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Rock legend Dee Snider & Author Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos

Jun 6, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with rock legend Dee Snider about his career and upcoming appearance at SCARE-A-CON New England. LAter in the program Author Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos talks about her book which explores the healing power of dreams. 6/6/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's just I am a West Coast and then East Coast many are stuck somewhere in between welcomed the honor really reveal myself Jason Hawes and always awesome. Each is we have a jam packed night tonight. We do we've got Dee Snider coming idea of course. We're not moot if. Snyder. So and access Syria and Kathleen O'Keefe can of those coming on Kathleen is the author of a book. That is called dreams they concede your life and in it it's an exploration of how dreams can actually help diagnose and Hugh Hugh. If there's illness she's a three time breast cancer survivor so we have a lot of stuff to fit in just a two hour. Shown here and yet she's been through a lot and just to see a strong she is and everything else is just amazing and it it'll be an honor photographer as well let alone months talking to. I know I know I'm I'm I'm so excited about both of these conversations in and I'm always excited about our guests but this is a particularly great night and I will mention that tomorrow night we've got Blanchard Barton coming on now blanch is a magistrate template wrecks of the church of Satan we're gonna be discussing satanism magic and and tend look day and I know this is always a controversial topic. We have a people got to understand that this show is open to all all things and and love you might not have symbol Isa somebody in in that area he at least should hear them now and I think that that's what a lot of society's missing these days I think you'd agree edited and. Yeah it's a good no way we don't have to agree we don't have to necessarily except we certainly can listen. You know we just had a major Supreme Court case that was all about people lived agreeing and disagreeing or agreeing to disagree and you know what I didn't wanna get into it. But the bottom line is it be much better place trails just let you know if we listen to each other and and you know per each other's arguments and agreed to disagree time. That's correct right and then Thursday were going to be doing it for the first hour readings with the Rebecca Foster. So you'll want meals look you wanna call in early that is those lines always give that up. In the second hour going to be talking with Kelly Carlin. Now Carlin might term might sound familiar it is she the daughter of legendary comedian George Karl. Yet George Carlin and I don't know if this is the case just because it happened to be when I was growing up on the George Carlin to me is like what it is the second half of the twentieth centuries the premiere comedians you know after all the comedians they came you know and in the you know in the fifth fifties and and prior to The Marx Brothers eleventh style those guys you know you've got some people that just kind of defined what standup comedy was. For many generations and George Carlin was one of those Eddie Murphy is one of those I mean there's a bunch in the fall of that caddie Steve Martin. But I think George Carlin may have the edge on all that I think it was one of the first to really really. Bring it home particularly because he was one of the first to do on Saturday Night Live which just introduced comedy to a lot of people. Yeah absolutely and if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond real eerie elect FaceBook page. Then had to be under reality radio dot com you find all the stations here and across the country can download free iPhone and android temperate there. Motionless life catch Pashos John Allen chat and more just click the pop up but in the upper hand corner of the website need to listen to show race web site. But with that we're gonna take a break. And we're gonna get our guests here you are you gonna put on a big hair wade well I am yeah he he should not gonna do that it will protect our guys are just pull it out as a are you as it is indeed. Yeah revealed friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great Sanders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeen been Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up once Garrick conned. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scare come in mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BRR. Scary con dot com. Certainly hundred juicy and she's changing we'd been excited about this next guest for a long time. Absolutely I mean I. Lot of my love his music and I'm I've really been looking forward and were having him on the show not because he's going to be a guest at the upcoming scare con event in non Framingham Massachusetts June 16 and seventeenth but also because he's just to really. Cool guy you know what from Twisted Sister. You know one from strangely and you also norm from Hollister in the TV show but more than that you're known as the man whose hair. Defined a generation of course I'm talking about the one and only Dee Snider. There wasn't so great people walls they wanted big house yeah it was just asked. You have lived I think it probably did I've turned sideways to walk down towels was you know itself and that's how big failure was. I can see that and some of the videos of some of the pictures absolutely no. Everybody over thirty OK maybe 35 now remembers when MTV actually played music videos and the video that probably defined more than anything was the were not gonna take it video I mean you really set the stage for generation whenever somebody says the word hair band the phrase hair band I immediately think of that video and you. You know I mean there is there a band stayed there all are all artists who I ordered to turn over to us. There are at these guys. We'll give offended when they hear the term here are bad but as the original hit a former and a good person that's it literally like that term was actually. Boy was based on takes it I accepted with great pride I hit I'll let you know when we came out we weren't. We ordered I'm imitating anybody we were just. We were different system it is very very visible documentary out. We are twisted vikings sister's son Netflix. Highly rated and it was the band sort in 1973. There was no Dolly before wore a rat or it will stay at around we were just these five. Please be due to New York. TO dressing up and then get into fights for every night is really is so weird. Well and and Jimmy and Jimmy doesn't do any justice saying anybody within five to Jim last month I had my my son's in the car and Logan and one of my twin sons. Thirteen and I was fourteenth he was he was listening to Twisted Sister on on his iPhone. And going and want to hook it up civic and through the car radio imply it is multi generational and it is timeless. Well you know I mean from. IE just. Want to get attention. And rock and roll you don't really good waited till it's. But I quickly learned that you know you're guaranteed. Attention when you played in. These crappy little boards of clubs or even in high school dances and take it like that you know. The bands what did narrow this really come you have to command that attention so I just saw or doing anything and everything. To get it. And at some point you know just resting up for the most incentive we will literally wearing women's clothing. Sales have been called in I believe me. People pay attention. It's obviously put some guy warfare that robe wearing a pair of fish that's docking big orders you don't like what you said it's still look at what's at happened. In retrospect we can all call it genius more than anything else is so the band itself and the crow the music career. I mean that's a lifestyle that takes a little getting used to isn't it. He hit it you know what it's well it's a commitment and its its. And people. Give certainly it