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Psychic Michael Bodine discusses his life of being a sensitive

Mar 1, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Psychic Michael Bodine about his work and his acceptance of his gifts. Michael takes listener phone calls and does readings. 3/1/2018 -

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's Wednesday analysts knows firsthand skills enhanced some room between what going to be on reality review myself just in Bosnia was a. And chief each and you know I didn't take long and are you lost the accent irony it's gone yen event with. British action hits when he for a or later it's completely gone on need to cancel half I was on the I was on the phone with and the companies over their own thing today so it's you know nowadays by a brutal stories like yeah. What good does is it doesn't work the same on the phone you're immersed in the culture for a week you came home at a little hint of an accident just disappeared over. Yeah why and do the best the best part is are animal there on the right so where you from I'm from New England is. A boat and take definitely appreciate it doubly insulting to them it was just talking with the guy who runs on the production companies over the Reid called me today. He's like day as London is totally shut down everywhere shutdown as soon as well we got about three to four inches of snow Nazis he was planes have been camp and play three or four inches of snow that's that's two zen now that's our house today you know that's like in it's the kids still walked into the school bus you know it's by the it's just it's funny but. They welcomed beyond really radio everybody and if you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page forest. That had to be under reality radio dot com we can find all the stations we are on across the country can download the free iPhone and injury out. Two laws and listen live sketch shows to reality check more. Or just click the listen live tavern and a website listen rate from the lips return to make it easy seas weekend for this and so much pain tonight. I wrestled with myself and you know my my son and I mean they're both state championship breast interest. And I got my butt kicked. I am it actually my chest has been ripped apart I just got went home and my agent weapons but then I know I mean it's just. Their wrestlers man and a slight cash in their their fourteen. Yeah put it in that it's insane. I generally try to be their friends so to protect me you have to be back even faster shutter in the mark naturally every time I move my arm I feel like my chances that ripped in half it is Brooke I think that's for a government have their mom ground. There you go that's the way to go brown got drowned in oil guy yet been drowning joystick Carol has got a great show tonight win tonight Michael beau dean will be joining us again he's been on the program before he's got a book it's called growing up psychic from skeptic to believer. I have to I just get him like. Beer geek out a little bit here OK because as I look to next week schedule I'm gonna tell you we've got for demonic the next week schedule I think we have one of the best lineups we've ever had in a single week. But tomorrow night we've got out Ira passer and that's and that's not to say that any of our guess is guests are slouch as a we've got a great guests all the time. On tomorrow night Ira. Pastor will join us he's the CEO of bio cork incorporated and they're working on complex complex forms of regenerative biology which. Are kind of creating the pathway for. Science to regenerate limbs or cure diseases in humans this is a great. On the advancement in that medical technology and we're to talk about that Thursday Friday of course is a best of and next week looks pretty pretty cool. Yeah Monday we got frank Joseph's. He's an author will be discussing his book power places the collection or investigations into strange and mysterious phenomenon. From around the world. Which can be used to creation on the Tuesday go ahead and accused and then nick read for an. And if if anybody has followed the paranormal at all or paid attention even some of our guests they often reference nick read for an as a as a collaborator or a a source of information or researcher Mora just an inspiration. I nick is a writer he writes about all sorts of up paranormal topics and his new book is about the slender man in the book is called the slender man mysteries are gonna talk about how. The slender man phenomenon began in 2009. As he fictional character that was created for the Internet as it was actually created for a photo contest on the Internet yet but within a year. After that was created people started seeing this slender man in real world situations suggesting that the creature has come to life. You know from kind of I don't know system Mandela effect thing or what it is but. It's gonna be a great discussion on because there are people report seeing this group this slender man figure all over the. It's well and there assess whole theory behind just mass manifestation evening the energy of the everybody believing or four it was something creeks or could it be something you know a demonic entity or something that's that's that's taking the form because people have. Talked about a scene and whatever you know in the it's it's an easy way to get into people's psyche who knows you know and we had talked about in the past that there were there were old German folklore. About you know a slender man type creature of course that was in the woods that would. It would. Killed in. Season things like Arnold's and folklore is real adults and popular six just put it wouldn't partially it's it would entail children's tree and they're their Christmas traditions involved lug a beast coming in the middle might stealing children and you know live in the German German folklore is pretty harsh but a parent and it's just an officer Erica fat and it costs it that way and say we've got. Our good friend Joshua. This is an elm Puerto Rico so it's gonna be released. That's right yeah I believe he's a resident of Puerto Rico least part time and you know of course Puerto Rico was devastated in the last hurricane season. I'm not even sure how far along with common recovery efforts but I know they were talking about being without power for maybe a year. I'm sure that they if you've been able to supply some contemporary stuff but don't Joshua we will also about that and Josh is just one of the top as just an incredible guy and a look forward talking to him all the time. So yeah okay so tonight again Michael booty will join us we'll talk about his book growing up psychic from skeptic to believer will also take your phone calls later in the program -- dumb phone number 644. 6877669. I think he's gonna do some reading some stuff on the Tucson. And it's if you don't the show from iTunes or anywhere else just it was a favor and rate of forest. Trying to get those ratings up and that's what it's all about results which show Ford makes it easier for people to find. Are it's rated take a quick break he had a lot more calm again phone numbers a 4468776692344. 68776. X nine you'll listen to Jason GBM the honor really radio. