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James DiEugenio discusses the latest information on the JFK assassination

Jun 6, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author James DiEugenio about his latest book that examines the latest int he search for answers regarding the JFK assassination. 6/5/2018 - Beyon

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To hurt you get a dollar off if you buy two bags of a certain brand pepperoni. So slice of pepperoni sounds good so I grabbed the coupon I walked to the grocery store which is basically across the street from CU you choose your shopping I'm political aren't you find. Pretty much time. Pretty and I go I'm like hey we need she's a go to the storm to cheese and also there's electronic coupons for jeez I may go to school randomly by us I'm just saying the combination of the dollar off plus the picture of the pepperoni looked really good at all just came together for magical moment of panic or the sounds so I went over I grabbed two bags of this pepperoni got my dollar savings brought back but the the moral of the story is they just eat a whole bag of pepperoni and I'm just not sure what are not gonna feel in about an hour and current swallow I'm telling you right now it's dirty and you're sick of eating out a whole him by yourself I know it's not good it's connected but we were professionals here we will just plug on in and worker -- -- anything about plug the second he might need only if that's -- but look at the show everybody we've actually got a really coached program tonight. Dick James do you Jennie ODD Eugenia oh. Is the author of the book called JFK assassination the evidence today and we always love talking about the JFK assassination. For a lot of reasons but. Primarily because it's one of those that bring so many things together brings government conspiracy brings the mob brings communism or brings Russia it brings Cuba it brings the FBI it brings the CIA and it brings a guy named Lee Harvey Oswald. Into a big or web of what the heck happened. Yes it really does and I knew I know this. When it comes to the JFK thing and I know about it. I don't know very much a and this is definitely you were working in a war she you know pretty much so much about this. And it's all but it's always interesting when we talked these guys to say learn more and more about about what what happened and I have my home series and I definitely don't think it was who is our rule but at each their own. Yet while you you you using the words can of worms is a great way to describe it because depending on you know which angle you comment this story from durst there. You know there a hundred different explanations there are a hundred different. A ways this conspiracy could have played out. On Jean James garrison Jim Garrison who of course was author of the book on the trail of the assassins which served as the foundation for Oliver stone's movie JFK. He was the one that kind of brought a lot of those pieces together and really served as the focus of the nucleus. Of conspiracy discussions from that point on but that's certainly changes well. And I James DG neo is minute and talk about that he's gonna have words to say about some of the work that some prior to him. And how some people just were like rubber stamping the Warren commission. And death how dangerous and inaccurate that is and you know there's new information they released documents just in the last year. They had been classified up until this point so the stuff coming out all the time. Allen and a lot of people do it they just say what's been said and keep on repeating and even even if they know it's not the truth just because they're trying to follow. A set of protocols of her own guidelines or cover for four that are on their own. And it's it's a shame it goes down that way speaking while personal and I mean he he broke the whole forward to. To james' book commitment we're going to be talking about nine and it's it's really meet some of the things he wrote in this in in the forward. Two about the book it's just. It's it's really interest in early as. Yeah he did he wrote and he called a James do you Jeannie you know the third the leader of the third generation. Of a conspiracy researchers which is quite an honor coming from somebody like Oliver Stone now. Oliver Stone and I mean I'm agreeing a lot of things and I can tell you his passion for trying to get to the truth is is remarkable and in deserves to be respected and I certainly respect. That of him. And that movie I have a love the movie whether it's I mean. I find it interesting because they I watched or read the book that it's based on. But he did take some creative license with with the film but it's still fascinating and entertaining film. Yeah I mean even in even what he wrote in james' book he talks about. You know there's actually no proof and that Oswald did this cell phone but we'll get into a lot of that tonight. In the sky there's so much to talk about when it comes down the subject. And you know makes it even more interest in the re doing this and I know you said you know there's a fighting pepperoni I do have the pepperoni there are hospitalized. With a but as you said you know it's Tuesday on the East Coast which means it's June 5 on the East Coast. And it is the fiftieth. Anniversary of the assassination of Robert F Kennedy. While well you know this looks cancer what's funny because. Tom wasn't the last year the year before that. We were. Talking about JFK ask you in come to fine and we didn't realize it but I was on the anniversary yes that happened last year to us to yes that's exactly right. I don't know slick Eddie is a genius is now right. I think for some advantages. And logistics of work out well I think that's the case would this is one of those rarity guarantees. Congratulations yes slick you didn't screw up rocketed out of the park it will be an eating you have your eyes open that's pretty amazing. I'm at all from conference of is on about the sleep. At his hospital bed who we got some great shows coming up for the rest of the week as well tomorrow we've got two guests coming on. Assuming everything works out as it's supposed to the first part of the show we are going to have Dee Snider. Come on the program ID is the known best as the lead singer of Twisted Sister we're not two yeah yeah yeah and that video as it was iconic during the eighties so that's a classic went. On the he's also done a lot of acting work he has his own musical projects going on. And we're gonna trip chat with him on the first part of the program for tomorrow night and then Kathleen O'Keefe. Have a note cap Cana vause will be joining a she's a three time breast cancer survivor. She's a life guidance coach in an inspirational speaker we're talking about. A book that you wrote called dreams they concede your life you know Ortiz and him being out this weekend and actually changing my mind nobody A when you go ahead and tell us. Are he's going to be a scare as critical. I guess where governor yet don't do you got to come up is going to be a lot of fun on the idea was one of our featured guest at the scary con event coming up June 16 and seventeenth in framing