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Ronald Murphy discusses the world of cryptozoology & zooforms

Mar 24, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Ronald Murphy, Jr. about cryptids and zooforms. What is the definition of each and how are mysterious creatures classified accordingly. 3/23/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Thursday unless you're Australian East Coast. Start somewhere in between what we are O'Leary myself just as it was arson cheat each arts so you've heard the words who formed before rain I mean it's the study of creatures that are mr. Cole or legendary. In nature not some know not not to be confused with trip to zoology which are. Creatures that are actually have been sightings of and evidence that they are species that could exist that just haven't been discovered yet. Yes and missiles on form saying. Is is creatures that are more mystical and that's gossiping you hear much break in there there isn't real evidence or real sightings that you could point to. That people can say hey this creature exists and in our guest tonight Ronald Moore feed junior is gonna talk about both of those topics crypto zoology. And as you forms I'm Ross drove up portals sees a forty in researcher and we've got to a night full of great paranormal discussions come with Ronald. There when it comes says new forms of suffering and know you're talking about the life CP. Yet he would now that it went on but there's going to be crypto ethically queer old Russian and things like yeah Dover demons and things of that nature via via so. Its interest in this I've never really investigated. Into the locals inform guests who only mermaids things like that yes I think. That's all and he's gonna sorted out for a so we get into the conversation faster because it's our thirtieth two walks. But we'll be bringing Ronald that in just a little while. Up tomorrow of course is a best of program as every Friday night is and then a returning guest on a Monday Rebecca Foster she's been through this before. She's a spiritual medium we're going to be talking about Angel and double experience as we all go through those things kind of like it on your racial he got the Angel intellectually at the devil they're both point. Different directions that it indelible Childress that is a problem with it sucks us apparel he has and he plays and ten and Tuesday organ retarded we June lie and Lungren. Team in cedar. And psychic medium. Will be discussing animal communication argument Steve spirits internal investigation since suck being a demon senior and media. I don't under I don't know how army if you have the ability DC demons I mean I'm we have to figure out. How June does this and what she actually sees but if you if if you could just see demons all around in the world I mean that's gonna be horrified. Yeah and then if your medium insight into the area has got to just adds a minister and other able suck keenness of all thank our telephone number is 8446877669. We invite you to join our discussion leader in the program will open up the phone lines are probably as we get into the second hour of the program. On so remember the number proved to be prepared to call we also have the chat room to great place to participate. In not just our discussion but in all the discussions that are happening momentarily seemed very big all over the place. That they've emerged that another weather forecasters in their I think given talking about snowstorms and snow total has been good to have. Only you just aren't actually it was funny tonight I was watching the news and here today the meteorologist came on and use talking and he looked. I felt I felt bad for him but he. Apologized. He literally apologize for get me in the storms so ranked as we woke up to the marriage and Jim and that we had Lincoln inched. Not even. Snow yet and you were prepared for another meter who has only eight to twelve and you know lies in this that youth but the poor guy came on at the 5 o'clock in the 530 news and he apologized and Ben and then. And in the news interview the governor and master Arafat. If she felt like Xia. Issues in the wrong for shutting down because he's pretty much shut down the government here in Rhode Island. And and she said now which of course I mean there's just normal governor who is gonna. This is just I felt so bad for the week apologists to see the Puerto having to apologize. Who I went out you know there's definitely it was a bad. Bad call it is a science but it's not a perfect science so I had an about the way it's been. Over the last couple years with it you know you're gonna get three inches and we did eighteen you're gonna get eighteen a we have three. I mean it's it's a science but science that they can suck yet. Essence and it's not a perfect science and you know the funny thing is is it here part of the difference is that when we were you know. Kids you know the weather report we come on the radio or your read in the newspaper and that was all you saw the weather reporter recede in the evening news and that was tent and be national forecast for now gets so many sources of whether they all want to beat each other. To the prediction. And exactly in the biggest problem is everybody wants to get rightly or when your kids I remember when they'd say Ray -- bad snowstorm coming in Jack White out conditions and we wouldn't be till we be told well you expect a lot of snow right you and my wife and not not you're gonna get four inches five inches and every now everybody wants to be precise and wants to be the guy who nailed it I got it exactly right when I said four and a half inches well I mean. Caroline we're younger and those guys called it and it always seemed to happen we need the. Old old media and old school once -- have the board behind them on TV interview excel made like it's the son would be stuck up there in the Republicans. Hated demographics experiencing as a matter they're yelling and yet old school to try to draw down on the the white chalkboard old school he's speaking of of kind of interesting stuff they're officials are talking about a drug that's being. Circulated. That is laced with a bug spray that is causing a zombie like reaction in people. Yet in Indianapolis medics are talking about a drug that's been laced would this. Spray it causes a zombie like reaction and leads to overdosing it's called KE DD drug is called PD too heavy duty. Bug spray actually it's like raid in the combine it with either marijuana or just regular tobacco and after the smoker smokes it. They become slow and lethargic they'd ruled they lose Mott motor function. On police have been finding people with the clothes off eating grass pulling dirt on the ground digging in the ground with their hands trying to. The dirt hang on the sounds like you and I am after our nice treasure I am trying to I don't it's a business so I mean like Italy and you can usually find a slight. Yet we've we've been there's so I was a because sympathize of these people. They head over it does an overdose cases and one day this thing is popping up all over the place and authorities are still trying to find the source of this drug. RTs well known. It definitely stay away from. So in Al yes just say no thank you it's not a smoking bug spray and mean bugs how desperate and who's the idiot who first tried that while. Mean you really got to question that they're probably had line and ninety wanna get is like as the first guy who thought about turning mill it probably had was great and a stashes of marijuana on the table they're dividing up for sale only in there was a fly and it's a guy sprayed it with raid. And and then these effects are and who the heck knows even at that whole thing the other a percentage should probably exactly don't have that probably helps epic if you have a defamation head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality it looks like the FaceBook page forest. Then head to beyond reality radio dot com where you can download free iPhone