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Be easy that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. The show it is beyond reality radio Jason and Jeanne Keith. You know. What things we didn't mention and I know this still this is kind of regional in nature route we've got people listening all over the world but today it seems as though we've got another weather event approaching the north ceased it may or may not affect. Our broadcast tomorrow night. But while this sounds like it's gonna going to be a doozy of a storm. Yeah I mean there are really putting wolf massive flooding alerts them that 6575. Mile an hour winds they're calling for an I guess it's just that decimated Kentucky. I am you know yeah how's it totally flooded to roof itself. They're saying this is going to be that I think they literally already had people obviously sandbagging you know and there wasn't what was the last we know a camera when the last storm some significant one was was that those few weeks ago Mimi months ago mature but they didn't have a lot of coastal damage a lot of water damage in two to trying to avoid that from not being compounded but I guess that that's another problem is that it's exceptionally high tide. When the storms and a half so which makes it worse yes I mean it definitely creates problems for by the way if you haven't figured out yet jays tonight are gonna start a second programs could be a weather talk and ask a few natural disaster a disaster that's us but tonight we're talking with Michael Bush dean he's a psychic he's also a self proclaimed ghost buster. An author and a speaker and he's got a book and it's called growing up psychic from skeptic to believer we've had him on the program before we were really really happy to have him back in Michael. How welcome back to be on reality radio retain heavier. I don't thanks come back countless Michael. They let me know you located you're not in the path of the storm on the mini apple. Minneapolis and Armenia in Annapolis is a great city has to say it's one of my favorite cities to visit it's a great a lot of different music and very immaculate step. Medical adult. Oh yes. It's kind of it's a little bit get this is. Does that ring Nazi or unlock great. It's an oxymoron EC as cold as hell delegate double my idea to look at it but it's clear that this area. They will welcome back to the show what he's been up to since you're on the show less like going on for election. See what has quite a activist another book. It took it to another dumb book about psychics out of it actually it its rout of the panel about like it would be. Paul Penry and what not to go to looks like just because you know that I don't think that earlier when his go to psychic but. The publishers generally like that so it's it's called some can look to quote I'm. It's. Unclear if but. Well I. You know I don't remember the call. We'll have it let's look at you find the title of the book yet but our office ribs but you have written. A so you worked he worked in the but the book is finished is an already out of about oh matches yeah it I think it caught quite like Kirk. Like that you know it. It will book just aren't known as. Addiction you'd just be able to come up with the title regardless if it's no but I thought. They. Like ideas. Well you know we are out. A title. Are you sure that this tunnel US. Senate finally answered your is that your clearly answered quietly to music please let me. Photo credit when. All right so you. There are a lot of people live but are new to our program who probably were aware of your visit the first time without so let's start inning with view tell us about your childhood because all of this. Sensitive. Stuff this psychic stuff started for you as as a child. What happened Tulsa and. That's pretty normal and I you know I grew up there's a suburb that a group copied the I guess upper class. Area and it's all the holes were Lou and it it's short and they call it keep people that are from their cake eaters because you know everybody got a lot of Dell and it's a great place to grow up I guess and my father had the house bill in the cold second. What an Indian beer router it's like that it can norm how you know it just really normal event. When I was. Went out about that I'm the youngest of. Fortunate and I was probably six or seven time and I have a relative. And the brother was. You would. Either the really cool teenager and a guy really problem. They're serious debate looked really handsome. I'm an artist football player and he was you learn how to play the drums and I he would downstairs in the debt learn how to do these things and we eagerly socket it's got a terrible but we are all stars eating dinner. And we really hatred we're kind of used to just this rattling bubble ball a bad. It sounded for a couple minutes like you really tight. And also we heard that the door to the day and burst open and we heard that robbed beaten out there and he can try and spears and. He looks scared and it. Like it's that you go to school guys that he used to showing fear other big guy you know like 66. Era navy guy and election step and so it would. What will cool to be a male and shall beer at least from my dad but. He was scared and and if you want to talk about public obviously we know about it my mother kept asking what was wrong what finally he let that. Downstairs he's practicing in southern. Culture the ball. And in park himself right front of my brother and so he sounds clear day and and that Turkey cutting just seem to the guy. It was clear he really freaked out we just had doubts. And that's really sounded really good I'm really tight and then and that they were quality to look at Japanese Imus look at a violent you know like a nice guy that. Scared the crap on my brother and finally out whoever this was completely bent and it acknowledged him in just went to the next. And that McCain clinched and that's the story that he told but. You know that's really believed that we like yet whatever yet and yet Mac don't the germs like to do it might get mad. But he can get. What did you think we're dealing in the air like. Acceptable or not I remember that most of all I'd either I don't remember really believe him I got a body that it was scared. I remember feeling like somebody was watching and out of pocket than a week later. We're opting around eating dinner again. I'm with him because he wouldn't go to doctors alone and and we were we had to wait decent and end this salt shaker. To get out of luck in your pocket it's not like you know organ playing in the background or not get. We're out there talking and and I think it's not that moves across the table. You look at article. It you can't believe you're looking at it but then it dropped between my mother my op. And it's so weird because it wasn't like. Like a double was behind her think it would just everybody and and we I thought that my brother had. Looked at some sort police system because you know how does that happen that debt was really mad at him and he would exceed the orders would just go right. He's been you know give them a weakened. And it would give them crap about you know inviting friends over for dinner and pay how aspirin elections are I'm so he the kind of validated and and you're really weird feeling in the here and we really believe Al even when we fought their own eyes you're a while that was pretty weird but. But the step kept. Happening Morse got talking you know like like we're going on and off. You know he can hit the that we salute and the like which could you didn't really think about it or where you'd be you'd walk alone if somebody was walking behind you and you turn around and nobody was Stater. Or. So we tap on the shoulder or you