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Animal Communicator Jocelyn Kessler discusses her experiences with the animal world

Feb 28, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Animal Communicator Jocelyn Kessler about her use of the energy that connects all living things as a way to communicate with to animal world. While focusing on dogs, Jocelyn works to help people understand their pets, and their needs. 2/28/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's Tuesday analyst bill Owens and the east Palestinians start somewhere in between welcome to be unrelated review myself Jason Johnson in the always awesome GP Johnson. Hold hold hold a seat sit pretty gimmick the last three or four words there. Five words as a matter of terrorism. With Jason Allison always awesome TV I think so I think I do detect a bit of an English accent in your in your voice and you don't if you week to pick them up yeah me. I it is yet trust me I learned certain things you really. Yea you can't say like on live TV I mean I guess that a few things and Alison is the sweetest big lead in the world over they should does that good morning. Eight in America Jim dinner and let's get good morning UK's news. And I'll tell you come brake issues like. Don't ever see that again she does that mean something total wreck when it hit. There's some physicists have wildly different nobody did what I said it could've been taken looks like me like a pork. Will be type thing amok oh really has had to teach us how I got myself and it it is awesome to be back yet now he has no matter if if if you haven't been paying attention to what's been going on Jason just spent a week over in the UK and Sundays at ten days and you were doing in lives. Television program it was kind of a celebrity. Survivor bowl people off but paranormal investigating version. And it really was it was gonna celebrity haunted mansion where actually it was myself and Jack Osbourne Ozzy Osborne son. And it was screening and Allen confirmed in ten days and really just sentence great all around guy. And has so Jack had a team I had a team. And we had we both had five celebrities that are there is famous over throughout the UK analog and I'll be honest with you. Most of them in 99%. Of the people here in the US wouldn't know them but I went there and they're huge are now and late late one of the guys ahead Simon Webb. He he does. One who in a boy band back and did early two thousands of blue widget you didn't know I mean you won't know all the boy dancing around. I don't think Anaheim and I know I know Iron Maiden aha I'm not so about a and as silly Simon sounds phenomenal guy but of course it's one of those things where. I have no idea. Who who they are which I think is great because also means no favoritism right lake Simon and I. Can we hang in on time one of the most donors guys you you'd ever hang out with a nom. And I had some people like Katie price who is well known over their for being in the temple it's. And I do it's it's it's not yet and she and her. Yes you start me a little crazy very hot and very I mean this very issue on your team yes she knows so I had a league Lydia. Who I guess Zahn now Russia over their and I am not cylinder was at all actors and actresses are really now a lot of rumor reality I leading lethal Luis who it was a sweet various she was either one or one and one of the finalists and apprentice UK. So is that the new rule now know if we get a call from a female caller listener to we have to say welcome this is the lady is so and so too ritzy lady for all women now is and how that works. First it just work with the people you had over there I guess if you had three or four times a sort of I've. And one of those things that. All and are all women known as lady so and so and in the you can. Well I know I have no idea. See I just that I had a leading all you wouldn't have a lady out lately you know like the I don't know I don't know slightly down Mary Landrieu Nelson led by Katie price and and it's funny because. She's she's. So on the over there I mean nobody ever. Please endure or mean you know it gives her a hard time which Jeremy crazy so. My eyes and I see I snapped a few times at one point I said you know and right and get right on. Cameron said. And on the from home walls I really don't give up if you like me or not and of people or marine and but it does occur which you meeker cry. No but after that after I did that she totally beat him in different personal two days toward where she got voted off. Good redressing an American can help some of these attitude pretty well so so he doesn't say so as this went on during the course of the week people voted people loss in the teams get down to what to do you know when you when one team member for each viewing Jack is. And I I was down a Simon Webb and legacy was and boy me and him in the early two thousands and Jack had Simon Greg's an outstanding greats and is now on one of the top watched shows over there. He's been ironically twelve years I mean he's got a following ten times what quit Simon weather hasn't and a so he ended up he ended up winning it but he only won it by. Now I'm not that many votes which is surprisingly. But yet myself anyways but it's totally it's a different set up over there I mean we're late we did Joseph Saunders who we go and we didn't escape nobody nobody would. That we didn't have any time limits conservative works for me leading just go into when we we decided to wrap you we did like show everybody stayed out of the way we did it. We just investigated on over there there's a whole lot of stop and stop start stop and sorrow and yet nocturnal life partying for tier. They have it's. That's perfect. So good to almighty UK friends you know I'm just kidding I can just what do you know Canada honestly and I I think that was the only tough part on it was well when we go into alive investigation with the celebrities that we are with. We don't happily twelfth to fifteen minutes and and he really doing an investigation during them but Jack and I did a post online. That Jack and I should should go and invest it alone has jacket brought it up to me. And I guess who went on through the UK and next you know we and you can television be like Q would you guess going homeowners escape and we didn't we are able to document some incredible stuff I mean we call it. But appeared to be this month that. Is seen in this cathedral and a witch and that video was all rights I compose a decision usually posted to be really cool you know. But I mean it was it was just great place we did it was at the Winchester mentioning thing cluster and it was built back like the sixteen hundreds all places made a limestone. And it's it's got a lot of weird claims of people pass away there at the hospital a tragedy. At one point the workers just. Lester tools and packed up and and mean didn't pack up just let their tools and never came back while. Which strangely enough as a private residence arisen museum were doing well now it's owned by historical. Play company that's actually just trying to keep it had to keep it alive and all the money the theory. That was back in a fix in place but I you wanna talk about such an incredible place now and it's just aren't gorgeous. You know there's a lot of that over in Europe it's pretty amazing now. You gonna try to post some links and stuff which we kind of cool for anybody who wanted to check it out but numbers or talk of you doing and again and there is a lot of talk I did not realize how they got him. How well known him throughout the UK but the thing and goes on there's always aired and we don't have to countries yet you know I I've always known