is the purported commitment but then there's those of us who were forced to. Taken very seriously and I was because of my voice. His scoring either way I did and listing nor but it was singing it as a going Gaza once at a show called. Probably do well that's true would these would these greens it's a note. There's parts of its shots but anyway it's you know it. It's it was a lot of abuse on the voice and as a result I'd like sort of commit polite. Not having fine. It's W little rock and roll likable now put me. Let them all the stage and it would have liked. Get the hell out of there. And did it get to sleep and rest my voice and work and vocalize to do these things to make sure that I could say the next night because it was. So tough to say that way that the night if that list. Yeah I can't imagine how you do that I'm I'm a musician and a singer myself and I'm at the point in my life rising two gigs in weekend and don't talk for a week I can do it. I'm so I can't imagine that style I mean that has not only rough spiked I mean like you said you had to give to commit to it every day. At what point DG who moved from music to TV film projects there is a transition there at some point. Yet it was called it was cold grunge. What they've found a cure for. Just what I was still a little literally can't quite be cured the disease they would like you woke up one day they'll you know and I'd do it anymore but he liked. It today again they have real thing like that will perform like that we don't look like that we don't have we don't do we don't have souls like that. And I am now married and has three kids and the bottom fell out I mean it like what do they do now. And I started seeing all my options Warren Tito and I found careers. In voice over by barge out raspy voice ports really good for commercial use the direct and then radio. Television in the far right in movies I've been on Broadway in doing all those things. Thomas found eagle other avenues to express myself and two. Do survive you know basically. I have to ask you about a personal relationship that you've got because I got one side of this particular story and I think your side's gonna be equally moving from a friend of mine Adam green is a friend of yours. And I was visiting him out and L a I'm memo on maybe two months ago now and he was telling me how you were such an inspiration to him and you really are the person he credits with his success in his career and his motivation in his career. And you know he he clearly looks up to you and that really cherishes that relationship tell me a little bit about your relationship without Adam green. Yeah I mean to Adam. Keep its final I've been a very straight away I got this email one day. And it was it was about four. Do you notice I did not recognize. I usually just you know I got to the very simple like it is but I friends and peers who are currently changing their phone numbers tightly occasion your email addresses. And I go to you know in the water feature. You don't have to take the call you know anyway but to normally just spam. So I'd weird email but it says it's nice to meet you again. What is subject. And so I get like. Again and they've they've opened it to the letter from Adam green you've got my you know threats from both I played. And a mutual friends. Take over this whole story. About I know as a starting boy very young he's been inspired by me and how many times during his life. His please queer was what is it movie or was falling support and he had run into me. Whether that had in store. Concert event. Oreo or lower an item once it's very rarely writes it's a letter or letters but I got a letter from him and so passionate Brokeback. He says and you have cheered beyond that times were I was just giving up. And on an annual letter to the age if he sent me because Levy goes to which it is it is laminated and has pegged over my desk he goes. We used used to you can't really keep going way crystal clear if you you see you gonna do with that one day when you do we're gonna hang together. But the premiere of your movie. And look at celebrate. Ted is that just want to know that my movies premiering the movie. Actually it is premiering that TriBeCa film festival and thank you. I'll forward for a structure beyond. Taylor had his phone number on there I called them up obviously affordable relative with the authority. He's said what assistant Pete Snyder. You watch and I said yeah I told you one day when we go to premier program ahead of the after party aware of support. Andy you like do you get your address and I showed up. And and that was there won't direct partner with them and we've been friends ever since stand it's such an is that such a it is such and data tells the story legs. Probably you know I just have always felt. I was a cheerleader. Into in my musical they wanted to take it I was screaming everybody wonders I'm not contagious. It was and we're not gonna sit stand up fight back. Don't cave never surrender it's beyond that kind of guy so I mean anybody fans and they tell me they're having trouble I'd just like it's. And then abandoned its go go go never got never give up and and it really proud of it was that the words he needed. To make it big cap reform. When it's it's really an ounce of that song defined. Hold decade for a lot of people as well and I think it was important. Well apparently it's been dividing you know I mean that was the only song I've I've I've ridden with that sort of emotion Michael board about sex and drugs. There it and rock and roll they were about. Fighting back. Standing up believing in yourself you know those kind of things as they were messages. That Natalie that I was put myself but it also for the people what I just hope I knew people out there like me. Who needed someone does that help. Then you know they don't got it added that right now probably see a new record provincial at least seventy. The first single and came out all the dead. And it's called for the love of metal and there's a lot of music on there that does that seem a motivation and inspiration. For people because even though now I'm doing great. And I feel fine I know that there are people out there who need the voice of these guys who just say. Fight back stand up never surrender people never got to keep hear that message. Well it's it's agreed may have and it's a great new. Neutrality you're coming hours as well and Charles no concern and and it's phenomenal to see some of the the older generation bringing back the music that I grew up with since the eighty's in the ninety's and it's just streets seated. This record you know there's of this from the new record is Jamie just. We've from that for the the wave of the area. The paper read you know he literally check out treated to a contemporary metal album. And he brought in. All people from lamb of god disturbed skills which engaged. Always the contemporary metal band to create with this pick contemporary record. Which is. That is what his words not my words my iconic voice. He's being go to not make it's so and and so it up it's. Judge at a really hip but the reactions toward those concerns. Which is very battle and the rug has been doing interviews and his record and debris and people were hearing it off slipping out. Because the contemporary middle sound with my voice but supportive and so that's pretty exciting. We were talking with sudden Dee Snider. Dot com we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our discussion but it's beyond Rihanna to tax. Says that's an are to continue our conversation here with Dee Snider is just a moment. Coming up in a bit however Kathleen O'Keefe cannibals will join us she's a three time breast cancer survivor a life guidance coach inspirational speaker and author of book is called dreams that can save your life and it's an exploration of dreams as a spiritual early warning system in a source of healing. And inner guidance for your health. And you wellbeing. So we're talking with Dee Snider. -- Twisted Sister obviously strange land Hollister in many many other projects were really happy to have them here