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Frank Joseph discusses ancient and modern mysteries and "Power Places"

Mar 7, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author Frank Joseph about his book Power Places that examines some of the world's most interesting and intriguing places. 3/6/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. I don't know the song when I'm home tonight and I knew that I don't know it's just one of those weird nights things just kind of not falling into place I don't know what that big in every member of one of those nights just doesn't mean to some some things off I'm having one of those nights sex have been a couple of days and it's just culminating tonight but. I'm not gonna let that interfere we've got a great program thanks for joining us everybody it's beyond reality radeon GB Johnson Jason isn't here because that storm that whipped through New England. He almost won and talking about dump snow in upstate New York ton of rain a lot of coastal erosion. Really bad stuff actually flooding and all that. He's still without power so what he should have attacked for tomorrow night's program and we'll have him back but tonight it's just me. And a great guest though we've got frank Joseph joining us he's an author and will be discussing his book called power places it's a collection of investigations into strange and mysterious phenomenon around the world. And Richard a great week of programs because tomorrow night nick Redford joins us and he's a writer of paranormal topics in his most recent book is called. The slender man on a second slender man mysteries. And it's a study of how this letter slender man phenomenon began in 2009 as most of us knows a fictional character created for the Internet I think it was a photo. Contest or something was really creepy but. Within a year of that thing appearing people started seeing slender man all around the world suggesting that the creature may have come to life. And we'll talk about that with nick red fern in tomorrow night's program. And then Wednesday night I Joshua Warren joins us again of course he is it infamous paranormal investigator. He will be talking about paranormal hurricane stories and hacking reality. The next Lucent's the first time since hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico where Joshua livs. We'll talk will get a live report out from the island including a plethora of breaking in weird stories it's round the event. That we all know happened but these stories we haven't heard before. And he'll also unveiled a new system he's developed to help you pack reality by matching. Your personality type with a method that works for you in Thursday night's program is still we're still two yet to announce our guests so will be working on that but. Did a great weekend it's it's good to have you all back here. Thanks to all the radio stations during the program thanks everybody in Chad if you're looking for the chat room. You just go to the website and click on the chat icon and you can join the fun there or if you have the app you can down if you haven't downloaded he can but if you have it. You do step click on the happen is a link from the chat room there as well great fun a lot of great conversation Lotta great people. And that we invite you to join us there so okay we're gonna go to break when we come back we'll bring our guest in again we're talking with frank Joseph. Who's an author of talking about his book he's written a ton of books but tonight's discussion will focus on his new book coming out in April called. Power places a couple other quick reminders before we go to break the scare com website is up and running guests are being announced it's in Framingham Massachusetts a weekend of June. 1516 and seventeen it's a great collection of horror celebrities and paranormal celebrities the guest list is just getting started. There's movie screenings there's panel discussions there's parties it's a lot of fun love to see there. Also the be on reality radio coffee mug is still for sale on the beyond reality radio website goes there and you'll be able to click on the link. Nor yourself one of the official beyond reality really coffee mugs I will thank all the folks. Who have taken pictures of theirs and send them to me through FaceBook I was invite those thanks guys for doing that. And then maybe some time tonight and an awful bill the doable maybe we'll get dual reintroduce our psyche experiment. See if we have time to do that hopefully we can't anyway it's beyond reality radio we've got to I'd frank Joseph coming up. Right on the other side of the break don't. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short on help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fund that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I. Keeping track that is known as deep breakup so. By integrating the and welcome back to be on real. The radio on TV I hope everybody's having a great night and is nestled in and ready for great conversation with our guest tonight. We'll be talking with frank Joseph he's an author be discussing his new book called power places which is a collection of investigations into strange and mysterious phenomenon. From around the world which is exactly what we like to talk about on this program whispering frank into the program hey frank welcome to be on reality radio recap beyond tonight. I don't hear frank but but. All right we'll see what's going on with frank here in the meantime I wanna talk about something that actually is in the news. We heard about the program that the federal government was involved with where they were funding. A pentagon secret project to investigate unidentified flying objects. And months later people are still looking for then earthshaking news. That has come on of these these studies. Because the last known government program to investigate UFO encounters was the Air Force's project blue book which ended in 1969 and since 1969. The a government hasn't at least officially been involved in the hunt for UFO's but researchers in the area of always speculated wonder what is actually going on behind the scenes. Is there really a government investigation has it been going on for a long time and would this report from the New York Times again late last year we know that the answers yes. Yes and according to the New York Times 22 million dollars was spent on that program between 2007. In 2011. The funding did stop but they haven't confirmed that the program itself stop in fact some people say that the program existed it's still exists and it's investigating military cases and very soon be the cases of pilot encounters with the UFO's. I'm so there and continue to look at this stuff and their continued to try to determine. What is happening in our skies we have a lot of reports from military observers of a craft that they can't figure out what it is. And they're dirt can continue this investigation so you know one of the things that we often talk about the program is that the government. Has more at stake in this search then then anybody probably in their four. They probably are continuing visa efforts to find out what these craft are and why there is there and if there. A threat or if they are friends friends are filed so we'll keep up will keep a look on that story will make sure we bring any updates so let's see if we've got. Frank with a salary Frankie with us. There you are okay is much better to hear your voice when I answer a question to your silent than to yourself so. Welcome to the program's great to have you on tonight. Well the pleasure is all I'm glad to be here. So couple things we need to get out of the way first you're website is ancient American dot com and the book going to be talking about