UK has been quite a fan base of the tabs organization and we know get a lot of downloads over there this program to do so yeah yeah which we do and but it's funny if you don't realize until you get over their Howell. How many people know you and how big this show lead ghost hunters and everything else has always been. Just remember right I we singles and isn't national perilous and that team over as it was just it was tough to get overseas and spent a lot of time there with the with the family. And that which. Remind me in my family 11 bigger nets are we talked about it last week on the ship oh yeah so congratulations my daughter Hayley thank you my daughter Hayley had her baby. Ellie and and night nine pounds five ounces which. You think is big but I mean and Haley was orange was eleven center so I thought our society and I suppose but yeah and she disposed to it was spokesman induced that gave Florida Maria and they ended up changing a last minute mountain sound happened the day after it and they after. Lot of great news lot of great things to come home to be happy to have you back here we've got a great show tonight I'm excited grew anytime we talk about animals we get a great reaction not just from our audience but from the guest themselves we'll have a good time with the animals communicators well so. And tonight we're talking with the jostling Kessler now she takes a different approach to this she's she's an energy communicators. And she connects to connects energy between humans and animals and that's how she does this communication and we're talk about. Her book and how do we know far dogs are trying to communicate with us because she specializes in dogs but she does have experience of all different kinds of animals. So that should be granted on the numbered as will be taking calls to assume it's 8446877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. In the tomorrow night we're talking with a Michael Boudin psychic will be discussing his book growing up psychic from. Skeptic to believer needs and he's a returning guest and then Thursday Ira pastor who's the CEO of bio quirk in or incorporated. We're talking about complex forms of regenerative biology in nature that can create novel therapeutics for human regeneration disease reversion healthy aging and so much more this is the Biotech in the future. So if you haven't yen makes you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio with the FaceBook page forest then had to beyond reality radio dot com we can download the free iPhone and android app or find all the great stations. We are on across the country but the apple logical listen line catch past shows join me online chat and more. We air on stations all across country to find that list there which click the listen live to you can join us online want him. Hanging around chairman TV myself and disagree community people usually hanging out. So but. Arm as intelligently I leftist and Atlantic country end and come back to my voice is like twice as deep now because of course being stuck on a plane for you hours both ways. The piercing got a chance cold again. Yeah there's a plan. It's hard to avoid this time Mir in the cold and flu season you're traveling through airports religious people would germs everywhere they needed an airplane. With a hundred or so people would be you know half summer coughing and sneezing and just can escape it. In your body's all messed up because your five hour ME it is a wicked jetlag and yet it took nearly three days to. Finally catch up now on back home and I got to catch backup because he got to revert at least just five hours and I was five hours ahead now five hours behind right after an used to itself. I don't know see along the swim last well speaker cover it coupled laser shows and you weaken arrest. Are you so let's take a break when we come back to bring Jocelyn Kessler and most are talking about energy communication between humans and animals are you listen and Jason Giambi unreality radio will be. There aren't done concrete for 46877669. We of course gonna want to call later in the program and join our discussion. As we get ready to talk with our guest tonight Jocelyn Kessler her website is Jocelyn Kessler dot com just to name. And or most recent book is called the secret language of dogs and Jocelyn welcome beyond reality radio protect him shooting night. I'm excited to be here thank you for having me. Well thanks for coming on the we always look forward of this expressly when it comes to being able to connect with your pets and me and it's just something everybody is everybody's interest it and. Yeah it's it's a universal topic for sure and Jocelyn wanna start the conversation by getting a sense of what we're going to be talking about because you used the word energy. In the way you described how you make these connections between nine animals and humans. What is this energy were talking about and death how does that come into play and everything we're about to discuss. I'm well you know it's kind of hard to describe I'm sure you I've spoken to many who are reading uttered at spiritually I keep. I know people to see. And the 100 different description on how life is stealing our champ blading and when they energy and it went Exelon. I think I usually. And kind of go against the work psychics sometimes. Because of what they do. That term made it very once cited at least. For a lap earlier years and are changing now so when I say energy. I eat it can change that thinking I can't tell you exactly how I get an. Are. How it comes need but they do. I do read offered by rationing and I can use the land values. All energy and in specific when it comes to animal. It's mostly arms. It will come into words if you come into. Have introduced it to come into feeling. If I am using energy agreed that an animal ill or our human being and that it at all. I will get a feeling are no way is that the ways of how that can mark up at stealing public kids. Show. I usually use the term energy quite opting rather than ten point eight copy to repeal it ought to give kind of broke larger. Divert look at all of that can sometimes when you say just an advantage in communicating that sculpting her cheeks. IE communicate the movement Abbott's so. From dark hat or animal or are also work with humans as well and I connect to that it could be in individual to gather. Or together with your animal. I'm getting aid they sort of energy and I'm trying to really put that in words for everyone to understand it's almost a bit. It almost had tickets like an item. Where is the issue where does that block what stopping flow why can't we understand what an honor our why is there ops challenge. And it starts with something at large is back energy wise and that I think people do. Don't know 99 it bring it can and see exactly where it's going and how would throw anything off or how we can understand our docs. Our child and how we nearly charter so it kind of starts really big if that makes any sense and that high quality and should this precise moment so that's really how I read it but it's a lot of vibration I use land a lot. And they got land migration. Big aren't. They use a planet in the movement. Universe at a hole. I base. Just about everything I do lots of elements as well so. I used a lot of me cure a lot of what are out there at the core energy and then I'd bring it home to. I'm whomever I am reading are working much. Will annihilate violate the idea that it it's hard Jeter explained because I'll be honest with you it. It shows that it's not rehearsed to the point where you'd just costly throwing out same old same old lick a lot of so called sensitive some psychics out there so