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Scott Wolter discusses the Kensington Rune Stone

Feb 14, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Forensic Geologist Scott Wolter about the discovery, the meaning and the implications of the Kensington Rune Stone. What was this rune-carved slab of stone and what new information has been learned? 2/14/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. We are still stay on the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast many years stuck somewhere in between welcomed me unreality radio myself Jason does they always assumed GB John. I think you need to speak for yourself I'm not here yet I'm I'm still about five minutes out here verify your bare unite here you there right animal on there are not here but I will be here in about five minutes focal well hopefully he'll be here in time for our guests tonight. A loser gets us got Alter forensic geologist. We're going to be talking all about the Kensington rune stone in Minnesota. That was found 1898. And dated thirteen 62. And world's going to be talking yourself more closer to my home here and we're we're in the Newport tower in Rhode Island and help possibly attempt Portman has something to do with that. Which it is is really wild because that has been. Talking on many times and I spent a lot of time in Newport all the old mentions Al there. And have seen I've seen that that tower in numerous times blocked by a spend time over new era and it's always one of those things that people have wondered because when settlers and everything came was already there. Yeah the chancellors are just a very very intriguing and mysterious organization that we still have a lot to learn about and you know and and we as we know they're kind of transformed into the masonic temple temple at some point this connections there. On anybody who watches. The curse of oak island knows that there's attempts are possible temp Clark connection to what was going on there what may have gone on there. Now we have this in the Kensington rune stone we've got a couple other stones from New England that have been found that have. Have markings and indicate they may be tempore and origin and they date pre Columbus increase settlers. Well when you sir looking into and really following and I mean you can Trace this all the way to that the Switzerland bank systems. And as so become it becomes insane because they were one of the first first. Groups actually set up. The banks say they were protecting them the money from my. At the travelers and all that stuff so they were being robbed so. As just and it's interesting that they did that of course they did that at the time because they looked added as rules away for a while some power. And being able to loan money to do two different countries are France being one of them and and and all those things so but it's just missed just to have the mindset of doing that. Because you can protect the you have the strength to protect all of us on the money in the in the golden moment stuff it's just it's amaze. Yet it is I can't wait to have this conversation scuffle took some really excited to learn more about the Kensington rune stone it. What he's uncovered and discovered about its origin and its history. Plus he does make the connection to whole bunch of things and benchmark we get to talk to this watchers. Squatters are you near. And I'm not gonna touch. But LA is where it's telling exits at whole all female big foot. Which and there is awesome it's awkward they're just they're great until ladies and a and of course if you may have heard him on the show previously when there were that she squatters and they've changed to the swatch hers so don't be confused by the I think that's why terrorists is a little easier to save match she's watched her is that she's what you sell seashells on the seashore here. Resistance and in the second hour tomorrow night will be talking with Scott Harris the seal. Of building construction group. And he's building creator will be discussing intuitive buildings. And what it is Earth's gravitational pulls as it relates to homes and how home's energy can heal or harm you. And we'll get into a much agree things with that. On hey if you haven't yet Amaechi had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond a deal to FaceBook page then had to be under reality radio dot com. Where you can find all the stations we are on across the country can also download the free iPhone and android app which a logical listen life catch past shows to challenge had more. Or listen right from the website is by clicking the listen life tab you can listen to the show right on your computer phone whatever attack. It's well worth the time it's easy to do and it gives you access to everything so it's pretty cool. On and we recommend you do that and also right on the phone number it's 8446877669. We'll take phone calls. Later in the program if you the question for our guest tonight Tom Scott Walter. As it relates to anything we're talking about or if questioned former boss will take that to. Yes so I remember about a month ago when I was young when I did a story about that so called time traveler guy who claimed used from 2030. I do remember you talking about the error while the self proclaimed time traveler claiming to be from 2030 passed a lie detector test. Now I'm not mean throwing much expressly the status but. On my time traveler says he's he's from the future has passed a lie detector test. And then he's claimed that Tom Donald Trump will be reelected artificial intelligence takeover on some of his other predictions claim that. Global class style robotics will spread across the globe technology has developed the point where it will be able to independently run home which I think we're ready yet. Arms. It we will. Be increasingly popular book pennies and cents will still be news Sony and maybe should buy into the quench it and I still think that's I mean thirty exploded and collapsed once I think it's been happening and yet occupies no. So in 2030 he says US president is a mysterious figure called. Lama. Remic. Then. Why can't hear you and I talked to John tighter. Who had claimed to be from the future which makes them somehow out there clay yet what we've we've we've learned sense that there are a lot of holes in his story but. Talking circles but one of the problems we've had always is that no one can give a specific like on March 15. In this country exists volcanic eruption is going to occur I mean something like that has had to happen between now and 2030 year whatever the year is. And it would stick in somebody's mind that they could say it like it Micah September 11 type event. They could say hey this is gonna happen on this date which is just something so specific that approves everything they're sending. Both final we're talking with. Teeter from Italy we are getting answers right well things right. Well in. 22. And 22 on the whatever. Trump. Might be president he thought well you but he might not be and as so what ARA UN. But it was just. Illness ho Lee couldn't get any well I don't answers out of him because he told us if he gave a Stefan has then it might change something which I mean is the perfect. That's a perfect Al. It is the perfect up one of the things are doing that you really got me went during our conversations about that was the whole discussion on medical science when he asked the question would where is is cancer gonna be cured by the year 2030 or whatever the heck it was a we couldn't get a straight answer for that I mean that's something that be pretty well me don't be able it may be what's it was secured when you were there or anywhere you while it might be low you know might be if if your from the future you know look at what is. There are some serious questions about time travelers and we've had some really mysterious things happen maybe disguised legit legit legit too involved to get him on the program and talk tomb and see what he has to say. But if you can answer those simple questions as seems pretty. Obvious that there's a hole in your story. He says humans will also reach Mars in 20/20 eight. Other senior year