tonight is called power places and you've written a ton of stuff in fact given the number of books and I've seen didn't knock it to your credit. I think he must have been writing books firm gosh. 150 years or so I mean Enron and write that many products and anybody's lifetime. How did you start in no list. Well I think my failed education now. I went. University of back about 500 years ago it seemed to southern Illinois. Outside the Carbondale. I was it was a lot of things that they yet teachers brought up but the they are a lot of questions that they refused to answer because they were politically correct my own. So loud that led me into being an alternative investigate it. So as an alternative investigator you looked at these kind of off the beaten path topics things that maybe traditional. Researchers and educators might considered taboo. However. Those of us was curious minds really wanna get some answers. Got an. That turned out. I have a lot of respect for the mainstream and not for conventional archaeologist who do a lot of hard work. The only difference I problem. Is that these fellows are very subjective and I guess that after the is the nature there science look very close at and and is subject and you know all the details. But in dealing net and they may lack objectivity they don't stand back. From the that the subjects they're looking at and that's what I try to do like I take all their hard work and I acknowledged for that. But I try to hit the bigger picture or not folks like you would mean that wanna know really hot as competent wise it's important. Why is uninteresting. And it's like. Looking at healthy and set up close you know populate and it really cold putter I have to the screen you'll see a lot of pixels and that's correct but you will not see the total of Egypt you have to stand back. And I think that's that's basically what I am trying to do it just depends and kind of objectivity and see how things connect one with the other end up. Why it's cool. It's always bothered me that some in the research community community here the scientific community will automatically and dismiss some ideas Tom as being. The fan fantastic or. Whatever instead of I mean we knew we all look at topics and we walls and maybe have some hint of skepticism on some of these things however. Anybody with a curious mind should wanting helped try to find answers instead of just dismissing them offhand. I think you're absolutely correct we just can't I think it's very unscientific. Just say oh. That that information as being correct about even bothering to look into it just because it doesn't fit a true scientist keep everything on the table. Little things that don't seem to fit you know you put aside perhaps which you don't just discard them totally I. I think that's a mistake that's being done by a lot of mainstream scientists say. Especially in things the for example my book up PowerPoint has talked quite a bit about on the possibility of more of a possible connections of certainty that there were visitors to America. Hundreds and thousands of years before Columbus will even born and that Columbus although he was a great achievement appears and I have a great deal of respect for his achievement. It was. After the discoverer of America is not the first visitor from the ancient old world here he was preceded by literally dozens possibly. Hundreds of different cultures. That made a fantastic. Net impact. On the pre history of America and has got to be acknowledged that some of the intimidate the articles that we haven't power places probably. Underscore that Columbus shock is great achievement was of course making a constant connection between the America's. In Europe whereas all of these discoveries before that time there contact Kendyl. Lost and it's up to I think alternative investigators showed that these old contacts pre Colombian were valid and important and very interesting quite a story there. Yes it is it's a fascinating story we're gonna obviously talk about the book power places and in quite some detail. A but. In relation to this idea that Columbus was the discover of North America from you know western civilization standpoint. To defer to the point where right now we want it's fairly well accepted that Columbus was not the first European. Or western visitor to the new world. At what point did you tied shift on that at what point did academia start to respect that theory and actually. Out leaned in in that direction. Well academic as it is still low leaning very appropriately in that direction early road. Reluctantly. It was only as recently as 1960. But there were talking only about fifty years ago when. Hell changed. Amateur archaeologist and as life. Re able to establish at a place called lancet medals. Was in fact in viking settlement. That was made by people from the north area of the world and on this preceded Columbus spiked 500 years. Archaeologists were forced. Out kicking and screaming to accept all of the evidence but this but as a consequence. And it that well that was just kept. Three. Let's not a success and that they never went any further. And so medals well I'll add information that's stance. Has been thoroughly discredited it turns out Atlanta meadows. Telling stat was able to establish. That. Part of America pre Columbian history was part of a number holds but the vikings at all up and down. Eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada. And net be being penetrated as far as council Pena they explored. The river away all lake a Lake Erie all of that pushed. The main issue archaeologists are among. They don't talk about it but the evidence is strong in overwhelming. That the vikings really commit to a large extent almost can't. The almost the entire eastern part of the United States nearly they explored it very thoroughly. And that's something that doesn't get indoor or textbooks that we don't have a television but. The accident known for decades and it's important for people like you and I think to bring that information out. And I may be betraying some of my ignorance here when it comes to viking culture but the vikings weren't colonizers per say they were the raiders are they where they came they took what they want and they went home for the most part is that correct. No that is really incorrect they did that. As they were absolutely raiders met fact that named spiking comes from the old words four day major or somebody that we need to pay what they did pretty early on. I'm also sometime like in the late eighth century AD. But after that they became. Mostly. Merchants and traders and these other outposts. They were not really into into conquest they weren't so look for awhile but they found it was five or probable. One Q you she's a territory. To deal fairly with the people that you. You've conquered or that you intimidated. And that they were mostly involving commerce. And then not colonizing in the in the sense that Spain or France Colleen but they did at colonial holdings nonetheless but they were very free and open about it. So once again we're talking with frank Joseph he's the author of the book called power places of frank that's coming out in April of this year right. Yes it's coming out very soon. Also gonna check out the website ancient American dot com we're gonna break here in just a minute but Tom when you started. Kind of compiling information from this book what was the objective we got about a minute before break. What the objective look I think to have kind of an overview of some of these things that we're talking about you not I just not just the vikings on the north but while life after that US foes. Extraterrestrial possibilities it's kind of a a mosaic of things that I've been asked cutting in and writing about for the past. Forty or fifty years now. All right so we come back from break Broussard and didn't get into some details. With frank Joseph also we'll take your calls later in the program the telephone numbers 844. 