and android app. Two large listen I've catch past shows join him in Chad more or find any distaste we are across the country. Rate atlas is there its check in Austin as a costly updating and adding news stations or click the listen live button right on the upper right hand corner web site. Connector in the chat rumored TV myself and Greek community people are ridiculous in the show while surfing on. Yeah it's a great way to do it I just wanna mention one more thing before we go to our break and then bring her guest Ronald Murphy junior and is that coming up we've I've got this memorial scholarship fund raiser and and I know as mentioned before and know that it's very very difficult for people were listening rock the world to get Tony on to New York to support this. Scholarship for high school seniors that are going on to pursue a career in music release a college career in music. But there is a weighted to support this if you feel like you want to we just go to Gary Johnson memorial scholarship dot com there's a donate button on the bottom and it's a very appropriate. To say this right now because actually. March 23 which it is here on the East Coast is my dad's. That so. To dependent dimensions of this on you say that is meant as much as you need to because I'll be honest it's such a good cause. Thank you and everything to ruin your your your parents are just saw some people really work into our it's a phone number 844687766. Night until freed 844. 6877669. In the same Jason GB. OK beyond reality radio friends this is JV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrett con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick conned. Dot com check it out. This is not a did. Biggest news of the night and almost. And I should've remembered when he did this story about the zombie drug thing is that that you and I were plains he struck the rock the PS as we report that's right and the top and the worst part is my kids showed spoke his here or not the second game I beat him and review so that and I all they know it's like OK I if you look at it you knew he had lake 600 something kills you had 400 something kills I had seventy S officials who fear that are these zealots and it's totally new to me could a custom -- and still all all dizzy from an analyst that I know I know the kids -- have much better time of -- anyway welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio once again the phone numbers 844687766. Mannered guest tonight is Ronald Murphy junior he's a crypto zoologist. A forty in researcher army discussing a whole bunch of things the first let's get him into the show he Ronald welcome back to be on reality radio it's great to have you here. Quote civil and it's great to be back on this program that's what my favorite places that they. Well thank you very much. And what have you been up to censure on the show last. Well let's see here so liberal social last I've missed you guys battle the walkman fast or we had a good time yeah this year will be OK please guys. But might have been down there I assortment of we'd be in to watch investigating things such shoes and warms. And the ideal horrible people that want when what was down there. I was able to gather more information both from locals. And for a lot of pot national researchers. And it seems clippers were going on than just meets the eyes so the idealism swung. One of these. What are dip colts. Are some problems up that are mobile apparent global. I seemed to be something that manifests itself. To be an apparent. Biological entity important factor is something super natural going on. So about startled by the smoking apt and devoted a lot of my resource throughout the weight. Now you mentioned that cannon was triggered when you were at the moth man festival did you do it was it triggered because of the moss man itself or. Is just coincidence that you were there when this started for you. You know what I think is in preparing its. Might talk there which I did on the ideal for Apple's. And that wasn't a whole lot of reports about this being that that you know that occurred governor of Kabul the the approach collapsed. It seemed that it was clumsily dwarfing what are you what's the different stories have appeared in different ways in different forms are two different people. Com and that's ruby what was the impetus to lob there was boot Genesys to this this resource and I've been doing now also. But looking at these creatures especially these winged creatures that come out of nowhere. There is someplace. Sporadically. You know it's sort funny coincidences in the arm. With the outlaw them in such beings as the Jersey double. The owl band which is still see some development and not all ports so far England. And even within our outlook and roll off paintings in Australia are very strange looking creatures it's seemed to beat. Our historical. That's rocked. Throughout the ages people have been witnessing things. That is out of the work area virtually no way to support a pink products so you know which flies to our. Give it doesn't patiently walkman and appear to be that way. Workers certainly don't want is to try and you're so different kind of creatures because we're under a rock or by Jalal. What we're witnessing and it's really difficult thing to do. So once again as we lay the foundation for this discussion tonight give us the difference between what would be considered a crypt it was a logical creature and what would be considered as who form type creature. And yet I think whenever we're talking about this from almost any creature are considered either category depending upon your point of view. I think that we talked about such creatures bigfoot is something that investigators can go up there and search war. Boots on the wild type of thing I think we're talking about from the proposal logical all the whatever what was on the show before. You know model we that we talked about the also get some call them. About the ideas of bigfoot even being out on into the actual type of which shall there again we have needs. Very great area that you would on you know the Gramm that awful awful crooked. But com I picked bigfoot is the closest central proposal watchable creature. I want to preach drop that are would talk about these things self inflicted shook Kabul but seemed to come out of nowhere and has released no. You know what relation to anything also nature. I think now we're talking about something very strange going on Tom and it was so strange at the beginning of these these reports but a lot of people. Clearer that it was armed something's actually trust for. And I think that we talked about these kinds of creatures sometimes they are so sore. That it does not make sense and there's no processor afforded nature of the people automatically assume that it's actually for a stroll. I think he's the kind of creatures walking I also think of the creature like that don't work even show up briefly up but knowing what. And it's government before seen again. What do we do about creatures like that but we have no analogy anyplace else from Tsotsi and yet but sub in the Jewish old slop out of nowhere. I'll brought I again. It's such a bottom line I think between Christians struggle you know the world opens new form of the world mobile biological crypto. Well and that and that I think that's the main thing when it comes Imus who former voted there it's it's referring to things have fallen or more of the possibility of supernatural. Then than anything else laid the werewolf in in vampires things things that need nature would fall under the holes do form concert. Actual yet I'm I think that. What the other reasons like the sort of difficult to talk about or actually put a streak of double. Because our day manifested themselves forced to shoot at a certain way or not the way the human mind perceives there is some debate goes on. Within which human psyche. And then we kind of you know out of a commonality. Put together with the armed by the way we're thinking this