is going to be part of the spirit con convention coming up in Framingham Massachusetts scare on New England in. Just to a New England attack I would say New England. Is no stranger do you. In my eyes and do radio. And Horford didn't have lights still over. By radio show morning radio shows spill over into. It is simply Framingham. Is we're that was bigger scope and area and didn't remember getting. He dealt with calls from people there. Only when used to do radio out there I believe you you talked with might co host won't my costar from. My show ghost hunter Steve consults with a couple times as well. Absolutely yes bad you know go about doing that doing so much up in that area this could for the coming back as you know the north east. As you know on Friday originally from New York. The New York. New Jersey Connecticut tristate area and then you know working in radio up to Connecticut that's had just such great relationships. You know throughout the throughout literally decades. And Ortiz is sort of by the and implied by decade the order of power if you wanna say that that was excited about David I don't live in New York anymore I'm an important known. Yeah well and Jimmie and I were are both originally from upstate new York and I live in Rhode Island which is only about. A 3045 minutes from Framingham worst air cons and the don'ts I'm going to be up there as well now he rebutted. 12 because one of my favorite pieces of work of viewers is that character in Hollister and Lance rocket which is kind of a tongue in cheek poke it. Poking at musicians in general. But I love what you did. In Hollis Stan I'm a cheering for adamant actually working with them hoping that we can you somehow get season three under way but that character is just phenomenal. Lance rocket I mean it would just be glad to have him yell at dolphin project is great and then went. Adam called me I think that we because but I like what from davis' standard. You know hero relationship. T just becoming great friends you know law. Since first meeting and connecting him were kindred spirits you know so he has to play as Portland's rod gave me sit you know it is guy. It's middle aged guy is still living. In you know in that the I have to literally walking around it's you know it's the 2000 of these that we in spandex. Up at network. And I would like this city plays of that in a Van Halen tribute Baikal diver down you know he's a Libya and Eddie just can't let it go and I'm like dude. This is going to be quite. Probably to make fun of every one. Of these wanna be eighties rock stars I've got good at this is that I've got I've sent I can't wait to do this. Day one. Okay one day one will read that were Alia that the studio is that it's of it's who that it is the former debut Lou. Studios feel which goes so. And I'm in the press room and I am putting on. What I could to be be lame and eighties rock outfit ever these striped spandex pants. And cowboy boots people either. Truly bliss leather biker jackets red. Of course it he'll be studied her wrist bands. I got I mean I've got to make I'm Bret that's a big loss went all the everything that I did not do. Eighties everything that was just for you could go down to look at the local air band clothing store and buy it off the rack. Is this couple Harry and I'll rest up a walk into effect. And some cool whip from another show Yo-Yo yo know did he still walked in the aisle of. This. Title mortified. I was mortified but hey you need a walker while lookalike and he's doing things I look like for instance he's been and if I could. Is it the old they all look the same to me saying you know I mean it's been and it's like I literally has to be coaxed out of my dressing room. I was curled up in the fetal position under the make up that's. I mean they've handled really really people look at these candidates. People are getting dedicated to realize you're making fond of them thank you just say that I think I was parity and investigate these guys thank you. But you do you play that part phenomenally you you bring like this is eternal optimism to the character. On that he's gonna make it and there's a certain night in the tea and it is well on and yes actually I think recorded a song and video for for that to affirm member correctly. Yes dive down but did consolidated. Video and assault beloved dad useless which is just. At a cost of the vote Davies derivative. You know you know as sexual innuendo sills. And I innuendo it's pretty obvious in the video to literally people getting hit in the face with sparkles that are being shot from such. This isn't quite. Then we have been just what you don't or icon or in there I didn't feel like always people. And by by a sudden the Cody who is director. As a matter of fact bill. He wouldn't you study of the Adam reed and keep doing its first featured open new line right now but he directed via video and it is one of the sort of capture all the unity the eighties stupidity and access to it wasn't one videocassette defined glance rocket and divert down for sure. It was brilliant it was absolutely brilliant we're gonna we're we've kept you too long your you're gonna be it's scary con in nymex Framingham Massachusetts June 16 and seventeen that's coming up very quickly and I know you've got music being released decent July 27 what are other projects we have going on the people should keep their IO. You know I mean I've I'm problem of Canada's many many six and and I'm also working steel off. The camera and production and capacity revenue production company. We just sold our first animated children's show to Netflix. You know what are the TV impetus that was. Can we create. He cartoon show for little kids that parents form to kill themselves. I. And because the as a parent no grandparents. I've there's many shows I want to kill myself watching and so I've I'm actually writing all the music for the show and dumped. Did feel about it's I can't pay a lot of data but total. Monster rock band and if it and that's going its production we're first major production meeting this Friday as a matter of fact. And we get to weed eat. Ourselves. In various stages of finding and pre production. That that I'm involved in some some have created some weird weird weird round we've just producing fathers and one thing which I can have sent. Which is cool. Yeah eight is we're closing the deal on. Rebooting we've taken. We launch and one of the greatest caller franchises of all time. My new British governor who got a right the right to this this franchise. And which I can't announce yet but it is what wanted to record would be it was someone else does it take you provost. And it's so there's going to be a lot going on in the world of car. Still wise would be. And yes I'm one of the things that I will working on. Is bringing you that finally getting to meet the sequel strange land Dade and so while a lot of the world of ours so get ready for that. And it's all exciting work we're looking forward to this 3-D thank you so much for spending the time with us here tonight and also thank you for agreed to join us it's Garret Condon a couple weeks where I'm looking forty shaking your hand and saying hello and I know a lot of people are soon the same way about that. You know like simple really look reported that their loved the con retirement and great chance you know we we we help with that would have been that would work at a distance. You know I mean we put out a record we do concerts and at that distance between us in the audience yet educational need to reboot the content really have to worry too. To meet the fans and and how about a guy who just likes. You know justice you do Michael walked by the way if I like to engage the fans and and they get you know in and it just sort of connect with them and tell it's it's a great opportunities so looking forward to it. We look forward to it I look forward to meet you Linda thanks so much coming on and look forward talking you got. Great job if you had just for the record I will not be rocket me out for us. And I rocket yet. Obsessed. Period. Dee Snider and can't guard