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Michael Brush (MarketWatch, CVS & Express Scripts)

Jun 14, 2018|

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It's our daily poll question had financial exchange showed Doug John. Vote your conscience there heard just vote go to financial exchange oh does come in castaway. Leaky shower heads any lack of hot water is not the way you want to start your day don't let troublesome plumbing problems affecting. Call easy plumbing in that their team of experts. Dixon they'll be there on time and when they leave it'll be is if they were never there easy makes it easy just call easy plumbing at seven A warned. 8621190. Or. Visit the monoline easy plumbing MA dot com mass master license number 10183. So why would shares of CDS. Go up as a result of the court approval. For the merger between AT&T. And Time Warner I didn't understand it to being put together. But we're joined by Michael brush who wrote a story on this and I caught yesterday. He joins us now he writes for both marketwatch.com. And brush up on stocks dot com Michael welcome to the show. Good so let's let's get into this. AT&T. After what was but a year and half the that judge sat on the case right. And he approved. The acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T which. Makes AT&T arguably jargon has now they have content and they have. You know distribution. Why how is that related though to CDS and Aetna. And that they are. Not. Well yeah but 2% and intro it is accurate to so so there's. They can ever mergers there's scratch where the regulars. That's been. It's. To be an. Anchor and insurer mergers basically. And so these roll it over mergers and quarter. He's a worker and these ones out there were so. When one or did. You see. These. And that's I missed. Well Mort that deviant story the Chicago a lot of heat but I think they can be like. Development. It so. How how do you play this from an investing perspective. Well armed I think. I think Express Scripts. In year and it ain't CDS books. And so. Express Scripts as being part artsy. It's an average year. So I directed a map editor gave princess aiko. Range that's what. That's what. Acre. And are treating AD. Tree so. So I would Express Scripts and it's CVS. Yes. It's. Yet but it looks like extremely. And he's captured clues. As. Worries about the and as. I think your crash. Eight. Eases. How much does this depend on what kind of judge. Except your case. Well you know our audiences there. Are right so. This is one guy. Is it like you get the wrong judge that except the CBS case right new could be I mean not in into my case in point would be. Staples in office Max number they tried to merge her again judge threw that I lost a lot of money on. It and and I worry about the same thing occurring here. Yeah I could have been I am not an expert on a shopping. Think about that. Were dec. In. You know. With a all the cash sloshing around do you think we're gonna see a lot of them and a activity just generally speaking going into 2019. Year I think certainly it's pretty happening to news country. Our tech a lesson people expected and that's currently where our folk. Unity. Like sixty targets out here and there's like a giant. Company or just Bakalar cash now we have we seen on smallish murdered him to debate ways that are but he. So were. But I store so think that happened and actually. Now. Biogen you know like budget it obvious buyer like cash. So. To figure out who's. By what they're. He saw that that striker in Boston Scientific deal was denied they they it's striker says we're not interest in Bynum. So. So yeah I mean I think also the tax rates. Don't trump then it's. A scratch and rational. He works well but. Attacks are each sort of it's it's in. Our hearts. These. People open up these aspects they start spending. Capitals and that. And that'll increase our security and Austin which I've seen that in numbers yet but I think that people are. It lot of stock buyback so far hasn't. Yep yet in his letter that witches and bad. Men I don't see them by. And so. Are. Thank you Michael. About a rate at this artwork so if you search approach on the web but the it's sort. Brings to yeah that's. Letters pressure on our aegis are urged. To get it right thank you. Michael brush there you go idea. I am not sure. I buy this whole. The DOJ just roll over first of all I think they're gonna tortured these companies the DOJ and I think it's it. Largely depend on who you get as a judge he's or what it's like judge Leon rose one guy he sat on it for I like what took coming here and. Well except keep in mind so. With most of our law in this country it's based on precedent in and you do know have precedent set here now and so the one thing is. Even if a judge said hey this is the no golden you can always take that to an appeals court might say look like this it doesn't make any sense that you said no in this case where you had in that you know you need and request a larger here like. These different means to have that you can go through here so like. I think there's a pretty good chance the CVS merger gets on.