6877669. I'm GB Johnson I'm here soul and I Jason. Is without power so you should be back with us tomorrow I know that National Grid in the Rhode Island areas haven't rural trouble. A getting everybody's power restored after that storm last week but they're working on and hopefully he'll be set. And that with a strong night it's beyond reality don't go away. Next storm hits New England most of Thursday no Friday it was last Friday and it knocked power out to a lot of people are still trying to get it restored it was quite devastating was pretty much all rain in the New England area it was a lot of snow and upstate New York it'd affect a lot of people so. More hoping that all that gets resolved release soon Jason should be back with us tomorrow night. Oh to Myrna we will have nick red fern witness talking about the slender man he's got a book out called the slender man mysteries this is gonna be really cool discussion about how the slender man phenomenon began in 2009 it started. In a photo contest contest is started. Weeds somebody just kind of mess around and created an image that was really creepy but it's turned into. Two people seeing this creature for real so we'll talk about that was nick read for an tomorrow night in Josh warrant. Will be there with this win tonight tonight however we're talking with frank Joseph about his new book it's called power places. And it's it's a fascinating. Look at a lot of places around the world that have quite. The story to tell and again frank thanks for being with us. With poor places. How did you select I mean there a lot of locations that you talk about in the book and one of phenomenon that you talk about human and there's the list is long. That you included in the book but the list of potential places is probably a lot longer what was the selection process like. The fifty million lost in the. So don't try this again why we're having such technical. Difficulties meeting the storm did some damage that not aware of but anyway our guest tonight is frank Joes have been. Franchitti there when this. Yes I am I'm sorry for the technical glitches but there and yet we've had some very bad weather here also. Passenger be that bad weather all over the place but they were your are now it sounds good OK so we should be good to go here I wanted to talk about you know that the book in the locations in the and the phenomenon you had to select to talk about because the list is long of what you covered in the book but the list of potential places is longer. How did you make your your selections and what you're gonna write about what you weren't. Well up up things that I want to write about most well thought although the most part and some things that are going on today some of these articles go back. Fifteen or twenty years or more giant smoke dating to do but I wanted to do. To put together article that's up there were in the news people that things were particularly interest of the people right now. And for example like the disclosure that we've had not too long golf. That's the maverick just last December that the young United States government and specifically the united states air force. As a fact and involved in the 22 million dollar program to investigate you oppose the whole time there were saying that oh no it's a hoax and so that we that we start trying what and all our investigations and get back in 1950s that cannot be complete lie of course. And I had an article about that not too well about ten or fifteen years also I thought that was kind of are appropriate to bring out some and that this phenomenon that is being observed by literally millions of people around the world. Is not a hoax edges. To. And national reputation of natural phenomena all the old some cases it is. But in a great deal. Cases. That we are releasing him what can only be eaten described as the evidence of some highly advanced technology from. Some of the world or dimension that is not ours. I talked about the government program in the opening to the show actually twenty couldn't catch on the line the first type of I actually mentioned that and debt. You know there's a lot of talk about that and infrequently. When we talk about any of these topics on the program that question of the government comes up. Is the government hiding something does the government know about this and is not telling us does the government wanna keep this quiet. And when it comes to the UFO discussion is seems pretty clear that the government doesn't wanna talk about it. Even though. They just admitted. Maybe under pressure that they've been spending money on it. What's what's the why why would the government and government be so hesitant to discuss something that could mean so much to so many people. Well I've come to two conclusions that I've done and done some pretty intensive. The research on that over the past few decades and my general conclusion is there are two reasons why. The first reason why is that and this has been government policy believe or not and for 1940s. Since 1941 that is the earliest at least earliest known incidents that I have in which. A US government agency was able to actually complicate. And wreckage from the crashed. Vehicle in Missouri. In 1941 march 1941. And ever since that time. That the stance of the government has always been. To keep that very quiet for the same reason that you would shoot down for example or are given possession now. Technology from some other country like for example Nazi Germany at the first jet planes a rocket planes and all that sort of thing and and we want it and we want at all that technology for ourselves and after World War II. The courts so the jet technology we have to do at all as a legacy from the Third Reich. So that's guard there. So I've my conclusion as I really believe this especially after having interviewed a great number of military men especially in the air force. That whenever. The and intrusive. Vehicle. Enters its airspace is and we can shoot it down. We will. Has been our that is being harsh our stance that put that put beginnings and thank you for it will shoot it down or try to capture it. Because we want that advanced technology that is the attitude that the US air force has had. For now I'll go oh well over seventy years we have we want that technology can only way to get that technology. Is to to shoot it down or to capture it somehow. And and I straight rescue of course because you're firing obviously technology which is way in advance of yourself. And at that could lead to some serious military. Encounters and it happens. But that is the reason why they're keeping it secret and number one reason that's highly advanced technology. We want it. And we don't want anybody else to go abroad and so we put out that we yet meaning the US government especially of course has put out this. Idea that I don't know let's not Google announced a bunch of ultra people also seeing things. If they want that technology. That's number one reason the other reason has. This is course well has been discussed it and prolonged time and believed in it's true that is. The US government is afraid of majors social dislocation. Which would mean that yet something laws acknowledged. There are creatures are not human they have at least. Their possession of certain ways superior technology. That yes are interfacing with our society at various levels flying Taurus guys. That this would cause a serious disruptions. As of the as far as religion has concerned. You have to understand too that our economy. Asked is an extremely