time travel these. Who and so when he when he needs what movies. And he states an electric cars will be able to travel as fast as diesel and petrol ones though I do we think now isn't it is gonna say I mean it's there's. I'm tassel that some Tesla Larry. The music legends cars out there by no that electric motorcycles are faster than gas boat motorcycles. So and I he he will he also claimed he was an. He had anorexia and is in fact the fifty year old. But he's taken and each rejoice it pigeon ovation you know my garden or whatever drug that's transform into and 25 year old. Which. Yard that we we need a I would agree it's. As silly on so some of his his predictions are interesting summer like and whatever. But com. Now he took a lie detector test I mean you know this lie detector test has something to be said forward it's not foolproof and people have been known to to support it and ball passage ID issue. Tech in the ship they say you wrote that was a that was a big thing especially young people were. Well you had certain mob guys being you try to asked the questions about murders they'd put attack emotional when he answered the question. Correctly they'd they'd push on the attack in which hurt. But they'd also do let me answer the question when there are lying about it so it made the whole thing all of the capitals are so there's a lot of different ways to do it alone calming yourself. I'm for those of you who haven't heard of next week JV will be solo. I will be in the UK filming a TV shall it'll be light TV show would Jack Osbourne. Celebrities haunted mansion. It's an exciting yes it will starts airing on Wednesday the 21 in the UK on sky one on denying virgin won 25 BT 311 and but Obama nobody knows what that is I don't know idea as well so what I'm chairman of defining how soon. But the show is it's an instinct take and that's why I agreed to do it was. First off there'll be actually know. Strolling around the be known him making fake stuff happen and which. Is great it was one of the biggest that was my first question for agreed to do it. But secondly it'll be I'll have five celebrities on my team Jack Osborne five slippers on this team will put him in the Nile bulls beat team captains. And we send we send them into do different tasks during paranormal investigating in the viewers get to Poland and vote them off ribbon nobody can vote jacking you off. Right yeah. This now is that we said let's millions you know it is a make sure has that right is let's move on TV for 300. All right so but it should be interesting I'm not sure if it'll. Here in the air anywhere in the US or not but but hopefully and you might be able castparts online I have no idea. At least certain parts. Are you so let's get the US senate this idea but sir you said it idea let's let's stick a break when we come back we'll bring Scott all terminals are talking about the tension ruined stone in a whole bunch neat things that could rewrite. 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And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality greeting me. Chase JP can write down on a Retief 446877669. We want you to call in leader with your questions as we get into this conversation and also. A great big thank you don't radio stations during the program around the country we appreciate their affiliation and we look forward adding more stations to the ranks were excited just last week we headed Seattle and Erie Pennsylvania and Bozeman Montana good stuff I'm silly we get a bunch more that are going to be signing on relatively soon so. Should be interest again and thanks for the support and it's always great to have more from him while just making the beyond reality radio family bigger yeah we really enjoy that's a welcome everybody are let's bring our guest infinite we're going to be talking with Scott Walters he's a forensic geologist has a whole bunch of stuff to talk about. Scott welcome to beyond reality Rio it's great having on the program today. Hey thanks for having me guys looking forward to it. Outspent it's always a pleasure talking. Just got to get started here this is a pretty short segment but I think it's a perfect demonic time we've got about four minutes here to chat about exactly who you are much to you know what led you to this point to know where he gets started a novice. Well it might journey from. You know primarily looking at concrete to historical artifacts began in the year 2000 in the Kensington roof down. Came into my lab and they wanted me to do an analysis found that to try to determine. If the weathering of the inscription was all that and being I had never heard the redstone I didn't know what it was an. I you know I went into with blinders on and Indiana and I came to the conclusion that the weather was told that it was authentic. And that's from the troubles started. That's. That so you're first. Venture in do into this kind of historical artifact world was with this major find the Kensington rooms and that was your first want. That was the first one and get a member I live in Minnesota period and it was found here in the 1898. About two hours from where it liberate now. And I don't know it's weird that would support of Minnesota but like I came here when I was about one year old so. I'm pretty much pretty much get a raise my whole life here and I don't know why it is help people and most of the school that did that I didn't know what they were talking about it. Was uninteresting story and you know I but I work on a lot of interest in things so. So but pretty what was your backed out over background prior to that why was that stone brought to you to begin list. Well I it will bite operated materials forensic laboratory in the geologist by education and thankfully about a profession. And so have operated a lab doing materials forensics. Primarily on concrete rock border outpost types of things primarily associated with the construction industry. Now this is my 3030 years and you know so that's that's what I have been doing and I've really enjoyed doing that I still do it I mean I I did a while it was. You know what I do show is I'm still work itself. Very. I'm very fortunate but because it was a rock you know bad they actually went to. University of Minnesota Duluth right went to college and it was my retired professors that recommended. That they have need to look at it so that's how I was able to. You know I was referred by them in and that's how it came to me. And as you looked at a for the first time we're gonna talk about a lot sort of organ and bloody detail about Gary I don't know yet but it may be as you first. Beauty city weren't really aware of what it was. Did it strike you as being something odd something unique something old and indeed all those things. Where they obvious when you the first time you saw. Well you know we got to remember I came into this thing completely. In the dark I didn't know whatever wrong was I had no idea of that tradition of reinstall and you know I may have heard a bottom once in my life president I I don't remember Brett. So this thing was completely foreign but this story was very intriguing and you know inside. You know got into my work I didn't focus very much on. The background and you know what had been done up to that point I was just focus on doing my job. I can't get caught up in people's. Agendas and it was clear that the person that approach we represented the museum. Was clearly an advocate and I actually back to mop and I said lucky need to understand something. I'd be happy to do this work for you which you need to understand that when I get down on me come back and TV news in Bakken light. He's still gonna ping me. Yeah exactly exactly but I. Regardless I get paid either way what the results are and I I was serious about that did you know. Sometimes site give people bad news is just it's the data the data at the results of the results. Yeah and but honestly being a not really knowing anything about it I would assume that may you all you had no contamination and that was it that was a benefit. Well yeah I mean you know the reality was even if I had heard about it it would have affected the analysis that I did. Opel