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Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, FB)

Jun 22, 2018|

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Join our brand new tax club by texting the word battery to 63566. To send your first and last name and get involved today you're listening to the financial exchange radio network. We're joined now by Paula Monica. CNN money who's got a little bit of FaceBook update forests. Pauline I take a look at Facebook's last twelve months it's been pretty wild with every all the investigations. Hearing on Capitol Hill. Stock has completely recovered from that volatility and and sound now trading above 200 dollars a share. What are the biggest risks to this stock and where does it go from here. Got a great question I think obviously east they'll have to consider a Brett regulation in. Eighty possible routes whether or not. You would see government not just the US but perhaps others around the world cracked out on. FaceBook and other social media companies part of what in the came problem. I'm not a sure. Is that they risk and I think investors. Not that while they still see very strong earnings and revenue growth going our advertisers still there. Users are still there even if the oak brook that the war platform like they'll be. Slowing a bit you know paste of dust on it to ground and what apps that obviously helping opens group as well it's different to stop in our ability to people users as well. I mean you bring up at a point yet they do Lawrence Graham they have a lot of different channels to advertised here but should we be concerned about. The actual FaceBook users and they topped two point 19 million. She two point 19 billion. Monthly active users. But we keep seeing the average age go up younger users aren't adapting and I look at that and say you. Where is this company going to be ten years from now is they're really a marked be made if you don't have those teenage users. And now that is great question might countered that argument is that for all of that talk about how. FaceBook is no longer cool anymore it is 45 year old pollsters like these are. You know we still have peace but tapping into ground grow and incredibly rapid rate than we've seen it. In the Gramm does not the be all that term intimate. Jet does something it can't wait a couple of months and copies at them want to put more users. More revenue and more. Europe and earnings though. Have long used FaceBook can keep. I think that the criticism they had. That you were 50. Terms of its growth prospects as well the Apogee to be users. He's been beat him he'd be a little silly if I attack jet actors and baby boomers bill spent a lot of money. So Africa want as well not just the. Yen as the parent Maloney also tell you millennial spent a lot of money on behalf of their parents as well. The Wii just so appalled that it's Graham has launched a new hub for long form video called I GTV. Big deal. Debbie I'm not making bearish bullish call just reporting what the numbers aren't yet but I'm still pretty promising. Think that into aids program long form video probably is going to be something that we will be. And yet another successful in the Korea. What we see with matchup they are merely following we're. What the user's liking where the market go that the kind of vertical video might also be something that appetizers what. Find to be a bit more compelling. Quick spot in the in the studio while. I've dictated to ground that was pretty to position. You know I. I saw the story a few weeks ago I'm sure you read over to FaceBook trying to make inroads insert. Do true news media and acquiring some talent there set their own kind of news channel that there'd be producing and actually acquiring talent. It sounded like it was going and I don't know NASA Lee would be the way I would describe it have you heard anything further on that they still working otters it is not something that's a big focus for FaceBook. I think it is an area focused that your your bright that it you know it's been a little bit of a mixed bag and I think. That is we here at the run the risk. You'll potentially alienating. You know partners as well I think one reason why they can. Google had been able to view match Iraq as much. Appetizer dollars and is because of course the number of users that they Abbott. Having that that future is also made some compelling partners toward big media companies like artwork for. I think that it oh you know he's. The coach are. UConn creators there aren't right particularly the going to be. I. Well I mean in the regulation that you face in that sector is a lot different than what Facebook's facing now although perhaps they're already being regulated as a media company at this point and so why not get into it. Yeah do you could make that argument that if there's going to be you're more regulation coming in mine Laurie. War. The uber. Media business again I mean. People are gonna be. Back. At the end of the day it's huge if it's a which. Advertise which. And apple which. They. Media. And it. Absolutely and temperature does like bringing up that points out all the life and dimension that it. Yeah he certainly doesn't agree our members is is nice speech that he had about FaceBook vs apple Paula really appreciate counted on Paula Monica from CNN money you have a great weekend. It. Yeah hey it is. Take a look at the way that stock has performed an eight they're not alone every every. Pretty much tech company NASDAQ has had this sort of twelve to eighteen months trajectory is post questions. Pretty nerve racking in between while.