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Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, JCP)

May 18, 2018|

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We wanna hear from you. Thanks Stewart Barry to 63566. And let us know what you think about the stories we discuss your team to the financial exchange radio network. This segment financial exchanges brought she buys you rate your landlord take advantage you ran to fully automatic online rent collection tool that is free from landlords with an account at a participating bank and always free for tenants. Now collection of local banks are offering this unique program including leader bank in stone and sign up and had rent payments deposited directly into your account. Call 7816418691. Today. Or visit the rent dot net for more information member FDIC. All Monica joins us now on the line here to talk about JC Penney and Paul thanks for coming on thus. Also JC Penney is a stock that I was looking the other day and since they peaked in 2007. The stock is down 97%. From that 2007. Peak. My first question is. What do you think had the bigger impact in getting them to this point the disaster that was the Ron Johnson era for being about a year and a half or just the shifting retail landscape is a hole. Yet at the great question whether or not JC Penney would be in better shape now if BP goes through the whole debacle that audit you know the punch on that. Leadership you're trying to make it and it's something that it ought. I think it really is. You know function. The Amazon effect obviously and also you are tougher competition. You know from companies that are in the department store. Area that I don't recognize more quickly that Amazon Wal-Mart would be Bratton. Try to victims said you know Macy's and Dillard's both at some pretty solid results this week's Africa where Britney really not. Ed course today but. JC Penney is not able to use. Turn things around in their attic ways there at appliances they've got the aura stores which you know our interest paying and I think a lot of people do like that before aspect but I. It's just not be enough to move people if it's a little little company out there. What kind of run way to they have in terms of how much longer they can continue to operate. Yeah that's great questioned the you know the company says they have two billion dollars in liquidity but that they don't have much to ask him what. To actual cash. The Jack so I'm not speculate about how much longer. The can keep going it's before they potentially. Are out of money that the cash burn is clearly. A concern even with that. You'll other areas of what these big Mac app open them I think investors rightly worried. About how they are going to be able to continue to survive for the next few years but they actually turn. Sales of around I don't think there are that maybe. That that they could now you know similar way to what yours is giving here's the obvious. Kinda. Apples to apples comparison in terms of the department store chain that ought. Act but I think you know it hampered obviously the last trick up its sleeve that. Or else and yeah Agee and. Is there anything of value that a company might want to they look at JC Penney as far as I mean is there anyone who would want to acquire the night I couldn't imagine there is you don't require struggling retailers in this environment but. I don't know. Yeah I I I. Hard pressed to find a reason why eighty view with the companies want to take a reject the market cap is really low. Yeah oh billion dollars right now. Starting for companies. You know as such I. You know history yeah American retail but. I don't know if not private equity firms would come knocking you just looking at a distressed debt then I'd be very surprised if there. Aid to other retailer that would open the strategic buyer which. At the age in the company already in China store. Lay off people in you know I just don't see how a better physical retail it would acquire. Paul is there anything interesting that they're doing it has the potential to at least stem the tide in in any respect even if it's just a small piece around the edges is there anything they're doing that looks interest in right now. Yeah as I damage in you know. Trying to sell more ways I think potentially. Is interest saying there is a bit of weight speak. It was rust going bankrupt and closed their stores she took that back to the airport even. Which a few pennies you know looking view media act ways. Beaten. I can attract consumers. Often wonder you know. Well that people really flocked to paid by poised Wal-Mart target or the in the tablet business. And that companies in Amazon but went there to. You certainly can Paul ward to go enjoy the weekend to catch up with the soon. You too that's Paula Monica from CNN money talking bad JC penny the ticker on them is JCP. And at bear down even this year about 30%. So even you know within this year. It's has been continued. I don't know what else they can do honestly. What they started selling appliances that hasn't worked. The one by me one out of business so I couldn't tell you what to JC penny looks like anymore. Like every other yet. I mean I assumed nothing's changed in ten dollars and exchanged Mosley. He sees. It. Worse. Dallas aircrack your Macy's was BS I mean it's ridiculous and somehow the Macy's but worse is not the sleeves and work for me. But worse.