stage would appear or these creatures capable. All of our you know I actually projecting. What they want. Us to see public does not with the umpire itself. You know not stopped at various psychological content watching the very difficult question and answer. Our belt we talked about people see these critters and thought being able to get a good total home or something that's already. You don't know Utley are actually getting trying to choose the brutal the idea you know our people see something up there. You know that looks exactly the same and so great people but nobody get a good picture of that because of that doesn't actually system that won't. You know so now we York quick endowment of the idea of how we obtain evidence for such effects. That's why what are right what are bright bright eyed talk. I always. Armed become backed the idea of the world say you know look toward the fair. Because of this something's. Got to we will go back a thousand years ago 2000 years ago. These are the kind of creatures that will be well it's just got tight towards public that is inexplicable. It you know so in the stock comfortable and it. Well aren't so we're gonna we're gonna take quick break and we'll get into a lot more that come back to listen to Jason je Giambi I really revealed will be back after. Turn her bizarre I'm. It's phenomenal but bizarre that you did actually feel like it. Did some trucks went to the effect that even if even if he had do you feel that exact Chris and Margaret has always been one of my favorites too much regardless of issues and she's and then of course but really phenomenal music they're from The Who welcome back to be our reality radio it's a JD and Jason and we have Ronald Murphy junior with a tonight he's a crypto zoologist in a forty and researcher. We start the discussion tonight trying to determine or at least somewhat defined the difference between what a creature might be if it fell into the crypto is illogical world mourned. A creature would be to fell into the zoo for more on and one of the things that Ronald that. I understood in this may or name may not be true but I think the jury still out on any real definitions here. But a creature that might be considered by eight whatever supporting evidence exists or even lack of evidence exists that. It if if the creatures might be an undiscovered species that might be hidden in the woods somewhere like a big foot type thing it might fall and equipped zoology. But if it is more supernatural nature. Danny could fall into this is who form categories is that proper understanding or is that backwards. I think it definitely great to definitions were very complicated dark subjects. No operational on the idea that you want was work when relatively recently Biden talked about who actually I happen to be a from the bottom. And when discussing in this type of conflict with them. It's very difficult even for the creator of the world war. To really define and I think that's what's a little rust and about as. Is because a lot of people Walter played a big floated to complete function what they have to soak the other people. It England native American legends let's see it as something. With these super natural works and is well. So you know what are we do want something with the big foot Douglas said it's still very difficult task to try to label. Yes because of souls with the mag gray area. It doesn't does that that's very much so. But I think what are we talked about some forms like the idea of the mosque that. Look at you with dirty double what doesn't make any kind of biological science. Edgar seems to be an ominous for voting to the appearance of these creatures that something is going to happen. Then we are talking along the lines of the lukewarm toward that it's something that's biological nature. You've a lot of books. The list is quite long you've discussed a lot of different creatures including vampires wild man and ghost dog man mermaids. If you had to sort a couple of those in one Kennedy category the other how would you do it. All that's perhaps cooking questions. I I think the idea of of these new forms will restart it would've brought was waiting mine homemade book. Because I was trying to get to the historical aspect of where the ideal for army came how this archetype developed. And I'll what are Wright's sort examining it. It was always against throttle on this line between reality and you know the inevitable. Are even Kirch also you know this is great. Four loss firm alchemist. Problem defined the ideal the mom made as something from the very well actually that was very elemental. And that Utley has some problems restructuring things like bigfoot and say things like the dog badly vampires. There's always has some very super natural. Tinged all these creatures beautiful view we want something. That you know people are going up there and and digging up drug mistakes through there's always an idea. That justice absence was that it is something that's super natural so I would think what I would do well like lake monsters and bigfoot. We're dealing first and foremost something that's proposal logical something that's hidden something that the process that it nature or on the fossil record. And that would do what can put the ball made in and then. All these other kind of winged it. Creature is the I think we're due whistling from the very realms -- in the lead with calls and. And what do you say to somebody. Who would say do you you know what merit mermaids are just as real as bigfoot. I can continue or not I can't do. Actually get a lot of people are even to this day the claim that they have been the origins. All of involve a will be a mermaid and observers actually as we would go back at the time back to the middle wages. We have been friends people actually claimed a lineage. Two to the mermaid. But they were actually you know there are the forebears. Some people to how he's very strong attachment to the idea is that partly because such a fascinating creature. But again we have to do what would science. Doesn't make scientific sense. A lot of really overly even Chris for almost all of what was Germans had reported seeing something you know what which we would identify as a mom made. But I think there's a profit animals out there changed simply like to see how to do go on to say that that was probably what these people were seeing. But but I I I could not irrationally include. But maybe it was a proposal logical because it doesn't make any kind of sense to me from from a scientific point of view. And and it's so tough especially back and JV for them to try to be able to figure out what what's in the water you and I in South Carolina. I mean think about that we are on the watered and jump around the sun and jet skis and we saw some crazy things that we are still trying to figure out what it was so imagine a hundred years ago. You know I didn't admit mistaken identity here miss identification it probably rampant especially before modern technology could help identify some of these thanks Ronald. Going back to the smallest man idea because it's one of my favorite subjects when my favorite stories when my favorite mysteries. That you view likened that creature to several others like it alma and I think as one of the things you said in and some of the descriptions of the moss menorah I'll light. What are you think we're gonna end up at the end of the day when the smallest man mystery is finally unraveled. I I don't think that it will ever be a rubble and I think that whatever people. Don't want to visit the the business of the super natural. That right about the term global it becomes the passion the reason it's a passions because we're always going to be searching for the will actually answer. And march were the world for cropped up you can look at this fall. The way I do far Altman and analytical point of view look at what linguistically you look at for fox called for perspectives. And they are our culture was like get like itself a bomb the