open a copper. And the stock which can't slide out your hand. And it didn't happen at specific time and had happened during the day sometimes happen. At night sometimes when you're with somebody and ten year low but there's always some weird kind of thing you'd reach for something. They would move. Keeps you get it. It was weird and my mother will stay at home mom. And get back to hurt the most pledged to Oman just won't until punch eight. After a couple to. Go to beat her. Couldn't suggest she arranged as. Of litigation. Should seek out. How do. It all of it like. This that the commissioner of college. It was great. You like whenever I am you know and I think she would get out. She told my mother that they it was a media. I mean that apple. And think cult which is crack river there and I'll. I blocked it OK great you've got better because it's which is real. Michael I'm gonna let Michael Obama sectors we got to go to break here when we come back we'll pick it up with missiles in the medium. All right so you listen just NGB I am beyond reality radio. Welcome back to the show you know thousand. How good are they don't make greater shows like this anymore. Now. This is not all that this is this about this I idea urinated I did not have a good conflict and welcome back I was over there support and other unpleasant. Welcome back to the show is beyond reality radio Jason in JV or guest tonight. Is Michael bode by the way his website is just his name Michael Boudin dot com. His book. The one that's out now is called growing up psychic from skeptic to believer and Michael we had to interrupt your story you're talking about kind of how all of this progressed for you got to the point. In the story where your mom was advised to go see a medium I think her name was mrs. Olson right. Yet just like the populated eat a miserable and yeah and out. Backed debt that was like that the commercials so it was you know remember I told everybody about the bulk we just touch you as to go drink coffee with a laid out. Britain she wept when little street which went to. Actually write about don't go medium what you would let a lady. They should not as well I think she got better but when she got home from that there's ecologist. What my mom and which you got all all the bibles were so bad step that kind of weird little way and figure out. And achieve you know she gets to one about to do it we were at school I determine when I got yelled. Where they. Because you don't go with the Bible about what I read a lot of English had but chipped away and she came that we you know yelled at all. When we hoped Colin made it earned it to back upstairs. And she's Greek and I'll read here. The Bible or on the prospect though. I think that would net meter or better than a couple of ladies so should it and for those who would like. Locals like the traditional the old fashioned old school kind of psychic you know everything was more ceremonial and it was very quiet. And should talk my mom she told about. What would happen in order salient. And Nash told her about disappeared this guy came to the law and give my brother Sheikh that this guy was that was that. It. Had musician and there that actually helped my brother. They were gonna become friends and extolled her and my sister to come in must go. Out. Actually she really good at to go into. To go in Korea and they did and it really would lend my all stoppage that really hit a worker made a lot of sense and great semester echo my sister's echo more dubbed. We're like cheerleaders you. Shouldn't like. The whole psychic all that much disorder and the particular. This lady told her that trio for. Kids are much regret developer psychic Scotland and write books and do not speak about Earl and she would. Only can you cut. What do the staff I'm. So she was excited about a mile and and that's. And that we're all started really mean it started bad but with my mom got into it it looked like you know you just what you fortunately he started reading is much she could shared. Researching your strike district. And you know they're psychics because points like zero underground as you look like a little. Program and Sochi. The line. Yes it's I know this church and base to actually am not a bad luck and and based on our. It was holy and I'm. So I grew up the budget I work. Are stopped and the house on the field somebody. Ought to go on to come. And I. I'm like I guess. Because that's wait what is it that let that bother. I hate he just haven't watched it and eat themselves. Collapsed. Aren't even there he ultimately chat whether I'll click that and where the chips are chitchat he's got out. Crops table again. Got that. I'm probably get there and and that. You. It's ridiculous to hit people in the. And. I was saying are you saying your father left the family because of the. Do it would have made them real well and he is how your guy. They get it you know and that. Handle this is who we were in a I'll let. Could. Have a Morse and he just couldn't handle. He couldn't you know what happened you know it. Was there I'd I don't want a product I don't wanna pry too deeply into your private family matters here but I'm just curious because. Did he did was was it because your mother embraced it and he did money do you do that the cause friction between them or was he was scared so we won't. That's an extreme step to take because of wanting. It was back in the early in the sixty and you know we're we're still a lot of them stay at home and my mom. Was okay. But I gave her some that the kicker. This is interpreted to go early and which I didn't know my mother's mother was a Gypsy and she married that I wished it and to get away from the amount. We realism of the scenes where they outnumbered Barbara mission leader relative well so something about resonated you know you really really. And it about it my. It wasn't able to comptroller I think has much influence. And I'm pitching. And she just jumped into it so it was kind of a mixed everything clutched. She just didn't know I know. I don't you know alleged could be that perhaps sex with a lot of got a problem that a lot of them yeah. Unless they are you saying that it because he gave your mother some independence that really bothered to get yeah. It is really get in and back then it was. It was a threat troops in the merits. We know that it would be put back at him so I. It is my mother at that Imus was OK with it you know she was cute look at what he has. She will she would do which wouldn't stop but it was a really strong woman in what's Shia. But at the would that to happen which I'm. Now he sure wasn't because your mother was beating him in chess and hit that was dishonest. And demoralized and get you know get mad. But he had a problem. But when it comes to you I mean you eat your you've you've you've you've described how you were growing up. In the middle of all of this. But what I did when did this but when did you start. Recognizing that you had some sense sensitivities that would later you know that you -- would uses as as I would tell you for lack of better word career I mean something that you are now to the rest you look at what point did you recognize those sensitivities. What would they explain to. Ever. Remember I I knew stuff about people I salute every week it really get. Here and talk when they were talking and it will local kid I assume everybody get. We looked at people they always had these callers around the everybody could play it turns out they're like. Scott