he's just phenomenal individual one Barack answer should be a great time he's a great guy and I'm looking as be my first time to meet him and but I know his work I know his projects I felt like I I took a shared the story about Adam green sharing his experience with the end that'd loan is inspirational I will tell you if you haven't. Checked out Adam green's web site do so for his production company he's got a a series of short videos on their called scary sleep over and one of them is with Dee Snider. In the beginning of each of these scary sleep over videos that he does. There is a an intro about the person he's going to feature the one about Dee Snider will bring you to tears and promised well and it's funny actually Adams trying to get Stephen into today and Duca singled with things or CO echoes what to bring you to our order we're gonna go to break here when we come back we'll bring our next guest in Kathleen O'Keefe. Cannibals and we'll talk about her book dreams a save your life. Beyond reality radio to listen to. 88 JC GBD Snider great guys thanks to him again. For being with this I know his schedules just crazy as he gets ready. To come to scare on New England on 9 June 16 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts but. Really cool guy and you know I love I just love the hair band thing that I hold phase discrete stuff funny a lot of energy back in the eighties and Lewis this is really rock and I mean and he says he's cranking along still Tuesday he is nonstop energy but I was thinking and to him. So now turn our attention to dreams our guest is Kathleen O'Keefe. Canon Voss and she is in author. A motivational speaker also with three time. Breast cancer survivor who website by the way is her name. And the book going to be talking about his dreams that can save your life Kathleen welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. Rob thank you so much Jason JP and leased to be there and it you're talking about my home town area of New England in Framingham. Well we live up in Cape Cod this summer and my husband was born in that area the Framingham area Newton mass. Yeah yeah of course so that's really cool yet we have an event going on there the weaken of the sixteenth and seventeenth. It's a little bit of a convention it's a really really great place we're excited about that so in addition to that connection tell us little bit more about yourself. Well I'm actually a military brat I was born and raised in Europe again with the green beret and I came back from Europe. To go to college in. Keene, New Hampshire. And the only player that ever been in the United States will export seven. Like Evans Massachusetts when I came back again the other connection that there in New England. And I've got to tell you New England is one that is the most haunted places that's ever been in my life I've been to a lottery in Europe. But you know I guess because it was and it started we did many things happened in our country. And then I became a special Ed teacher and they got Mary my hasn't made me an offer it couldn't refuse to pay me more to stay home. Tent with him and travel with Miller estate developer. And then in 1999. I. Had started having nightmares. And those nightmares are telling me that I had breast cancer when I had. Perfectly healthy physically stand up until that point in even after that nightmare to speak in a half months. To get an exploratory surgery that could that I did. Breast cancer that's with the nightmares or about in and ended up in the end the book that I wrote dreams second save your life. Early morning kind of cancer and other diseases that I wrote with doctor Larry RI. Duke University. Radiologists. Austin the dreams were very much or over there like a premonition of warning. Of things pending and that's to me is. I had premonition dreams and and they can also be diagnostic. Dreams in other words. And mr. something that another. Listener on another program product what is the dreams that you had. About your breast cancer. Work because you Robert had it and although it was showing up on any medical path now mammograms. No blood tests. Doctors couldn't feel anything your body knew you had it. And was speaking she you do your dreams which I absolutely agree that I think there's. You know that absolutely was happening. Which again you know early signs early warning signs of cancer and other diseases. Our body you know what's going on inside that. It dedicates a little touch Ricky when you get to pre cognitive dreams Africa's likely content that dream didn't come true for five years. And had been dreaming with others where in our book we had mothers and daughters. Dreaming each other's breast cancers that was happening in their bodies. We only have a couple minutes first take of our top of the hour breaks I don't wanna get into too much detail yet because we've got a lot to cover but you know. Surviving cancer one time is an accomplishment twice is almost unheard of three times three times Kathleen how does somebody. Process that and come out on the other side of three scares like that. With such a great attitude hey it beats the the ability to take that message to so many other people. Well the short answer detectives were going to break his view. You take your landing in make lemonade you go find somebody who took their rotten potatoes that made by can have a heck of the party. And and and any Agassi has to we are talking with Kathleen O'Keefe. Can a loss and we're gonna continue our conversation her book is called. Dreams that tends save your life and we're gonna figure out though what exactly that means we come back from the break we get a plenty to talk about visit the website is well don't forget the phone numbers 8446877669. We will take your questions. Later in the program when we open up foam minds because this discussion will get very very interesting. Also remind you that tomorrow night we've got Blanchard Barton coming on the program blanch will be discussing. The church of Satan this is something that is very very controversial. You know we we we let people tell their story we beat him and you know people make up their minds. On the same guy who a year ago we have some if the church saint nom I get them to admit that they didn't believe since so anyway it worked out fine for a supportive but if you haven't Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com. We can find all the stations we Aaron across the country and that this is constantly being updated news stations being at all the time all the times check it Austin. It also download the free iPhone and android app right there which allows you to listen live catch past shows join me online chat more. Or you can listen right from the website by clicking the pop up button in the operating corner. And connection when online chat need to listen right there from the website we'll hang out with a great unity of people while listening to show. If you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else deuce a tyrant is rated Forrest has helped push a show for it makes it easier for people find and that's. It's all about. Yes a lot of great stuff there make sure you spent some time on the website and check it out certainly we've got a couple of gas coming onto the program and and one of the things it makes Thursday kinda unique for us is that it's the first of our. New feature that we're going to have once a month it'll be the first Thursday of every month it's called readings with Rebecca. And if you remember Rebecca Foster she's been a guest on the program a couple of times. She's a psychic medium should be taking your calls right from the get go on there is theirs and it will open the phones up right away. Take your call shall we do really doing readings for the first hour of the program and then in the second hour this is kind of retreat to. Kelly Carlin who is the daughter. Of the legendary. Comedian George Carlin everybody knows George prospect wasn't it George Carlin who's who's one of his famous routines was seven George can't say. I'm just yet idea which is very very appropriate for for our