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Theresa Harper (St. Croix Triathlon)

Jul 3, 2018|

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They'll legend continues in America's paradise were talking about Beauty and the Beast. It's a triathlon and that will be held on the island of saint Croix on December 2. Of 28 team joining us now is race director Teresa harper from saint Croix two recent welcome to the show and thanks for joining us. So we're December 2 is the date right that said the data to try. It sir it yet. Great has typically been on the first Sunday in Maine this year we have moved it here. The first Sunday in December we think our athletes played appreciate the cooler temperatures and enjoyed it whether it as Batman year. Yes they sure will. Saint Croix TD describe where it is and how people can fly there from New England. Sure think Larry is on a bit favored and I. Now are about sixty miles. From Puerto Rico. Best lap in Miami of course yup. Ordered to Edmonton at that time of the year and down at. Actually fairly simple to come through and done certain airline even. Your bikes. OK in the airport code is STX right. That's correct yeah. At the airport it's very clear so Beauty and the Beast the triathlon how far the different segments the swim is what one point two miles. Yes it is it's that they typical ebony please read this and it meant to one point two. And it's beautiful Caribbean sea. And then have a pretty challenging at the fake smile by right he's six. Yes it is stick my yeah it clear that. There yet. And then they're on their thirteen point one mile back. Particular law. From Christian bad news. The Arctic air alert yet and back actually quite. While I. Attract a lot of international attention this has rigor of your beautiful place that it. It is a beautiful place for people come from black. Long distances of all over the world really you know be its its famous trampled on if he talked in it you know. Triathletes are small segment of the American population it. But this saint Croix is known in the triathlon. Community it's a very challenging race at the reason they called the beast. Describe the bike ride to reset up the east. I've done I have not. Yeah I think it is important that climate they 15%. Average grade so at some point. A lot of that topic is about when he when he is percent grade. On the continent could be. It that for locals that I wouldn't say I'd we have credit and it racked up more often but. That you see some BO cooperate better. Cyclist during the triathlon you'll see many walking their bike at this site not to get hurt anybody but it certainly is where. We're decline. The fact that you can say you climb that these are you conquered the something that everybody started work. So somebody comes out of by the website which led to the website address for the strap on his STX. Triathlon. Dot com asked TX triathlon dot com. Who what where should they stay Teresa would have been different hotels that people can stand if they come down for the trial. Well are what the hell is that a canary Stewart. And that is that the vehicle like that day. And the quickest property. But it is that was hotel and Ron's question. Goes right through it aground at about a year now on it it actually goes through bowling golf course it. Really phenomenal team down and also get a car I'm hurt. Car rental which is great at the airports those who are convenient. That is that is it what's the water temperature going to be for the swim. In December. Kinda temporary about 75 degrees perfect. Yet no no with it they're needed curricular. You can do teams into the strap on game. He certainly learned we actually are offering three different race here we have the said he. Point three distant race which is her calling at the long course isn't what you they rate that I described in the back you have make it hurt and he. And we also happy for this and which is having secret and really that. And get here for the first timer adding and in great. What's on what's is just stay down. The women around for those who don't want the hassle traveling with the bike. How long is the slim. It went for the for the rent it out but on. A half mile path at the end and it meters and then. That bike is actually relatively short where it and then at eight point four mile. And then he ran 84 miles on. So how does one of our listeners how did they register for the trap on trees. Well you can go rate onto our web site you go there with. He extract font dot com or Kirk an island. Dot com and be happy that frustration is definitely opened. But some. It's a special it is for everybody we have they keep things going on if they lie they re really. We're actually having. We're giving away. Lacked a 21000 dollars carrier fair. And three night stay at the buccaneer. And free entry into every figure actually. I'm an art drawings are rain and John it's gonna be on July or urged to go onto our web site yet but he can financed under the age. As well you know. And you cannot click Eric Cantor there. Cut back trees I've got a few people they're texting into the show and they wanna know if there's a phone number that people can call. In order just talked to somebody yet about the trial a couple teams that are extended is there somebody that they can called down and saying credit talk about the us. You bet. That would be me okay. If you my phone number is that we sport hero yeah. 513. Doesn't. Seem that men euros seven. 2707. All right so the date is December 2. The distances seventy point three miles. You stay at the buccaneer you're your car from Hertz. Water temperatures going to be 75 degrees. It's called Beauty and the Beast is the name of the triathlon sounds like an awful lot of fun I'm I'm actually register for the saint John's idea about our money team and not doing the whole thing by myself understood in the swim. But I'm really looking forward to victories I think it's going to be an. We're elegant art hobby yeah very very do all of your friends and New England. Come. Insulate some of our current weather. That ED and then spectacular Vista that was last year. I'm sure they will I'm sure they will Teresa thank you very much for your time appreciate it. Perhaps that's Teresa harper. From the saint Croix trap and didn't give you the website again address again one last time it's STX. Triathlon. Dot com or if you wanna talk to Teresa I know a number of your texting in you've got teams are you part of triathlon club's. The phone number for Teresa is 340. 5132707.