people's perceptions. You know they don't necessarily believe that all the time but it's true but in this case. Yeah I'd never heard of it that when they do with blinders on and you know it is where it shares started an amazing ride that's for sure we're we're still want to do it it just keeps getting better and better all the time. Yeah we are and we come back from the break we're really gonna break down what this stone is what it's about what it represents this is a lot of things that did what it to a really opened a can of worms and we're gonna open Mencken norms and chat about momentum back that it did area so we're gonna take a quick break more time elicited Jason G beyond beyond reality radio will be back after this. So yeah. It's. And a half for Cooperstown New York yeah variance from Cooperstown this election in opener and have a must be like everybody from Cooperstown and purchase. Her parents still only a little shop around on main street. Then I guess and an unarmed and an avenue we welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality raider great to have you along. Our guest tonight is Scott Walter were talking about. And as Scott's website is hooked acts that's hooked X dot com and Scott again thanks for being with us. Give us the and a look at the ABC's of what this contingent rune stone is. Okay well pretend. I guess it'll be giving is that it was found by app. The Swedish immigrant farmer who is clearing trees in preparation for farming back and the fall of 1998. And while he was clearing the trees to work with this tool songs. All the former junior who was twelve and Edwards who was nine at the time and let me. Cut off the road to run the bases this roughly 25 to thirty year old Aspen trees that. Twelve witnesses all attested to about that eight was averaging agency estimated. And then it took the wind should make it the tree over on the trees felled the reps. There were still. You know directly under the trees this stone was rate underneath it it is all that great the ground and the the younger son Edward first notice that there were some something carved on it. At first they thought it was an Indian almanac but eventually he realized it was cartons Scandinavian roots and course it was quite yet. Quite an exciting find at the time that you know they they've dealt with that and then they get they had to get back to work is that the busy time performance. Specially when here trying to scratch a living. The inscription was was. Fairly quickly deciphered as. You know the message that it's it's pretty much stopped today it's changed a little bit over the years. They got the basic message corrected and what it appears to chronicle is maturity of thirty men that. Or work camp by two shelters communicate they would instructions says if you want Rahm. I'd like let's just the stick with the history first and we'll get to the description yeah. Okay well and then of course you know there was there was a lot of excitement and some of the earliest. You know scandinavians scholars look at it and I mean we now know that they didn't recognize. That pulse apple what they were looking at and they quickly determined that it would they have had to be moderate hoax and largely we'd be good because and again we have the benefit of looking back. You know over a 140 years of history and realizing. What they did dole at the time. In essence I have my opinion this is that what she's simply don't know what it is that it did that must be something wrong with that. And so they dismissed their red away and that really set an important precedent because once a scholar calls on record. Especially somebody who's respected. You know subsequent scholarship going to be very hesitant to to cross paths with that. Again looking back now would we know that these guys didn't have a chance of figuring out the subscription. Back then because. It doesn't follow the norms of what they expected a Roenick conscription to be. And most of inscriptions. That are found over Scandinavian had been over there are several times have looked at hundreds of these rules stones they're from the viking age. And they follow certain patterns certain traditions and the stone is nothing at all like and that was one of the big problems well. One of the problems visit wasn't important viking age it's it turns out it's made people. And even older our big people inscriptions. The context of what this thing is. Really has only been figured out in the last. Now. Since 2000. That it's a land claim it wasn't carved by. You know. People vikings they came over here that's the big. Misconception. Is that people think it's a viking artifact success rate on the thirteen 62. The viking age ended around at the latest and Scandinavian temp 66. So this is the Christian era. And really there's only one plausible. Group of people that could possibly of carve this and I've been saying this now offer. Almost forty years and that's tonight's Stempler they had the means the motivations. They have the money they're the only people that could have done this and they work at the ones that did this. So. Bad and you know if you go back over the history of the investigations. Say that they were more about. In my opinion. And I studied it probably more than anyone. It was more about these scholars speed right. But them personally being right in about getting the right answer they were just not capable. Of getting the right answer because they didn't have the information they need to. And so instead of doing what they should have done which is not fun for anybody to do but it's important to do it's it's. It's what you need to do that is to admit that you just don't know. And you know nobody likes to admit they don't know something but. That's what they should have done in unfortunately that led to. That Stanley being attacked and criticized and accused of creating this thing that they could possibly. All of Foreman couldn't possibly have created. You know this subscription looking back on it now it's ridiculous but apparently suffered a great deal. They have nine children Caron and all of two of them committed suicide. In at least one the oldest daughter. And took her life in part to due to the harassment that she received from a particular scholar and I don't wanna. They'll blame this guy totally because suicides complicated things. She certainly had other issues in her life but but there's no question in my mind or the pay at least mind. Because we've talked about disagree blank that that was says that played a role in the now. In her death so it's truly a tragic story in many ways but I can I can tell you know guys that. Just a couple of years ago something very profound. Happened. And I think we figured out relieve the final key. To what's been missing. On the Kensington rooms don't really put it in its. Final context than in quite frankly the other thing that this new discovery does is it explains why the scholar struggled so mightily. And will continue to it will continue the struggle. Until they embrace the fact that first evolve this is. I've medieval template document it's a land planes and most of the inscription has largely allegorical. There Arnaud can dead men that people have asked me to the post searching for for many many years I've I've just never. And it's not that they knew anything I just felt well look at this science and give me a call that it they would do on this that this one. And now I know that that it's an allegory. It's really incredible and if you wanna go into the details of that I think your heads or. Explode frank. Let's let's do than just a minute when asked a couple of questions about when this stone was discovered whether any pictures or. Contemporary reports from anybody other than the family as this thing was unearthed. Public idea there's all kinds of the independent. Testimonials said reports. In fact. Just a few months after the storms on the first photographed separate ticket. Were taken by an amateur geologist in Chicago guy by the name of side Jon Stewart. And bow to the classic first pictures that were ever taken other roots go back in. March of eighteen. I mean I just you know less and six months after