and so when. When I was with the stuff happening and they're just teach that we had earning thirty she'll let 400 years old sheet yet like 12 that are at. Anybody birdie problems you. It's gear heads Bernie as you thought. Orange cat will go sheet but she's really Smart Rupert. I get along time and she was kind of the leader of this group that I'm not the church and eventually and how's that she she was actually question you know so. You ever. And things like this and heparin. And I yeah that's what happens all the time so what it would. Mean we're happy to at least they're just blatantly what what's. And I really just about everybody could see colors are people but. I knew my sister. Ambulance and Biden another chapter in the ambulance. I was like three at the time I freaked out because I was mom and everybody to know what to do it to freaking out and I'm in a weird stuff like that. So you see your having these experiences at three years old I mean that's that's pretty down that's like that's like being in the verge of being aware. You were having these experiences yet the title of your book is growing up psychics from skeptic to believer at what point were you a skeptic. All an act that I I hate that stuff. It was a threat to Mike Stanley what Stanley seemed. My mother was changing and attack the people that lower house which is weird I didn't seem most scared of capital. And so I guess it would necessarily. I didn't wanna I didn't we'll probably a mile electric and I love my life a lot like that it. So I do I like that stuff hasn't. Where I think. Birdie. Wasn't that I development psychic awareness so every day when I came open school I had to learn how to do readings stuff and and I just with a lot of what that so that I can go watch Gilligan's Island are going to play with my friends or something and I'm. I didn't that great I would skeptical but I would always. Challenging these guys you know come on you no matter what you just guess and guess matzo. I am mostly so that they adjust eventually be shut up and don't way. I do I wasn't I guess the comparable at all until it probably. Maybe ten. Or eleven and I started thinking OK okay okay I'll start taking the steps and more so. Because let Mulder would football camp and they best. The basketball capital equipment are up to go to kicking around the mother with. A mother would hear about these. Gathering them different psychics or differently original different being a place you know throughout different states and so. Because I was the youngest she drank and didn't make subscription you wanna go alone and sub were really interest to a where some work that's stupid. Well look like nature plate Lugar you know about her spirits. This matter rock people you know electric stuff they are kind of in. A lot of what we're about mediums are like Chandler's Chandler now people called out Chalmers. The old fashioned careless but certainly people that would let your clean twelve they would actually changed their sudden. Like. And I wished I would be seeing a red haired freckle and a sudden you turn to that. China. You know it would start true yellow eyes start to get 28. Noble real channel that's what they significantly literally channeled. So us I'm let me just an assistant so it's not that you were really a skeptic it's just that you were somebody who had an ability but you just. We're trying to push it push it now pushing away. Apple app yet. It was hard you know. We kept the urgent after inspection spiritual and we still I know well. A lot of at least a hundred nor will it. So you audibly to it and get. More wind. You know what you like ignored or is unfortunate. And that. Old. Oh. And you're in a little bit higher. End. You know what about that part huge compliment but this is what. I need to add is that it. Anybody like that the ears and there's a but it or not how your outlook and talk and you know mystery. To hear that they're and it. I liked it the old. Blood a lot of energy. And we would you think. Like spring rule you know that white trench. I don't doubt. It. Like I'm who has. The empire but. We can't change that. We're here that you know. Start. Now has really caught. And sent it around bunny ears and. Lamar Michael let's let's do this because as you we knew we must be having a bad connection you're so. We're gonna do we're gonna go to break Crowe quickly we're gonna have slick try to. Try to resolve the critically back or whatever but are you we're it's a quick break the phone embassy 446877669. Give us a call you listen Jason GBM beyond relative. The show it's. It's our website check out the unreal the radio coffee mug we officials coffee mug it's good for hot or cold beverages its rate they're just click on it. You can order at the price includes free domestic shipping. If it's an international or you just need to contact us we configure with the shipping cost will be for those international orders but it's a great little. Actually I've got one here you know and a book but the pens in this one. And I don't trip to patents and open memory and and you don't the international army even setting amount and Netherlands and is up and sending him out everywhere yeah we just had an inquiry from Norway which is critical but it is sold well hide all those folks but our guest tonight is Michael boat team will be taking your calls from Michael in the next hour. It's 8446877669. Michael before we went to break you were telling us about. I think you actually said the words like take camp at that now it was where these camps where these camps for. Youth or worthy adult can't see you were dragged along to. They were there were some kids that were there there where a whole lot but it was mostly adult it was mostly people that we're learning how to beat. I kick or they were learning different sack each other you know. Different areas and so my Bob public psyche cute because it was all about learning. And and you know. In interfacing with people and how she's describing it would booklet and error I just. Because you know you like alone would make me. Speaker get as a companion knowing or otherwise you had to go out where it will a couple of minutes in this segment before we have our top of the hour break I wanna would continue but this is this discovery that you had at what point did you. Stop trying to deny or avoid these sensitivities in these abilities and actually embrace them. I do really great until probably. Late teens. Are more. In early teens right. It would. You know it would it would and stronger to me and my steps might psychic stuff like. But your pac somebody got in it could hit all the information about end. It was kind of like. There was no give away from so. And I let my mother and her friends and their teachers were quite. Into just it'll be a way to do this to get to slow. Maybe it'll go hey if you just accept it. And dole so that was that the tactic take that. Can I tried really hard to edit the work and. I have the experience. Which will be here and the guy that these guys that will pictures or your carry Angel. And the actual picture of a kid growing up supposedly. With meat in here. In about my age and he turned this picture of this guy I'm kid and I was probably below ordered out there and. And he looked like a normal kid might get an. But he says that this guy where is my friend and he wanted to experience like with Lee Adler grew up so. I brought Richard Holbrooke we end. And I eventually mr. Schneider Oprah do a bet you step up but apparently you're the extra pocket and he urged tell it like this friend of about school district to be answered I'm like. And I. We became. The weird but it might that would kind of normal content that. Was I think that was a big part of being. A little bit lower. They were cheery and and which we feel they are troubled school we are so they keep that it's been there and ends meet him but. It is that was that was part of I think that was one of the things that made me feel more comfortable with doing stuff. Are able get into a little more than we give back or to take a quick break phone numbers 8446877669. Until traded for 4687. 