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Ranjit Thomas (Seeking Alpha, LGIH, SGMS)

May 15, 2018|

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Be a part of the financial exchange in an instant. By texting us and 63566. Starter tell extra keyword Barry and become a member of our brand new textbooks tell us what you think 24 sevenths right here on the financial exchange radio network. Time for stock stock now this John Moody entry level of new homes and gaming products for casinos and lotteries. Today's stock talk raunchy Thomas from a seeking alpha joins us. Run cheap and LG ally homes focuses on entry level homes now we've got rising rates late cycle of decreased mortgage deduction. Your thoughts and LG ally. I down not thanks for having me on your show. Yet as you hold it outgoing home builder. And you're right they're out of concerns about just slowing housing market that decreased market adoption and try to orchestrate. That yet but the company is going to go running and revenue Bible than 20% this yet I hatred Italy and I'm loving. But I think there is definitely good value. It is the bull case here that the United States needs a much larger stock of entry level homes and thus the need. Yet deputy. Most home builders are focusing on higher end homes. Because you know that everybody has. And besides I didn't decrease regulatory cost. It makes sense to bit big hole. The finish huge market entry level and essentially what this company's target is. The red in the neighborhood that the ability called. I'm initial rent how much cheaper it is in the long run to order your whole. And that they attract. A number of buyers to the whole bit about how the average cost of their home there's only 225000. About it. Not bad LG ally Holmes simple LG IH the other stock you have your you Scientific Games now they sell gaining products to casinos and lotteries. Up has a lot of debt is this worth rolling the dice on. Yet I think it it's something you can bet against actually. Had that the company that got a big boost yesterday that the Supreme Court saying that it could all post sports betting. And they all those appointments that. However the company has more than eight billion of debt. You know orbited that at all but it market cap I'm. It done a good job of refinancing the debt at lower interest rates over the last the other. But now interest that they're going topic can't do that anymore. It barely good debate even bit you know. And how big mile and seventy cent a share next you know if I revenues increased. The doctrine that close to sixty dollar and you know I just don't get why it but back that's. My. Mine up yet good data that price. And I would particular legal sports gambling I wonder if he loves a nice feature for casinos. I want to create more couch potatoes who decide not to go to the casino to stay home and been in games. Yet at bat deputy possible. It it remains to be seen what all it. Going to be on mine. Or betting good at sports betting market. It's possible they could all all of my other responsible and it could also say that it can be awkward or Indian casinos. As possible federal government might have been the that you all are restricting how people can how to bat. So I. A lot of unknowns yeah. Good point but probably of one to avoid based on your advice raji Thomas from seeking alpha. Thank you very much for joining us on Scientific Games and LG are homes.