radio show. Alia and new works so perfect so but aren't so far numbers 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. You listen Jason. NG beyond beyond our earlier radio will be back. And yeah. Somewhere between your honor radio with myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome chief each are so you know we haven't talked about and a long time minutes is just completely slipped my mind is what national day it is arguments count. Well I did well than this bit as we look at both the fifth and six hunky dancer and it was a fuel that was a few weeks ago and that was one of them sunglasses at night and I think that that's what. Adult like indignant about it that there isn't an. Miserable and they want to do and rough idea if this is it's it it's a combination days. It's national running day but it's also national moon shine day and I can't. Help but wonder if those two things are connected now because you many people won't show and nobody can run you just follow yeah but when you were making moonshine you'd have to run if they if law enforcement came around you'd be taken off. It's funny that you bring that up because my life. You know she's from self and her family whose notorious moonshine urged but and they still own a lot of wind I'm couple mountains opener. But and they have this whole routine I met a couple of one time Italian family tree is really weird. But. And it they like they used to shoot the shot come off to give the rest of the family. Word of warning warning warning that minute and that the police were coming up a mountain and and her family is is different and don't me wrong she's got a great family issues related John international lesson but. The polish atmosphere and what his kinda questionable. And I'm not gonna ask a question I I don't want to get treasurys I mean it looks you think the symmetry sleep tuba for. It's. I I need a British America Australia I don't I'm not sure if the records say. About that the other thing it is is drive in movie day and I tell you what I mean bill driving days those are those are news cool way to go see a movie. If you watched it yet lawless that two of those made fun. Welcome back to show everybody it's beyond reality radio world will be talking with our guest Kathleen O'Keefe Cavanaugh. Cannon vause in just a moment of having such truck I've a friend. Kevin Boss so ever to my C Kathleen lesson I wanna say that but she's the author of the book is called dreams the conceived. Your life and we're gonna continue that conversation just a moment on remind you that tomorrow night we've got Blanchard park and coming on the program. Blanch is a magistrate template wrecks the church of Satan we're going to be discussing satanism. Magic. And and time and time of day. Again very controversial topic can be a very interesting. And Thursday night group readings of Rebecca we'll take the first hour and then Kelly Carlin daughter of George Carlin will join us for the second. All right so let's bring our guest banking Kathleen O'Keefe capitals. We pronouncing that correctly in Dallas. And it it. It's classic candidate sort of like detected smoke. Oh OK but I can't have this in circles is we small carry out your veterans and their commitment that the skin it was so Kathleen I've got to ask you the book dreams that can save your life on the first hole we've kind of touched on you know the reason you wrote it. But let's back couple's little bit. Tell the story again. Of how you're EU had dreams that affected you personally year and it made you aware of an illness that you had. And this was the beginning of the story here as in terms of Reading the book right. I ain't got into my name near. Yearly. Checkup you know he's going there's nothing wrong we. You know physical exams mammograms are are the fun things and that the doctors told me I was talking to go home. And at that and I eat ice started having missed recurrent nightmare. In which. My dream would be going his usual and then suddenly my team would read like. That the page on your computer when your computer freezes. And then I would get up pop up. In my dream just like a pop up on your computer and I could seep through into that top spot into another area that was moving even though the rest of my dream it's frozen it's. Because time it actually to stop. And that window would become a door. And then through that or would block a Franciscan monk. Just like saint printer for the DC you know that concluded months. Yak and they market to mean they would say. And it come without we attempted to tell you and they would take me through that door into what I call the realm. Between rounds where their rhythm between rounds and it's an area that is not at the living and not the dead. But they can both go in there to converse. And they told me it amongst told me and I had breast cancer and they kept my hand economic reference that do you feel that. And I said yes and they said that breast cancer go back cheered doctor and get his second set at half. So I did I went back to my doctor and it and for the next three months. I kept being given manic grams blood tests physical the same test that would give them before. And my doctor said you know you're cheering for breast cancer just reading your Stanley I know you don't have breast cancer. And so finally. The last stream I had with the monks spread that. For that time period when I saw them walk through that that dream door. This started crying. And I didn't know why you're here and I've gone back to my doctors I've done everything you told me. But they're not listening and I can't give myself. Some other attack attack I can't do that so if I do have breast cancer and you want to live did something to help me. And the monk reached into it to sleep that this is wrote about it tiny quakes better. Candidates Jamie is that if you go back. Without an appointment to show up on the doorstep. And you used a bad there as though it were alert to cut through their argument you're going to get to test you need. Which now is exploratory surgery. And that's the only thing that's gonna find cancer. So long story short I went back and when the doctor started arguing used that either. I'd imagined holding it between my fingers. I got the exploratory surgery. And I was in stage two breast cancer aggressive breast cancer we've already analysts that it. And you think your subconscious mind is pretty much what alerted you to 2000. I don't think I believe that there is another round that we're not currently is not the only ground war in. Remember where exactly are spiritual beings on the earth plane but we are not in the earth and we are not of the earth and we came. From somewhere else we came from wherever we came from before we were born. And we can read can neck. To that round you are sacred to endorse. And that's what I get. And these monks I have no idea why monks and not Catholic. You know I add none that might have been David understand that monks. These monks came through all the times and I was going to all three breast cancers initiate my life. Were you certain they were months or was it just a did they appear in the way you would expect monks who look. But they never told me they were monks he never gave me their names act. They looked like Franciscan monks they had the brown wrote with a hood became not the rope belt. Bill legacy handles. In all the same. And I'm assuming when I was looking up would be who these people who are well aware of these people I'd never seen them early or. That's when I came upon the Franciscan monk and what I thought their ropes. That's with a fit. Now from this whole concept of dreams. Not only diagnosing but helping heal. Isn't something new to humankind right this has there been inching Greeks and the egyptians used to rely on this. That have been going on for over 4000. Years. In her cap and was high priest. The god Ross in Egypt started dreaming Kampala. And people the egyptians ancient egyptians would go there find. They're priest or high priest and ask them to sleep on the floor of the temple decides that. And they would do it can't