I think that means a lot and when it comes on the vibrations though I am so vibrations. When you're picking up on those guests do very similar animals and humans. Aim and they're very similar when you're dealing with mainly vibrations correct. Yeah I you know if I stand to be brutally honest. You know up and human being opening and then not be that candidate in that sense the super natural or anything that's got bigger and equipment where. It required to human being too. To be bigger to open up expansion to get out the box they really at this. Could this really deep and the one thing that I struggled with over the years and I think Otellini now I can blade. What I feel about all this and how how the elite is moving. Because it is a larger Arlington and let society is changed then and pork and the change to expand aware or concerned now. This kind of dialogue. Has our place then than it used to buy it I used to say on that. You know I guess it's the old could say that everyone has so are equally Arabic people and a difference somewhere in between trying and that. Morgan hairy scary time to really what is really going on in the accents. That's why I loved the connection between animal remains of what we can learn arm is back. We are not so it made it virtually no difference in energy let me tell you totally different yeah. Angela got hand before you start to human. Are known to singer before is a Telus because. And we wanna get into that we come we had a great that we got to take but. You listen to Jason. Stay beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Tornadoes. That's that's because Chris their lives in Oklahoma and I mean. I got stranded distress. Scott has been after Oklahoma for a walking up and welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio great everybody along with us we are talking with Jocelyn Kessler. Her website is just her name Jocelyn Kessler dot com she's an energy communicate her. Bridging the gap between animals and humans and a Jocelyn before the break we're talking about this energy and you I think we fight understood you correctly you were saying that today basically using the term energy is a kind of a blanket term to mean. In a commute a lot of different things but specifically vibrations or. You know there are other animal communicators ticket connect telepathic messages that might be a form of this energy. But it's kind of a blanket term rate. Yeah well and bring back. I decided to kind of do that because. Ourselves line up for awhile like that when the book first came out any bookstore then. You know it was a big bite out and I get in on the landscape has changed. When at the book came out. It having changed really an advocate change aren't a couple of years your style and and that kind. Now on to it would really understand what you have to put a label to it are you are you psychic. Are you Turkey Armenia and the argued bitch and argued that end. You know I have this my whole life Herbert Warren licked at ten mayors again. A real internal. Kind of a lot of lessons to understand what all that is because it's just not one direction that like last year I'll let people know. You know basically what you're saying I traveled very very very very deep and to help them they were promised so much more and that. In the beginning stages when I tried to explain in a key all anyone really light let's just let me know my dock like a record low tar ball or. As my dock like if you eat that it matters that might not like. And it was totally blind sided and add as much about that there's so many great and the hitters you're great psychics you're pre. A lot of people doing great things I outline on I don't read only this way I read so many other ways and when I go in and talk about it. I feel that I was kind of losing. The boxing what I was doing and kind of looking audience becomes. Are they want to know more or less weapons. We're just what does the animal I am what I have been doing and what part of life. I kind of fight foreign to them and working so long which is that I want to say that all of this it's. It's not just our way energy everywhere and I think that's light changed the terms like it and I can do energy psychic I mean obviously the term psychic is to see. And I do see and healing in many ways but it was just limit hello. What I really believe in what I was trying to educate Alan and I so pretty keeps a lunch you know what's really going on with your dog or your hat. It's not one sided done that this is it's all connected and I'm very similar in many ways to happy saint heroes as what it's human it's going through and and why Kabila together and where are you going to score and how do we get back in its track yeah arm. What you boat share and what is not being worked our and it gets to be kind of happy and then the girl your age. You know my section of the last three or four hours and by the time my lap it was he who. Tracks for the whole family you know what is that it would be human being animal and taking home the direction. I really going on a mission to. Find the source. And accusing never what anyone's drinks and whatever I get called on it never let it is. It's always bigger and then it forces human being to have to look. And for a long time. They only wanted one side of the island or whether they need when they don't go to the decoded and I would quite got all the time so. I decided to try to determine just energy communicators until I wanted to are semites because I thought it would help you concert. What do its work is that back. Is much bigger enacting the days. Just going Shalit just let me over the edge. I mean ideally you like people like that they know something. I voted believed that once you know it would you do with that knowledge. How do you expand your life populate it are it is one stop shop is Garland has some Italian accent great that you gala at. I've only been one if they want to get integration let's talk about but it's interracial. And how you can use it and how to go down. Are happier this intrepid learning about that aren't balance ownership and telling them. What the toll it can and it took awhile to break that down with people and only now. I think saying no I understand but that's why am I too loosely use strike it. Because of those three. We had that attack. It's candlelight knowing the powerball numbers but not going out and placing the bet so it's it what are what are you doing with the knowledge you how's he going to benefit you. Where where are you going where you going to go forward with the current. Track and I would certainly not popular for a long time partner MB ER. I mean I stood my ground epics and everything like you're a bit in Oakland and a child and he might insular. One I don't constantly lessons. I've been away her and every single back at the boot Iraq whether I'm. How in the world there are in my own private home making the one thing that the universe and everything that leads me really Hockney over the years arm I have kind of like some real little action spirituality and I am and end around the world was sell off in I think we have a lot of people out I. You know. There are people out going died other people right and I see this racket that and you know paint me as guardian and let me help you and I only had a problem with that. And for some reason I was wondering what. Watch when you feel that you can't explain and look you have to be able. For people to understand and I waited for so long for the energy shifting. It's tiny and I believe we're in a very big indication that it's changed that we have. Double blow a lot of our mines in the next few years we carried see her animal. Into the big change your mind