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Keith Bradsher (NY Times, Solar Roads)

Jun 14, 2018|

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If part of the financial exchange in an instant. By texting us and 63566. Starter tell extra keyword Barry and become a member of our brand new textbooks tell us what you think 24/7. Right here on the financial exchange radio network. Saw an article in the New York Times here today by Keith rancher who joins us now. China is testing roads are paved with solar panels Keith great article thanks for joining us today. Thank you very hard to. Are you okay. So can you explain what's the concept Ali I've tried to envision a road that's made at a solar panels. No concept is that instead of using the collapsed copper and did you see your vote shall. Panels in the United States and elsewhere. You have to be there you we didn't. Very strongly reinforced plastic covering Bender just simply driving across solely era of of plastic. There's more panels it's about quarter and expect of a very strong and durable plastic. We've before he blew open source so blatant in the in the yet another layer of insulation between the concrete bed of the wrote. Now will these roads hold up to heavy trucks and all the traffic that exists. This is the big question so the people who have. Design business and without testing it even on major highway. Eight that the news. Plastic surfaces last fifteen years. The big question will that case now they have test it using the huge machine equipped machine at what it. Besides college. There is designed for testing route materials. And it basically he. Albums up and down a lot of legal doping material witness is still analysts and for days at a time to stimulate the trucks going over it. And these panels have done well. Good that test. But will they actually do well with yours exposed. Rain there went by an arrest but that's hard to know that's an excellent test is that the system. Barely. He'll go the opposite of what you should go out there but it. Fairly steep but in oh the elevation to it so well this note that there. In January. And they. Yeah it'll be terrible other wars that mysterious and as I mentioned in the article that happened several days they installed. And what was that. That was in the I hope to assemble. So usually you use the square meter but the sort of extreme square. Well solar panels so you're probably five or six states. And there was quite done that will vote. There to those missing animals go I'll be initial explanation. Wars that they've mostly been stolen because they just suddenly disappear. The police at the the camera that was taking periodic photos but not a video camera on this area all solar panels. The police spent months investigating that Ottawa but missed them or whose. Saying why if quite a security. That's important experiment used to during. And the police ended up coming up with report sends me. To sit there. The panel's most of broken into also Chinese sentenced at a the fighters. Other companies claim to comment in the west the annals shall would usual care our side to play which. So the couple possibilities one is that actually it is we're all big advocate scattered the pieces the other is that they've been work. Storm passed somebody else wants to copy the technology then at least one bit so it's not clear. What really happened there. We may never know since the police were sort of guessing that it was so they were broken apart by the wind the first. And and other local media would guess is that the is that the store. Keith why not just build a solar field as opposed to a highly because it sounds like these highways are very expensive. Plus they get growth they've got vehicles on them so they're not getting some all the time wouldn't it be cheaper. And more efficient to just build massive solar fields. And it is cheaper at first provided. You don't have to pay much but now the big question is where to put them in China. You have. Barry dense populations. Student 13 of the country and back when semesters maybe 5% of China's population that is true 13 of the country. So and yet if you put their solar panels out at. And you'll end up losing a lot Christie as they've crossed the country. If you could someone that you all of that just not many places within a room and social panels. Now one possible. Which has been controversial in the in the road building industry is whether you want to put. So what animals in the grassy areas of the beauty of a broad so highways and longest five as there that's one of the barriers that. They'll stop here the green in China and but the room between the broad industry in China is really a post about it yet for one. They worry that you're gonna get a lot of glare at certain times that they opting all the useful also on the driver yeah. And second they're worried but he would wipe off. Or you know or other problems. And they hit ultimate of all of -- or Apple Newton going to be horrific. So on safety and query issues they've been resisting pressure. To put up a lot of solar panel extra roads. And the road building industry would there in the annals into the residence but whether or not but the people stand up we're on terror and will be an issue. And then another issue. As we roll. More slippery so now particular road course panel and the old course at seven or 8% more. Correction. But no that a normal road surface so that actually offered little bit better then that means you yes like changing driving sensation when you go on to the annals. From the asphalt then back on the asphalt again. And so. There's there's some disagreement among the boot engineers and we'll do it better. Better slightly more action surplus and keep at the same as the rest of the world food. And that'll be one of the questions will be steady. Very good Keith great research I appreciate your joining us and enjoy the rest your time in China. That's key rancher from the New York Times like the big issue chuck is cost I looked at the cost numbers. In the air astronomical. Willie I I the unless you're bound and determined to stay away from all alternative sources like wind and natural gas. I don't know that it makes sense and and beyond that in. Urban areas of high traffic areas scars on top it if it doesn't make sense anyways you know they've won 28 the other thing is you lose a lot of efficiency by having the road pointing straight up as opposed to tilted towards the sun right so you know you don't really generate. Maximum efficiency and that's in that situation either.