response. And did. Any experts. Overseas or participate in the removal or did they search the area any kind of excavation around the stone received an assortment found. Well there were excavations that would come later drew and nothing was ever found but if if if you know what. I believe the facts are surrounding the case. Knew I wouldn't expect anything to be found I mean you know people automatically assume that. The Kensington rune stone is is habitation site there should've been a party of a lot of people that were kept out there well. We said that was the case in fact. The reason they buried it where they did this because they triangulation dislocation. So that they were prepared returning party could find it again using the Stovall. Triangulation method so where they buried there would be the artifact. I would not expect there to be any archaeological evidence other than what would. What they may have used to bury it in and put it there and I don't believe that was carpets allocation. I don't think they camps there I think they carpet somewhere else and brought it. And they buried it where they had to once they laid out the triangulation. And figured out where they needed to put it. And those who knew my next question was the stone something that was native to the area or was this a million men transported there isn't as anybody. In the geological investigation that I did because I recognize Iraq intends section. It's something that I mapped when I was in college it's in Iraq it's indigenous to Minnesota. It's part of the Thompson's formation which is up just south of Duluth. About. 1015 miles south of the looters. Saint Louis river rhetoric to that formation of gray wet keys that are Turkey and an age very old. And they have a very unique to direct two directional. To demand two directional alleviation. In the Iraq it's about sixty degrees it's it's almost second DNA fingerprints so Iraq was probably carried it to glacial erratic. Flap that was cut down to the dimension that we see by the carver. In any car the inscription but it was originated glacial slap. It was scary presumably somewhere in the Kensington area from up here to lose. Are well let's say to break when we come back we'll get into what the new discovery is and what does Scott. Can offer as far as what do with the final verdict is on the stone of what it means there's there's a lot to talk about you're still. Well at deciphering and everything else are you listen to Jason in chief beyond beyond reality. JCJ you were talking about the Kensington. Lose stone 200. Two pound slab of stone that was found. 1890. Eat and it was found by a farmer. In Minnesota and does Scott Walters or guess and Scott you had said that the rule there are some recently. Newly discovered. I guess information or background or something that really has. Kind of thought define what this thing is ultimately so what what you tell us exactly what you discovered what the new information is in and we have on our hands. Great well. In now September. 2015. And excuse me November 21. 2015. Idea was raised as a master Mason in free masonry. And I I had. Dabbled in the end maybe becoming a Mason for a number of years I thought it was a pretty basement grandfather's supreme his great grandfather was supreme Mason. I just sort of put it aside because it was busy with other things and I wanted to remain neutral I didn't want people who think that it was bias and finally I just said that kind of care it's gonna just do it. And what I learned was that. You know I was so used to work in on that. Analytical side of my brain as as a geologist and as somebody who operates a laboratory and and really having to stay focused on the on the details. But there's a whole other side of your brain that I think. Was under utilized I mean I guess I could say information released forcing you to think it. Abstract ways about symbolism about allegory. And when I was going through. Some of the higher degrees in what would call your crate free masonry which could pursue after. You you go through and become a master Mason. It was a particular agreeable we called a cryptic console agrees. Specifically the select master degree where they talk about. Within the degree of M and masonic degrees server are made up both part theatrical performance. And part lecture. And some of the wiser what was called the white caps of the 33. Scottish rite freed me. And in what this degree during the lecture. Which in this degree they tied they did basically teacher is what is. In size and what's on the arc of the cup. And they talk about how well. That's the kind of Solomon's temple they actually. Beat the grand masters built. Nine arch is below the sank consent form inside the temple to hide a copy of the true treasures. Probably the originals now would that this story is true or not. That's for you to decide that at one point it talked about the three grand masters built the secret vault. And then he said the other eight arches. Were built by 22 men from double in when I heard that line in the lecture I went. It's 22. Those were the first two numbers in the Kensington roof stuff. And I didn't hear another thing after the cat in the in the lecture maybe that was like wait a minute this is too much of a coincidence. I eventually got hold of the ritual book. And of course I had heard the ritual and what happened was all these numbers. On the Kensington rune stone aside from the date the variant. Were represented within the degree. In the sequence. 8222. Shelters one day's journey north from the stone fishing one day. Ten men red with blood there are ten men by the sea with the ownership. Fourteen days security on this silence those are eight numbers in a row is sequence. No way can that be a coincidence I mean if you sat down right now guys in try to depict what six numbers in the lottery. I'd be easier. Getting eight numbers in a row in sequence. So I delve deeply into that and I studied that degree and I found more things. One of the things success in the degree is that the this secret work was done from nine at night until midnight when all prying eyes are closed and sleep. Well maybe it's another coincidence that there are nine lines of text on the safe side. Three lines of text on the side for a total of well. And there's more. There are 22 or Texas. There are fourteen individual numbers on the rooms so there are ten. Unique W her W rooms there are eight G rule I mean it just goes on and on and on. If you look at the numbers and sequence you have. Eight plus 22 is thirty plus two shelters as 32. Plus one day security Norris is 33. This is the exact numbering system of the Scottish rite degrees 32 degrees with a honorary 33. Where does that come for well. In free masonry you learn about something called the cobalt which is he from mysticism. Which has been taught and studied by the knights Stempler in the sister should monks going back at least 2000 years. In at the end of the day what it all boils back to. Is. Human body. How many how many. Vertebrae do you think we have and our backbone guys. We should know I guess and I wish I don't know why did NB a yesterday. 