him. Massachusetts check it out scare conduct come. I don't think of you expect. I don't think you will but he's he's yeah I mean I have not mentioned or analogies and I met him in person he just seems like a foreign guy came I can't say in any other way and a Steve Steve's not much difference yes Steve's on some events for the in the school when tonight blanch Parton will be with us blanch is a magistrate template wrecks of the church of Satan we're going to be talking about satanism. Magic and and time of day and time of day before anybody get. Soul you know preachy understand that. Other people's beliefs we respect we give them the ability to discuss them. We might not agree with it but. Given the ability discussing it and this is this is where everybody can talk. Everybody can preach at all talk welter of their own belief systems. Free of well it's. Persecution on him yeah I mean bless the question is who we open up the discussion you're welcome to Colin bureau questions on the phone home all that stuff as well that's a whole point having the discussion into Longoria somebody to admit that they didn't. And they were part of the church is it exactly so what do we won't get in today so. Anyways I had some hope we're gonna and then we head out Thursday we got Rebecca Foster coming on for the first hour. Should be doing readings of chorus and a Rebecca is awesome man anybody is listen this show on the passes as her back on. And the second hour will have Kelly Carlin. Now this is incredible that she's the daughter of George. We'll be discussing bunch of stuff and let alone dvd set of George Carlin and so this can be so much coming on nights to make you tune in Jericho. Yeah a great week of programs coming up purim beyond reality radio and thank you to everyone for joining us right down the phone number 844. 6877669. And I will give you a bit of a fair warning your Jason nine because of scare current coming up and some of the things we have going on. Next week is going to be best of programs for the week's sessions some great interviews that we've done already will be aired next week. Yeah so make she checked out but ours so again phone numbers a 446877669. You haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality real like to FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com where he can download only and final season we earn across a country. You can download the free iPhone knee injury to operate their ritualized listen live touchpad shows John Allen chat more. Or humorous or from the website just by clicking the pop abundant in the operating corner and listen to the show lol so many computers. With that we're gonna take a break a lot more to come listen Jason dvd on an island really. OK beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great Sanders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scary conned. Dot com check it out they be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scary coming mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BRR. Scary kind dot com. Artery Johnson and JB thanks sir for joining us smiling gonna really really exciting discussion about take place here with our guest James do you Jeannie you know. He's an author and researcher his web site is Kennedys and king dot com he's the author of a couple books including. Destiny betrayed in the JFK assassination the evidence today which is what we're gonna spend a good deal of time talking about James. A welcome to be on reality radio is great to have you on tonight. Yeah in the market Fortis James so let's talk about let's talk about you prior. To writing these books tolls a little bit about yourself your background. I'll OPEC. I was born back east McCain in. A little town called Erie Pennsylvania. I moved to California. When I was in my late twenties. And I became an educator. For a long time. And I had an interest and so much. All right and I went to some school. And one of the early scripts. Why our children don't school when I got thought this idea. Was about I was gonna write a script about JK case. Prices setting interest me for a very long time. In doing my preliminary research. I decided. I told my partner you know the only way you can tell this story. It's indicative dramatic cohesive whole. Issue this guy Jim Garrison. Console I start to write it and then I picked up Variety Magazine 1 morning. And I should expect all as a right to Jim Garrison balked. So there goes my ambition. You know and so what I did is I turned my research into the first version doesn't betray. All right and that the one you're talking about is the second edition. Which is much better because. That edition was based on that declassified finals. Do you Assassination. Records Review Board. And there was a lot has stopped that they released. Onion won't chart talk a little about that you would listeners know what that is. It into that after the break is doing the couple nights here and I just wanna get your background first and then we'll get into all of that. OK so then I didn't outlook. And then I went ahead and publish a magazine called probable to taper magazine back and called pro magazine for seven years. Tensions and we have this online presence which you've just mentioned that Kennedy's in king dot com. And I published an apology. Call obvious fascination is that based on all fours assassinations. The 1960s. Ever BJ okay. Malcolm X Martin Luther king and Bobby Kennedy like and your time zone now I think is he anniversary of his assassination. Yeah we actually just mentioned that and are opening segment June 5 1968 it's June 5 here we are on the fiftieth anniversary of that event that's incredible we didn't even plan that I'll miss it more it's pretty cool. That's really you know one way to look at that and I can't we kind of did get an anthology. Is that was the end of an era. You know Bobby Kennedy getting killed in the pantry. Of the ambassador hotel yeah. Was he ended up staying up of the of the sixties you know the united did it ever come back. You know it was kind of terminal. Right and so they hand them. I decided to do. A book that you have which were cracking wanna talk about tonight. Which is now called the JFK assassination. The evidence today and that book is an overall view of the case of the JK case in light arms. Being declassified files. DE RB and it has to other highlights and it. One is on Vincent Bugliosi. And the other one is on Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. It's kind of book ended by those two parts of the book. And people at home are probably saying what that to those characters have to do with the. So still a lot of difficulties and does this do they have a lot to do which I hope we get a dot. We Suisse certainly well but I want to take you back just a second when you started the research before you relies Oliver Stone had bought the rights to Jim Garrison spoke on the trailed the assassins. Was that the JFK assassination really. Crept into your mind and in the sense that it was a you know a passion for you. Well. Let me set before that. I had an interest. In it did JFK kicks right. Because one day. And is it completely by accent. You know I wish I discovered this old Playboy magazine. Which