and it calling now. You know that I can I came. I can trying to hold it hold that stance. How how how works but it has been a battle because every market only what they knew it. And I know that you guys probably you know this cute you know people get colder weather supernatural. Or whatever it heavy box theories Goldberg. Years and years and years Internet on a leap or they aren't actually they want to I stand. If you locked that this is conditional. That they just can't. So what's different speech you know until they have a works so they can see energy blocks and take ownership ownership. Is everything. However it easier for Animal Planet for human genes and so I have to cater kind of what this kid gloves with because once you give very happy interracial actually. A lot of time human eyes get like this gear like. Or how could that all like it pocket at all RB you know our and I trap on our side. I can travel on very much future. I'm I believe that animals. Are very big key are aware mind should go like how we use our energy. We get our energy in her mind moving forward in the energy we're living it. Animals don't hold a lot of emotion and let they are refugees and actually kitchen and then of course you have to. Removed emergencies that usually directly related in some capacity. Whether indeed wrecked you or what not to be two of the human being outweighed in some capacity. So. In general. You know it's it's it's it's it's it's taken a lot of kinda come full circle in part human being sure very very scary I think we have a time just. By the time that were right now. That we have a break where people are being force what Irving Eleanor record your aware or not. A lot of people are being forced internally by energy allowing. To open their minds to so many things on them on themselves. Change within themselves and that anarchy we talk about progression backed by racial. Then changes. What's your open seat. Saddled animals after that actually you'd act. They they live in the moment. Electric of course electric and condition but more or less they're able to get back in moment they don't hold all these little. A boxing or illusion are all energy or easier. They don't hold the famed skier that human being to even if you are rescued actions. Had a real horse story. It will work with you to get rid of it because if you sell unnatural in their system back old energy. So it's kind of like you like to do do do do do do do do do. It's almost like an achieve is you can't look past so if people are complaining that. Another doctor doing something neurotic over turnovers into society or let it prosecutor but there's going to be different problems. Mostly. A lot of the time the energy electric locking in the armor at that it's our. A broken record and so if you don't get me wrong. Moved the energy. Fine what it's really ballot. Connect it to be human companion. See how they can share. Subsequently changed his how to get out of this energy track and that the next. You know analysts will lead me into that but their effort this week that they want ballots they want change they want. To be. Ever aware and pressing and and you know they're sent to her -- get there in the amount you are thinking now about the ground and then. Accuse second later. You look at that score at all and they're not thinking about what they just get that they just slapped a ground that Iraq a few seconds torque but human oil. And all of that kinda extracting Keane an extra static. It's something I try to clear to get people more in the moment and see what's real what's it all happy oceans. Which is rampant right now. It literally buy rating on affecting not just your animal. To checking out the Nigerian banking at every. Right just not do. But I am and that we have to jump into a break here and we're gonna continue discussing this so when we get back from the break and get into a lot more detail actually because we have some marks mortar talk about we've just. Match the surface it take on the numbers it 8446877669. Dental free date for four. 6877669. You listen Jason GBM beyond reality radio. JB thanks. Our administration's caring program around the country that list continues to grow more happy. To be in a new cities on new stations all the time as our camera gets bigger and Salim were costly updating the list and you can find that it beyond reality radio Doug Thompson makes you check in Austin and forgotten in on a station in your area chances are we will be citizens and been getting a bunch more coming up the next couple weeks. Yes and our guest tonight is Jocelyn and Kessler her book it's called the secret language of dogs her website is Jocelyn Kessler dot com. Make sure we post that in the chat room also in our social media connections so you can check that out. A lot of great stuff there but a Jocelyn I would ask you is we've talked a lot of doubt you know how you've been able to connect with with animals and action make the connection between humans and animals. But I think your story starts when you were rather young this became something that was obvious to you at an early age didn't end. Yeah accurately here I reiterated. And Port Washington new York and you know being personally challenging and we grew up our anchor a bit my parents had great irony. And they had about. Seminary. At that time. To went out the baby to a great parent and they had. And when I was young I used to kind of lot of cat like 88 EE 40 walking or anything I wanted to spend a lot of time. In that panel at the thought is kind of and I'm probably going and let me downwind at another great Ernie at the Canadian blanket and he can't stand there you at least. Mile island and no I. I just I remembered that I felt my real. First album oaks you know connection. Let's do animal. And I've learned to walk. I would have a Great Pyrenees they mortgage and and the X grass and I grabbed on I don't know how exactly that work at it as young. An hour I date we remember an analyst reflected more on my mother but. I grabbed onto his scrap citizen is back and see pop me to watch and I would hold onto the carpet he would lock. I know it's only had I try to get my feet into place and it was Morgan. Who economy basically to block and he might hurt stats and I got older. A lot of the first real communication and understanding and connection and on. Words came from animal and I would. Gosh you know very young you know four and register here for wet start Buick could really start to. I mean you're so young you don't know what's going on but you know something and it you're hearing something and include get it let's just say that. And from now on I spent almost all my days and kind. Which the animals or you could frighten me Alex. I'm sitting and let you know talking to fireflies or crows and chip this day. I still stop and elite art macro in my act. But that's starting at age and then. About eight to twelve or curriculum and more or less. We had horses I would big writer courses are jumping and everything from the young agent Aaron literally the court says. And one day I would let you know about a big storm that girl ringer had that at Colorado. And a big storm would drilling and don't let it pollen is very young and the usual was so open the attic eight. Open the barn door at elected course suggests letting you know our age actually get that I closed. This storm but interesting and I went to open the gate. And they'll work this started to run and it just out chaotic and one of the courses shall crush that's passed long ago name rumpus. I don't know I would strike they just kind of hit me or it was like the stampede and I remember is a swift. Like yeah jolt. And somehow I got kit. I went