32. And what what the 33. He reached the highest level. Your brain your scholar. OK you know probably. Own individual bones during years sculpt. Incarcerated Scott we have no idea what it's a disappointment that this is not there on the. In your Cranium. And there's fourteen in your face for a total of what. We do. So when you start to steady these numbers. And I did start studying the numbers. Very important things historically happens. I did like the 22. Or the number eight. And when you start to dig into wire these numbers important why are these special if you look at it temper crops he got a four point. And they flare at the end of creating what it points right. And so this symbolism is there when you start to really understand it it all makes sense it off fit. Are well let's all let's hold it there because we have to go to our top of the hour break and we're gonna have a when we come back we're gonna what you rehash this a little bit. Just to kind of reset the stage and and take this is a lot to. There's it and got a question for us our guests cal Walter. It was us call at 8446877669. Get to a treaty for 46877669. You listen to Jason G biamby. I'm really really back after the. It's. Our. Stuff happened in her career South Korea right now and I receive some updates scrolling through the chat rooms soon. So that there's some pretty good competitions going outside is wanna say you know. Com the Olympics are great time for people to come together across the world and participate in some good healthy. Athletic competition kind of put put politics aside. And I think that this year is a Winter Olympics are kind of doing just that it's nice to see it I think the world's a little bit of a calmer place when these things are going on. Yeah absolutely and you know kudos to. To America Waltz kudos to everybody out there and mean time he had so many countries are doing phenomenal this year with the at all. Yes I was a little confused I haven't watched a follow but I was watching women's. Hockey earlier and I saw the United States playing in a Michael hooker playing. They were ahead in what that flag and apparently the Russian. Athletes are herb participating in the Olympic flag or something because they're known as the oh they are the Olympic athletes from Russia or something I don't know who's gonna need to be but anyway I do good luck to all the athletes it's so it's really exciting to see I love Olympic hockey a love watching the curling some really cool stuff going on but anyway welcome to beyond reality radio everybody it's great to have you along. We're talking with Scott Walters tonight we're talking specifically about the Kensington rune stone you should check out his website. It's hooked that's HO OK ED hooked acts that's a letter acts. Dot com you'll find a whole bunch of stuff there including information about his book called the hook X. Key to the secret history of North America and Scott before we get back into the discussion about these numbers could you gonna have to walk through that again Forrest. I didn't bring up something that that might be fuel for some people who talk about. You know this being a hoax or whatever. In 1890s. That was a pretty interesting time in American history there are a lot of people discovering a lot of things around the country by PT Barnum was in full swing. I know that the here in Cooperstown New York we have what's called the armies museum in in the entryway to the farmers' museum there is a a cast statue I guess you'd call it of what's known as the Cardiff giant. And it's for China in May and and it was uncovered it in an 1869. In. And it was said to have been some ancient race of giants that walked the earth it turned out to be hoax but. It was the one thing that kind of makes this different calls for anybody who was trying to I argue in in in favor of it being legitimate which I think it is. But is just the timing of it's it's an odd time in American history there was a lot of coaxing going on at that point. Well that's true but you know all I I'd that argument is never. You know to me amounted to anything because you know it's it's it's like saying. In all my an extra neighbors. He's been. That means that there's probably IAEA if it's just an argument that just doesn't work for me and you know the cart of giant was like it was carved out in gypsum for crying out loud. It is second to say okay. Our happy for its says your car's data gypsum I mean how that ever got any legs I just don't understand and bill. You know accused that is an argument this is not scientific it's it's. Guilt by association and it's just not since then you know I understand what you're saying but it from a scientific sampling and I decide I can't even. Give it a credible. I can't give it any credibility at all it's just I'm sorry. Now and I appreciate you saying now has kind of what I wanted to hear no it's taken us this back to what you're talking about before the break and you know your throwing a lot of numbers at us. I yes there and I apologize for that but I'm. No I mean it was it they're. Something that that really explains a lot of things because if you look at the inscription and I'll just say what its says it's says. There any doubt in 22 northmen on this acquisition business from Finland. Far to the west. We had a camp near two shelters one day's journey north from the stone. We were fishing one day after we came home from ten mad read from blood and death. EDM three Latin letters some people think its stance for a paper go Maria some. Stance for something else I have to be one of those people. And it's just say from evil plot line nine on the sports side it says there are ten men by the sea with partnerships. Fourteen days journey from this island to year thirteen 62. And and there's some other things that are going on in the inscription like. Dots that have been added in curious places and short little strokes we've interpreted those to be a dating code which actually. It's a double it's the same date as everybody knows about carved on the route stone I think it was used. To protect protected date from operation because what's the most important thing on land claim. The date. So it is it's very complicated there's a lot going on but I I have to admit that. For a long time I've had trouble with a phrase like we were fishing one day walk for crying out loud was that. They were probably fishing everyday to sustain themselves so mean is that really what percentage well if you think like of Mason. Or if you think like eight template or AM in initiated. Fourteenth century monk. It could be an allegory. The reference to fishing. Could be a reference to a follower of Jesus if you were follower of chases your follower of the fish right. So it's it it appears to be at least in my opinion a Christian reference possibly to Jesus. That's just one example. So when you look at it at face value people are worried about these guys going out fishing and I don't think it it has anything to do it this year. There's other parts of the inscriptions that it is just sort of a weird tale that doesn't really fit together. And when you think about it from an allegorical standpoint. And then it's giving you clues. About other things that might be going on that are more practical. From the standpoint of its being a land claims and possibly being directions. Coup that place or maybe to somewhere else. That starts to make more sense but. When it's when the information is embedded within an allegory. You've you you have to take a step back and you have to think about it in a different way and people of ever fought about it. And I didn't understand how that worked until I became a Mason and I started. Learning these degrees now I participate in them and I realize. That this is what's really amazing about. These degrees. Is that there are real historical truth embedded within them. The difficult part is figuring out what's real and what's allegorical. And soul. It's it's it's it's. It's really a beautiful system. And I think that's exactly what's going on with the roots down and when you look at these numbers. They are these specific numbers. 