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Tim Stevens (CNET Roadshow, 2019 Toyota Rav4)

Apr 2, 2018|

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Tim Stephens from CNET roadshow joins us now here to talk about the 2019. Toyota Ralph four expected to hit showrooms later this year. Tim thanks for coming on those. Tim would start from the outside in first thing I noticed when I saw this. Gonna look at vehicle. Yet looks really good especially if you're a fan of the new Tacoma through this been doing some really aggressive styling in a lot of scar than to collectively kind of an in your face truck. Out of bringing some of that field down the rap for making it look a little bit more chunky little bit more aggressive. And yet it looks route to that yeah I like a lot of what's going on under the hood anything new from the current generation. There's a lot of change and actually in the new rap for a new power trains sort of coming in including a two and a half liter four cylinder with an eight speed automatic transmission. And also a new hybrid system as well it is gonna I had this car starting next church in 2019 haven't given us the fuel efficient these out just yet. That's at all the way across the board will be more power and more fuel efficiency and even better handling dynamics to. Thanks to a new torque factoring all wheel drive system of the car should be significantly better drive than before and much better fuel economy. And in terms of the overall functionality im guessing you know that's that's one of the key selling points for the wrap for today is look it's not too big but you can still store whole bunch of stuff in it when he got kids dogs whatever. Is that still going to be the case. I could practicality is always been a big selling point for the rest for no continue going forward that the new platform that this car is built on. Mean that the car had so much longer wheelbase a little over an inch longer but the car itself is actually a little bit smaller. That means you've got a much better racial inside for better cargo capacity and ultimately better packaging to who should be roomier car inside. Despite not should be bigger on the outside that should also mean a lose some weight too which again help on that though there's the. Now I was talking earlier this morning actually the rap for in the first introduced it in the late ninety's they were doing about 50000 of these a year. They ignore the 400000. In the US this is actually Toyota's best selling model now believes this a pretty important car for the correct. As police hugely important where it was one of the early adopters of that crossover SUV category that now we you know we see pretty much across the board of the biggest growth point for just about every manufacturer in the global. And sort of having been there early with a rap for not being the rewards yet you mentioned over 400000. And double digit growth to put this car the past couple years so that may even eclipse 500000. Which we have put up and get a record territory up in major major mission. When you projecting at the cost on this new model what's the bottom and that you would expect to pay and how hike in the price get if you're really loaded up. Over artists they were probably looking in the loaded wanted to start and then be negative. Custom trips like the adventure will probably start in the high twenties at that point and he can certainly would option is everything else. I think mid thirties would issue a very very nice beat the rap forward despite all the bills and. And what do we expect these to be coming out into showrooms notes 2019 model but usually those are towards the end of the previous year correct. Absolutely so that the gas version of this car on the not hybrid we should he goes and goes probably in fall or toward the end of the year coarsely for the hybrid version we're gonna have to wait until sometime toward the beginning of going nineteen before that it. Is there anything else that stands out about this card you too much that we haven't discussed yet. Well they're finally adding that apple cart play they're brought that to the camera burst out coming to wrap for as low grade but still no android auto which is a little bit frustrated. Very good looks and thank you for joining us and looking forward seen this in about six months or so have a go one. Our architecture. Tim Stephens from CNET Roche had drug but the 2019. Toyota Ralph four hybrid model will. Yet they've got a hybrid right now I don't think it's gonna be geared quite the same way but. It's it's interesting that a lot more companies now we're starting use those hybrids to provide that will win pork as opposed to. You know the way that they currently use them to. Supplement the you know to reduce. Fuel burn and so play it's it's helpful for emissions because like if you're on a stop sign. You got your engines not run and that's the he Indy you're coasting into a stop light right in that might be what ten seconds twenty seconds you can be a stoplight for 45 seconds oh yeah your gas engine is not running during that time yeah big. They said that that's part of the reason that there are becoming part that's it one of the things that. Improve the air quality in New York City so much. Was a lot of those taxis are hybrids now we're princes right yeah his Prius hybrid you go to New York you'll see a million. Of those Prius yellow cabs but there princes yup and and they're very good in terms that are using a feature in non hybrid cars too by the way they shut off but trying to yeah I mean my my wife's Jeep. Brand new it shuts off a traffic lights as it now and ours back up when you take your foot off the brick right right and.