down. And markets kicked me I went flying into the barn. And was knocked out and that no one of its common capital could be that might not hurt. Came up not too long after that I have to call like a light heat on the link there of course supported her or stop eating but. I'm laying on the ground at. I just remember you know I think so many times I hear you over dramatize. Stories and it's. No different place and how maybe your spiritual connection expanded and people lie and it becomes such a big thing and I'm out the with a big thing but it was certainly a big. Step. In what I was too. Because without that they'll when I got kicked all I remember is seen. That lights. And it wouldn't you're acting but I without and that light Erika. Some. Energy yours something pulling me. Away very quickly. And then I guess like polite took me down and to the hospital on. I woke up they didn't test there was nothing wrong I had a hook trench on my. So you got his name and I I've I've seen numb my daughter rides they've seen horses kick missing how how hard they can kick we've got to jump to break you're just tumbled were to come back after the break to take some phone calls and continue our conversation. Or 6877669. Into treaty 446877669. You listened Jason dvd on Eleanor. East Coast and you start somewhere in between what can be on or failure you myself Jason Bosnia was Dawson chief each on I'd say it's. Anybody was stuck somewhere in between recently it was you you were on the toes or the West Coast you were on an island lesser artists either more or down vote. Europe and Eastern Europe but to them it's a associates include they're so cute that you are in the UK. It allows us not filming because it was life TV that you were doing. But you know what if I'm pretty cool about. Europe all over but specifically what you just did you you could you shared some this was may first all the locations is beautiful but secondly the people are farm warm. Accepting of these ideas. They really and it's funny of course in the US I mean when you when you break down the paranormal if you wanna look at it from a technical standpoint. UK is a much higher percentage of people who are in deep followers of the paranormal. For whatever reason to -- remember over there they've only got 63 million people need so button but just a higher percentage of the people over there are. More involved in whether it's paranormal whether it's psychics and mediums and it's just more accepted over their. Then it is over here over here it's become a lot marks are accepted especially since you know Michelle goes on mercenaries they rent for so long but. It's just that it really isn't such and that pitched they're great people that there really are. Yeah hopefully we'll all get a chance stick to be on reality over their two and do some stuff looking forward to that but anyway tonight we're talking about something actually should. Mentioned that tomorrow night we've got Michael booed Boudin coming on the program he's a psychic. He's got a book it's called growing up psychic from skeptic to believer. So yeah and and there's it would go Ira pastor. CEO of bio quirk Inco discussing. Exploring complex forms of regenerative biology in nature and and that's gonna be really into sync shall. Yeah that's going to be talking about the next step in. In in in bioengineering. In ways that we can no cure disease and replace limbs using our own bodies natural rigidity of capabilities that have to do that is gonna three printer our business return to get -- he's ready prints any new artistry printer now you know some great and there's some pretty amazing stuff from the music Ilan mosque is looking upload your consciousness and system so I mean eventually it'll probably be like one year out of our lifespan to suck for a spot. Eventually people forever now. I don't know that's a that's that's and if it's good or bad but what do you like the week after you when I kick it back for a particular card isn't it just lasted one more that we can access. But tonight we're talking we jostling Kessler she is an energy communicators bridging the gap between humans and animals specifically dog she's got a book. That so called the secret language of dogs and her website is just one Kessler dot com by the way if you wanna. I'll ask a question please feel pretty give us equality for 46877669. And mullah invite into the conversation let's bring a jostled back into the program again Justin thanks so much for being with us tonight. I'm having so much and thank you for having. So one of the biggest questions that anybody wins a dog him stick with dogs for a minute here would ask. Is how do we know it's far animals. Dogs are trying to commute communicate to us or with us beyond just the normally I gotta go outside or right I'm hungry want food. Well you know it it has to do a lot with lyrics mean. Really. So locked in and I work with people and they're dot Bible. I'll tell them something out there well. You know it seems to be that day at this and that is really what's going on and so often people say a white police news category yeah that equity ears she was saying oh I felt that by. And I say but why. And that's really been the key you know that these animals are not. And in some of the misconception damaged. What I hear them it's not how most people at least want to think you're right it's not gonna hate jobs aren't out. Let me tell you how I'm feeling you know what I don't like it or not that's not it. Animal speak very briefly. It's very to the point it's not wordy. We're wording there not wordy and it's it's pretty straight. So when people say well I thought that but I hated each live share. To enact it got that an intuition cat's black also work are back to really be aware of the yourself. Know how do you feel one of the biggest things like they are the decline in. And I have for years. Go off from what you feel I think that's really important going to be and yet we're. It need to be first stealing and then once it travels in your head and that's usually have a problem. So I really teach. Human beans that they will try to I know they're communicating how they're. A lot of time that they do. Know that but they oversee OK they get a feeling of and then they don't wanna believe that they could possibly Billie goes back. So. What I tell them to do it when you feel. That communication from your dog they're trying to do you ex communication or something bigger than you normally deal with them. What we know what the people tend to do. It get really caught up in it in that they've won over ally they wanna break it down and they don't like to see what is the god sending me. What is it energy debt I am feeling I feel that something not right I feel like they're not healthy I feel like. The food is it working I feel like my arms. My data daylight what what's going on her hectic and that sort might turmoil right life. Could be attacking my god I think they're telling me that. So so locked in ninety you can just get quiet and just get quiet and just sit with that. And field car and made it. And take up where. Just don't see reminders that it's completely clear we're just in the moment at this particular Hannity this particular and shouldn't. So to speak. And just let yourself feel like you're getting and don't second guess that. Feel it don't let it go to mine over compute just hate the energy as is and then the response to the Panama. The more that one does that and teach a shack. To step out of your head. Mean that's what this is all about stepped out. And just. Listen a moment just feel don't challenge. Don't put on what you think is going on with the you'd think they're trying to say. Or what you're