822. And fourteen. To one and and again I know it's it's hard for people to grass but. We find these things in the Hebrew Bible we have we find these numbers in the cabala. And end all these these numbers. And again what I was trying to has to say these guys because I. Studied a little bit about the cabala what does that go back to what is what is the whole meaning of all this stuff well. You know the pursuit of finding god is this is really within view and it all goes back to you and that's why I point out what those numbers match. They have to do whether or spinal column that's where your nervous system is where you know all the messages go to your body and of course everything is contained within the brain. And start to break it down into these numbers and it's not a coincidence. That is all the numbers set and they're all there and it happens to correspond with the Scottish rite decrease system. And there it is on the themselves. It would it tells me is that the person that car that Stalin was deeply initiated. It's specifically Hebrew mysticism. And Egyptian mr. mysticism. Which we know. The that tempers work there's no question about it so this is another thing. That type it's only one group I mean can you imagine the viking age marauders. Thinking about this and that way that's just not what they did and not saying they were intelligent but they they weren't initiated using. This type of information does that make sense yeah. Yeah does it does by the way are phone numbers 8446877669. Let's go to the phone minds and so take a listener call this is Terry. From South Carolina he Terry welcome to the show what a good to have you on. Good morning gentlemen. I hope this question and not too far afield from two large topic but back in September. I took a walking tour of dungy walked near rock Connecticut. Ronald visited America's Stonehenge and I understand apparel were 300. Such Olympic sites in new England and a lot about what her boxes to their origin columnist punched out or agent couched. Ancient native Americans Dennis style when he was on beyond reality several months ago. Chet that he believes that installation America's Stonehenge. Dates back to 2000 BC. Well I don't see again it's very well and he's he's so an amazing guy gets it that has in my opinion. One of the most amazing sight. On this continent. And I'm astounded that academia and and archaeologists haven't taken morbid interest. In that site and he's probably right I think it is is estimate of about. For a thousand years piece well 2000 years BC. Port thousand years before present is probably conservative. I think it's probably older than that maybe they're big people that were coming on a regular basis that would you know portal more. Recent footprint on it but. I'm just astounded that there isn't more interest in that place. The native America local indigenous people they say we didn't build this place they consider a pocket. And you know to try to clean its settlers that this is is just silly because that means they have carbon fourteen date so once they do have. Naked much older than that so why is there are no interest why isn't there more interest since. All of these sites like you mentioned dungy walked in. And I there are so many places in the in the upper northeast part of the country that. Are probably. At least a thousand if not multiple thousands of years old and they're not native Americans the natives say we didn't do that. So who did I'd be delighted that you and I hope I'm more interest well in my opinion. It boils down to politics this is like the Ruth stone which is so obviously genuine. The bad creeks don't which is obviously genuine. Tucson let artifacts in Newport tower that's. Spirit congress something seems to like lay ups. But why aren't they accepted well there are political and religious. Reasons why they don't want to accept them. And you know it's gonna change eventually because the facts. Always for the and the truth always rise to the surface is just gonna take a little bit of time. A few people have to guy that tests and and amp death for what they say is history changes one step at a time. And said that but it's true I don't operate like your question but I certainly heard about all of those sites had been done. Many of them. They're not modern they're all. They need to say didn't build and so were dead. The great question. Thanks Terry thanks for your call our listener to take a quick break when we come back we'll continue the conversation. Were talking. About the Kensington rune stone with Scott Walter check out his website its alt X dot com the phone numbers 8446877669. Again eat. 4468776. X nine you'll synergies and JP. Rated teams and team. Team and our guests think Scott Walker talking about the at Kensington rune stone who got a bunch other things to talk about where they're running at a times and enough measure how much were going to be able to get to this is a pretty short segments governor wanna ask you I because we keep talking about the masons. We talk about the night Stempler what's the connection. Well there's a direct connection and Ed hit it is the guy I've played it out so many different things that. You know make clear connection between the tempers and and moderate free masonry at its. There's no question that that's firm. Order for about a free masonry came from. The lines were blurred a little bit in the 151617. Centuries but. You know after the put down a lot happened that many of the French free masons disappeared into the stone Mason gilts. Some of them escaped other countries in Portugal. Need a king and queen of France. We're we're not about to disband days the military that was fighting the Morse attacking from the south so. They just change her name to the order of Christ in the order continued a lot of people don't realize this. But the modern day night Stempler says the order of Christ in Portugal continued on for another 500 years. And work officially disbanded until eighteen to 35. So. It is they never went away and and there's definitely connections. Between the two and that's that's why I think debt discovery that I made what I went through the degrees. What was there I it is this is one of the things that. Tell us that there is there's a connection there it's being preserved within the masonic degrees to the states. But most of my fellow Brothers and they basically don't understand it don't recognize that. Because they don't know all the rest donors well the idea that's like couples numbers immediately. I've probably the first person to catch that are saying no I am. You know there yet and I mean we've all all often talked about the descendant sea of the night sampler into view free masonry and you know that's that's on the that's necessarily seeker but I distance. Didn't think everybody understood what that connection was. A we have about a minute do we have to jump on the break don't give you that an opportunity just to tell people what the defining your website noise come back. Wool level pick up the conversation about them. Well on the web site you know we've got. We have paintings on the air we've got photos about her experiences doing television shows. But the books that we we have for sale read now I really think there are some people should. Should think about one is attempting to reinstall compelling new evidence that that was the first book after it doubled network that we talked about earlier. Then after that day started in looking at these other artifacts in different places like to Newport towers spear Prague and elsewhere. Steps in the hooked excuse secret history of North America that I did a follow up book. It went into more artifacts and in new information that came forward about the redstone. And other sites and attempt players and that's called pocket not that the founding fathers the mysteries of the hooked accident my wife and Helen Butler. A British researcher who was on our show many times just a brilliant wonderful guy. Wrote a book about a year and a half so called America a nation of the goddess. Which takes stop on some of the themes in my books that goes a little bit different directions. I'm biased probably biased but the overall the league they should check out. Well we come back and also wanna get into this old Newport tower to say that's right on the road from me and it's real interest in as well so. Ari we're gonna take a quick break more to come you'll see GCG beyond beyond an elementary. Scott Walker's political program tonight on Monday morning. You've got this watch hers joining us that's an all female bigfoot hunting group. They used to be known as the she's watchers yes they're not the Austria this march and other so watchers and if they had to personnel changes or do some things syllable have them on the first part of program tomorrow. Second hour we'll have Scott Harris is the CEO of building construction group and building creator. I'll be discussing intuitive buildings and what it is Earth's gravitational pulls as a relates to homes and how home's energy can heal or harm you. Here at so it's being pitched in Shelby again tonight we're talking with our good friend Scott Walter. You check out a site at hooked. X dot com men and its hooked X dot com so. And Thursday night we'll