world from the Celtic to the applicable to the captain of the Asian cultures. That we're dealing was 88 when the entity. That is able to shop how. On the shuttle little little light on what would happen in the future. Now now how does that happen in led why as a human being. We assigning these things certain traits like the ability to fly Ortiz changed. Is like the idea of the Powell. Bob why are we doing. On the end and walk out by explanations is that possible. That these these reforms are indeed creatures of the energy. That from time to time to manifest themselves throughout history. That is the way they all our project themselves as a human participants. And it the reason why that we must casket now you know why why take that so we would think of things like alien abduction. One of the things that people are lead we call by of these very war all the shape buys. But this is the curious to. That the boss man. And and other certain creatures that are received from Bob will be Al ban all hobbies war eyes as well that might be something you know connecting all the stopped. So we're not talking about actual trust rules or bought talking about. You know sort of become corpses from the pond berms but we're talking about this kind of energy that is manifesting itself throughout the world. And that's what we consider the idea of portal was Walt so you know we're these creatures cult from. And for lack of about a war we use things like portals. Because we have to figure out how these things can go from. You know one dimension and whatnot. And I think that's important as well because the fact of the matter is if they were if these things were here all the time. You think that we would have come across them. And that's that's my big thing with Peyton and I understand that the view there's there's a lot of what's out there these things can hide the feel of flying creatures that's flying. I mean chances are we would have seen it at some point. Without doubt about that the other thing to bomb is the idea of like the Bob Herbert. Bomb something that outsiders. Would be picked up on way to our you know Andrew is you know small little odd airports throughout you know the country. These things are going to be picked up what weight are so why are people seeing these things. What were bought finding you know forty foot long since others should know what's going on here. There. Is developing probably put dollar grant to do all what what Ivan was from Pennsylvania about thirty miles outside of Pittsburgh. There are plenty of woods or router and people are witnessing bigfoot nearly on a daily basis. So I mean is are out was robbed her too confined creature that's that's eight feet tall he goes to try to bounce. Probably bought. You know people go hiking all the time. You know most people would what's costly aren't you know hunting or just for creation. You're born to one of these things there's going to be size of these things. And it's just simply not there now why I mean are we talking about thousands of people. Lying we talked about Bob won't summation always talking about something. The war. On the nature of the creature that the wickets. To bring this back to again the mosque mennonite peace fixated on that one story but it is one that I'm as I said before it is fascinates me very much. Do you if the end of the day is your conclusion that that moth man episode was one of Harvard juror from some spiritual spiritual natural source. That was the port tending doom. We know it ended with the silver bridge collapsing was that the intention of that creature or did you just happen to coincide with that event. What you it was a coincidence. I think that this was. Bomb. A harbinger of all of things that were a couple I truly do more than five resource this. The more that seemed like it was there weren't any particular reason. Tom I I can also be competitor the idea of the two up the top offenses Apache. Bob Celtic folk or that the site of this creature. Is a all of ominous type of situation of something very very bad as when that happened. In the scripture seemingly came out of nowhere. Opt for me very desolate area we are going to assume that it is better rejuvenated. Robert TNT area which is very desolate area but very far away from them without proper Point Pleasant. Our bloody if you go to our the first public ever bit the pointless it was just you know recently the work the ball meant thoughtful. And start doing the police searched the area. There was such a great native Americans. Are. Elections. Regarding the trojans well this is white actually trams saddened. Well what actually was going on there and you'll also into the idea of fox native Americans stir welding as well also. The Derek yeah we're talking about something that is bought. Quite natural. As something that is more super natural and magical. In the in the idea of the indigenous people that are. We're talking with Ronald Murphy junior by the way he's got a couple of web sites you might wanna check out one of them is called. Inside the gobbling universe stuck on the others Ronald Murphy dot ORG running Murphy dot org you check it either of them plus he's got a number of books will be talking about did that and much more after a break. Were to take a quick break Mordechai on the phone numbers 8446877669. Division shall you listen GC. JVB and really reveal. Eon reality Jason didn't. Thanks so much for everybody hanging out this Revere in the chat room or you're listening on your phones are you listening and computers are you listening on radio station which by the way. That was stations going to be doing is gonna grow some more looking forward adding some new call letters to that list. Yes initiate check out that list and beyond reality radio dot com and check it off tickets are costly adding up our counseling at a news stations aren't so. It check at a phenomenon in your area chances are we will be soon yet and our phone numbers 8446877669. We're gonna open up the phone lines after the top of the hour breaks or be prepared to call and enjoyed our conversation. With Ronald mercy junior Ronald has a couple of web sites written maybe take a minute you're just gonna tolls just between the two sites I've got. You listed at inside the gobbling universe dot com and also Ronald Murphy dot org what do the two sites. Well do you know what will keep dog works like he is please we could buy my books and basically kind of all me around. A little bit now inside the gobble universal global professional slight I also the a radio show podcast flight do without Michael post. Brian Bowden. And and that is really is trying to let people know who who's going to be coming up show. And things like that bomb when we were just not signed on to up her ex radio today as a matter of fact. So that'll be well not like you give you laugh with the up for the show so you have to work you wanna find out what's going on the radio show inside the golf universe. And if you wanna know what's going on in the war before world war multi go to wal Buffy. Junior got word. Bob but you're the one you're going to be able that it gets information that you need to. Now is it is it junior dot org does I thought it went to just they're Ronald Murphy died organs and actually had around here. You know what occupies that my front you know I'm probably not very tech blogs. Because so it's it's certainly won't. Welcome both you don't work out I'll buy that. Just take it or whether it OK fair enough we only have about a minute you have here before it to jump into our unused break so I wanna give you that opportunity to. Tell us a little bit about the the types of things you've got coming up work wiser appearance wise. Absolutely. Well Bob my shot was going to be is a pretty busy the first weekend of June when the vehicle while men. Flexible in Kentucky's. We capital I'll be at the at worst from Pennsylvania. And would see I would do foreign Coleman's. Our proposal logical museum. Call themselves that are. And then I won't be at