fragile. Conditions. And not the people that are in charge of the economy don't want anything that all the disrupted at even more. It's not just that that the government distrust people thinking that all the other gonna open circuit in the streets just. There is another I'd rather sticky question here and that is indeed the question of alien abductions. And some of these alien abductions. And have turned out to be very messy affairs. In which American citizens have been very badly treated. And some have died. They're literally subjected to kind of that sometimes say torturous. Situation. And if that was disclosed. And officially recognized. There is indeed there might be some levels of panic going. There's a wonderful book became polyps it's called abduction was written by doctor John Mack. And before his untimely death or possible murder by the way. And it won't get into that such a whole other program. His book abductions sets forth the case of alien abductions. In such a compelling incredible. Weigh the balance to Harvard scholar. Is on the leading. Sciences at the United States at the end of the twentieth century. In about how it. Alien abduction takes place it is really happening we don't know exactly why but it has taken place and does take its. That the government was able to come out and say yes this is happening and is nothing we can do about it. This could lead to as some serious. And disruption in our society so also the true reasons why. The government is snapped and never will make full disclosure number one because we want that technology. And number two. It's it's the whole truth came out especially about abductions MD total. Military superiority of these creatures already seen we have here that could lead to real social dislocation. We have. Who have we've had glimpses of this and one of the things to always concerned me Eric yes me me curious as. If these alien cultures and these advanced civilizations are visiting us why are they doing it in such a clan to Stein. Way why is it that they appear briefly they appear sporadically. And instead of making their presence known because they think they could surpass the government so they could warm at least go around. The world governments and go to the people if they had a real match a message to deliver or is that something completely different going on. Well of course we can only speculate we don't know we're dealing with a non human intelligence. Or we're dealing with the human intelligence from the future that the possibility. Some parallel universe we just don't know. But put yourself in the Hershey as we possibly can let's say that you have a vehicle in which you can. Go from one galaxy to another you can just it's just going to fall on planet to another has nothing. Let's say you have that some device sickened some technology we get into just about anywhere you want this fancies you want that's probably what they have. What that means there's less than what we know lobby Exel planets that are now being found hundreds and hundreds of them. They probably have probably they have certainly seen seemed world like ours we're probably at diamond doesn't. And it will probably incredibly common. We like to think of ourselves so unique and well we were unique in the solar system but the action and so they've seen numerous places like ours and it's no big deal to them. They also have a certain wants. But in my day it's not just the grays apparently there are several cultures that are involved alien cultures. They have different agendas some problems some of government nicer than others. And as far as being clandestine I don't think they are clandestine and there's a scene every day. People were on the world scene them constantly. And asking them constantly. So I don't think it's it's all right I mean I've seen them and I there was a time in my site. Didn't really hot and fully accept the possibility but when you actually see that thing. Then that changes your life and I've I've nothing special credit there are billions of people that see these things and so I think that that's. It's not a clandestine affair they just don't care for the most part I don't think there's going to be any time where they land on the White House slotting. Corporation eight the president's hand and all that or whatever they shake I don't know what's its second of beefed. I think that that's science fiction. I think we're confident that we Beijing numerous places like earth hour flight places some more advanced others not as advanced. And wider here at one of the reasons why some of the raiders they want large genetic material for one reason or they are harvesting. Some of our genetic richer content and extremely radical thing to say but don't expect it. And that's it's it's happening I think that some of them are here for some very. Terrible reasons. We've had a lot of discussions and you mentioned the proverbial. Landing on the White House lawn that's just gonna you know kind of a way to say make the presents obvious and known where everybody conceded in all the world's eyes will be on it. And that did that hasn't happened and so I think a lot of yeah it's not going to I think you're right. On we'll have a minute here before we have to go to or top of the hour break sort of when he getting into too deep because so many of these topics ours so in depth and so detailed and so fascinating that that we could easily get off on a tangent. But before we get into that inform go to this break. I offered the website ancient American dot com now is that magazine in in in and how wager which is losing your magazine what is that if people go to that website. Well the popular science magazine. Used to be the editor in chief for the average American like for seventeen years or something. And I am retired from that but I still write for it and if people wanna get in touch. Whitney they can do that to ancient American magazine's Asian American deals primarily with the topics. Bob pre Colombian visitors to the Americas from. West Africa from Europe and at the eighth and Asian nations. And that's primarily what to what the thrust of that magazine this. Great okay so again that tell website is ancient American dot com to talk a lot more about the book power places and where's it available. Frank where's the book available. They'll just buy anywhere I would advise our listeners and they wanna go to Amazon dot comic but get the best price for a there. And opportunity it's also available at. Bookstores in the in the area it's just about every play issue wanna go get it. OK great so we come back from the break we're gonna get in this more detail about the book its power places are our guest is frank Joseph he's an author. And down our phone number for questions later in the program will open up those phone lines and a few minutes. Is 8446877669. And GB Johnson's is beyond reality radio. Don't go away go. Our own suffering with a power outage rate now you river that storm came through the North Sea stint it's still do want to damage the water levels are up a flooding everywhere. Beach erosion is bad I just saw on the news a seawall. Off the coast of Massachusetts has fallen and they're trying to fix that it's it's really cause some serious Havoc. And gives most power in the process but he should have a back tomorrow will be back with us for guess tomorrow night which is nick red fern. And it's going to be a great topic we're going to be talking about the slender man this is a phenomenon that has a lot of people intrigued. Nick has a new book called the slender man mysteries and it's a study of how. The slender man urban legend which began as a fictional characters based basically a photograph that was doctored in Photoshop. And put on the Internet for contest it won I believe