is the famous issue where they had the longest interview they every did. Which really Jim Garrison. And it. I've brought her home one night. And at this thing had me up until 2 o'clock in the morning. And I am going we did it. Yeah I really knew what the heck he was not about. You know he had a lot better grip on the JFK case in the water commission did. You know that you went when I'm when I discovered that. I decided there particular things that I'd been misled about number one during to have a lot going on a new ones. All right about the JFK case number two. I'd I would not trust in mainstream media images in case any more. You know. Yet I am and I don't think it's ended there as far as to process the net interest. And I really really has our let's take this break and when we come back we'll get into the details of what Jim Garrison was talking about for those of you don't know what was in his book the on the trail of the assassins. Artery take quick break a lot more to come dosages and TV guiana island. I don't get into the war. She didn't discussion of the lone gunman responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy as he was in a motorcade. Rolling through Dallas that's when you start to get illogical there is nothing logical. About that yet you have a an official government position from an official government body was very very. Seriously are seemingly serious people. On this body coming to these conclusions yet leaving so much work. On Dunn and left two people like our guest tonight James DG neo. But also to a gentleman by the name of Jim Garrison and before he went to break James was talking about Jim Garrison and how. Reading an article an interview with Jim Garrison in the appeared in Playboy magazine kind of opened your eyes James to the idea that there might be something amiss in this whole story first of all tell the audience I know who James or Jim Garrison is was what he did but. For those who don't know what do you go ahead and NTELOS Hui was and why his work was so important. Well Jim Garrison. Was armed with pat and time mechanic the Kennedy assassination. He was being elected district attorney. In New Orleans parish. And that since Lee Harvey Oswald. Had lived in New Orleans for about six months. From April to October oh 51963. The daily assassination. Garrison decided to. Go ahead and start investigating. What in the I was doing here. For six months. And whiny common area and why did he kind of abruptly leave and after he left he supposedly so it's very strange trip. Down the Mexico City did dish we are stopped and came back in Dallas and then on June 22. He's accused of not. Shooting Kennedy. So garrison started an investigation. And found out. Some interesting things. About what to so called Communists. And remember that's what the world to the Warren commission pronounced them to so called Communist was doing there. And he explored and discovered that he has some rather strange. Friend did you know like our guide Bannister. Extremely right wing former FBI agent whose artists he worked out of David Cary under under extreme right Winger. Who had taken part in operation. Mongoose and the Bay of Pigs. And and I nameplate shot. Who was eighteen and upper class. Manager of the international trademark here. Down in New Orleans he had several other friends which are. If you wanna talk with me can talk about it later. And to this began destruct garrison as being rather odd. And so we held cereal for questioning. Are his fairy story didn't make a lot of sense securities and and so he turned them over the FBI. And that was a big mistake which garrison didn't realize. At that time. Because. To put it Bradley. FBI at that time what it really well. Very consistent. In uncovering the true facts up to JFK case as anybody can see. By measuring his performance for the Warren commission at two. All right so then. When. Garish and got back into the case. Are in the late 1966. He began to really put a full court press on an investigation. He made some very very industry in this covers and then when he was viciously attacked. My almost all the mainstream media at that time and the handed out more or less getting buried. Back combination of the the media. Plus. The FBI. Surveillance of his office in this CIA infiltration has obsess. And he was. Which played shot was acquitted. Because Kerry said mysteriously died before garrison gonna end item. And then he tried to. Not indict shop for perjury and adjudged throughout the case. And then that was that was about it. OK for the gear until. He wrote his book. Which Oliver Stone picked up and made into this film in 1991 call JFK. Which. I'm Donna that during very much when I say it. It kind of shook the world for about nine months so yeah the cockpit controversy about his film was unlike anything. That. Really that I I'd ever seen in my life I never seen that much controversy. Six months before the movie premiered. They are writing articles about it. You know and then of course it down. Croak so much. So much uproar and furor. People called in to Washington. State action to Washington. You know they sent telegrams in the Washington. You know wire all the good at the end of the film if you recall. Oliver put up here wars of the fact. This file to the House Select Committee on Assassinations. The last official investigation that indicate case. Are closed until the year 20/20 nine. And that that that's what provoked what we were talking about a little bit earlier the creation of the assassinations record review board. Which was put to work to declassified tape you know the ironing that usually you are gonna say aren't you. Because put up what trumpeted done between October of last year and April of this year. I don't think we're missing the last of those files to maybe 20/20 9. O'clock. So you know although we didn't get a lot. You know a lot of regret occasion that's true. You know I eased defer dish now until 20/20 one. And god knows what happened in 20/20 one yeah out. Is just a case of nobody wanting to have edited to make the decision nobody wanted to be that you know the pilot in this and I'd PI LA TE pilot isn't the story crescent that know what's the portable blood on their hands of making a decision like better why does that keep they can't keep keep kick. Ticking down the road further and further what is would that. You know something. As my got a call about this case are right which is more than 99.9. 