be talking with so Ron Moore had we're going to be do some do a little more bigfoot researching and in discussions with Ron who's actually had some pretty interesting bigfoot encounters caught some pretty cool audio. A we've played it before on this program we're gonna bring him back there's an eye to talk about that. Current let's bring Scott back into the program Scott again thanks for being here were so happy that you're on with us again I know you're returning guests as well. We've talked about the stone the cancer in rune stone we've talked about the fact that you know you've done a tremendous amount of work very good work to prove its authenticity into Jenin. You know approve its genuineness. But let's let's assume that that's all. There what is the implications of that what does it mean. That there is a stone that that was dated thirteen 62 found in the middle of North America. Well. It would mean his second and this is what I have. Begun to as this started to call it because that's what it is so it was really the the first stake in the ground if you will. The beginning of the founding of this country and you know it's it's it's no secret that the attempt players had. All the reasons in the world come over here they get literally banned. Disbanded them and how flawed. They were being hunted tortured in bird. And you know that the prevailing story is that it was about money as the king of France was indebted to that which was. And wanted to raise the debt by getting rid of the better I'd get at this sounds all. Finding good but there was more toward the bad and it had everything to do with ideology. The campers were not a good Catholics that they pretended to be at the church finally figured that out and that that played an even more important role. He had the put down I mean you don't burn somebody just because they or your money you burn the big picture that's. And the ideology is was the main reason. That ideology which had to do with the federation of of that got us was something that there. Ideological. Partners over here at the native Americans also embraced I mean most people don't realize natives are. Patriarch of cultures they venerate the great goddess and this is something the key thing that they haven't comment was ideology and I got shipped we don't understand. Which differences in ideology can do to people these days nobody's paying attention and so. But that was the case saying and what they wanted to do was to comment livable place where they could practice their religion. Where they could live. In and harmony and and be free of security of the monarchs of Europe and the oppression of the church I mean this is not. An opinion this is well established fact in and the beginning of that process started with a the early tempered just after the put down I mean thirteen 62 is just a few decades after that put down I mean that's not a coincidence. And so they had. Willing partners over here that embrace them and they tell if something and actually get to Kensington the center of the continent. By fighting your way yet against the natives said that time you market to get anywhere near their unless the natives or let you. And so they assimilated with natives they shared their culture they shared their rituals they shared their ideology. And that campers to curb the rooms stone assimilated. And became natives within one or two generations. And not coincidentally we have this well known tribal blond hair blue light Indians called demand and not too far from Kensington. Well I don't know if those are the survivors are the descendants of those parties but this year could be. So we get sick about it. From that standpoint it's so obvious it's so clear it's a logical. It's what happened. And you know people's sable G that that one artifacts it's an isolation. But what doesn't cook until you got the Newport tower on the East Coast spear conference stones we've got the Overton stone we've got. Narragansett restarts there's all kinds of stuff. If people would look at them for what they are in just stopped fighting this idea let it happen the facts are there the logic is there. It is it's done c'mon folks and then who finished the job for. Free Mason's right or Washington Ben Franklin Thomas Jefferson. Paul Revere these guys were all free masons they wrote our constitution our declaration our bill of rights. If you look at those documents they are all masonic documents. It finished the job that the template started there's another connection between the two raised there I mean to me it's so obvious I don't know why people resisted. Let me let me assist as I live I live in Rhode Island and we have that Newport tower and I know that out then. There's been lots of different talks about it now and know her few people seem to know where it originated how old it is. And and I've seen shows on long History Channel and so forth about a talking about there being possible connection to templates now is his. Possible is that the only ones that could've built at the engineering of that tower the architecture. I mean the astronomical alignments I mean calling it a windmill is an insult it's just ignorant. I mean nobody builds a stone and mortar structure in colonial times. They don't build Windmills that whale that wade being made them out of what they were tapered. Cylinders they weren't. Resting on eight stone more and mortar columns I mean the physics of a windmill would rip that type of a structure apart it's nonsense. And I just I I mean people just fight it in resisted they don't know when it was built their earliest record. That is up first governor of Rhode Island Benedict Arnold will he called it my old stone mill. All it was all in the sixteen hundreds for crying out loud it was built around. Just after 14100. End. Let me just say one other thing guys there's a lot more debt is going to be coming out about all of this story I just can't share with fury now. But. There's no question that the that the power was still by the tempers and the other thing is in my hooked export. I discovered in alignment a long range alignment through the two the only two keystone of that tower that point directly to. The new word to the Kensington rest. Which ties the two artifacts together. Mean it's amazing and I discovered this in 2007. It is now eleven years later and let me tell you something if I was wrong about that alignment. You know how fast the skeptics and people that don't believe this. With packing up my rear end because. That's not the only other kids download our beat at a. And has ever happened yet. So eager are you just call aegis teased us about something though you said there's more deterioration coming is is that coming and in the form of Booker as television show what what are we waiting for here. Well hopefully all of the above actually what we're sitting on right now. Is the biggest. Best story. I have ever worked on and had done a lot of stuff guys 39 episodes of American merit pirate treasure holy Grail a lot of other stuff. None of that stuff comes close and hope that this story had. I'm not kidding when are we gonna get this information. Well I ever as a very soon hopefully I mean we are talking twosome network straight now and one of the problems visit. Is there thinking this is just too good to be true. And in some ways it is. But the ball true and it's fantastic. What's the M we've talked about the hooked X and in a lot of us know what that means for the might be people who don't understand what we're talking about we keep using that reference what are we talking. Right right. But what Dex is a symbol. That's used on the Kensington group stunned as I mentioned 22 times not coincidentally. But within the inscription it's used for the latter days or a south. And if you go in you look at the sheep who follow symbol. It's basically an action it it looks a lot like the puck decks. And we knew you make these Hebrew wallop in a straight line versions say this donations version. It basically makes a whole debt. And so here again that's another connection that he group connections that he grew mysticism that I talked about earlier. The hooked accesses the first time it was ever