it's very very creepy picture. But within a year of that picture showing up sort of suddenly this creature started to manifest itself in people we're seeing. People are seeing it in their rooms at night people were seeing it in the forest. An and actually inspires some non criminal acts by some kids. Which will talk about as well that's the mystery of the slender man. And then wins and I Joseph or Joshua warn will join us. Joshua is a well known paranormal investigator we're going to be talking about a whole bunch of things including hacking reality and paranormal hurricane stories from. Puerto Rico when shortly after Hurricane Rita ravaged. That island. Territory of the United States so we'll talk about that. I'm Josh was also the kind donate your of the washing machines and Jason I got so we'll have a chance to talk about those and we haven't used them yet. We've got we both have this device sitting on our studio desks. That so we've been kind of hesitant to use so mean tool we will enact that mullah mix and wishes. There's wins and it was Joshua warranties on the program what stall stall ahead to tonight we're talking with frank Joseph about his new book called power places. It's a collection of investigations into strange and mysterious phenomenon. From around the world and again frank thanks for being with us and let's make sure you're still there. Cabrera. Had to first time I think we came back from break we actually engineer the first and so that's good that's good start to the second hour. And we will be open up the moment in case anybody has any questions. Our so let's let's see here you've examines not just places ritual also looked at some personalities to some some well known people that have some pretty unique ideas. How did they fit into this. Well I think as someone's nuts and as a very well known to our listeners as jewels part. Of course Jules Verne wrote these very prophetic cookbooks like 20000 leagues under the sea Reid talked about. Atomic powered submarines and so on back in the nineteenth century it. Amid deadly truck and nineteenth century it was pretty adventurous time but. People we're studying science could kind of in Tripoli the things like that might to develop. However. I lost manuscript of his was found. About fifteen years ago it was unpublished. And the reason why it was on publishes because as publishers thought it was just absolutely to a fantastic. For anybody to believe it was just that it lacked on credibility thinking that would happen. And yet in this manuscript now also was rather grim. The manuscript that children wrote about keen vision care us. And around the time of the terms of a 21 century. And he talked about things now this is from the standpoint of 1880. That's when he wrote to us minister under various titles. And like that was never published. And what are things that he was able division was television. He was able to worry which sort of people we're getting all the information they need to work from these collapse global disk. That we're in their holes. He also forecast. Major crime wave is less so large amounts of immigrants from other parts of the the defunct French empire. I was. Beriault a radical thing to say back and that's all the talking radical saying now. Because of French empire was very strong and the 1880s as a major empire is challenging the British empire. But he evasion envision a time when it would collapse. And that. The people that were once colonials were being the ones that would revenge themselves. On the former colonial master and that sort of thing. And she she made some terrific terrific kept prognostications. He also talked about and it was even before parties seek Clark he talked about the possibility of satellite communication. It's amazing things and he was not the only one. There was an American version of Jules -- his name was Ignatius Donnelly he's not as well at all. True or Ignatius Donnelly was the author of very famous book called Atlanta's the incident Libyan world. That was the first scientific view study of Atlanta us. And the nation's stoutly built a very prophetic novel called Caesars column. Came out about the same time a little bit after originals burns. Book about terrorists in which he talked about what America would be like at the end of the twentieth century. And he actually claimed that it did finally calling the term airline us. Were people would be able to fly from one continent to the next tee he was the first to use that name airlines. Where they were actually beat like airliners. And I think it was with these men is that they would. At our guess is Jews Vick already altered states of consciousness citizen just extrapolating. No old science. I think that when they end up passions seizes upon these geniuses. Whether they're polyps are haters are musicians. They. Their their consciousness I think transcends normal. Work it day existence and I think that they can their imagination can transcend time and they actually do. Something that is known today as remote viewing that's the term that we use now on I think that in the past it was known as clairvoyance or our audience or whatever. And I think that these men like children in the nation's Donnelly really did transcend their own time I think they did peak in two. And various aspects of our time and that's what I like tried to say investigative. These two articles about these two wonderful writers. Its interest in when you bring up some really tools Vern and you know we all know some of his classic literary work which was also visionary in itself and a lot of counts as you know is pretty amazing. You know how does how does somebody shall open history. And and and you knew you he offered some idea on how this stuff happens but how how they make that connection with things that seemed to be so prophetic. Well it SA I think. They're kind of like Indian Madison matter. Were they going to altered states of consciousness they go to deep trance states summit like get Edgar Casey for example. Who was really just. An ordinary decent man and uneducated man. Who have suffered some of physical disabilities and that would have near death experience and what he's arriving came out. That he had this position as a visionary capability. And that it isn't all bad that rare. It's infrequent but I think that all human beings I think you and I and all of us. Possess this to some degree or another we just don't acknowledge that. We don't build on it and they believe that I'm our ancestors had great abilities to transcend their own time when you realize that you are higher. Living in a building for example or worse sheltered from the weather. We have four walls and we have central heating and all that our ancestors had none of that. That they had to live extremely close to nature of it. They develop their senses. Are more acutely than anything we know I mean beyond their ability to justice will or this year courtesy. The more perceptive you were the environment the greater your chances of surviving. The greater your chances of continued existence and I think that that's highlighted all of our. Seems senses far beyond anything that we noted date because by moving in due. Sheltered areas week let that atrophy. And that's something like jewels Bernard nations Dolly comes along and they have a kind of that recruit guess and so a revival. I'll be so old skill that our ancestors had for tens of thousands of years but we've lost over the past few thousand years. We've got to talk about some of these locations as well you know we talked about how you selected them and we admit that the list is pretty incredible and there's so they're such fascinating. Places manner were you wanna start I mean I've got some on my list but. And I are actually probably