9% of any anybody else. I really don't understand. What. Enterprise these people you know I mean I mean it's I guess one good guess is that. Once here in the Oval Office and they save. And we're gonna release everything and didn't actually say something like that. This diet company had first and the FBI comes and and says do you want to be responsible. For the death of three secret agents. You know we'll publicize this all over our newspaper assets were to make you look like such as wind ball. You know and that actually only thing I can think of I really I really wish I had a better answer. You know but I really don't know what goes on in those deep dark rooms now I won't tell you this we'll tell you this. Issued. And these guys are CIA the FBI NSA State Department I'll be secret agencies. Because they've gotten way it was so much stuff. For so long. They really really do don't wanna give up anything you don't have to and I know this for a fact because. I talked and one of the board members on the air BB assassinations record review board to set up by congress. To declassify all these JFK documents. And he said. Jam packed the first meeting that we had with the CIA. They sent their representative Dan. And we just I didn't we're gonna start out really easy. OK so. We slashed. On the screen. I short document that commitment more than six lines well on our okay. And I looked over this guy and I said. What could you possibly object to in declassify that document. It can mean there wasn't giving and it wouldn't endanger national security. And the guys look at the screen. He looked at me. And then he says. I don't know but give me a couple minutes optic some. Saint Pat's kind of attitude these people parents. You know you really don't wanna give up any candidate they don't have to give up they really do believe that they're above the law. You know. Well we're you know what we're were still saying a lot of that going on right now to this day. Ali aperture. It's good human being and it just scandal. That nobody does anything about because of media doesn't say anything about it. You know. Yeah and it's it's it's terrible because I really believe this I really believe this you cannot have a society. That doesn't know all but all that deep dark secrets about its past. All right if you if you do hear your kid essentially flying blind. Yet but also gonna think that a lot of them might when we know the deep dark secrets of the past. It's sort of Larry I think in the same. It would terrified a lot of a lot of the American citizens right now thinking that our government is capable of dead so you are we use we sort of know they are anyway sizzling. It's gone so far that they feel like they have to perpetuate the lie otherwise the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Well that's one way to look at it. I I don't look at it that way I sort of feel like. You know I think the American people can handle the troops you know like get famous scene in a few good men and. Yeah we use it an arrow on the feet actually you can handle the truth agent or if I ask you this about Jim Garrison. I read his book after. IA watched JFK the movie for the first time because it fascinated me. But was Jim Jim Garrison a lot of people have criticized his his motives there is. You know his his motives for for a pursuing this clearly New Orleans wasn't mirror. Kennedy was assassinated therefore ought to be said this just isn't in your jurisdiction why you doing this so in your estimation was he a patriot. Just trying to get to the truth was he just curious individual that really wanted to know what happened or weighs in the end it was unique and an attention seeker. Or none of the above. Well. Well look after examining garrison life. In share and share practical terms. It's career. Starting Egypt's investigation was the worst thing ever did true that's true people keep his dearest and in 1966. Was one of the most. Let's put it this way in 1966. At the peak of his power and popularity. Garrison could've easily. In the governor or senator from Louisiana. Sorry if that's what he wanted to eat. Out and what happened to him what JFK case. Destroyed those ambitions which by the way he actually did say he wants. That he really wanted to be senator. You know and it that was taken from him. Because it is and so if you take a look at and it is your actually correct the assassination did not happen. And in and warns the but a lot of interest and slapped with a Oswald. What is happening in the warm ups you know and happen a lot out of the lead people he was ten outlets. Where some really really fast being people and in fact. It was Jim Garrison who in my opinion. Peeled back as the first got appealed Barack. The whole thing about Oswald being a Communist. You know I mean here's a guy is supposed to be Communists. And you you can't find want to Communist friend that he had. And New Orleans or Dallas. Right exactly hangs out with these extreme right wing people and a lot of them associated with the CIA. You know so it was garrison helped unravel. The whole mystique. Behind it cool we Harvey Oswald really wise which if you ask me the Warren commission deliberately covered up. Well and and I. And Jack Ruby also helped cover that up and away which will get into later in our discussion we have to go to break and it's one remind folks. If you're not sure who Jim Garrison is indeed did see the movie JFK he actually was the actor. That played Chief Justice Earl Warren in Oliver stone's movie which is kind of interesting it. And honestly we get into little more button hit. Him just getting involved in this sort of the beginning of the downfall of before he started getting charged for all different things from people claiming that he was taking legal bribes. It was insane so are sort of take a quick break more to come to listen to Jason G. Tonight he's the author and a researcher. Check out the website a lot of information about his work at Kennedys and king dot com. He's an author of a couple books deaths in these destiny to trade in the when we're talking about tonight. Which is a JFK assassination the evidence today there's a lot going on it's a moving target. We can't seem to get to the truth James will we ever. Get to the truth. I stepped out of a good question. And I really wish I could answer red. You know I I think we're getting a little bit I think we're getting closer let's put it this way. I think we're a lot closer now. Than we were before the UK are being gay Arabic he'd get class declassify. About two million pages of documents. And even believe that there are some people who read these things. You know not just mean but there's a lot of other people read these things and the in October of last year. Trot did allow. For the deep pacification. Of about. The best number I can think that is about 30000 pages. Are right. So we we aren't giving a little bit closer and com I'm I couldn't have written this book. You know what to put out those talking chizik couldn't have written a second edition the second nation of destiny betrayed. What out those documents so that the problem is that you know and I'm sure. You guys understand what I'm talking about eight. The prime minister and he and he did mainstream media. Doesn't carry any it has stopped. You know there's there's some really really really interesting things. That comes out of the darkness. But the mainstream media ignores them. You know and and so therefore it. You know it's like commit to assist assist you know there's people like me being in that people like John Newman. And you know and people like Lisa Pedersen. And and the nearest pair of foundation and and and we talk about his staff and we try and get it out there. But. Unless they're shows like Euro zone which come to be called. For whatever reason alternative media. You know it's very difficult to get on. And trying aren't you something like Chris Matthews. You know. Who can't get those guys are just you know. Part and