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Tim Stevens (CNET Roadshow, 2019 VW Arteon)

Feb 12, 2018|

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This segment of the financial exchanges brought to you by easy read to your landlord. Take advantage as he ran a full automatic online rent collection tool. That is free for landlords with an account of the participating bank and always three for tenants. Now collection of local banks are offering this unique program including leader bank and stone bank sign up in Everett payments directly deposited into your account. Call 7816418691. Today visits he ran dot net. For more information member FDIC. Tim Stephens from CNET roadshow joins us now here and talk about VW's new sedan Tim thank you for joining us. Tim first of all in the in a world where everyone's buying suvs a little unusual to see in the end you see a new sedan announced top. If you get players receive premium sedan or talked many of the the new Volkswagen arcana it will kind of be the halo car for Volkswagen up the most expensive car they'll be the tour I guess UV. We will be part of where they're most luxurious sedan even to the point will be competing with some Audi. So what exactly is what what what stands out about this Carty. Personal bit styling of this is aspect to dance so we've got kind of a group styling to become very large comparable luxury sedan and looks fantastic I think you could definitely get a more forward. Progression and the talent we've seen before a little bit like the south but much much nicer looking. Overall got a lot on my safety features that'll be built in standard as well in like automatic emergency braking. For collision alert to that will be totally standard on this car there will be more things likely departure is meant a battle optional. The UW is really building a lot early on the based car which is to encourage. Now Volkswagen is traditionally in the US that kind of made their money. On there you know very basic simple cars that can get you where your goal in the Jeddah the the golf the facade. Nothing really stands out here. In this car you've got kind of a whole different mind set so how how do they plan on brought bringing this to the American public. If blood is going to be a bit of different call prevent it is successor to Volkswagen PC which was in the similar vein but this takes it another step forward even more toward the premium on things. Again really started to go head to head with some of the bowl level saudis so it'll be continuously held Volkswagen market this car I don't think this will be a car there expecting to sell a lot of but I think it is because they're gonna be wanting to put something of land around. A couple of people wanna come and check out even if they can afford the one and maybe it'll sit down to the spot or two Genentech at things that the idea be able car. Bring people that you should see this really impressive thing and even if they can afford it maybe go up and with a lower. Do you see this is potentially being somewhere to what Hyundai did would the the Genesis over the last ten years. I think in terms of this carving a standalone they could be but ultimately they've already got Audi at that little vote. For alternate list that hypocrite like Genesis imports and would really work for them and keep everything friendly was in the sale. So what's. In in terms of what the other price point and what we're expecting the price this is gonna be 50000 dollars eighty a hundred with any idea. They haven't given it formal price in the car just made its US debut at the Chicago shall last week could be just the card can replete with this PC that's started route 35000 dollar. I would expect this to be close to about 40000 north when it comes up for the base. It'll be a tutor to which our problem drive car but you don't get all wheel drive and a lot of premium packages that could put this will open it. So this I guess if you're trying to compared to a vehicle they might be almost more like a Toyota Avalon or something like that the moving into Alexis. I think so definitely ended it awfully well overlap to some degree with the Audi a four and even crossing into the Audi a six and someone is too so it's going to be a little bit of hard card the difficult Carter played to the competition eat the something different books like. Very good Tim thanks to the time is always. Government Tim Stephens from CNET Roche are talking about the 2019. BWR tail and good looking car looks good they're trying to get past there emissions problem you see the yeah they didn't they haven't said if they're gonna have a diesel or not no I'm guessing not current I would I would met or do that heavily towards batteries. Volkswagen you know hey I know they are trying to I I I don't know enough about what they're what they're doing on that for right now they've. They do of their Chinese offerings they're going heavy after the got to be at 8% what two years now I think accelerated. In China as it goes next year announced a percent at him in China's all the way you look at the air quality issues in China. Therefore the people are dying day for you you can't go for a run outside you know you're better off on a treadmill it is not just China you go to Seoul South Korea. In another city just horrendous air quality.