7669. You listen Jason GBM Dioner elegant radio back. Used to listen. So our Jason cause it was Dawson chief each offs and I just so I wanna mention a couple things we've got some great shows coming up in just a few minutes we'll bring our guest in Michael Bodine eases psychic his book is called growing up psychic from skeptic to believer rule. Talk with him in just a moment but tomorrow we've got Ira pastor joining us Ira. Is the CEO of bio pork incorporated. And he'll be discussing complex forms of regenerative. Biology in nature that can help us create novel therapeutics for human regeneration. And disease were version and healthy aging and so much more it's a really really interesting topic and I'm excited to have it of course Friday will be a best on the next week we've got some great chose to an object. Yeah really we have frank Joseph on Monday he's an author will be discussing his new book power places a collection of investigations into strange and mysterious phenomenon from around the world. And then Tuesday or me talking with nick and red fern. He's a writer weren't talking about his new book slender man mysteries. It's a study of the slender man phenomenon that began back in 2000 dying we're gonna get an in depth on them and some new wild. Yes and Josh Warren will join us some Wednesday night's. Josh is a great friend of the programs. He did he that he sent us the wishing machines. Which we have used yet I wish she'd be safe in Puerto Rico did your own cost. I didn't I turnout machine just I should say yes that's what we do these wishing machines and you and I've been talking about -- announced that two of those we've they've just been sitting here and your minds is over here on the side has an audience's fears have been back and forth silly show and Google's other stuff has just caused serious if filling porpoises in this area there are so we'll have him back on Wednesday we're gonna talk about a whole bunch of different things including paranormal hurricane stories. And hacking reality. A lot of stuff plus hole I'm sure we'll delve into the wishing machines a little bit more. Absolutely but tonight we are talking with them Michael Boudin psychic ghost buster author speaker and we're discussing his new book growing up psychic from skeptic skeptic to believer even though he was never really a skeptic. It was he denied and tell us again tonight I got it. So so what what I've what we've learned so far from you Michael's that you need help on the titles your books but right because the first from the U we're we have Luc who moved little sort of semantic problem with the the other what you didn't have to do you know the name of it. And I think they need to go up big tonight that they think besides that I skeptic just because. Nobody can attitude about it like it or whatever society and you know they're gonna name it as well. You know you it's has 22. If there but you know I don't know much about the outlook so maybe they do work would be it will be good I don't know right. Well that's a thing the publishers have a whole different formula that would may try to decide these things let's let's do this sick couple call phone calls we've had some people waiting on hold for a while. So in a free of the lines for some other folks by the way if you try to get entity four for. 6877669. This is Donna calling from Kentucky he dharma welcome to the program great to have you on. Row in one dimensional. I'm hoping that you know what they're reading trying to connect. More of that and popularity and here I'm trying to its main. Well let's let's let's let's set the ground here Michael Michael hardy when he handle people wanna calling for reading would do. DOD. The Ambien can have attacked and certainly touched your debt relatives are at you know that are hanging around to not. You know I haven't and sometimes they do prop up. Our future and I you know corrupt people relationship Specter. Are. Jobs that so I. You don't have a have a quick question about something that took a coach so that's really like it into the little. Okay so some so would you need some Donna to be would you quickly that you want to know about what we just question the military launched a bit annoying about. Oh. If you are. And that it would restaurant saying it quote here what a book or just some more specific like it area that you're looking for. Like maybe. You know a job. Hell so. Maybe. Wrote. And relationships something like that dialogue if. I get caught in a rut maybe and I got to get out of this and. You know. Yeah yeah yeah. Well you know. That cricket yet you will but it didn't take them tied it. What kind of go back retreat some steps here chipped it. There's some stuff but yet. I am. And it's hard to explain but it really quickly but. You you are you are. I don't we laughed out. They say they they need to kind of go back to some of the steps that you were doing before. And that was get it like O'Donnell Ron Wolf a lot got stock or debt and they just need to have you back up a bit. Go back with some of the stuff that you're doing and that got in Italy yet. State doing what you are doing but it. You kind of he got you catch yourself stuck a little bit there. And apple are flexible. It you kind of you know what you get stuck kind of mr. just believe in any banging stout thank you that's not gonna work and then you know that he released that. You're not that group you're really not you just have to back up just a little bit just a little bit. And that they can turn a stretcher right. You know it seemed like trying to get out the window Italy it keeps this up on the wind up we are trying to push a little bit and get out and I'm near year you're kinda used in. Your argument for your limitations. And I got screwed you're really not. About it and I liked and it worked. And I can't thank. You owe it. Donna Donna how long ago was that that your mother passed away. Near the end there. Well that I'm not I'm no psychic but I can tell you that that's a license and that it's very very hard to to feel normal after it happens regardless of which you're doing. Yeah and it is it paying it etiquette. And nick hire me happy I I only connect to my father but not our. Which he would not be experienced but he got a moral. Yeah and Michael Michael said he's not doesn't really it yeah I medium ship very much but I think he'll tell you as as we will here because we've had some I'm very very. Powerful people on the program talk about this. Lot of times all you need to do is just sit in a quiet place and and and clear your mind and I've got to you'll you'll have you'll have some of that to our relief pitcher looking for a new mother won't will work to try to contact you in that way. Doesn't necessarily always take somebody to get in between you and your mom you should be able to find a way to connect to Wear yourself. The mounting