scared could be if you're sick or their illness. Can not go right into skier which we. Always tend to do it could take a moment and really feel. What that magnitude out it and you really can't and I peach back and that went. So many people take a moment actually just. Work repayment at let's get with your dog particularly general it should be quiet let's put one hand on his part or her heart. And and one hand not near. And just Greece for a minute and and just. Beat there. Not at all they processes. It's not a medication and everything like you should be working motion alert society that can't claim the key is. We need to be able to get a aware. And listen and deal quickly. Not a long time ago and because once we do that and we overseeing and that we lose everything we can't hear the animal at all. So the first step that I could do for anyone. Is still let them just feel and so when they get quiet and I believe that without actually. What do you feel now answered yes. Just say don't think it just say and they say you get there right. And that is what the dot it's hard to say no tears come to BI goes right. Oh my gosh I I feel this I think I can feel it and I feel what they're trying to say in our Ali harnessing energy. And K okay king Felix thanking you remember what the Al. Well and I would soon I would assume that hustle of everyday life and expressly in our lives. People tend to not really. Well the they don't give themselves any time to really connect it's like I've got I've got three dogs I love them dearly but I find a lot of times because I'm I'm really busy. That it's late the dogs are there when I want them to be there instead of I need to but I need to understand that they're always really there. There are only really very narrowly Charlie Wiki. Yes well but I doubt but I know but I mean it's just people with their. With their busy lives running around a next thing you know you really haven't paid the attention that you you all of them. You you really having given them that time and I think it's a lot of other reason why people are picking up on these things correct. Yeah I agree with you absolutely you know people are very busy right now but the one thing that I opt. Is that an and that's how I connected to only say one side and I are buying. That you won your very very busy and and armed. You know going going going in and trying to take away Clijsters they. It. EE usually that's something that needs to be look at. In that sense because it it's not just with the dogs you know we all get hit in the end how do we take the time and we finally get home and how we look Aaron they are now quite strong here I don't trying to sort just be your answer. A lot of times. And we don't do that and I'm argued that Eminem who are you don't get a certain way but sometimes get so caught up in it and some. And the reflection. Within oneself. Is really what I am looking at its. Well firstly I don't look at it can't be just what the dark so. We're als and other people at the same thing that you just said. Well what are we missing here why is that that there's got to be arbitration like lights. For sure that they aren't connecting. Or they're not according time. Yeah I and I totally understand it was like today I want now it is slate I got home I get home yesterday as traveling I'm just got back from England and and so forth. And in and I realized that you all today I always take the dogs on the backyard we play catch the ball and all that stuff. And it's just. You know it's like doing all this other stuff totally didn't think about it and then finally I was how well you know I get to take them also. But a lot of times that's a thank you lit caught up in the in the hustle of everyday life that they tended to. They can I come home I've got my children here so of course my children. Don't look at my dogs my children have type my children are. Are the first priority soul in on them by the time we don't want that you realize by having given having given the dogs any time soon so. But and then that's the thing it's just the craziness of life and you feel bad so many in that sometimes they get they get forgotten for that time. Are we're gonna hurt or so listener line and bring in Susan from Kansas City Susan has a question for jostle when he Susan walking to the program whichever operate heavy on tonight. I think you have been listening since I've found after online. And then straight to you really enjoy it my question should kind of be answered. That we have a little miniature Pincher. It's been you know and then you know she answered with their putting him on the aren't sitting quiet. Accept this different sisters can you liken it. This home. It's not real thrilled that anyway. He you know actually any ticket that he's gotten enlarged hurt. And it doesn't seem to be getting better going back more. I guess whatever it was anything else we can be negative energy to get an idea. That might help they had a little while or help us. What you know it could protect great question I get a lot especially around our heart which is interesting when you have. I dog it's been true you know a lot of homes and lot of torment. Like people you know it affects animals differently QB got they have you know ticket kidney disease or they can go to to get that. Taking advantage in attracting ear whenever there's a heart issue. It's pretty happy how many it probably required her. I don't know a lot longer respect me and that's because it really goes into acutely Crocker up with a gimmick and there dot. Especially at the Arnold I would say that. It's probably pretty necessary. Are both you and your sister can you tell it was your sister right yet to report yeah. Yeah I hear and I'll get that out of their heart stealing your and and I think you have waves to. I think that you'll get it that will give you wait to handle this. You know they're great and that we medication that out into the city and being our our our clothing right popped that back I think that. It may be a great learning experience especially. For your sister who kidnapped a little deeply. Seemed to struggle with obviously not any form of heart failure but a heavy heart. Yes I could be wrong I could be wrong but I do a hero is that good night I hear you right. OK and you know it you're happy curry and the consent and it's been a huge gala that document so we'll call. Now it here. This must sit com. Before then. Arm I feel that it did I think that this feels like something. But the Pamela Bartlett I don't know what the technology or it doesn't something network. There. And and came about. And and these and that it is that he in my opinion. It is he this. He. He landed in the right place. Some 1000 acumen farm. That. Has also a very very heavy heart and frankly. Probably needs to take care for heart more and armed head may be at some point had a few. Issues are scared in different ways are without her shall. I just don't sorry we've got a New Hampshire we're gonna interrupt here because we have to get into this break running at a time thank you Susan for the called beyond reality pretty decent. Hurts this hurts our guests tonight and just we've got just a little less than a minute here and know if you wanna do to follow up on the discussion about Tom our callers dog. Yeah we just don't just say this is yeah. That in yeah return sister that yes the heart work on hand on the dark heart that there aren't hurt. But you're really focused on and that troops you send simple energy. I'm ready to let go of my heart issues are ready to look at that and ready to not have that anymore security. Review is well and I'm ready to help peel. And it ready to either help me next sounds so