these Michigan Kirk on. And personal all the things Obama outlook yet signing on as well too so it's going to be a busy. A busy sub before made. But beforehand I'm going to be did not make 26. I'll be speaking out about a robot tell you although it's it's a it's it's a good target what's wrong. Picture was from Pennsylvania. And I will be there which stands were warned that caught all the result the outlook does or straight to the proposal logical and he and I are going to be putting on a panel discussion. Wait wait wait so wait so late so I can actually show this unrest surrogate a bold new Oki sit down listen you talk is every Tony are now. You can act capsule look at my front could do that all income needs pop up that not step workers want Mercury. All you can eat well work gaps or. So people look you know their bellies completely full and their heads completely pull it didn't throw a couple more coverage yeah they're gonna release or in the town target audience are actually. It's definitely going to be a court show. I've doubled what happens instead actually that was in Kentucky was stand Gordon. Cryptic on last year socket deal with a few Miles White. We're very lucky sure once it comes with it yet but we have a lot of good at dedicated people. And value that she's been doing this crucial link fifteen years so sort of deter expert incident about the UFO crushed there. And dobbs who can afford this place that we do was box to get it wasn't we possibly can. And that's going to be the first five were in this kind of settings so as anybody's in a roster of getting a ticket to that they under the PD a hard district worse at gmail.com. And I do what she information and everything. Before we get up a the kind of follow what they twelve because stoke spots away yet. Jane can I kind of like this'll concept of doing events at an Italian restaurant that you nine need to look into this mean get a pizza giggle in a pasta salad and I am so clearly OK okay it's funny us all away for a list and you know all these conventions that ask Michelle opera these lectures I terabyte Winnipeg on just tries to all these I think copper accompanying turn hundred talking about the beyond reality radio travel reality then we got to do that. You have at that's to be interest credits or gonna take a break on the phone numbers are 8446877669. Again. Stoll freed 8446877669. Elicited Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio will be. Useless. Myself Jason husband owns arson TV jokes and it's. Great to be here thanks everybody for joining us so we'll be talking with Ronald Murphy junior in just a few moments she's a trip to zoologist and forty in researcher were talking about zoo forms of talking about portals. Crypto is a logical creatures a whole bunch of things. Turn right of course is a best of program as it is every Friday night and beyond reality radio and then Monday he we get to bring one of our favorite guests back. Rebecca Foster whose spiritual medium. Will be discussing the Angel double experience that we all go through will also under stock talk about how we should understand why we face difficult times. Wife things like suicide. And the feeling of drowning in life occurred west these seem to be lessons and experiences. On that everybody goes through. And they'll be doing that partially taken some are listener calls do readings on there. And then Tuesday it will be talking in June Lundgren died team in cedar and psychic medium. Will be discussing animal communication as well negative entities spirit in paranormal investigations. Yet. The degree programs are looking forward to all that our phone number is 844. 68776690s. Gonna join our conversation domino we have some people on hold won't get to those calls as soon as we can go let's bring our guest into the program Ronald Murphy junior crypto zoologist forty in researcher Ronald even do in this. I that's his question before and I would I would go back that might Barber's toward the government sort of involvement so. I remember listening to stand work on the radio whatever I was you know in elementary schools are as probably. About seventy years old so this is probably where it from 1977. I had a little while bigfoot activity in my area. That my mother and I we would listen to stay out on the radio but the next day she would take me out in the car. Investigating the places that he talked about because they will all love global hoped. So I'd say that I probably would not my first big foot investigation. Something like 41 years ago or 48 now why don't actually registered we've done. So it's probably something like you know from. We some years ago I was out of my mother. Now as far as you know you know one bowl. Few dispute over an academic point of view and everything. I've follow lead to do and that's about 41 years old so it I've been out of for quite some time. Have you ever thought what the heck am I doing or have you been committed to this idea now I know. There are a lot of times so we all go through kind of a second guessing when we we've gets frustrated not being able finances were looking for you likewise their commencement in so much time would this. But then that one on how moment right. Israel that is out shall leave the case were injured they're injured trying to that you beat. A legitimate researcher there was a lot of people out there that are are are simply. Fascinated by the tabloid types of bonds to rethink the jerk really looking at this. To try to get some sort of answer shouldn't try to take a peek into the way these human psyche works. Tom it's a very fascinating field. But again which you said you'd have to have something to go one arm so in my investigation but I've done in the field. I've experienced just about things. To date B think that there is definitely something out there and I well I was investigating. I'll put dog the little autos sightings of wearable type creatures in this one particular area. And I read my Bruce opened all media awards. That actually came quite close and sort of riled me. I mean in this wasn't an area that was deemed to be you know dog dog and some water. In the outlook from Pennsylvania. I've heard my name called out. By some sort of disembodied. Entity. You know as simple as adult things out there. That has spurred me on cap McGill you know I've I've told the classic big foot would block. I've held the world out there in the middle of the night. In the middle won't know where there was nobody around so there is just about the keeps me going to think Jerry you know what. You know I bought doing this and think there is something definitely out there. Along with I'll tell you lose interest really quick it's always a little those little tidbits that you catch even on internal investigation like myself. They really keep you intrigue to keep you locked in him and wanted to come back from mourn and to try to further back. That's right it's Andy's question Portugal these great question will white. Everybody's actually you know what it is beyond doubt it was war out there than just what we know. And that is an absolutely addicted all the investigation by whatever Prada all the bauxite novel written. It is definitely shelling in the tourism and or are out that are. You know first we were all re elderly out there that just simply needs to god that we can that we can proceed. Let's go to her listen Lester gets through some of these phone calls this is Marten calling in from Florida he Martin welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have in the program tonight. Thank you so much for taking my call I just wanted to say. I'm ticket back here in the parking lot of a best western the last few nights. In the back of my Katie had just chill and right now so my Condo hadn't quite got my new place together yet but point being up war style mall. I watched two mice and a rat get plucked off by an owl that lives in history. As seemingly comes from nowhere it was skills. That are beyond comprehension. This seemingly just come from