did the best place to start his what do you think is the most fascinating spot that you included in the book. Rather them are so many but I can think of one of the top might have which is not well known outside of where. It was created. It was created entirely from. I kind of dream experience. There was a young man. The English father go burstein before it became a father was Catholic not us and what he was intense all his life. Two there to be a Catholic priest who has. And many were they at the end of the nineteenth century beginning of the twentieth century. And before he could complete his follows. The was dying he had a very seriously hurt he was virtually left for dead. And when he was the plight of expiring eat. Claimed to have had a vision of the virgin Mary. And he pleaded with a virgin Mary not to take him that he really wanted to work here in the world. And he said that he would raise he has a great monument traverse some at all. And does so he survived his experience. This just a poor priest. And eagle was was serious about fulfilling his bouts of the blessed virgin. But he never could he was very poverty stricken and he was banished actually formed up being the best of priests. To the wild at Iowa which and they were pretty wild about 1890. And Barry in Iowa. He filed. Terrific amounts of where general stones. Shall think about Iowa being sent to put that with these gem stones he built today as small grotto to live the virgin marry. And people in the area were so impressed with that that they contribute to their own precious and semi precious stones over the years and he gradually expanded this grotto. Until he became literally world famous father oversight was known around the world for building this grotto. And people contributed literally try or lose all of precious jewels. And semi precious stones from all over the world until he finally spend the rest of his life building this gigantic. Collection of a series of rob Lowe's store various. Aspects of the Catholic Church but it was a strange thing because as time went on he got in trouble with the Catholic Church. Because some of these granados. They would they were not these steps they were not a standard iconography. That have that the Vatican was commander left and some of these models that took on a rather taken mystic. Aspects as sort of synthesis of christianity. And the some kind of other religion that was very bizarre. The traditional public displaced it is absolutely fantastic. It's in the center of Iowa candidates accountable. Not visited the area but the rivals are incredible. And to go there on a sunny day. To walk over these various granados which he'd probably Duberstein spent I think something like sixty years old as seventy years building these things. There's still incomplete. And other priests after him pastors and added to that the continued to tour the largest. Is probably be the largest religious monument in the world. It weighs literally. Thousands and thousands of crosses. And they that they've had to have all kinds of construction engineers in there to keep the place from falling down. But it's if you go to slowly gain it it's just an up. A remarkable sight to see any air command who is also sort of going result leash spiritually even though it was a very devout Catholic. Nonetheless in building this place. He's sort of went into a a larger are afraid more different or spiritual dimension and it's a wonderful place to visit so you don't have to be I. A 100% Catholic or even that Christians who is seated magnificence of this very disarmed placed. Public rock all the redemption and I write about it somebody down at some terrific photographs of people don't believe that have never heard about they can just. Keyboard into. On the Internet you'll see some terrific photographs of father Duberstein has. Gravel redemption that's that's one of the fantastic places in the book. And there are a lot more winner take a break and when we come back from the break we'll get into some of those other places were talking with frank Joseph his book is called power places it will be available. I'm in April of this year on Amazon and many other places that you can buy books it's beyond reality radio Jason javy. JD so continents. The show while we get. All sorts technical glitches these phone call but I think frank is still with us frank you there. Yeah OK good we just we've got a very short segment here. On how the books have you written altogether. Bob thirtieth against. Wow it is a long list plus you've contributed to a whole bunch of stuff to rent. Well yeah I magazines and that's just saying you know publish or perish publish or perish. You have to. On of all those books if you were to give our listeners like a road map obviously we're talking about power places tonight but if you had to say here's a couple that you really should start with. To get use to my work cut what would you recommend. Well the one that I might favorite book and I've written has called opening the ark of the covenant. That's not a religious book by any means. But it did traces. Lighting is most fascinating object in all history. And I worked the longest and hardest on map book that says traces of all the way from Atlanta in the war in beginnings all the after the present day. So I think they're reading was such as saying there and I believe that it was evidence of extremely high technology that existed during ancient times. And still I think of that very valuable divisive it could be activated today. And what was name of that book again. It's called opening the ark of the covenant. Cannot about ten years ago. And fact that someone that I I worked the hardest on in the longest and I'm pretty happy with that. Right we're gonna break when we come backward and get into more detail on power places there's so much more to talk about what our guest frank Joseph. Once again our phone numbers 84468776. X and hopefully boost. Franco over the break we see it yet and their problem but. They grow a little better shape right now it's beyond reality radio on TV don't go away. Off the last half hour of tonight's program it's beyond reality radio GC GG although Jason is suffering from a power outage tonight not with a so be back tomorrow hopefully if National Grid. It's their work done. Our phone number is 8446877669. Should also I check out the scare con website if you're a fan of horror celebrities or films and paranormal programming. A we've got paranormal or shall re showing up at scare accomplished film screenings panel discussions. Some really really great stuff on it's a weekend of June 15 sixteen and seventeen. Framingham Massachusetts. The website is scare con dot com wanna great information there. Our guest tonight is frank Joseph he's an author and his most recent book is called power place to come power places that comes out April of this year so when we have to. The CEO frank we're what we're in March so my bugs 45 weeks from a book comes out. Those get real close one thing if you talk about in the book than I'm really curious about is the connection between. The master builders of antiquity and these old builders of things like the pyramids and he's in the disease unbelievable structures and the connection. Would those builders to some new world places talk about that and. Well I think it's really interesting as you mentioned course the pyramids and things like structures like that that are extremely well known. They're sort of real real close parallels between the permits but on the Nile valley in the parents that are common in the valley of Mexico. For example. The and enabled and I think even more Cogent is that. Comparison of pyramid building in the Nile valley and right here in the United States. It doesn't really interesting