basic. But it won't consider that over program and greeted and and believing that. Then both the human and I'm are working towards something connecting people that understand it's as simple we're no different Jason. What you what you're doc we are sometimes at halftime act at the and I got Emma earlier today listen I'd love you. I'm gonna get you were to have a moment that I have to do that and whatever talent that people aren't about animal that a lot. But they listen they can't feel the end it that it will tell your kids so it's seeking deed that. Yeah and art so we're gonna take a quick break. More to come you. The phone numbers are 844687766. Now I think nobody Somalia which is more listener calls to a new side of the break to uncle went beyond reality yeah. GP pharmacy her. 4687766. Manner guest tonight is just went Kessler you've been talking about. Animal communication specifically dogs focusing on dogs. Jocelyn is an energy communicators. And has a book called the secret language of dogs check out a web said he Jocelyn Kessler dot com. And let's call go to our listener line we've had some people waiting on hold this is low lane yeah from Missouri I think they've announced direct this time I hope. Pulling your hip welcome back to the program we divvy on. Ain't you know I haven't had a quick question in no particular leading. I had two great journey and they're Paramount. There she had there are failing content not arm down. And you are Great Pyrenees where I and so little old or. Bird. That my question and it is to put these two case in chief. We know what's going on outside I think our. You know if at some ego diet it's. You know an animal or squirrel but there's one thing we haven't been able to figure. They are completely silenced with an abandoned house across the street. And they don't really are candidate that they wine. And sit and watch it for so long time and we can't figure. Now what they're hurt they're hit yeah. You know on. It it's still aren't by the lady she lived now. You know would still. Yes cut flights on the fact that that nobody lives there I don't know much about the house or that area kind of an odd area. I don't really know much about how. How lagging I have to say I'm I'm on this front and like normally people go. I have to say I think there actually tree in something that's more energy course spear or to. Aching to be very very aware our. Great parent and they don't wage they're trying. Speak and they pretty Chris Seitz animals are in dogs. And in this case I bet by asking that it hit you're the house. I feel like they're mark instructed in the house after they moved out there aren't they were in effect tracts. Can't. Okay yeah I know there's an energy that lap it's almost said that. An and it seemed to Q your tip them it's not something typical. Permanent garlic that's it it's not a typical. Form it's not that there's something that there's not that it is. It's scenes could be. Darker almost and it's as if there guarding them when they stand her and they aren't they're age they're looking over there or here. Contract skate or near heat or there aren't aware let's say that they're frequency is rage so to speak. In that capacity I. I feel buried solid. That it's something. The moving spirit it's not it's a call. And it seemed to be Bratton thanks annexing it beat. Or lead. Dark. And it seems to be animal. And that is awake and breathing the air where. It's not something that you create. Easily correct because it's not your home it's not your area. But what you can do. Is go to the dog. And let them know that you know what idiots. And then I won't and I are respectable paper. Yet. Really has so often people won't do that. I'm docs C spirit and feel energy of like data especially if it's dark in Schilling show up and we don't used. The dog as a compass. You know what what kind of more the supernatural. To speak on the other side they upper lip after that legislation is really see it. Comment in this case I would let them know that you'll note that. And preview. I would take it deep grass. And actually your read for yourself and your dog in the house to be guarded and you have boundary. So if you speak it. And let them narrow and that's something over there you believe it exists. Now aren't you discounting parent. But they've got it let it go out and you've got to bring the focus back home. And every time that you you die and you could correct and election cart our energy. Maybe boundaries here that they don't have to be worried that was over there is coming to the it's not. It's not about works but they are. They are aware that it does bother that. So again it's not your home get a couple you can remove I can't keep direction for apple certainly. Certainly look. Speaking I feel it read that and say it would spam and around that he know what it is that you protected. They don't need to give it back trying if you do that over and over you'll see a different. Perfect perfect senator acknowledgment. That's the tactics and there has ownership. And that protection. Changes thanks. That makes I think that'll work yeah it and I have been accelerating its three year. Let me thank you so much for calling in we appreciate the the question in the phone call and let's so let's take one more here this is just in calling and also from Missouri just walk on the show. He and I have a question to get. How dark and mean general it had to say. What people at the Larry. Well aren't just and they actually speak more silently and every anything out it's march and it's true. Energy and feeling and sentences they used their center a lot. So even you can hear them speak it made our car they make little noise is of course back to form of communication are the actually predicting what you're asking. How are they really are optional day in and day out to gather. It is. Come most. All the time completely silent. That's lag so big about healing that's how they. Communicate. Obviously you see that Haley can note please you all the old blue. But there it clearly having a quiet coaching a patient that's very basic and it is true. A lot of time. I almost pelican need to say it or energy they are speaking. More treated that way that actual verbal contract makes. It. I think it like tell. Little bit like nagging Alex I give you a quick example Jack and you know on my target Emily locked and discreetly passed Dodd and she'd show highly sensitive and some dark she doesn't even charitable act like it's meant I would take dark and we don't have to like get everyone that's not universal. Also happen. But there can be a dart down the street coming up. And all excited. She won't stop and wait for that god. Because there's energy I'll I know I like it stopped we are going to connect. And Sharon she you know it whenever she got elected and stops right every time. And the dot comes up and they have this exchange like oh IIQ we share energy has its common what he's doing okay I'll. Did you do nice to know you basic simple step ink and then they aren't. So that's really what you're doing. And they don't do it always so many gods can pass. Dogged them and they don't even acknowledge. But that there's an energy that they can connect twelve and they smell and they feel and it feels good and they aren't you. And they do an and it all internal. It's not external. Justin thanks so much of the far yes thank you. Just like to ask you to you you referenced this earlier conversation and it's not something we can just less let pass and not talk about again you've talked about a major shift coming animals are sensing it. I think trying to warn us in a way. What are we talking about here you almost sounded apart when you when you mentioned