a lot of times they don't they can't. They can't come and visit her. A few reasons sometimes. Just by doing that is you know they have a hard time being late to it made they can't. It based at the back of them go back to its. Yeah low calm but. It could top one you know and kind of them seemed to go by really slow for us like. A week to them is like five years and we know. I know and but I. Do you really not that bad spot and you're not you're not not something that can't be fixed. Donna thanks so much for the phone call let's go to Maggie meg he's actually calling from our neighbor to the north Canada hey Maggie welcome to the show. Good morning gentlemen. I'm I'm I'm arguing. Is. I have any big changes in regard to finances or work I'm not in the near future. Maybe. Well. Yeah I mean yeah. I'm. Yeah Bay's. Yet we have opened up we like pretty quick here it's just. What he'll do we're. It's sometimes. It's a little confused because you look at some blue one thing and then they present the other thing and yet they thought about it but. There are about to become what it is cute kids get. It Italy the public that they're there that areas but I'm it's in the it's it's been surprised how it and how it ample. It'll open a good way. Out on the good way to do that then I'm. You know it's. They got to hope what to think that they wanted to do and it's it's difficult because they got a problem. We got to put Jim spot where that can happen and. Yeah you're gonna have not read like the next ten days you'll you'll say I hope you take it. I hope you may get stupid but it does open up other thing developing another thing. Artery that arcade not legal and it's good that you'll. Thanks thanks for the call Maggie I have to ask you Michael you used the words day couples times who we talking about. Right. Yeah well it might. Win I would I do that. This or that people have like beer I'd run. And it goes to the people that tried tapped into elect of the people that are around that person and think you can give me information about that person make you know they. They say that they learn from us or they can helpless they can kind of implode just the way whispered in her ear and try to guess would do it he'll stay at their disposal do. That that could get some talk about in I'm. You know I've gotten so used to. Deal about it yeah I just like. OK and like when you're talking with Maggie says they've got some things planned for your are these spirit guides actually charting our course I was always and the person they can they're guy to guide us banana so we turn it. So you know it's funny because in my little world you can opportunity coming after people. A lot. And not everybody will go after Tony allowed has people. Stop themselves from taking a bit out you know for whatever re maybe it'll take it they deservedly they think it's. Back or leave them where they should go but there's there's always opportunities that are coming out and I think. First reason that that word I worked mostly in in the entertainment field not because. People are great entertainment field but. A lot problem. Bill will take whatever opportunity comes along because that they don't they died you know they just. I know for most people that I deal that's in the entertainment field will take the opportunities that are common but that's not true it's like a lot of people that I talk to. Normally you know they they they tend to stay a little stock and you can tell that right away. When you. When you hear their neighbor eat eat you know their little friends show up there you know they'll talk about that and it's frustrating for me because I know that they're not to do meet again. I don't know to tell you know. It's. Jessica I know that organ state stock and but everybody does have opportunities coming they they do and they're not you can go they do listen to them when people are are asking for help stop it sometimes. We're gonna jumping to break here we've got some a more folks on holds we're gonna get your calls after the break if you wanna get in it's 8446877669. RE listen Jason champion. Tonight is the Harris goes faster and our guest is Michael Boudin and Michael we're gonna continue their phone calls are turning another when in. Before the break we've just got a few minutes this is let's see this is our lean coming calling from Boston here only mud into the show. I game and I do these. Yeah. And it didn't because a lot. I'm so glad you diets have some infuriating today because I'm going to be fifty this year. And I'm looking into. Making of that theme this year expressing myself. And I have a manuscript. And I ain't. Two that I was there that they want like an insane amount of money. And I was wondering why they have ever get like a great understand better I can outplay. Help me get the book top list. Are dug it yeah I think he needs some tweaking needs some. Some. The so you're you're you're pretty close to what it needs to be it's not out of. If you could just get back to track and in and we'd look at this thing. And adds them and that's the horse not quite. On yet but. There's a lot of airline and bad and said people may actually sponsors. And so. They really liked what I did prevent. And that thing is they are alive and I mean you know Malone a lot to me. And right now they've they've tempered debate in his system I'm not eight you do. Get the ball rolling you know could attack editors and staff and I spend a lot of doubt Saturday. And I agreed that a lot of people in linked then I'm willing to get a London. Resistant. And so. I'm I'm I'm I'm puncher and that publisher what you need to pay them. I. Oh I I didn't I didn't know that they didn't I. In the in the book that I don't usually that a publisher. I'm. Further the audience think yeah like I was. They get all depends on issues if you've got a following or whatever it first and then as somebody who who are you saying the the sponsors for what what show. You're so. Many sponsorship militia. Paid public saying. Hateful. They must be they must be a local advertiser us on whatever shall be whatever station yet there is it and and and so response but. On you know I would say that he might wanna explore some other options I don't know who this putt I mean you just said who it is but I don't know what the relationship is. But there are a lot of publishing options a lot of self publishing options as well you might want to explore some of that before you make a commitment you certainly. Have you know you're in charge here for you fear the one that's being asked that a money. Yeah it doesn't feel like you're supposed to and to do that actually it doesn't it. It feels like it's just a it's more homework and and check out Smart play as good as it got the quickest book put money into it I mean. You know the paper so to do it and it does it. And and it Palin and yeah and I thought Lleyton just need a poll. He says. Felt biographical. I was bleeding from my father intact because a lot of when my possibly her hand because that and adapt. He has a whole hysteria about me surgeons remembered mom. And hate and it sounds terror and I wanted it added sake. They think telling my story but also was. Every third. Apparently inserted touch off several we have to get Tora our brakes so. Bulls hold just through the break so we can bring you back on the other side of the break we've got a bunch of other phone calls will get to as well. RC listen Jason Giambi unreal literate the phone numbers a 44687766. From callers to ask