Rachel map out there there's an end to what else and that's and that's just so maddening about this. Supposed to be liberals yeah yeah but you can't give you seem like it's wrong it's your. Well make you wonder if there they set the time before they release all the documents to make sure that anybody and everybody was involved in it. Has past has had more than what an absolutely. Saying that severe economic tightening about to ask you now. I it's it's now. If you get it happened the actual assassination he gave K. 56 years. Pass and then you know that to David David he was murdered you know. And it you know. How can you go I don't know if you do you guys know this you know that almost three. Apology doctors at that doesn't that matter now and. I didn't know that but it doesn't surprise me I mean who had spent a lot of years. Yet he owns. Bar as well and the last when he died was think about five months ago and I didn't even know he was dead until two weeks ago. While while and that's part of the problem you say we were getting closer but at the same time I think we might getting be getting further away because we're losing. All these people that bush has had to say about it almost seems like that's the setup and then they're trying to make sure everybody has enough time the world won't get into a lot more that we get to take a break in a lot more to come to us in the Jason yeah. Monday in the West Coast Tuesday. Spokesman you're stuck somewhere between rural and beyond really review with myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome. Chief feature we're going to continue our conversation about the JFK assassination was their Guess jeans James Dean Eugene you know in just a few moments but. You know we've we've talked frequently on this program sure every one of you listening has talked about it with somebody either in your family or a friend or an acquaintance. And I think it's is rings very very true. Society has changed since Smartphones has shown up in everybody's hands. And you go into a ball are you going to arrest tried you go anywhere these days in people's faces are buried into their Smartphones for couples as opposed to where they would be talking to each other into in the past exactly well. Apple computer just had their developers conference and they you've not heard the cries of many groups that are saying they need to do something now I'm not sure why apple needs to do it but they're saying apple needs to do something step up. And try to change some of this behaviors so there introducing a new app that'll come standard on iphones it's called screen time and it's going to allow. Terrence not only to go in and set how much time a phone will be active for a child but also how much time they can use any individual laps. And they can track and then going in and animals they can do it remotely or they have to go into the phone but we'll show them you know how much time is spent on any given app. And end on the phone itself. And all these things are designed to start to try to wrestle in. This addiction we have. To Smartphones. Well I think it's huge because the UK has actually been looking at passing a law. To limit the amount of time on social media for children under certain age and I think it's important and really is I mean the phone's M and my house. They're down 7 PM and it nobody is using nobody's using them or anything like that. Of course there and there's nowhere to be found when it's dinnertime a world table. And I love. The phone I love being able to and easily make contact everything but I also in the same. He. Because they're he'll leave the house and you forget that you if you truly feel make it a Hensley to oh yeah and of course is not that these were east you've had you. And it's got her choosing because the phones in my pants and effort on my pants I truly am NATO finally expresses its rules things you really a besides that your urged by pepperoni with coupons is serious need some issues but it's it's so true and it is a culture and societal changing event going on right before our eyes and I don't know how it how it shakes I mean honestly. He hated the two love and at the same time I mean I'll I'll be one of the first criticizing the my phone is in my hands all the time and I'm using it I'm using it for. Whether it's just texting her or. So yet so I don't know how this is this gonna shake out but it's an amazing tool but it's also a dangerous tools to abusing it's like anything you really isn't right I think it easier and it rained and list sarge estimate is. James Dean Eugenia he's an author and researcher check out his web city Kennedys and king dot com and also his books destiny betrayed in the JFK assassination the evidence today that's overspending good deal of our time. Talking about by the way we've opened up the phone Montague. And James. We did have some documents. Released relatively recently. It was a visit bit of a disappointment for a lot of people because they thought they're going to be a lot more that would be coming out. But in stuff that was released was there anything that you might consider even approaching the level. Of a smoking gun or at least the level of hate this is something we didn't know before in this kind of changes the discussion. Well yeah there is soon okay there is let me name three examples. The mayor of Dallas broken bow. What is CIA asset. That was just declassified six months ago. And by the way do you know why they didn't declassified before. Because there was a classification. Is set up. Called and BR. ID are being. And B arm means. Not believed relevant. How the hell did anybody not think. That girl cabal. And I guess which explain why that's important as his brother. Was a deputy director of the CIA. Who Kennedy fired. In 1961 over the pay it takes. So how can anybody not believe that that's relevant to the Kennedy assassination. All right there's another one in which a round. And declassified FBI report. Where a guy who owned news. A sound engineering stores setting up microphones and sound systems. Had Jack Ruby come ending his place. About two weeks before the Kennedy assassination. And he is ordering option Tom and or looking at some new microphone systems for his clumps. And you like the way that he was being treated in their recent. And he says here write your name down here to my friend of to get tablet and paper and were negated some free passes for my club. His friend was Lee Harvey Oswald. All right. Are there and there's a certain ones that I think is an interest in. The more and more time goes on. More and more questionable. That economists. If Lee Harvey Oswald was ever in Mexico City. RA. Near the CIA had a couple of Iran. Informants. And the Cuban consulate. Where if you recall also social visited there three times while he was there in Mexico City. And the CIA asked most of them more than once. Did you see this guy. While he was here. And they should know. They asked one of them three different times. Children's picture perfect because they couldn't believe it. Part cheated CIA. Had a very big problem. It Padilla the assassination. Okay because obviously that was leaking out of Washington out of change thank opens office that. That our schools in Mexico City. But the people down in Mexico City couldn't find any evidence he was their. And they start going crazy. He started checking airlines. It started checking my science. They start checking anything. You know who didn't panic and we can't find one iota from that is that was every hour. And we're getting all these stories about these in Mexico City from the papers in the United States. You know and that's very very very important part of the puzzle which I'm working on which I plan on bringing out. In mind last addition of this book okay which candidate can take me awhile to do it. You know but I think it's going to be an app actually stunning story. Oswald in Mexico City. Mel let me ask this who who's set the date of 20/20 nine from the document and documents be released. That was it really set by congress. OK. Okay for the files of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. All right that's would have disposed to be 229. 