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Emme Hall (CNET Roadshow, 2018 Mazda 6)

May 14, 2018|

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We wanna hear from you. Tech Stewart Barry to 63566. And let us know what you think about the stories we discuss your team to the financial exchange radio network. Stories on the line now is Amy hall from CNET approach to hear talk about the 28 team Mazda six and and we thank you for joining us. Hey thank all good here so we have a little bit of the tuna being given to this this car here. We here at this government Michael reed Brett out. And I got eight com read we rework. And it is excellent so comfortable material are really up market vary vary. Is it though can't understand what you're gonna come out and effort that don't normally what I are our. I'd like that I've had backed by a attic this is perfect but at public let it go. Sub the best thing about it is eight point five liter Turbo charged in which is our main. Is that a brand new engine that's under the hood. Yeah admitted that they and then that is in the month high they're bigger pre grow at UB. And there at her partner get 200 I mean art art but 310. Pound or that it. Really reeling on. Now of the Mazda six that's their mid size that's competing against like the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord is that right. Where does it fit in his is far as overall features when you're comparing it to was those other vehicles that people were more familiar with. Well it does have that meet at eight. They keep teachers like adapt to call and why not monetary. Like all of those that one could be that when he does that have is couple are air and Otto. But both of those are. In July. Of the year and at. RE IE. Got regular app and then in this amber able are coming from the factory. It's been available in a lot of other action a couple of your job market a little. But it is great but they're coming back. Really bring the car up. It was always there in arms at. Quality act and drive alive. But it was met earlier with technology and now it is out there and I would I would buy. It really go. That's some pretty strong praise right there to you're talking about what I believe is still the best selling sedan in the country and you're saying that this is a better car than that. I do I think it'd I think it makes it certainly looked better and I've. In that you know Bob it does not make a client out there they're not making it a point it could be. But the make vehicles that get from it might be but it actually you'll. Some kind of what are some kind of Wear green and I are on. And it would when you get out of I'd ever out at a car and I do that every single. Her out and I batted. Is there anything what the monster that. Doesn't quite give you that feeling where you say and this part could be a little bit better. Electric said not hating apple cart career and I like that. Are in America right now on. That inner. Of the vehicle is I am. What that technology in it and click that there. Are good and we thank you very much for the time we'll catch up with the soon. And mail from CNET Roche a Tug at the 2018 Mazda six a strong praise there for a better than the camera yeah. Mean you're talking about again America's bestselling vehicle. For a long time and age it's been like that number one car for twenty years I think it took over the thrown about ten years maybe fifteen years ago now but yet it's been a while. In any sand can't hold a candle it's monster. You know I had to the I had to drive a loner can smack her malice cars answers here today and and they gave us me is CX five which is the mid size issue B Els ago. It was kind of peace crap. But I got and it. And it drove it Alec Wallace is actually a great. Car with a great car they make some nice V tests I was surprised I hate I don't know how they got this reputation is not this I don't know. But they make some very good vehicles actually. The all all the new cars when the drive for murder should jedi. There all the qualities technology technology's good he gets robotics. Petition I think it's competition.