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Zain Akbari (Morningstar, AAP)

Feb 14, 2018|

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Zen Akbar from Morningstar joins us now for a little bit of stock talk here in the financial exchange Zandt thanks for joining us. There were drug met Advance Auto Parts here you bullish or bearish on them. Pretty bullish actually had Advance Auto Parts has struggled for a number of years earlier after a very difficult acquisition estimated 2014 when it bought that car quest. Network of stores. That'd work integration was badly mismanaged and ultimately the management team turned over and we think an eight team is well on track towards turning that business around but it has the story for patient investors at the end of the day. We do you think it's stocks were about a 155. Dollars relative to where it's trading which is just under one tent what. The big things that they are doing to try to turn the company around now. Teacher so it comes with a lead it comes down to part availability of that business so it caters to segments one as the DIY customer and then the other one is the professional repair shops in the third party repair shops and auto dealership. But somebody who's just has a mechanic shop and is trying to make matters to vehicles. Part availability is critical both those markets it comes down to having the right part of the right time as quickly as possible Padilla like customer needs to get back on the road as quickly as possible. The professional car repair shop meets turnovers service space as quickly as possible avenue management team isn't good job prioritizing getting the part availability story right as they tried to integrate two very complex. Supply. And distribution chain. Are good Zain thank you very much of the time today. Thank you as an act bar you from morning start talking about Advance Auto Parts that ticker on them you wanna look them up on your own is AAP.