66 years after. And it inedible meat she wondered now do they set that date for any certain reason or did they set that date to make sure anybody who was involved in this. Had time to admit the ball pass on. And that way they're they're covered. I think that that is a standard thing with congress. That would have been sixteen years China did data about Select Committee on Assassinations. Shut down. Okay. And achieve this indeed is the problem to the problem what the house select committee doing that. Was to have the Freedom of Information Act which is just standard. Legal device that citizens can use to petition their government. To get declassified files. Only applies. To. The executive branch. It does not apply. Two to the congressional. So in other words how sector me because there's a congressional investigation. You couldn't get stops. With as a Freedom of Information Act requests. Decimate got so bad so that was one really does saying. About ARB that we got a lot of those house what can any files that would have been. But the thing is that they they're really giving. Giving us a hard time about. Is it church committee. Plus there records. Of the customs department. In the war allowance allocated builders a couple of places. That were really and I guess change that I explain what the church committee what is. Our pocket that that the church committee. Well there is set up by senator frank church in 1975. It was the first fool's deal. Investigation. Of the abuses of the FBI. And the CIA. And knows guys dug up a lot of really really interesting stock. About some of the things they're Hoover. And the Dulles Brothers were doing. And it behind me Richard wiper. Who was a senator. From Pennsylvania. Along with a Gary Hart who was a senator from Colorado. They have an interest in the JFK case. Right. And that. Church to not let them launch a full investigation. I did JFK assassination. But he did let them investigate. How well. The Warren commission which Serbs. By the FBI. And the CIA. You know. And the Secret Service which were the three main sources of information. And so. It's extraordinary. Sum but it stopped at that but now we're finding out. This summer that samples destroyed. Now. Of course I'm sure when you ask me well Jim do we know it was just in later years while I really don't know I'm guessing that what they're saying. Some of this stuff was either lost or destroyed. You know and does some really really interesting sectors seats. And that was the first time. Decker ever really wise in accounting. As some of the really bad things that the FBI in this yet that's how one of the ways that we found out about hormones help prop. Which was of course via. Two worst programs. Chick in portrait and decimate the last in this country you know like distance for democratic society. Like the black Kantor's. Those kind of things. You know it was the first time we ever really got a lot of information on that stuff. And so some of those finals now are either lost or destroyed and it's a real change that it was a really really really interesting stopped and there. All right we're down we're gonna do James gonna jump to a break here again when we come back we are we have some listeners of wanna jump in on the conversation. And then we need to talk about Vincent Bugliosi Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg very very important part of this discussion. And the foreign receipt for a 46877669. And toll free 8844687. 7669. You're listening Jason. Dvd on a really great. Maybe finishing 446877669. Chuck James Dean. Cheney you know author and researcher his book is the JFK assassination the evidence today. And James were quickly run at a time here so one move the conversation for a little bit tell us who Vincent Bugliosi. Was MY. It's important that we know what he did and what your book addresses we've only got a couple minutes here before to take another break we get to the rest of it on the other side. But you wrote the book and in a lot of ways in response to his work. Vince Bugliosi was it being inside a prosecutor in Washington us. Who'd decided to go ahead and take part in this London. The television trial. I'm Lee Harvey Oswald. Against defense attorney Gerry Spence. He ended up convincing that you are that Gaza was guilty in this inspiring him. To write this outlet and seeing books. Called reclaiming history. Defending. The idea that the Warren commission was actually correct. When I say Allah and Sheen I'm not exaggerating. It's come mind that tax. In this CD. 2646. Pages. And I'm probably one of the only maybe ten people in America. So read every single page and the only way you can read the book is you have to have a big table. With the book it is an oversized book on top of being that long it's an oversized book. And you have to have to spread the book out on the table owning up and be in front of your computer and reading all of his notes. Because there's almost an might stop on this CD is as in the book. So like I could impetus to look after Vermont for almost a year. Our Kate to read and digest soul thing taking copious copious stated notes. And that's I came up with a large part of the book. And I like convinced personally. And I will never understand why he did that. I will never really understand why in world such a wrong and the book that was very wrong headed right from the start. You know in an almost every single aspect of that too when he 646 pages. Which is very very seriously redeeming qualities. And I don't even think the guy left his office. There's no evidence in that book. Did he ever traveled to any place outside of his opposite everything he did was on the phone. And in my opinion you can't do that in this case. You have to go out and talked to people you have to go out receipt places. It's that complex of the case if you if you don't do that. You really don't understand. How long the Warren commission really want is to give an example I've I've been to New Orleans three times. Three times. And I don't even think that that was enough. To really there I've been to Dallas twice. So unless you go ahead and actually go down there and sees things like for example. Where Oswald had the wac from. The rooming house. To attempted Patton where it's allegedly