drink. And in the kingdom dreaming they would share it to green they would answer questions whether they were helped questions. Perhaps a woman couldn't get pregnant perhaps the man wanted to know what he should do at certain. Job or or moved to another area of Egypt. They would do this dreaming together in the dream tramples. And then when they would wake up in the morning bitten many of the people who came there could not read right says they would have decreased endorse somebody else. Write down their dream for them and then they would take that dream to interpret it to an interpreter. For a dream analysis because they put so much stock in that the dreams. And then it shifted into an ancient Rome where the but yes. It is this that being trampled named after a spec BF but god. Help in healing and and you know. Those temples started popping up all over the place and those became dream temples again. And the people did the same thing they would go into the temple the priest would sleep beside them. They would right down the drain in the morning it would be interpreted and people continue to do this and some of those temples increased. Are still there and they have become help spot. Well and this is an ability that seems to have been lost to threw well. Walt thousands of years and correct I mean. I know that there are people out there who who still do this but it's such a rarity to find that. It's almost as if we as if we've lost that and that and that ability. I think we did because we we like not that we outgrew it we became Philly did they can. But I think that my game and not forty yet they dreams in this book. Proved that did you greens were validated. I pathology report from so you had said that the medical past that the doctors are using it. Were fallible they they were missing the diseases. But did dreams were pointing them out to people believed in their dreams of the twenty women who were in doctor Mary Burke. Dream petty breast cancer dream study group only one woman listened to her doctor. When the doctors said you know you'd have breast cancer are not finding anything go home come back and six months. I don't wanna see you again and she did and she died of breast cancer. The rest of the women in the study group's. Stood and that's how our dates you know they are really a pain in the Mac community that have cap wise you know when when your wife know she's right. And you're trying to convince her that she's not you know I can get kind of kind of sticky there. And so many of the women in this book and many of the dreamers in this spark. A lot of which are men. Good in their power they refused to take no for an answer and they refused to be dismissed. And because of that they're alive today and were able to write this story. We're talking with Kathleen O'Keefe can of us about her book dreams that can save your life check out her website it's her name Kathleen O'Keefe can invest dot com or take a break when we come back were going to get into some more of these says stories that are included. In the book it's fascinating stuff in a corner of. Miss this the other question for us or Kathleen give us a call at 8446877669. Elicited Jason GB. And cheap here guest tonight is Kathleen keep. Campus and we're talking about her book dreams they concede your life and that's literally what. Dreams had done for the people that you talk about the stories you talk about in the book Kathleen can you share a couple those stories with us. Because it's pretty fascinating stuff. When you Shuster made me if she's such. To get slick computer back up the phone and we have this from frequently. But it's okay because we've got some pretty cool stuff coming up to wanna talk about one of the things that need to remind you of is the beyond reality radio official coffee mug which is on the website is going to be on reality radio dot com. And you can pick one up for yourself they looked great. Hey hold coffee great I have to tell phenomenal in the league in no leaking da if you turn it over it's gonna spill so don't do that. On polish Jamal if he would bring Shabazz is open on so we checked those out and also the scare come website check out what's going out there Jason didn't swing up for Saturday. Yeah now but I got to sing me HEE Graham our markets and can't leave here that you get a read to me honestly that the senators just realized Hogan's son his Father's Day so I'll probably have to leave early but. On Sunday upon you know men who can Terrence out of jail lying Alan to have a good time minutes it's always the last. Yeah and Saturn and of course is that there's the VIP party plus there's also the blame Clinton speaking of course she can't hear her. There's a big party after the VIP party for everybody. Creativity here of people the next is super duper VIP party. So I think I think slicker Alex is getting our guest that kind of money happens I still think there's some government stuff involved here. This time over dreams. I know sometime a lot of time to attempt target New York Post seems to happen and I am black and happens. It happens every time if you wanna get in on this conversation 8446877669. Is the number to call. And does that allow you to join the conversation. All right if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page for us if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else is to listen they've venerated forest has helped push it forward makes it easier for people find and that's what it's all about. And US. But and tomorrow licorice and tomorrow night we've got. Blanched Barton I'm coming on and she's with the church of Satan will be discussing satanism magic and and Tom today. So should be an inch inch. Okay well we have Kathleen back Surrey captain washing their for a moment now we we don't get about a minute before we have to jump to break again but. You're your book features a number of stories in these are all people and I think it's men and women that had dreams that if as the title says. They basically save their lives right. Yes that did it and there are quite a few men in here and some of them are actually practicing doctors which is really amazing so. The book is come a long way it's brought people along way in and may be dreams you know this idea on back to the future. And it is finally taking root and people are starting to listen to their dreams and may need to look at can make big. So what does that you have some doctors involved here of what they say about this and what what does the scientific community say about this in in the minute we've got before it jumped break here. Well the doctors who are in the book actually had dreams. And it saved their lives from the had lung cancer. Others had other types. Cancers. And that they were working. Doctors in the medical community. And dared dream is actually saved their lives because. They had between stars and they went and took it to their doctors have requested passes sometimes are Tolbert there's nothing there. And then they would go home and the roommate the next day they would find cancer. And go back in the technology and worked with confirm so there's something really. Interesting. Happening here. You know something really going on I think that that's that's. Most intriguing part of this whole thing are the phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freed eight. 