him how is your house Obama. That is really desire to welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio if you're on hold please educational trip to get to earlier calls the numbers 8446877669. Or guest is Michael Boe. His book is growing up psychics from skeptic to believer and Michael a you get the phones lit up here there is ringing off books though. Act currently Arlene who we are talking to you before the break but we're we had do that Dakota are also remain on T go ahead finish up what era as. That's that's critter me you know they need to between two and as host of my he is friendly and help me out with that but I can't think gotten back to even that. There's no later confirmed from him for everything. The empire and the others so expressions thing is that trying to answer that rattle. That singing group based had a key brands and their auditions. Sending their name and saying wondering am I able. Getting with the rebels. I don't know. They're molecular. Like you'll but. We caps because. And they obviously didn't come until then there's lake there are. Thank they're saying things I could be doing with the rebels said Isner played. Didn't think it means that the I. Don't you know I could do that what you do is so. It's important to. It out a bunch of the ones but they what you do but where it's leading me what you that's report. It happened and I have to be just too late as regard it. It can conclude a different spot. Carrying. The. The army takes the phone go we have to do we have to move on get a bunch people who get to this is Kathleen calling from Pennsylvania. They Kathleen welcome to the show. I've. I need to ask the home Michael. Com or Mike died in what can I played war on the widow orphan status. Middle life. Don't know which way to doll or Micah Hyde who was stagnate or. Roger now on. Their account. I nude side which original. It's. It hit the bullet and they're they're they're look for any direction and not. Year eerie. Correction and that they want to make it. We look right now that it's for. And direction. So you can pray. I. We're wanna go. We won't do it. Into the roach just. Urged that and there's so little bit odd but urged quite a few too young yet players. They're just plea deal that they have planned they stopped at a bit of interest at but it. You just get so that there. Are so it is not. Real it's like. So during your early eat they're too. Should something that'll touch ups to that Obama it. And that they don't bring in people start to a and it you're just wrote to kind of go towards that that we were in the door you know wrote on my own. I'm right there are. The question and yet the question was will they heal her right. Heart that you know they say that are up is because you can see we're a week ago and I. Yeah I I think. That you that you that you don't double dip is right. But take care in a little while they're there is. That can be fixed yet. Thank you for the call Kathleen we appreciate you calling in from Pennsylvania let's listen this is Bob in Colorado Springs Bob. How are you sir. I six weeks ago my daughter was in the birds to be your accident. She has a spinal cord sorry. And hit by hit and run driver who cords or at your status. He didn't let and for the record I don't wanna note shall walk and I don't wanna know it's. I was wondering if you had any resource is on site keep. So you'll you don't like practices are some people would you recommend a book or something. Waltz into nobody else is risky question. I feel like I'm trying to find housing for her she's going to be a wheelchair and I'm going general downfield block skated at like every and my mind making the right moves or try to billions I have to try something different I just don't know. No I don't agree I agree but you go to garage thank. Britney. Brittany. Two to tear you you don't personally I think she. That she can get she's going to be but it's a movement that they're there to protect that. That should give equal to that I. Tom and I. I do think Richard Cohen in the right direction they just seem to have as the place. I know you keep running in the box that nearly. That it's rocket science of just that. The place that you looked are the places that they wondered end up be here actually closer to argue that Clinton thing it's. That they're looking for that it's like they have so. Area that their get out you just eliminating all the other and I'm so yeah you're on the right kinda. And yet there's a town that went in idol. What little sisters or achieve that we're you know that's that's what she does her name COPEL dean and she is. She writes about a book I just that healing and in the psyche Killian and the self healing or just and there's a lot of that out there there's a lot of people that. Just center and person's claim they sent a bunch healing. You know there's good there's also stuff that you can. We do that. Yet come by rocker Bob I'll make a recommendation as well hum we've had several people on the show that specialize in that and April I can't come up the names off the tough my head if you take a look through our past. Programs on our website. You viewed you should be able to come across some of the guests we've had that specialize in this type of healing. I'm never going to might be a good reason resource for you as well arsenal. Spoke to a secular much. If you replace you luck. Yet and best of luck to you and your daughter and in our hearts go to that's that's it that's a terrible tragedy but positive thinking and and things like you're doing should should. Helping legion right path to thank you Bob for calling. Listen this is Katie in Georgia he Katie welcome to the show. Everybody. On the occasion. Actually. Apart curt Hartman got that you may want to meet up but haven't gotten that means announced the novel. It didn't have it in and go good or not. He and on another note I'm pregnant and have them in Omaha and wounded might center kaput but they're just let well at all in an editor and the nation out. Just trying to figure that out. Obama. I the I. What you're actually gonna go well they just. They are gonna call you they can go architecture and alum. It's there there's a whole bunch of people that until it stopped and it's. They're perhaps you're just out. Tiger what what they wonder who they want are the kind of person to get scored beat up a bit but it will IQ as yourself there. I don't think the caps only to people that are looking at and everybody kind of look at clean cool so if you just count yourself. It can stand out and at least for this job thing so it does go well. If you can just kind of relax and not try to impress them and actually it. By do it that's given us. It's a lot calmer and be very honest interview you think that you probably didn't get it then you'll you'll get out you get. They're really but none of the done throughout Lyle and my dad and I can't I don't want to burn them anymore than I Caribbean you know. No. It's terrible I'm sorry. In hand and I'm just really hope and whatever. I have learned that the burning I'm just barely moved take that burden off of hundred. I don't want and what have you learned their ability to freedom I had some time. He hurt sends different than their that I don't know. They say that they that that actually helps because. Sometimes. Without it we become edit ourselves and when you have a learning disabilities apparently don't edit ourselves and just it it it seems stronger and a lot of like at learning disabilities