now place that we discussed in the power places is called my own city. And listen south central trial. It's an extremely old opry Colombians site. I called and it was say a ceremonial side was told by of people refer to as the hole well we don't know what they were really call that he archaeological main problem. Iraq highly advanced people. Date where great masters of irrigation in astronomy especially. And they were exterminated by another native American. Two series collection of tribes around 488. But before the genocide that overwhelmed the whole twelve people. They built this place called bounty referred to today. And what's interesting about mountain city is it with the most sacred place we know that because of it really into peculiar burials that were there. My own burials. But contained a beautiful flakes of mica very opinions delicate pleats of might get that had been imported all the way from the East Coast as. Quite a a major. Commerce triumphs. After more than 2000 years ago movement. Brought those plates of Michael from the East Coast of eight Ohio valley but what's interesting. Particularly outstanding really interesting about this site. But you can go to visit today. I'll try to Cilic patty Ohio. He has this rather peculiar perimeter. It's almost a perfect square. And it's it's corners are slightly rounded. And it was late out with some very serious mathematical surveying. What's remarkable by. That is something like it is thirteen point one at eight square acres but does that. This. Ticker was obviously very been meticulously planned out. About thirteen square acres is remarkable because that is precisely the the perimeter of the great pyramids in Egypt. That the that the chances of having these two's sacred site just. Having Durham based perimeters. Precisely exactly the same. Are are far beyond coincidence. That we we extend that same. Did mention based dimensions. Not too far from the Ohio valley now into the Illinois River apparently. Across a matter of fact the Mississippi River valley excuse me. Across from saint Louis Missouri there's a site called. Got hold Kia in nickel Nokia there's a the most outstanding features of the called monks mound this is immense. Often pyramid. It also has the exact same basis the dimensions. The one we realize that this pyramid that's built in Illinois across the Mississippi River from Saint Louis where it is monks mound. Was built according to archaeologists. To about 2500. Years before Christ that it was about 4500. Years ago. Well that's kind of remarkable because that's the same time that the great pyramid in each it was built. Of the Giza plateau that also dates back to about 4500. Years ago Japan at least two. Actually separate a three bash Lisa operated sites. With the same basic dimensions. All the places of great spiritual power. And they all and they intentional but at least we don't know about bunks were about to. Cities so much that we do know that most ground. And the great pyramids of Egypt share the same billing date. So that indicates certainly that there was some. Trans Oceanic. Contacts. Between into the Nile delta. And what was going on here and in this part of the central part of the United States North America to its remarkable I don't perhaps. Although there was some high culture. That affected simultaneously. Pull parts of the world. In other words that they real pyramid builders were not in Egypt or America they were someplace else. And that they came bolt to America and into the Nile valley at the same time off 4500. Years ago. These people work and why they came there is a mystery that is sent out lesson some of our chapters. Covering Atlantis and places like that so there are that the these are not just speculations or hypotheses. These are some of the hard archaeological facts. At mainstream scholars have a hard time dealing with and that's why they don't talk about the. But some let's jump Tora listener line here must take a call from Vince from Missouri hey Vince welcome to program. I don't yet. We're talking about there were talking about that now forever that's my understanding that one expert permanent around the world in a pledge to augment that. All of now river. And then we have a period. They're currently we are talking about crossing me. Complementary and a river here. And the Irish take there a pyramid that bill. That the black armor but but you know under their current mean Bernard malware and Memphis. United States which should be river lacked a lot of country. We got pyramid built and meant it and I meant it. And then to try and part of my questioner. My account regarding Beckett are well they might have background. That trader they are current government and broader. I'm more likely not a great. Well that's a really interesting question you bring up and guess I don't believe that there. I should qualify that. The ark of the covenant was more than just 21 it was the ark of the covenant was eight. Formal height techno. Knology in the same sense that when we build that a rockets to go into space we don't just build what we don't bill once space shuttle legal trouble I think that that's same. Technological all. Point of view was working in the ancient world slightly that there were several you would call arcs. And that one of them my belief was in the heat yes definitely in the possession of the nineties to sampler I think that they were the ones who rediscovered its. And that's a nice template Carson got a degree trouble in Europe. And that the survivors of the matchup problems. In the national treasure. And I believed to what is now North America badly but I believe a lot of the arcs that there were several one of the arts was brought here. And the this matter factors are true are terrific tradition amongst the Cherokee Indians and Tennessee. About an arc like figure that talk about that in the book. So I believe yes that that the ark was brought here and that two it is it's still exists but it's in this secret that care. They lodge tradition that the native American lodge tradition. The editor question Vince. If they ask how about correlation between the pyramid meant of someone how river. And then the pyramid that was built here on the Mississippi River. More willing. And uninteresting and potentially they're okay you noted that the 100. Over Memphis and Tennessee. Are quite aware that there's a map does also in Egypt and by building a glass pyramid. And they need to real connection there but it's it's such majority interesting and wonderful connection and I'm glad to see that they did bill that. There are people just can't take it over their fascination with the pyramid design. And of course the real glass pyramid in Paris to that was done fairly recently. Am last century so. I'd I'd like to see that the other more than a hundred pyramids in Egypt and I think we've got several here and in America as some of them are ancient like monks mound as deftly as she stepped caromed. And at that goes back 4500. Years ago so we just we can't get over our fascination for the wonderful design it appears. Thank you so much to crawl. Yes thanks for calling in Vince is great question. We don't have a whole lot of time left but I didn't wanna bring up the fact that you Britain some significant work on Atlantis and you mentioned just a few minutes ago an effect. I think you're the the person credited with a reading the most about. The lost continent of Atlantis Telus would have to buy your work there. Well yes I'm now I don't know that I've written a best books on Atlanta as well. As anybody else top of the subject and the yeah I believe that it was. Not a continent though that's very kind of a misconception I believe that it was a large island. The the credibility for that story is far more than just legendary. We first learned about Atlantis from played so who lived about 2000 vote 400 years ago. In Plato was of course regarded as one of the greatest thinkers of all time. Not only that but he is there originated. 