seen and of course the scholars in their infinite wisdom. They're there they're illogical as well gee we've never seen it before so must not exist this is one of the reasons why they called it a hoax and you know as a scientist I just look at that make all. After going west I mean is it that it's just we've never seen it so it doesn't exist. Is that they didn't make it yeah but this is the wisdom that the world accepted in it's just mind boggling to me. I think we asked this question when you're on the program last time but Jason and I both have an interest in what's going on up and oak island and of course is a television show that follows the exploits of two Brothers trying to find that treasure. And they often mentioned the night's temp Lar and death found some carvings and thinks the have you seen anything there that impresses you. Now. No I've been there oh count on a couple of times and this new information that we have. Delicious say we know exactly what happened in oak island. At nothing to do with that. Whatever treasure may have been there was not associated with the mates Stempler. And it never occurred to anybody that it may have been recovered. Centuries ago. And that spirit are funny that you never done it or not. Other idea. You know I can tell you this the one thing about the campuses they're not stupid they don't put all their eggs in one basket. Especially. They exit they had and. Anybody ever stop to think that maybe that was said in court saying that they. Created a legend to throw people off the scent. Yeah and in the possibilities there and it's funny the brother of Jesus talking in the way for earlier as we are watching the show she loves show and thanks Anderson chris' that the thing is if anybody did find treasure for herself it would have been long gone nobody would have ever told anybody I mean they would because then they would add to a a split it with what is it with the country or whatever on the government but fact of the matter is I mean also you're on the island how deep can you dig before the water table. Really just starts starts filling. I admit I don't know why I'm honored by year's annual. Nonsense about drilling a 165200. Feet are you kidding me I mean. It's sitting it's said glacial and marine island on the ocean. Is discussion about what tunnels is ridiculous. It's like. And you know they never have anybody that has any credibility as far as experts scored their island is they would shut down all that crap so fast. I mean. You know this season bid they're drilling within open core how quarter ardor. And what that does that pump water down and it comes up the sides and you know washes out. You have no idea at what level that stuff comes out and what they do that you listened to very carefully the way they say yet. They don't say that it came from. 165 feet or or pick a number they say well we were drilling at. 165 feet and this came up. You follow me I mean it's just so misleading and it's really completely dishonest. I mean I have nothing against the Brothers had never met him I'm sure they're good guys they seem like good guys. But. I'd been in television for a long time I know how works. Five years and nothing. Boy yeah exactly and well and and bottom line is I'm a plumber by trade rotary and the fact of the matter is I've been on many digs and I can tell you. You don't have to go too deep for restarted night water tables I. Can and cannot count on Rhode Island which is considered the ocean state but still I'm talking digging in in properties that are you know 101520. Miles from. From the water and you're still used to so it's just it's definitely a little while there altar for me and. Well we certainly weren't looking to ruin it for anybody DC I thought OT I don't worry about it every morning. Yeah I Iran. What I consider to be complete nonsense and you know I just felt people and they talked to me about it they get so disappointed that looked into television show enjoy it. OK but if you're waiting for them to find the template treasure you're going to be discipline. Well the intro and the interesting thing about that story for me is that I think it was the exact same article but the Libyan Brothers a reference when they say that there interest in this silence started when they're young boys are remember. In elementary school sometime during the seventies mid seventies one of our teachers you know many of graft or whatever they did back then before photo copiers were common. That story and handed it out to the class and said read this and he couldn't come up with a way to get this treasure out there and ever since that point as a little kid I'd been very curious about it out. Well it's it's it's a romantic story and it appeals to. You know people's. Curiosity and I mean who doesn't like treasure I mean I personally think that were all born with this treasure Jeanne. And it's just it's it's it's like even when all was lost and there's like one half of 1%. Possibility. People hanging in there because old. And it is just the logical part of our brain just goes there's nothing here but there's that little genes that get assistance as well but. Maybe he isn't a lot of things but. It's also something that gets people a lot of tropical critical. Yeah I got were pretty much at a time here it's been a fascinating discussion we obviously talked about your website hooked X dot com you've got a lot of books there is or needs any other place you like folks who go to check how you work. Well if they wanna go to my blog. Scholar Walter answers dot Blogspot dot com. I'd write a lot of articles. About some new stuff that we you know can stop that coming out all the time and but the episode that we did and if you look closely at some of the plot had done the last year and a half Purcell. Some of this is step by sorted he's been there I've actually dropped a few things in there but. All I can tell he has is what's common is going to be fantastic in it'll be worth the wait and and I'm not building it up for a let down. This is really amazing. What were excited. And we're saying about then when when you can finally announces please let us not only let you back. Sounds good guys simplest and I appreciate your having me here it's always fun and the Stewart against Silva. Personally have a very nice to rights of techies. And yes thank you Scott Walter again it's hooked X dot com. Check out the website we're gonna take a break when we come back to wrap things up. Beyond reality rating Jason's. Joining us a great conversation about the Kensington store and get his website is hooked X dot com check it out and I'm really excited here with this new information this new stuff that's coming out that he said close. Everything else away I'm hoping that hill he'll come back and announce it is Sunni. He's able to cancel exciting I love to show when it was on history H two I mean are optional time was such phenomenal show I'm looking forward actually seeing him back on here because I just equity does this is so interstate. Or make sure you tune in tomorrow night though we've got us watch horrors. Coming on witches and all female. Bigfoot group seller will be doha wouldn't live there just fine ideas and there are lessons on the front there and then after that's for the first hour in the second hour we've got Scott Harris is to see all our goal of building construction group and building creator. I'll be discussing intuitive buildings or what it is. Earth's gravitational pulls a relates to homes Howell home's energy can heal more harm you and the perform proportions so it's going to be an interesting topic. Yeah and then Thursday and of course we've got Ron Moore morehead joining us he's an adventurer he's got some audio that he recorded of big foot and it's pretty compelling. I his stories are pretty cool I'm looking forward to talking him Thursday night as gonna do it for us everybody to chill in my next Jason TV beyond really radio. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Simpson told students who didn't. So can only the only angry news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason both smoke and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.