it. You add you are talking about this for years and I've been saying that the clients and at tracking both animal in each bench. For something that and feeling. And and go for a long time and the issue is an and I contracting people really get very clear their mind and have it clear to communication real clear with who you are. What you're doing or why you'd got the animal. You don't like the the clarity. With all this crap for the ships are what position it well this is not a big percent. I believe that energy and this is planetarium of course attorney happening working planetary action that we slow. For quite some time and in reading the name that's an error like I think period. That the ship is really. It's restricted rocket energy and trying to explain their. In the best way possible that's going to do the math would change on the plan. It's dominant music. For years. We were able all of us at most humans I am I not merit in Russia and the and it. Very much in pregnant. I would been gunning for leniency no legal repeating. A lot of of our own mistakes over and over who we don't right away there are animal. Are overreached. Over you know. I flooded which human condition. And you can see and society as a whole there's been a lot of beer bread no matter what anyone sad. All of that sphere. Has had a really taking effect aren't quite gracious and what it's done and so what's going out I think it's been slammed by the cartel working at the we are looking at in our lives working it out in the world and I think it's huge you're aware or Colleen. Is that something it will not be tolerated anymore. And the energy is moving very very fast it's opening up field and chat folks other dimensions and lately I haven't seen that will do even more. I think it's gonna lower mines and I think currencies gonna really change in the next. Five years I think how we how money he'll cheap young money changer. How animal. I mean so much is gonna change that it's gonna restructure. How weak link whether we like it or not and it actually a lot of the animal or yelling at because. Dish. Bishops believe they're not weighed down that road. It's gonna force the sense of equality for all. All species you know wreckage they're not going to like each other but we're gonna beat arsenal laid back. We're gonna have to think different act different. And really be different with our scouts. It's going to change that we can see it now as to what attacked me on how we communicate with ourselves and let her analysts. We got to get real clear I mean we have to get real clear. Basically would. Who we are why we're here and and who were surrounded western and that sounds so obvious but it was down. Did energy will make it buried very hard for go to can't step out of here or are are can't open up. In bigger wage. All over. It's gonna crack down real hard for change and it's not going to be exactly EC. So the more one in the same place that you hear. You want to know how to cure your animal and actually you have to question or get quiet get aware of where argue act. It's it's quite comment that would ask many clients. Why do you hear what do you feel who are. No one can answer. And they have to think about and they say an outfit picture to put it erring on a smaller compact. Recent. Pamela. Dogs in specific. Are pushing us to sign back there pushing us to break out of a box. They're pushing us to take ownership they're pushing us to see that. You can actually. Right gonna throw out junk value that's what it's going to be either going to be a lot of Latin main happy eat weekly current state of happiness within yourself. And get into universal level trying to old Euronet NG. And actually do this. And that's saying quote we know about energy and knowing what you're doing here and what is your energy into our yield. Will actually allow you your effortlessly your job each year. The energy you'll make proper choices you'll you won't repeat mistakes are. You learn from. You know what you're doing. And as mean as they can get access ounce. Most are not doing that and learned time and in Asia ex like I said. It's gonna open up a lot of channels. It's got a knack for a big change. And kind of make many people. Reevaluate how they think and on the flip side and that changes there and I keep track it changes how they relate to. I think I think armistice day I think our mistake was holding the question to the last one is the follow ups on that. Are pretty significant blessed to have you back on we've got a couple minutes here left and I just wanted to give you an opportunity. To let people know how they could follow you on social media obviously there's links on your website the world's people. Keep track what Europe to get more information about your work. Yeah I've been pretty pretty quiet and social media but I'm going to be getting back out yet it took were you have lots of new things out but they can't find me on Twitter at Joplin. I can Kessler and then in Graham. It's also just jostling Kessler so in. I'm on in the grand Twitter and I'm not really on each book in March personal pain but they can find me on Twitter and changed a cramp. Great and in your book is available where. It's available on am not expect Barnes & Noble and I think I get it around but it on Amazon. The chaplain there in purple and Anbar optional. Like so much for coming hang analysis Jocelyn we look forward to talk to you again in the future some point. Yes I would love to thank you for having me it's been a pleasure. The agreement okay so again the website is jostling Kessler dot com you don't check that out there's links to other stuff there it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy. We'll take a break we'll come back wrap things up Jack. Sounds good our usage is in JV and the unreality radio. Rebuke patent Johnson pastor for joining us. Yeah have to try that thing went into communications and the dogs know I'm Aimee B cell but yeah definitely a big shout outs jostling Kessler coming out and hanging out with us tomorrow we've got an inch and show we're going to be talking with Michael Boudin basis IQ and will be discussing his book growing up psychic. From skeptic to believer that's accurate change. Yeah I mean when you start today and you you you don't believe in some into the new heaven and life's events that changes all that those are great stories. And Thursday were in talking with Ira pastor CL bio quirk in and would be discussed and well. Discussing exploring complex forms a regenerative. Biology. In nature to create all therapeutic. So. Systems for human regeneration so but I die honestly I think I was recommend we're just going to Elon Musk has this whole thing where is going to upload our consciousness. The merged in a reprint ourselves and using three printers stuff. He we've talked about this on the program we obviously don't have time to get into it now but come on Mozilla one of the things that concerns me about this is you is talking about uploading your memories and your experiences into some type of computer type device that could be implanted into a body say. But it doesn't have the emotion it doesn't have the there're certain human elements that won't transfer they just don't transfer so it. You're consciousness I mean it's tower. It's tough she's the whole thing that makes you but there's been a pretty much do it for us tonight thanks for tuning and you listen to Jason. And the only news tastes good Jason goes GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. So it can only be a real ingredients distribute it. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will purchase the smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.