously has been in the headlines over the last week really now the last of eight months just about as there founder. Has has had a couple of significant missteps to say the least. And now finds himself on the outside looking in from any position there. Where does this company ghost since it was so closely associated with his image and likeness since its founding. Yeah it is going to be very patient if the air popped out or. You know companies guess that they are no longer going. Pat is immunity advertising. Wise we're be buried where art market strategy. Just does beg the question about whether they need to grant. Sure they go that far the part of the investors are. Happy with the news they've used that they're stepping down that that chairman and in also be in the in orbit. We've got bigger problems which just really tried to convince people that buy there pizza the first. So I'll. Clear up a part of the. Well and am let's talk a little bit about dominoes because six or seven years ago they faced really the same question how do we get people. To buy our pizzas the stock you've been floundering sincere kind of 2007 through two point ten. And they made some major changes in really were one of the first companies to come out with one of those ad campaign saying hey look we used to do a pretty bad job we're gonna try to get better. And the stock in the company has just taken off since the. Yet domino is near and all I have to give them credit for that there the Al in Pretoria. Marketing campaign has been clear leave work they were buried on about now. Bad you know a lot of people bought the ones that they can fix it. We had a lot of people you know that they need it and that you know they've all been done and Ortiz are things we if you know there you e-commerce strategy if you caught that home to the social media strategy. Technology. Using a passenger to make quarters they've been cleared the recognize. That. You know younger consumers in particular very hopeful that the get go that way. It was a Smart move that went on the. Yeah I believe was. In the last five or six months they became the biggest pizza seller worldwide. As far as their overall sales numbers. What's next for them as they where they go to continue this momentum can as I mean this stock to put it in perspective for people who are familiar with that. Back in 2009 was trading about seven dollars a share its 280. Dollars a share right now what's up forty times since that where'd they go back future. That is I think of it that the question it's going to be I think very difficult war the company to issue. Have anything close used the six past stock market. That they add that in the past couple years that going forward. Repertory replicate those type game and you know it's also certainly looked like a pretty. Expensive you know stock body I you have to wonder if accompanied it in Russia Aspen area. Really deserves you know me Eurasia about 34 times. Testament I think that it bit pricey but it. You know clear the you know revenue is going in the right direction and I think he wonder it is. War the new food offerings whether there's the opportunity or wrote. Hopefully as well though. I think you know there's hi guys so to speak and got people that the. We're looking at Papa John's spinning back to them to or one point seven billion market cap company does anyone potentially look at them and say Aimee we can get a decent branded it cheap price it's down just because of things that you know or in the short term. Not necessarily gonna matter 567 years from now now that the founders down. Exactly I think that is going to be one of the key question if Papa Johns takes more time than Wall Street I'm on two. Turn things around again it's not just a marketing it in just a marketing issue the sales weren't suffering clearly that the beast that would have needed to make. And look to be he would. And the comment that's patter. At eight remarks in foul while at the art aspect. Customers are defecting as well so if they don't turn things around you have to wonder. Does a company like restaurant majority Urquhart and an important. Pop pop by CBH. It'd been an acquisitive companies look. Possibly they can go that. The companies that art be it now but to spot a lot. Equity backed. Surprised me. Mentioned it well I think there are possibilities for this company. It's over if you know if that's which matter bought tickets keep in mind he may not be. The chairman anymore on the board those buried naked I think it is investors open. In interest and interesting poll we appreciate the time we've got to get out but. Thanks for joining us now have a great weekend. Are Paula Monica from CNN money talking about Papa Johns with the ticker PZZ. A Domino's Pizza with a ticker DPZ.