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Tim Stevens (CNET Roadshow, 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback)

May 7, 2018|

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Not everyone's buying an SUV oral light truck no one's more committed to the good Ole sedan and coupe. Then Toyota Tim Stevenson CNET roared showed joins us Tim thanks for joining us. Tin Toyota Corolla certainly one of the most popular cars of all time it now has a hatchback you took it for drive what do you think. I was quite impressed of this is a new generation of the critical role which actually is coming back over to Toyota from the Scion brand you may remember dimes has been up a Toyota. Of course it would wake up all the years ago that the new coalition had package still a bit later little bit Waterloo this order to drive it'll brought a really nice package. Yeah it's Anderson they've taken some cues from the old sign on brand to kind of spice up the look some of their product. What about hatch backs though vs crossovers are small issue these are compared a couple of models and I wanna light the hatchback. And I look at it and I think I almost like the sedans better. That's a claim that trend in the US more more focused and to buy yet sedans in the US is that aspect ultimately when it comes to practicality in and cargo volume. Has access to the point the way to go especially if you have a lot of kids are a lot of dog in you wanna be able to transport a lot of step in a small space. The duplicate the greatest car look at the in action packed certainly in the US at least more people and prefer of the Sudan's styling. The traditional track basically sort of Kurt you. A Q what about performance and might I don't always associate powerful engines and corolla but. How does this shape up about expecting a muzzle Roddy here but it is going to be fast enough for me. It it'll be equipment after the outgoing corolla is that the new motor is to 160 horsepower is actually. More than thirty horsepower more than the outgoing corolla saluted the significant step forward but still though it's hard hats were not talking. But Volkswagen AG doubles performance second I think. That would Newt should be you know transmission as well but to close actually a lot of fun to drive you can easily get heard about -- from the arts. Not bad now Toyota giving notices when I watch the commercials they're really pushing their kind of basic no extra cost technology. In their battle with Honda of course it's it's a fierce battle between two of them. What is your take about this in terms of technology in the value for the dollar. Technologies to create huge part of country is more and more companies are building more and more Smart state technology into their base car is it would no option and no extra charge. And it still indicates who the corolla two it has to critics say he says 2.0 standard. That means they are the automatic emergency braking which can bring McCargo a complete stop even after going pretty miles an hour or stop the car automatically for you. Because pedestrians or even the cyclist now as well. They'll include adaptive cruise control there will also bring the car complete stop and get stuck in traffic. Carl stop so the resume and so without having to do anything a lot of I think he'd be just like that built in the car and again no extra charge for him. Tim one of our techsters is asking if this is really the Toyota Matrix is it a different view both from the matrix. It is certainly an evolution of what Toyota Matrix used to be yet but this one's actually directly coming from the old silent I am that was that the more that that car used to have that car with just continued increased sixteen win and cyan let the US market. Ever think a rollback of Toyota so this would be to continuation of the old style I. Look at some of the things should be comparing with this idea like 21 to 23000. Dollars that range I see a lot of stuff I find different I'm kind of looking myself right now. Where does this slide in the terms of cost. Two and having given up the formal pricing of the new card in the market for about another two months over the outgoing Korolev started about 181500. Were expecting a new and should be right in that same ballpark so you wanna get a really will acquit one would be. Do you beat you transmission should get better fuel economy and all the dealt with it probably looking at low to mid quite and thought it readable. Such right and that's sweet spot and I guess who the sales pitch they would make his you're gonna get a little bit better safety package standard map right. Actually it a lot of great in. I comfort technology as well and pension system will have apple cart was built in for GOP wireless look at your car as most durable management I think that that Cuba enforcement could it still does not have. Android auto market or more people wanna I want him during the Vietnam. That apple play in cannot endure enough. Yeah I've ever have currently that. If it kind of alignment sanatorium on we're not sure why they only added apple corps played this year's so maybe next year though finally had to and without them. Warren Buffett is behind this I noted China's help on apple and and heard Samsung okay. Any other questions are answered thanks Tim for your appreciate your time. Pilgrims appreciates didn't say do you buying new or do you buy used. Go back and forth but I am kind of look at new impanel look at and that sweet spot there him looking at some of those crossovers smallish UV the hatchback to hatchback she can store a lot of crap you can go to the gardener an injury like I'll go buy plants. A lot better off but you know what.