killed JD Tippett. You know unless you actually go to places like that Quinton Jackson area. North of New Orleans where Oswald was. You can't really understand. You know what this case is really all about and the tremendous rod. That the Warren commission wise images. So I I I just can't understand that apple approach. And also. He says in the book that cherry spans study that you can't take case for about four months. Now trying to decide you guys. Form bonds. Is not even in the learning how to spell. Yeah you did not even close similar dual get back into that that we got to take a quick break a lot more to come passages and TV on Allen. This we are talking it's. James Dean Eugenia tonight he's the author of a book called the JFK assassination. The evidence today and one of the things that you find when you have these conversations about this particular topic is there's never never enough time. To cover everything because it's so complex in the so much information as changes all the time. Angle for fifty years to show you how exactly. And you James before we jump back into our conversation your list just Joseph go to the Foreman who sets of people waiting for awhile that wanna weigh in on the topic this is Barry from North Carolina. They Gary thanks very impatient. Cocktail larger navy air taser here how are were very good about charger mark caller not sure per share. And how long how would you touch it though or near Obama right here now. And so I'll go partners CIA. And yeah. Did you Edgar Hoover. Hated it candidate. That that many or bigger course it through my duration of signing. But hey it's just obvious. That tradition they have can Iran Robert F Kennedy and Robert Byrd candidate. We're both hero. Had that lack transparency. From one of these agencies. And all boats on the water ever. And they did not ball game though horror and the emperor. And by the science or lower yesterday. Here's how blank you know time care and you try and hot of the public. In their homes. I'm realize it may all your name or Arkansas. Then hit it to where it wasn't so public. Actually all. Yes thank you very it's a great point and I don't think they expected. Abrahams a recruiter to be filming at that point that was one of those gotcha moments that. I don't think anybody expected. But what are your thoughts on that James I mean. That's a that's a great question. And they're really really good question and one I get questions like that it really. Helps cheer me up. That there's some people out there who were actually asking. Those kinds of very crucial. In key questions. There's you know the CIA or the public they have ways of doing away with people at that time. That we're not anywhere near or spectacular. Or as messy as this wise you know. Days so why did APEC. Doing it this way. You know that's a very good question. And you know some people are trying to answer it. You know and one very good answer from our guy dying now one lawyer. In Philadelphia. I've Vince's story Andrea. She thinks it was done. Just to show anybody else. That look what we did to Kennedy. We blew him away. In front of 200 witnesses. Timing and in broad daylight. OK and here there's still chasing their tails they can't figure out what to act happened. So we ever get any ideas like that I did. OK you know we're gonna do to you. That's what he steps where he thinks happened that's our end and it's such a fascinating question it really does you know. It is let's jump to John in Kansas he John welcome to the show. Thanks for tick mark caller per created. Liked American statement didn't make mark court can. You know it's obvious to anybody that's ever hunted. Did location. Where Russia forum at least two different ankle. But my question it is. To Kim is there any. A confirmation. Any quarter or does he believe that trade at a news. Assassination. Was loose. Part of a conspiracy. Dead Johnston. Wasn't a part of them that. He. Vice president so. Administration. Would. Tried to cover up and do and where and Robert Kennedy was killed. They're pizza Johnson it's still open and all that net situation. Great questions John and oh was was Lyndon Johnson. Part of this conspiracy James. Our own okay let there's gears two questions here. As far as the Arab Sheikh case goes. I have never seen any evidence that. LBJ was a part. That was a big conspiracy or the cover up. That's a whole difference. Kind of a ball game and if you wanna take a few minutes in the in the show to talk about battle I'll be glad to discuss it as far as DJ Kay goes. Everybody. And their mother. Was involved in the cover up and JFK case. The Warren commission. Did not discern. Anything about the quality information they were getting from anybody. You know so that Massey was put across very quickly. And so who were. And Richard arms. And angle can and Johnson. And that everybody in Washington understood. That to warn commission. What a joke from the beginning. You know on they would they would be easily easily bamboozled they actually took part. Willingly. In the coverup. So. Yes the answer to that did LBJ was you know on the kind of record no doubt about. You know now as far as the conspiracy ghost that's something different I that there have been able to find anything. Really definitive. I'm Nat part of that I'd be willing to say though that Johnson knew what what was gonna happen. Are you that Kennedy was gonna be killed I mean do anything this topic. Good point. So as we move through this discussion. I have to ask you about Tom Hanks because I know. I know that he's an important part of the work you're doing now tell us why he fits into this story. Okay they keep takes up a large part of the last part of the book. Because that part of the book is about. Hollywood. And that immediate. And how they've tried to blow back. Against. What Oliver Stone did we JFK. Tom Hanks. Has made. Two films. Park once. Right about. What is policy based on Bugliosi book. And that was really a really terrible terrible film all the way around. It was nothing but intense copper up. What really happened to president Kennedy. And then he started in produced this movie called the post. Which I spend about fifteen pages on park when I can about twenty pages on the post. And it. I really don't know which one is worse as far as history to close circuit because. They're all pretty bad. You know I walk will grant the post is a much better means film. You know but the post was really. A real distortion. Of history. In deep do do we have a few minutes gonna talk. Erupted yeah yeah please do you out of our. Making it will be. About the Pentagon papers. Based upon the Washington Post. Would be. Like making a movie about Watergate and basing it on a New York Times. It just doesn't make any sense at all all right and this is what I found out about the mission that film. I talked to me you read the book just yet I interviewed James could they don't. Who is who was being. Old house counsel for a New York Times. When she heard that this move is in giving me he called that Spielberg's office. And she actually see. The first track of the script. And so they sent a tune. In east again. If you think the final bill was bad. In the first track of the