8446877669. Or take a quick break more to come mind you listen decent. Go back and download to show which all are back episodes are downloaded that are available for download the day after they air on the and one people listen to them that way. In camera followed says it beyond reality radio dot com and download directly from my too anxious to us a favor venerate him forest as adults pushing for an makes it easier for people finally greatly appreciate. And the second part of our program we've been talking about dreams that can save your life that's a title of the book by Kathleen O'Keefe can of us. I she's a three time breast cancer survivor also an author motivational speaker who website is Kathleen O'Keefe kind of list dot com. And Kathleen I wanna we've talked about one of the stories. And another many in the book. But it's it's intriguing incensed the show airs that after midnight on the East Coast I think we get away with this undated the title is warning do not have sex what is it about what. I'm Diane my my shirt night I have. Video podcast that I do and came as a team excellent ski. And what happened to rise she had broken up their boyfriend to produce a friend in Chile dating someone new. Things are getting hot and happy in they Wear kind of moving toward the next level of their relationship. When she broke out on our rash with a rash Connor Connor eyes and other places. Down there. And she thought well that's strange I wonder if my past boyfriends. Gave me something then you went to the doctor. And that night she had she had a nightmare and then the nightmare it said do not have sex slave kept saying to work do not have that. That she went to the doctor the next day in and practiced that you know let's do can pass on this I don't know what it is. I'd and the doctor said Dugard getting hot and the act until we find out what this says. And so she you know was it was upset because she was afraid that. If she told the new boyfriend about the he would get a lot of Gatorade mark. And she didn't know where it lies she went back to the old way Payne said now it's that the that you got for me about it and no way. And so it turned out that she had. Switched. Tampons. And the need tampons that she was using had a glue in it that she was allergic to so yes. And it turned out that she had that allergic reaction. All over everywhere down there. And so she if she had had sex it could have caused the real problems inside of her body. And it's for a possible that her her her mate. Her sexual mate with the would've gotten from channel so in a case like this you know it it wasn't. Life threatening. It was relationship threatening and and maybe you know it would have put it this skids under her dating life for very long time. Well she tried to correct whatever was inside of her at that point. But edition Asia where you know it's important to listen to your dreams trust them go and get the help that you need. And be really Smart especially when it comes at things like different dating. When I come to you we we for. We went to break I asked you about the doctors there were including you in your book and what they thought and obviously if they experienced this they had a dream that actually did in fact turn out to be. A lifesaving dream obviously they're going to be believers but what are you see the medical community say in general. And what is the scientific community say does anybody. Look at this and say this is a real phenomenon or they just say this is this is just lucky dreaming. You know I think you have to be really really careful about what they say armed pharmaceutical company. Pretty much not tapping into the B hospitals so could be really careful about what they say. And I I believe that that doctors there there. You know there in the profession they're in because they want to help people. They really do and so I paint can get because. That pathology report. That we're medical pathology reports from both hospitals. Validated did you greens. Said marine. Doctors are probably gonna take a slightly different interest in this because it there is no Google in it. Today the doctors. Than hospitals that are pathology reports and medical reports. Now obligated these dreams. It was a double blind study a lot of the doctors didn't even know. About the drink and then they did the test other doctors did know about the dreams and went ahead and gave defective said the cap. So you know I don't know what they're thinking get the book has only been out for a little over a month and a half. And it went today Amazon and number one best seller list twelve hours. While. That's that's terrific on is this something that we as we mentioned in the earlier in the discussion not everybody. Has the ability to do their so lease. Understands they may have the ability to do this is a certain income people people can learn or induce. Or in some way. And to develop some type of ability to control. I believe that we're all born with the ability to dream I believe we do you dream in and there are studies now that showed that to begin in the worm. Actually start streaming a ticket 22 weeks there's a random crap that I commitment. I think as we grow up we put our dreams. Away with our toy. And we're told a focus on things that we can see feel pacts now he uses our offense is not dream. But the chip that the matter is when you do greens. You use your whole brain. When you're breathing you're only using a party your brain. When you win your your heart is beating it's only using another part of the brain. But when you dream your whole brain is involved. In dreaming and why would we be doing something that takes 13. Of our whole life. It's got to be important. So I think that I'm. You know I'm hoping that this book brings the focus back on dreams I believe everybody is born with the ability to drink we made forget. Had a dream we may become so be it teach that only go to bed at night where so tired. That we dropped it will really really deep sleep and then what we wake up we wake up so quickly to an alarm clock. That we can't bring art to screen out without. And when that happens we think we didn't drink. But we get so I think that yes we can train ourselves to remember. Our dreams because rob we streaming. What do you think Clijsters beats slow down a bit though it in order for us to be able to do that C make a good point for a lot of times. Almost that most will tell you that you need to think of you remember your dream within the first sixty seconds or whatever of waking up. In order to it soon and keep it says watch do you need to think about it noted he had to remember you dream. Let them but the fact of the matter is the way we wake up it's always wake up and you're on the go. Do you think we need to slow down has a race and mortar tube to be able to take that time to remember the dreams. I think that we what we need to do it on or waking up we need to wake up more slowly. So we can bring our dreams with our instead of you know running through those dream doors and letting it flame behind us walk through them slowly hold on to that dream is so it is it or bird. And bring it out which he slowly and in the book there's a chapter in their debt has showed dream as the act bring him. To help you remember your dreams and bring them out. And mourning this thing that I can help people to do when they say I can't remember my dream thank you bring them up with me. Maybe keep yourself an extra two minutes just two minutes. In the morning when the alarm clock goes off don't move. Stay in the position you're in. Open your eyes slowly. Focus on what you we're just dreaming you know think about the colors think about what you're feeling when you first wake up. And slowly bring that dream out with you. Kathleen you mentioned somebody about fetuses dreaming at 22 weeks. That just fascinates me I know this is not what your books about specifically but what could a fetus be dreaming of with no no experience in my life. You know date hasn't techniques stated that light yet but you need dreaming about angels or whatever is. Beyond that room between towns that I wouldn't do with the marks indicate that's where they came for. And that's what they're dreaming about there obviously their brain is working at their heart is beating their blood is flowing. As you know they're moving to their brain is working and it's our whole brain is involved in dreaming and before or even born. We're in a dream. It's fascinating. Tell us a little bit more about so doctor Larry Burke's work because that is the foundation for a lot of what you've written about. Doctor Larry Burke as a radiologist. At Duke University. And he is it working radiologists don't quit working with women. Hill had been diagnosed with breast cancer and he found that minorities were coming in to him who are saying. I dreamed my breast cancer before it started