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Jason Gay (WSJ, NCAA Scandal)

Feb 27, 2018|

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The financial exchange for Barry and chuck is live on FaceBook and YouTube every morning beginning at ten. This is the financial exchange radio network. The lowest ever comes to an end you know a lot of stretching about our favorite spring holiday March Madness joining us from the Wall Street Journal's Jason gay and discuss the growing scandal Washington through the NCAA. Jason yeah so for those of us living under a rock. What exactly has been revealed over the last few weeks I know this has been going on for a while we got a lot more information just in the last couple weeks right. Slide out all your being. And that College Board and upbeat all the normal couple. There have been a lot of reporting it there's ongoing FBI. Bribery and odds are. College basketball man. 01 K now the patent or via yet work. There are period and now engaged in the bombing pavement. We've all. Coaches aren't the gay athlete. Here there's every human you know. Are currently. That the that are the worker quite awhile. And all year he really. I'll look under the what has been rather obvious lack mark made sports Burberry. I think whether it about it. Finally convert patient about. The Mitt and deterrent then what exactly is on board and. Yeah I mean I would say I wouldn't say it's a huge scandal yet we all knew about it but other than the fact that if you look at the you know the marketing of the NCAA. They tout overall you know student athletes putting putting our education first and you know there really really trying to denied there's any sort of financial motivation going on here. Yeah how do you see how do you see this new the new set of disclosures potentially impacting the term this year. Well that's an interesting question right because I think that. Or killing it right now are. We get the I document and whether whether or not universe is under any obligation bond. You know I think you'll be. As with Arizona did you know they balance their coach rob Miller who had mentioned did report about 100 an alleged order and it. There freshman player. I'm you know I think you're gonna universe is behave in the way that they typically be an advocate of merit which at the change shock and embarrassment and then punished. Most directly. Which is people want the pat Meehan like begat. How not to get to a potential but I just feel like. Dealing with this matter and they punitive. Ad hominem way it does not address whether the most significant figure to. We need a tremendous overhaul of what college sports is and how our sport athlete. I can and should be compensated and the last universities and in the air willing to do that. We're going to be right back here again after that and conversation about other action. Yeah I mean there's no debt I mean these are both multi billion dollar industries between you the airtime at the sports Gatt and the money making at the colleges and universities receive. I personally having. Look at this as an NCAA problems I mean this is clearly going on right at their noses and they just kind of swept it under the rug. And when you're going out there and lying to the public. That's what's gonna cause an FBI investigation. We. Yes and and there are good number of people might happen or one current idea actually in the Booth but basically patrolling and NCAA compliance while you look at. Now money and increment. That are being nurtured protected or failure by the year. Payment aptly you know rather rate you dig out from the you have pegged it as well brought federal investigations. You know the NCAA. You know been completely ineffectual in terms of dealing with that Palmeiro on whether whether these patter or blow out or burn. Yeah. Going to back the like the NBA here ever why they effectively mandate that these players go and played college basketball first place is this an. Is this an economic deal for the NBA two or they get something out of that's. What a good question because there is a little bit of an economic benefit of the NBA what people don't ever talk about that. Well later taken Arctic ought BA player and NBA player career. That. Earning potential shrink a little better with our brilliant bit earlier I mean they're gonna make a little let whatever it that would be great eight. That's a small point but yet it is the NBA is that Leah. Eight and an amendment create the climate war. One in time which everyone seems to really hate which is that they come again and buying one is that belly out into the for the spring semester at. No one in like I think pat and change rather news. You're gonna be the NBA. Stepping up our family and trying to create your own. Sort of expanded minor league. Professional rating because let all these board or in the big free ride out the caught up by the man. You know if they have some responsibility here as well. Right so I mean. I understand your only one man read it yet the perfect solution for us on this one. Yeah. That. I think there's there's there's what they need to do right away which is that look across the board change. Would impact not judgment about the pot and football every sport. Allow all. What would that whether it is in the by. To accept sponsorship payments to take sides the big money in ways. That are. Related and unrelated to their sport. The it car is permanent way to restrict the idea that an athlete not benefit us early like that. Not make any money when I look at selling their name on a teacher or currently there's ridiculous. We see in the Olympics you know going back a generation. We're the whole argument about amateurism in the Olympic. The idea that Oprah shouldn't let these guys like to have money for ninety let me add to that. Track until appearance he's gonna ruin the Olympic that didn't really. To make the exact incident in college athletic beyond. All of that and the I couldn't land where a ball premarket. You know pay the limits and that our our case the eleventh the that's gonna require. A lot more strategic they eat and now probably will require writing in the courts because that held actual so that's a earned a trip to Agra. Well it's it's an instant topic I really appreciate joins the title of the article in the Wall Street Journal a secret cash isn't an NCAA scandal amateurism is. And that's Jason gave Wall Street Journal joining us thanks Jason. Thank you. You know it's interesting news I remember talking to hockey players in hockey manager's team managers. And the NHL clearly said hey we love the NCAA we leave our kids and their 22324. Years old playing College Hockey. And they develop them and it doesn't cost us a nickel.