nowhere implode something from nowhere. If there are skills. And power in nature that we don't understand. And they certainly are those that we don't even know about and I just want to say are seeing that as a witness. In the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night watch him so open unfold this beyond belief. That's a court order yeah thank you mark that was that's a great point in fact I was having a conversation not too long ago. About you know you see those scenes in the snow if you live anywhere in the snow and on straw you walk around to see a little. Little but in the in the in the fresh snow you'll see this little scoffed home evidence and you'll see some feathers or something you know something swooped out of the night. And carried something else away to its doom and and other caller Martin makes a really great point Ronald they're just things in nature that. That you know we think we get it but we ease into these CN you don't really get it. Does the case especially with owls they've been one of my favorite type so far you know my favorite type of power for quite some time. They're actually designed to be very sculpted in Cooper will do wings oral blind as such. That they don't make any noise so there are very silent forever these huge his. Com by again you know if you look at cultures around the world. Even in vampire legends. There is the association with these owl in places were people should not go these kind of what little results. What are the demarcation between the civilized the uncivilized. The bee how is this kind of orchid typical creature. That's a readout on that please the world of the chaotic. And visits the world all the civilized. Offer were nefarious reasons so what are we talked about. You know VP idea at the well what's long been associated with. That it's stealing your children and a look at the album out. Of Celtic war again see the same the same type of simply too upright applaud. Short for so you know what is going on the right thing to veto the 82 world did look. Two. Two lives to the map wolf formalities so somebody comes in useful trial of the lights. And trees apart from the very quickly the last caller said the you know and then they kind of put that you know that a child. Note shows up to note that the exported from incident that's an robe opened at. Biden could not lapels while because besides wasn't quite there yet. Then of course they personify these kinds of creatures with the demons to provide I think a lot about what was going on there as well so. But it's it's very important to point out. That just because. Science has not categorize it does not mean that it does bought exists. So I think that was a great point to call made. Our let's go to John in Florida and on medical sort hey John what myself. Could have gone. That your armed with polished Warburg and indeed scripted or be inter dimensional. Our court date the issue terms or wrong. Like a deception cultural all jerky and out for sure Q. Mask their role true. Intentions. That they're putting on some sort of dye is if you will. It is it's very policy wicked that's what we talked about the very leading you know leading off the show about. Are these things for injecting themselves into worldwide. Orders about the way the human mind perceives what you know. That's a very difficult concept to try to deal worth. Were dealing with design idea. Very discarding in the type of thing. Were they just are brought disruptive to put talked about how all the Biden proceed certain things. But I think of the idea of Salt Lake such that is in fissile. Can actually implant in the human mind. Images. All of the parable the work feelings of the term global so it's very possible that what we call. These two forms or indeed protect themselves. It is an issue that mind. Pot but for what reason because if they're trying to figure one overall on humanity. Usually look won't they take or something that are very terrified. Well and that you make a good point with fetal ultrasound because even the government's worked and worked on assistants with him for sound to install fear into people. And use it for for other purposes as well so the possibilities there and and what he can do it well possibilities are endless. All it was in the rich while windows so much about it for Osama because it does little terrier. Applications and and that that is an option would actually appoint the reason why they use it is because you can actually. You know I pack anatomy. Without being there in person and it's it's it's a very lethal cycled walked and because a kid Nam you know actually there's always somebody by projecting these Serb ought to do sensible person. They Jon did we get to the heart your question. Well our leaning towards more light from their home. Study trust like. Some. Like to study in the season and the yeah yeah like arm. Our date east serve. Serb called blind chief sturdy AGU. Rage all. But if you make sure we're all rookie. Yeah yeah I know that's an interesting point I guess what John is trying to say here is may be there the observers and you know were worthy of where the specimens not the other way around. That's a good point though I interviewed many many eyewitnesses. That have claimed that they have seen is something of the woods. Using. The Tom a cloaking device that we've built by actors start our Star Trek are terminology but something seems to be out there. That you know put some pins out there but there camouflage. Themselves esophagus some people who have actually been used to work pixels Asian. That you could kind of see it's. On the periphery but it is deliberately. Taking on a camouflage. To London. Is a very. Good point. That water these creatures go in to this extent as it is obvious. Is it to two pot bust which is you know I kind of scared to think about. But what I actually is going on there but that's absolutely good point minute absorbed by Arafat this quarter what should especially. But yeah I spoke with the people are probably the United States also cattlemen and then you were as well. But of talked about the ideal something being cloaked. Shopping being pixelated. Are you were talking with John. Is 8446877669. If you wanna call be part of this very very interesting discussion a lot more to come soon Jason dvd on a daily radio. 6877669. Home lines lighting up you're gonna get to more of your calls but we do have small minds if you wanna get in on the conversation. Our guest tonight is Ronald Murphy junior it's a crypto zoologist a forty in researcher but I also noted. But he's an actor. And their historical reenact her and I'm kind of curious does is particularly short segment here as we went long in the last segment Ronald. What is this underground railroad reenactment stuff you do. Well I they actually open at how problems will probably be a very small probably for the top 35 miles. East of Pittsburgh. And it's was a very important stop all of them are well world world. Is is freedom seekers were coming up in the south and having opened the capital. And do what we do is a few times a year we trust property period costumes. And we take on a particular character that was vital in Nam and the the slaves skating. To freedoms of very adolescent thing to think about how was she missed a working in the you know the in the early eighteen hundreds. I've tried to get people working there are very livelihood. In order to get people to safety people believed every bit you know one never really generalize. These jokes and risking everything in crucial what. Action stories about blockers but lost everything because of that. The government can actually you know take old pure financial missile also bought. So it's of very fascinating. Time in American history. You know fire the missile war. Whenever people were trying to exceed two just freedom. Let's try to jumped one of these calls and have a lot of time here but this is Ralph from Florida heroes welcome to show. Eric and Marc call I'll probably four. Into warrior