treatment. And then he had different. That I IA I mentioned earlier who had had a dream that she had breast cancer which went to her doctor the doctor said that nothing wrong with you go home. Are you in six months when she came back in six months and it. Metastasized throughout her body and she dies. And that was one of the things that made him decide he wanted to do AJ green Reese search breast cancers variety. And so he started looking for women who had had dreams that diagnosed breast cancer I was one of them. I was actually on the limited and it three time. Though he heard about my first book surviving cancer land but it up online. And saw that my dreams or in the air. And then he found the other women who are in this study carry each and other women in the study. And started doing his research and when he was all finished with all the research. At that and so Larry you know what you wanna do about this need to lie published a lot of the published in medical journals. And I forget what about all the other people out there. On the other women on the other men vehemently husband. And he's civil what do you suggest and I said why don't you write the book. So long story short we. Added to a bidding war with our proposed book proposal we didn't didn't ask. It could mean that the burden. We had three chapters and one of which went. Birdies Eagles forward and my chapter in Larry chapter and my agent sent it after the publishing houses they went into the bidding war within two weeks. And that we had great contract it was given diet since. We signed that we were given for months the initiative but Giuliani at treats actors and then next door he's just started pouring in from. Social media from friends people came out of the woodwork and said he knowing never told anyone this before. And that was the beginning usually have their captors. And then the book was published five months later it went to the top of the Amazon best sellers list twelve hours after it went eyes. And now I'm talking key here is that in Asia. It's amazing that is that is amazing amazing. I wanna know what the cocktail party effect is. People at that it's later how it is when you when you lacking to a party and there are groups that people. Standing around talking opted in except the noise levels very high he can't even hear somebody Colleen. If somebody else across the grand you don't hear anything that you're getting your group. In your talking with your group and all of sudden. Somebody I ran across the iron. In another group talks about your act. And it's like you're here. Just kind of grows up inside your head hits the floor slid it across the rim and can separate the middle of their group you can hear everything they're talking about. All the way across yet the grand. Even down your still in your group that you're smiling and nodding at the people but your eyes glazed over because you're listening to the other group. Who you know called your name or called an exit name where it said one of the other trigger words like lies. Or key answer or death. Or they empire I mean that's the big ones vampire. Show when we're dreaming. A lot of times we have a lot of noise going on in our dreams our dream to not quiet. We have a lot of people in their dreams have a lot of competition going on in our dreams we we did that generally have knowing content or this city. So often just before we wake up. If there's something important that we need to know from our spirit guides guardian angels because I believe we're born with them. Where their job and they take that job seriously they'll call my name. Just before we wake up and enough say something. It'll socket so much that we tune at all the other noise in the chain and it were coming out of our dream them we're able to bring it with us. Kathleen we're running out of time here in just a couple minutes but I wanna talk about the seven lever letter acronyms so dream this is what you used to remind you of the steps needed. To retrieve your dreams tell us what they are we got a couple minutes left here. As case so it starts with the letter task force so inept at that your intention before even go to sleep before you pleasure right. That your intention wanna remember my dream I wanna meet my spirit guides. And then I would organize yourself before you go to sleep before you shut your eyes to pencil paper. Smartphones. Some kind of the device to record your dream the factor that. And dream no you're going to dream you'd do dream you just have trouble remembering it that you do dream. And say that that intention I will dream then. He is story motion every tires to the part or snippets of the dream that speaking your mind when you wake up. There creating a physical response like you wake up laughing or crying or or at a cold sweats. Then add to that dream by asking yourself what colors to their feet before I woke up what's found words people animals. And then I am meaning. What do those small snippets in the dream mean to you not anybody else I mean in go to Dick dream dictionary if you want to. But these are meaning for you your dreams are yours. And then give you a dream a title so that if during the day you have to daydream. And it opens up the door to your nineteenth in gives you information that you forgot you know where to put it. Its current. Well we've had a great time talking with you again the book is dreams that conceived your life I don't think there's any other dream could be nearly as important as a dream like that now this is definitely one the most important ones and get Kathleen you said the book was available well aware again. It's there available when Barnes & Noble it in Amazon is it's. Published and distributed by inner tradition Simon and Schuster to even get it anywhere. Included on my website catering to very click on it and get the park and fry your listeners tonight. When they go to my web site there is a free download gift for them all they have to do it with the name of your shell in there that would go until 6 o'clock in the morning. And they can download age Reid's dream. The radio. 101 course. Well Kathleen you're credible and you've been through so much in its just its incredible that you story and we look forward to talk communion at some point. I don't think he's so much as and that and it's been a real pleasure being on the show. Thank talk again ever in OK so again and if so BR agree on relative radio listeners want to go to Kathleen website it's Kathleen O'Keefe cannons us. KA and AZOS. Dot com and tell you just put in the name of the show and nine get free gift. And salutes its awesome. Our serenity quick break come back and wrap things opulence and Jason GDP unreality and. I think people keep capped at campus and that download the free gift for beyond reality radio listeners and thank you Kathleen for doing that for our listeners and for being on the program. Yeah and make sure you tune in tomorrow we got blanch Barton on. And we're going to be talking with her about all the church of Satan I will be discussed satanism magic and Tom they. And a lot more so. We have some great shows lined up and then Thursday first hour we've gotten readings with Rebecca which we do pretty much on the first Thursday of every month. So you to make you call an early does lines film Philip pretty quick. The second hour we've got. Kelly Carlin the daughter of legendary comedian George Carlin chief enemy hang and I'll offices while solemn pledge a great shows plan. You looking forward to it. It over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page for us and can also sign and download the show from iTunes as a podcast and saturated forest hopes bush foreign makes easier for people find. That's gonna do it for us tonight's Jason NG VP honor really reel catch till tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients used to doing Jason Allison GB Jackson into this why don't seem to regional incidents with. It's in the week the only angry news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason long slow and chiefs host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.