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Joe McCann (Seeking Alpha, LOXO, BLUE)

Jul 10, 2018|

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On top of breaking financial news by becoming a member of public carries brigade blog under financial exchange dot com and sign up today. In stark stock Joseph McKee and from seeking help put his back with a as a follow up on a promising Biotech company told us about previously joked. Thanks for joining us. Ignoring good Rebecca. He had I looked so oncology is the company that I made some key presentations recently. You told spot this company how the presentations go and tell us again why you like walks of. It's pretty Beckham that I was but I'd leak to go to Tibet pick medical conference that cancer research it there was an epic one in the mean that. It looked pretty compelling going into it was box so. They put out because I don't wanna what they're gonna talk about it conference in the brick it was very promising. And then they leave deliberately got paired you know the response straight to the treatment is better than they thought that because we had a couple more weeks to gather. Being on the truck. So that investors were and click on the to them. Is that the stock moved up over 200 dollar rate on this petition to cut that open up 12% when we first part I think. Want to name. That. Continuing to really deliver and that conference was another example of that town the morning actually happened all earning artists. A couple percent that could become more money they get ready to. Move this program that we're talking about north as well as. Anticipating their first product approval this fall they've got a lot of them but advocate we could become. What specifically in oncology does this affect. But where does that. Good bet hip and with respect to tumor paper and connect to patient specifically rather than that the court your body though I think and about with that and it's an area where. The country specific mutation that they get caught in the tumor. It may work better and somebody put others to have a lot of other but they're not a spirited. Breast cancer that I heard him there saying. We can cut that sugar mutation in that we're gonna. Pick pick a weapon that really attack based on. That timber copper. Very targeted which direction we're going on college Greg it's intelligent they're. You edit their second product of that mine but there they're sure they can do it over over well. One thing we should point out from investment standpoint not the oncology standpoint is that the price. Seems to imply some pretty high investor expectations I think the behavior of the stock. Kind of confirms that right so there's a lot of good news in this stock. Yeah it definitely isn't I think that are a lot of it is the lakers the team that might be worth more money. When I get commercial side and have a lottery pick up the table but again that it be kept you. People we have randomized trial a trial but they banned they're Garko and yet you're out there. Little bit further penalized in oncology and you are at tech in particular is very risky bet you've got to put a little bit approved apparently. Took a little more competent and. And what Fred up from a year low 69 dollars that's up quite a bit from that good year low also you want talk about bluebird bio symbol BL UE blue. Partnered with Celgene what you tell us what that. Is there a little bit more of a bigger perspective robot they're deliberate further along more partner as part of a bigger. He therapy. Card program that ripping and going out and just one data that is the beat as an advocate the current order so that you know. It would expect trying to debate. Delivered again that goes well. You can kind of happy you can run that he conducted were excited about it but when you look at where they are that the competition. Going on out there. They're very well positioned that respect and really strong program and a different area. But when you look at what they present it would be a multiple myeloma. You'd you don't go to court secret program. It's exciting their creator mark Victor over that little bit left hoping its early and when we when we speak to doctors and experts or or dual power Michael Griffin couldn't put it we don't don't get ourselves ligament the Argo we're going. Talk to a doctor if you didn't really think about it and along Pamela who we are whether they like to see that there is directors on me be diplomatic in the peace is better. And that a lot of I opened in the data reposition them matter but it is the first card you're there. So locks so LOX so in no bluebird BLU he had able bias. It fairer America okay John McCain and from seeking alpha on law so. And bluebird thank you very much.