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Tim Stevens (CNET Roadshow, 2018 BMW i3)

Jul 9, 2018|

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Join our brand new text club by texting the word battery to 635660. So your first and last name and get involved today you're listening to the financial exchange radio network. John Stevens from CNET roadshow joins us on the line now to discuss the 28 team BMW I three and Tim thanks for coming on us. Tim the actor that's the one that looks like the little golf cart right. Yeah you got it session on the market for quite awhile now but they've been making some constant update now they've got even high performance version. So in terms of what you get here like who is this car geared towards. It into a little bit of a tough sell because you're going up against a pretty stiff competition in the Chevrolet apple TV in the new Nissan leaf it only offers about a 114 miles of range 170 you are reformers version. So it's not the greatest amount of rain certainly compared that the pricing would start at about 45 grand you but the kids probably the nicest. Looking he'd be on the inside that we have on the market right now overall it's a really different car to drive really nice car. They cut it that's response when it comes urban mobility really really small but still really comfortable over the eyes. To my got a little nervous when you were saying that it was the nicest looking one before you sit on the inside Kazaa a outside like I'm working out and they've like they've got windows where there shouldn't be windows its slopes where it should who drew this one up. Yet BMW wanted to be pretty aggressive and independent car the same thing for the I eight as well what is there plug in hybrid only car both but Carson looked very different from anything else on the road the FBI three a little bit of a cut on the outside but the inside is actually really interesting with a lot of recycled materials in kind of that the releasing. College between now like dork metros and who later smoother. Mitchell is actually very nice the only side be on the outside maybe not her. How does it does stacked up performance wise is does this drive more like a Prius are more like a tussle. I somewhere in between actually confusing it's got a 181 horsepower that equipment that's pretty quick in 200 computer talks to accelerate really really well and also rear wheel drive which is interest in. A chemical that more dynamic killing and neglect Prius. But still overall it's not the quickest court not going to be keeping up with a -- by any means or even probably a model re and it is a little bit of a difference or designed to an even as Chevrolet Volt so that quite the same internal corporate. In terms of one of the things you always see on on luxury cars usually that the maintenance bills are ridiculous there there are incredibly high. With no electric bill guessing BMW doesn't make a whole lot on the service probably pretty cheap to operate. Absolutely that's one of the beautiful things about TV that there really is hardly anything to do you kind of rotate the tires and that's about it so you may have cost this would be really really low compared to something else who would need oil changes and transmission is that the. As far as looking at any downsides what what stands out to you is there anything that isn't great with the vehicle. Bigger concern is simply be Matta raised Egypt for the amount of money that is spending again starting price of about 45000 dollars for a 114 miles of maximum range. If you look at some electric Chevrolet bull you're looking at a cost closer to about 37000 dollars for about 240 mile range of twice the range. For even less money in these elite is even cheaper at about 30000 dollars 400 if you amount of range that's probably the biggest drawback. BMW don't have additional electric coming on the next year to. Absolutely we're expecting to see more in the near future they are lagging a little bit. And Albion the competitors really lining up their big EU launch its next year. BMW was pretty early in the 398 but down into the waiting a little bit before they release the second generation TVs. Probably see more next year or. Released around two point. Very good Tim thanks for the time. But Eric. Tim Stevens from CNET roadshow talking about the 28 team BMW I read. It will be texting to see how the Germans do with battery technology unity German engineering has been renowned for a hundred years security's always had strong engineering departments. It's always been on the mechanical side and the the electrical as more problem with British cars mean British cars are and are notoriously. Bad with their electrical systems. But with Germany it's always been what we're we're really precisely what we make and so force. I don't know if they have you know Corey batteries or anything silly. What that is the they're testing the whether they can compete with battery technology but it 45000. Dollars for this car you buy Tesla for that. If you wait a couple years not in Holland yeah they're. Cranking out 5000 we now stood out about a year year and a half way now so if you want one right now. Your options I'd let's say when I think that Nissan. Makes the most sense and then there are next versions Nissan leaf is gonna have an even bigger battery so you know billion over 200 miles down and that. I think that's gonna make niece on kind of the the top EB. Out there because you'll be able to get them they'll be inexpensive and they go over 200 miles on charge.