script. Albert was in one scene. He's in one's seen him a whole darn movie. Right now of course Daniel Ellsberg is it and I who stole the Pentagon papers. Out of the rain corporation. And then he started giving him a New York Times. And eighty in the Washington Post many in the fifteen other newspapers. All right he was being indicted by the Justice Department. Any stood trial. Came and his partner Anthony Russo. Risk going to jail 460 years in mind. You know and that eventually the charges were thrown out because they've found out that the White House was interfering with the trying to. You can make them cookies. Never got papers. And we all of that information. Out and understand. They can hear her a lot of Ben Bradlee. And it heroin out of Katharine Graham. That really really alarms me. You know this defense Kim so what gets you some. You know. Its own when he makes a movie about history. Keep it slugs from left right middle everywhere. Okay. But Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg go ahead and make an alteration of history like bat. And I think that was one of the very very few people called them out. Party. And I really recent I think this happened because they're members of the club. You know they're part of the democratic establishment. You know and Oliver Stone really isn't. Perfect and so yes it take its launch and he's had to get it they were dismissed his prime. You know a chance to. Actually have Katharine Graham. Saying. That she didn't know. What Mac and there was doing. For those years he was secretary of defense and she'd understand why did it that was one of the worst teams in the war zone. Because Ashley when you read my book you'll see. Then when Johnson became president. One of his first targets was Katharine Graham the publisher of the post. He wanted to for in his corner because he knew rule. In this summer of 1964. That he was gonna escalate to more out there where he was breaking with Kennedy's policy. I'm getting out of Vietnam. He was gonna ask and he wanted her in his corner. And they discuss this in the summer of 1964. She went as far as to let people from the White House to read write stories. About Vietnam. In the Washington Post. She was just cheerleader. You know he actually shed at one time. That checked keep Graham is worth two divisions demeans not Vietnam. You know so get this the complete opposite. I would get real truth or worse. It's one thing that pushed the envelope. That's what Oliver desk okay he tried he has tried to ask questions. And around now it's quite another thing. To rewrite history. And that means you'll want meeting was set for dramatic purposes. That's that's a known or as far as I'm bench. Tennessee is this is though Tom Hanks is made that his second career we're gonna run out of time here I want to ask you about Oliver Stone because of must have been a heck of an honor. To have Oliver Stone writes the forward to your book. Both from a perspective of the fact that he blazed a bit of a trail here with the film. But in addition to that you know he's just an easy he's a standup respected guy some people think some of the series are little window onto the fringe but. Not everybody believes that in fact I think he's a hero to a lot of people. Well he's one of the very very few people in Hollywood. You know who died just kind of thing. You know I mean. I can't think of anybody else. You know so on a consistent level. Actually makes these political soaps. You know and it you know it if it weren't for him. I mean it it'll keep. It used to be. A long time ago. A long time ago. That Hollywood was initially what are what one of things at my book is about. Definitely would boutique on these issues. There was a time now which I consider the golden age. Of a mayor of the American sounds on from about 1964 to 1975. What are you would hand. Really kind of social and political movies coming out of Hollywood every month you know like Chinatown and the conversation. And little big man. And Barney and client. It now own doctors trained you know it eat you don't have those things anymore. You know in an etiquette wasn't you know army instead you got Spider-Man and hand them. And you know black candor and you know. Marvel Comics just taken over only went. It's. Sort of predicted that twenty years ago you know and so and so on terror is won our last really good hopes. That we have in that regard who actually makes feature films. Now I shouldn't give some credit. Two and Netflix. Because Netflix looks like they're carving out a niche air would documentary films. That are controversial on a certain way. You know but as far as feature films go. You know there aren't any there aren't any other directors I can gain ground. It take as many risks with their career. As he camps. You know when you're the top. And there's no doubt he was at the top men think he has three Oscars. You know and you keep on pushing the envelope in used to keep went. I think that's how you want about the cash characteristic. It really does. James we are just up against the clock here. We're gonna have to have you back on because we've only scratched the surface tell people where they can get a hold of your book. You can you can get time. This JFK assassination. The evidence today just go over to Amazon. Okay and you can get it and I think two versions are right now on the Kindle version. And and he paperback version. And our you can also go to my web site attending is in king dot com and the latest articles are written erupt there. James thanks so much for coming hang analysis tonight we definitely look forward to talking to you again at some point. Okay thank you very much gentlemen. But of course. He once again the book is called the JFK assassination the evidence today and it's it's a great book even get an Amazon is James was talking about check out his other work is well. Destiny betrayed and I think he said before we let him go that he's working on something now that terrible explore. Oswald and met. Suppose since it was to follow that path ZIC with a truth lies damn it there's just so much mixed information how Ers are we're gonna take a quick break more to come Millicent and Jason GDP on an island and. And of course will be joining us after. Snyder. If everything works according to schedule but Kathleen is a three time breast cancer survivor and she's written a book called dreams that conceive. Your life push it which is an exploration of dreams as a spiritual early warning system. And source of healing an inner guidance for your health and your wellbeing. And then Wednesday plants. 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And then had to be under reality radio dot com where you can get all the apps the Treo iPhone and under that he can find all the station we are cross country and that was costly being updated news stations being added all the time. Or you listen right from the once and any night relied some. What's gonna do for us you listen Jason TV beyond reality real catch till tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be a real ingredients. Yeah. You know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason host hello and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.