thing. Outlook and prayer. Her turtle not ports. Air. And mark Barnard. I typically treat you floodlights park one racing toward one gate once they're cold lane gravel. And they are really cool it's like. I've ever six deep. Act like. They're bright and my chartered air into the whatsoever. But they'll be like for that won't be caught in her a lot of trees. Enter looking down around the bar. And then what will come out from behind. Before the trial won't release and there are also water guard is not that little there. Book coming out having hit. Here's what they're little Eldorado. The date you not make it. No they think they are unbelievable predators is no question of that yeah I'm sad when grandma dog Zola Karim we're gonna take a break more to come you'll CG CGV and beyond reality. Or sunglasses. But I'm one of those guys who cannot. And get myself to spend any more like fifteen to I'm I lessons right with I know the Rosa please I'm on the boat and your fishing I turn my head they get blown off by FAA site. And with kids he would drop the broken and grandkids you name it there's that I've never I I literally in scifi ended up getting me a sunglasses one time and they were like three and I don't sunglasses. I lost a look at what we can expect. And I've never been able to talk myself to be getting decent song. There's a law in physics and it's a mathematical equation that is something to do with the more expensive the sunglasses the quicker they're gonna disappear or break I mean it's a mathematical certainty there's there's no gray area here at just how and I have some bought for ignoring I mean I got a forever for an hour. I felt that I mean that money out of those who welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio would Jason NGZ or guest tonight is Ronald Murphy junior British ready to tell your phone calls of hear on hold. Stay where this but to Ronald against picture being with us again the web sites are. Inside the gobbling universe that's related to your podcast dot com by the way and if you're looking for more information about Ronald books and his activities it's Ronald Murphy dot org. And we've been talking about a whole bunch of things so let's go to the phone lines and bring mark from Missouri and he's been waiting for some time hey mark welcome to the show where it to have beyond. I say it's great beer thanks Mick the question for mr. murky. I'm Ottawa kind of skewed it's cnet's article put sightseeing in USA today on Thursday they had posted an article originally links from Savannah morning news it's that in Georgia a man has seen what she believed was a lot that strike. Parkas on the short Jeter weapons. Actually little created yes a lot of people call it a please useful work but it was a very you know rustic image. I believe it was awful check while exact correct. Yeah I rescind that it was in the Arab national wildlife refuge where it's like question why it's been looking at the slowed though they had scientists. Going only by the total and it's said that initially look like a sturgeon chart when our product images. Obviously to hedge shape they're that. You know the melts and everything did lineup where that where the students were and the fact that the scientists were unable to locate Gilles. You know caused a little bit of curiosity peaked so much separate. I haven't heard anything since you. Was there anything introduced that this was recovered if so would they be able to test the court mr. Putin matched and DNA in order. Yeah well you know. Console they would be able to test out to lose these. And launchers. They've been called. That would show up on beaches around Saint Augustine, Florida. It was even photographs taken of these of these things. And people to know if they didn't quite a bit of decomposing well despite the global war despite have been some sort of fox. Talks with type of creature. There's an old former researcher has been double B squawk Serbs and the children you know it is may indeed be some sort of square it. Are bad being excited if you will be able to track down this carcass. Of this this is what what looks dramatically like. Utley is swore it would definitely be able to deal they have couldn't help tell you what it wants. It was bought out the outlook by until what time trouble years ago and they came across a very small. Cost structure of Russia trucked out of washed up on short op Ed it was bought quite is that decomposition yet. But because trucks are made out of park which. The decomposition. Doesn't allow you were obviously in the fall off what you would do out of skeletal mass so it's very possible. That this creature of the books sold. Like you know and dinosaurs. Could indeed be up by sharks is in a certain state of decomposition bubble doesn't look anything like a shark. It may indeed be what is going on there have been basking sharks sort of washed up before. And it takes on. The characteristics of what he wrote books like follow war error. So so I think to what we're dealing with pure is indeed ain't no species all of offshore. And the reason wanna hear anything more about that is because it's probably confidential sort of foregone conclusion that is indeed what awards. Well tonight. Well I can tell you that though science or whatever had a report earlier and was saying strange creature that washing ashore has so it's as of this time as stumped scientists. I know they're still looking into it mama sure exactly what's going on with it. Interest find out what's what they've yet he Marc thanks thanks for the phone call from Missouri appreciate the head guard Ronald and immune to cut you off there. Law on the thing is so bad that one of the curious things about this is that if it does indeed true to be a bundle available. Outlook the government keep it secret bought the government puts the academia worked this kind of quote on quote. Hey what they keep the secret I mean what benefit wooden beads. Too thought disclose the true as some sort of arms used well or following about the ocean. Arm and I a brutal war conspiracy theorists what are we deal with proposal -- about why worldwide bought disinformation would come to light. I think what you would want something ocean going. That this is a remarkable discovery if indeed this is not know compatible. Because they're all under that doubles of existing ocean is definitely the place where you would find. Let's go to Vince in Missouri agents hope the show. I can't have a regular hard court here get. Our you'll probably let me step in and when people are Arabic but they they've carried this. Also a carrier based melt. Yeah they got cancer that actually melted them. On the other creatures that were talking about our. Question a guest at the winners in had been any notable some medals there. You know accurate data content in the players virtual it is actually Merrill. This great democracy and a bigfoot. You know I doubt is an actual question. I have never hold that question to anyone but I'll regarding the ball and I'm not sure that's ever been asked by. How actually it shook very fundamental. Kind of eyewitness. Check recite in the people should ask. Regarding comment become of all factories senses. Is involved in these other types of crickets. I actually Bob certainly blown away about that because I had never thought about that before. We talked about bigfoot in this you know that's what makes smell war you know these various other types of very cold spells what this creature. I'll do whatever gets right down to it. Nobody has ever talked about you know be able offensive pay 888 lost men wore a Jersey dealt or anything of that nature. By the substance now. Very very it'll rustic Russian and I am definitely going to be asking that question backside I get down to look the point ordinary. Thanks for the call since we appreciate you calling in. Brew we don't have a whole lot of time left but I want to switch the conversation what would Ronald to this portal discussion. Tell us what we're talking about when you we