actually. Sitting in the. 86 and thank you has another question you don't know I'm just gonna say that might start watching go panic about trying to figure out. Maybe I mean there have an explanation. I will be cute thinks crawling in every night and do you think educating our let's go to Munich Eric in Missouri hey Eric welcome to the show. National. Eight just. Kinda have a general question continues. Till everything drew better otherwise is gonna come our way this year. I think probably all of the above the may be but I can't give you more specific. What gets money lies. Yet what. You like the funny thing which you you know you don't. You get a prequel that some it's I am. What it's. Good good traditional route that political work great which you let it never goes to. But. Teach your you know you get the kind of registry and that it actually gonna make some money it's like if you try to. Turn to the normal it will work but it just kind of do that and it took her to put up until you get things you can do it. You look around spot but you're you're trying to stick around to all square ticket you're just you're not a normal guy and you know so. On a per abnormal ways can we hear you know. Yeah. A goal at eight RBI and the general here but. It's like you used to be a musician long time ago so. That's cool. But you have that kind of thing about cheap you know your items. Yes. And I went. Yeah you you have a certain way of looking at the world and that's the way that they need to get to approach each Scott glad that chocolate. Ratcheted up to Patrick in it would be normal due to be normal and it's it's in a few weird Al. Acquisition is part of it but a lot more to two in the world in all. It's just frustrating when you try to be at normal as its. It never quite works. Yeah reverberate here and there. Yeah did you try to turn into a little bit. Eric thanks for the call we appreciate you listening to Missouri and calling in so we've got a couple minutes left here with you Michael but there's a couple things and I wanted to ask. I you go through this for small you've worked with some celebrities and I don't know if this AM. Privilege exists between a psychic and his or her clients is like an attorney and his or clients but I'd love to hear some stories about some of these people leave work with. You know what people are more protected than others like some liberties you know they try to pick a big. They try to disguised voice their target him because they don't want leader bill would art but you know when you get color idiot stop that little art. Bob. But some of the barbaric attack some of you you can't say the problem. Trends you know summer home. And see what a story. Generally speaking person that will be Porsche Porsche mortality during an in in a relationship of that movie or television series. They're it they can also be. In a relationship while there. And and so it's a it's unwritten law that that's okay they're buried in the Icrc there are so that's okay. If there's a bit quick news at that relationship continue when the failures as detonate you know the series has done. Got to be a problem and and I've you know I've. I work a lot of people that were upset because so and so is being it was still a ball was with somebody or somebody else or. It's it's surprising how. Much. Did you read some of their ranks are actually true about. Them a lot of these actors and open up that I am. The people that you think are extremely macho and Bentley an election stuff are just out the real light their almost. The seat belt in the relationship or. It's a very different world if it didn't in. I'll. It would of people that I deal and so date there's a lot of privacy because that people don't want people to know. And I can do you know I I am able for the whole bunch of it's mostly. Both secretary would work with actors it's about. Whether they're gonna work well with a director or whether the field to work out or whether they're they're gonna get the opportunity to do this. And it it's what the director whether they're gonna get a look at producer. The lower the writer. You know you're kind of tiptoeing around the fact that a couple of the celebrities that are seen on your website the UC work where there are some of the more colorful slippery and properly. It went Gary Busey is one of them is a great guy. He's a great guy he's he doesn't he's not it's crazy if you think you're you can keep to. That's not true well that's not true at all let's put it if it just says mogul and I mean the and that are racist or he beat. You can hardly need to be different I can. Yeah but he's he's up there I'd like to be really sweet and but he hit the crap out of people. I mean it was to deal. Like Patrick Swayze was was exactly who saw our green that's that we lunch and go wondered what a great guys that are. Then. Really truly what you think we have that's really who he was and then there's other people. You know to be a big start for truck candidate some people like or what madam. It would get it to the you know talk to Tom. Because they're not exactly who you think they are. Marco Michael we've that we jacks actually run at a time I've given the website out a few times here is there any place else that you like folks who go to find out more information buy your books or your worker consultations or anything. Don't about it that's yeah that's about it. That yet don't thank you for what you mentioned all that stuff. Yeah Michael both dean dot com is the website hey thanks for being on the show again we appreciate have Eddie coming back in and joining us. I won't quit you get. Ruth what are you about that whatever is coming up. Easter and now he's not looking good for us something that's it she's take a break we've got to wrap things up when we come back it's beyond me. He's the CEO of final court incorporated talking about. Advances in medical technology that may lead to regeneration. Of limbs. Also curing diseases. And healthy aging a lot more so it's going to be a fun conversation. In every Friday is the best out beyond reality rating in the next week we were covering some great topics come Monday we've got Franken Joseph he's an author on we're going to be discussing his book power places a collection of investigations. Into strange and mysterious phenomenon from around the world. Tuesday were talking with nick read firm is a writer I Wear me talk whom bought his new book the slender man mysteries. And study of how slow and amends slender man phenomenon began back in 2009 and and a lot of the strange things they came out within Wenzhou we get our good friend Joshua worn internal investigator we're going to be talking about. Well her normal hurricane stories and she's or Puerto Rico right now so but a big shout out goes out to Michael Boudin for come and hang in Galveston I'm talking. And and we look forward haven't among again some point if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio it's FaceBook page that had to be unreality Rio de comedy can download the free iPhone Mandarin up finals stations or on. And listen right there online so. They should tune and everybody is Jason NGV beyond reality radial can chill tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced when Al Susan Johnson since its entire week. The only angry news. Yeah. You know start why don't finish the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will purchase and install an actress and host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.