64 western civilizations elevate the credibility for the story is is pretty quite high coming from someone like that. And these significance of Atlanta's I think is that it was the first modern society. That was societies before Atlanta's split level and have the same type of well economic base that we have today that same type of imperial yearnings but the organization in the military. That's sort of a thing I think that it was the first modern society it was highly successful. And yet to society made some fundamental errors that destroyed itself and that's why I think Atlantis is so important that list. So similar to the level of society that we reached now in the western world. And yet they've made some fundamental error is. Now are we making errors similar to what the Atlanta used to it and now we endangering ourselves as they did so I think that also somebody. Important social questions that in the very great a fact of Atlanta's being having existed previously brings up to us today. So that's that's my cheap interest in it because Atlanta's sort of hold the mirror up. To our culture now. And I think we're gonna have to have you back on to talk. More about Atlantis because that is another topic that we could spend a whole program month. But a couple of the places that you reference in the book and that have a special interest to me it earned a place like oak island tell us what you think about the oak island mystery. But really wonderful that so silence has got knowledge terrific publicity was the two Brothers and. Are working their next to spend a lot of time and money. And that there's no doubt that the efficiency real. Placed out of interest that it is not just a whole cent and our mr. interpretation of natural evidence. And I think again as Serb listener are brought up earlier. I think that the campers were here and I believe that the level of engineering that were sitting there. With a plug tunnels and so forth kind of bully belong to. I'll have been created by a people that were really experienced and in it irrigation and that the type of construction high global construction that we see oak island. And leave the greatest candidate. For building that type of these guys structures subterranean structure would have to be the next accomplished because they were. Not just great soldiers they were fantastic. Military engineers. That was the real source of their power. Now that would make conquered a place that they not only just took it over at age is being built a whole place and they work. They've been the outstanding bill leading construction engineers of their time and that's what we're seeing really it'll island. And that these shafts that were fighting there that even complex all efforts to excavate them today. Bisping get people that were really very competent. In building you know. Underground. Pictures like to ask. And I believe that they would only gone to such trouble to create these subterranean features if they had something special put down there. I don't believe it's the ark of the covenant but they're there must be a significant treasure down there I believe there really is a treasure to be crowned. Whether will be followed by these are Brothers that are working their I don't know. Maybe I'd get the impression that the technology to date doesn't. Quite. Have reached the level that's necessary we need to kind of sonar that look. Below the ground. Better than we have today rather than just digging holes and trying to. Have a test trenches and so forth so maybe the technology is still waiting for us in the future. But I believe at oak island does represent. 88 temple or work excavation of some kind. If you watch the program with the Laguna Brothers the mystery. Yeah. I try to really fascinating just really congratulate them on the other work really fascinating stuff. Yes it is fascinating and they'd put more recent resources to bear on this hunt than anybody has in the past so there have been a lot of people have been trying to figure out what's going on there. We've acquitted a couple minutes left and I wanted to bring a B you've got another book I believe that's coming out after he birdie written another when this coming out after the room talking about tonight you wanna talk about that for second. Well I wouldn't mind at all that one we kind of touched down a little bit earlier this one is called military in congress with extraterrestrials. And others the other course or thousands of books about but the UFO phenomenon but there is no books or resign now. That is a comprehensive military history. Up UFO and that's exactly what to what this book is it is exclusively. About the military. History of confrontations. With extraterrestrial craft. And it begins really in 1916. So this I do believe that we have actually been involved. And I are still involved in a shooting war and on the other declared artificial war. A true war the world is going on. Candidates have been in and starts and stops but then have been killed Andyaat bowl site creatures have been killed I guess some balls and sides. And that's it was really a very eye opening experience for me to write about it. Because I knew very little about the subject until it began investigating and I became actually convinced. That there is this major military confrontation that has been going on around the world for a little over a hundred years now and I relied exclusively on our. On military documents. And boy those are the best I can reasoning misses but just tears today. Because if you are in the end any military. And you file a military reports. You must tell the truth. If you don't tell the truth you're you're gonna go to jail lets a federal offense and so these military reports are extremely reliable. And I doubt many of them are available to the general public type of others that are not. And so loud and it is that creates really terrifying but I very compelling story and apple will be out. I guess and that's September and I'm quite excited about that especially having seen what once and figurehead. I well I'm gonna make you promised rate now did you come back on the program because of my list of topics and questions we did you scratch the surface there's so many more things we need to talk like just about. Your book power places I mean that we we could we could talk all night. Well I really appreciate the opportunity and they. And yes let's it's a fascinating subject and it's it's great to be able to discuss which you. And once again frank Joseph is our guest he's the author of a book called power places and you should visit the website ancient American dot com power places comes out in April of this year as were about 45 weeks away. Again frank thanks for being here was great talking to you and I will get to next time we get China program. I sure hope so I look forward to it. Okay it's beyond reality ready would break be right back to wrap. Reviewing Gene Johnson came into money Jason that this will be talking lives. Com we'll have great programs and Redford talking about the. Slender man and we're going to be talking about the origins of this urban legend and how it's turned to something that's become all too real slender man torn it was nick reference. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jay-Z make sure you join us tomorrow night and have a great night tonight. And we'll ingredients taste good Jason goes GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. It's only your real ingredients distribute yeah. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.