when you referenced the word portal what is it we're talking about here. I guess completely in his swing to. Who bombed the father is a gateway between what world and the other world the other will be kind of in quotations system overwhelmed. And I would like talk about gateway. It almost seems that it is an energy transfer away to go 41 Bob what will be ignored by the world war being. Now again to lose to the idea of these very well. You know since antiquity. Ares I always concede the calm through. Arms very circles very well you know this seems to be a portal through which these things so called. Are now in my research and fire I've studied this. Our arms slaughtered to think that places like Stonehenge and the eight bury the these other famous you know stone circles. May indeed to be humanity's way all of you. You were analyzing he's Serb in the event like I'm manifestation of something unusual. So what do we think of these kind of circular objects. Is that mirroring what we would call very circles op and it is very possible that they are I mean. And I was able to find. Images from China. I was able find images from Africa that it is seen swirling paper all sort of cold. This very strange. Pop images. Aren't sure what it would images attached to that. Often wasn't very award. They all content from a different time periods shot and killed by so we're dealing with ball Australia. Some go back was forced 35000. Years ago which is by blowing. Talk about the same time. That the case is about paintings are being done. Our blog I was sad Africa China they Soviet former Soviet Union and what shall we concede these depicted. Op and it seems that is easy cost hold troll. If match so whenever that happens is it an almost seems that is that human eyes. Is actually perceiving these things they are actually covering. So all of these kind of swirls of these things that we designate as mobile call very circles are these indeed. Smoking got all of these these portals through which things. Are able to manifests in the dust wolf for another hour. We've had discussions on the program forging you'll remember we've had guests on talking about actually being able to identify locate and and kept continually visit. Portals. Thousand is that it other than the ferry rings and that type of portal. Are you familiar winds may be just these. It trying to remember the description it was kind of the description of what the blue light. At one point that turned out to be a portal according to some of the guess we have on just in the middle of the woods and continued re appears on some kind of schedule. Are you familiar or anything like that. I I I felt about a fact I just recently how to guest on the radio show. I've that was investigating these are flights you know that they all while the world as well also you know the more polite some Texans. But he was actually investigating these lights in the end Georgia. Said he indeed talked about you know waking up for the little one by it and see blue light that seemed to happen intelligence to work. Armed aggravating through the trees has with the world looking for something and he was actually sleeping in his car we're in this one investigation. And he felt addresses white itself was scanning the claw our to figure out why it was there and we dealt. What was inside the cock. So it seems these blades to know how of what we would call it intelligence to. Which is an extremely fascinating idea. So I think we've come full circle now. Because all of these pattern. You know what they're manifesting themselves in light to Warsaw bubble cycle you know you will policy to elmo's fire we will go back you know several hundred years ago. Are these earth energy's also able to. You know projecting its due partly human consciousness. I think image and the way they want to look at. We talked about interest in for a sound. But one of the things you've also looked at as ceremonies in and most people recognize it fair and owns or these chemicals released by a living beings that. Have an effect on other living beings generally the same species. To make them behave a certain way there're there're a meeting firm owns there are danger pheromones is a whole bunch of things that affect our behavior that we aren't even aware of how does this. Enter into this discussion with the scripted or or even did you form creatures. What what pick what are we can't with the idea of big fort Howell it's this is a little flexible available. How important things like bare bones would be. Because indignation is basically. You know what tracking device for other bigfoot figured out what each other. Our view could shut up pathways. Based solely on smell. Are you a little while for you know breeding to take place so adaptable to bought out to congregate in the it is very easily discover you know. That we groups that you could be able to Kabul. A colossal box waterways and station po box former prime. It's only come together certain crimes based upon smell but the idea of parables and the idea that profile. Is allowing four available to be territorial. And confrontational. What I'll be waited in the states but it's able to look for the distance was which is extremely important for the most available. So if we do brought. We Google place that we start having these feelings which you know a lot of people report this strange feeling. You know what is going on we'd be bombarded. With the emphasize on the we can block oh probably here but we can cents. All of which telling something that that the that the plane of that flight mortal part of our brain can recognize. I as a Ozzie as you know off. Flights indicator. What exactly is going on at and animals able to powerful 12 punch all of its first solvents terrible. We're doing we're something that could indeed stay hidden for quite a period of time. Because he would he would have to come in contact with that. I as it is peace being territorial. We are pretty much at a time here Reynolds been fascinating discussion before we go what's up next for you. We have our say the president next program that we're going to be doing. Is he what I hoped he got shot or true the first Maggette dinner I'll pull it paying which would be operable Pennsylvania. PA part of history towards the gmail.com. If you wanna get two tickets their I would I would probably. Kelly it's luck or yup they will be stemmed Wharton and RI. I'd do in the talked and then not you can go to my web site. And check out all the stops which will be happening from the June up until September. Regarding the national towards the orbital. Terrific it's great yeah mystery and make so much for coming. And now a strong it's always a pleasure to unit. So much time flies little water which you I had a great great duels fought that I hope to see guys very sort of. I've soul than Q I have a great night. All right so we're gonna take a quick break and we come back. Little more or less so useless Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio back. Thanks everybody for joining us thanks to run. Yeah you're turning the best our program back with a Rebecca Foster Monday night to do psychic readings and much much more. Yes if you haven't yet make she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. And had to be under reality radio dot com where you can download the free iPhone Mandarin capitalist let's catch shows join the chat more. Or you can find all the stations we are on across the country now check that list Austin because were constantly updating and adding news stations. Or just listen line click click a listen live button up in the right hand corner of the once it was in line and join us and an online chat in the night that you one it's also browse the web. That's gonna do for us tonight everybody have a great weekend you listen Jason GP and season and. And we'll ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be don't really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio de radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.