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Animal Communicator Karen Anderson discusses our pets

Feb 7, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Animal Communicator, Psychic & Medium Karen Anderson about our pets, and other animals. She discusses what happens when they die, and how we and they deal with the grief. 2/07/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Excuse in the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast. An interesting summer between welcome McKeon really you're usually so just an honest and he always Dawson chief each. So we always have a great time when we've got to an animal communicate or on the program and tonight Karen Anderson will be joining us Karen of course has been on the program before she's an animal communique later a psychic and medium. She's got a new bestselling book out it's called the amazing afterlife of animals messages and signs from our pets on the other side. Andrea there are a couple of them and Danny. It covers can connecting with lost animals I think would definitely yeah. Would be up up there on the list I mean that that's any time you lose an animal it's it's just like losing family earliest. It it can be for sure come so we're never great conversation with Karen and I'll just remind you that tomorrow night Angela Thomas will join a psychic clairvoyant we'll talk about the study of recognition. And the research psychic for the study of of pre cognition under the world Tim's doctor Vernon nappy. And we'll also talk about 2018 predictions. Aren't so they. Ideal let's welcome KB Rosie Bozeman Montana and WP SE Erie Pennsylvania and beyond reality radio friendly. That list is always getting bigger so make sure you check it down on beyond reality reviewed dot com. It or you can also download Treo iPhone and android operator which is atlas and life touched the shell on the go to and I'm Chad more. Or just click the listen my bulletin he listener from the website many times so I'm trying to make it is easy is weekend for. You've you hear what happened to one of the patriots players. I heard that others will break him or something. Rob Gronkowski is house in Foxboro got broken into pretty much while he was playing the Super Bowl some additional you're not going to be an omen that appointment by means am I would think that he Crowley is tech security system with their souls see what happens but again I guess a -- a cease were stolen some on some guns and things of that nature or so ago. Senator I mean the guy's cell play in the Super Bowl and that's the time and what if Iran in general but. They brought in just can't believe. I don't editing and I didn't even know I saw this on the drug guns being taken and some other stuff but it sound you know it is a serious. I guess you have to know that you know as an NFL player very very popular and well paid when he probably it's my stuff from the house in the U knew he was near home. His family what's going to be the key there either so I don't know I don't know too soon. And after talking to our guests last night now on the falcon heavy did go off flawlessly today so sought it take off and also the two. I'm rockets from Saturday came down together land perfectly on the Obama platform. I think it's a pretty amazing. This thing altogether and we talked with rod pile last night about the falcon heavy rockets from SpaceX and Elon Musk had said. There's only going to be about a 5050 chance that the launch would be successful but if it was successful and even rod last night was saying. He didn't feel as though this first launch effort or attempt would be successful would probably be something that would stop that last. Second in the they would reschedule it but he figured it would get off the ground sometime soon but it was wildly successful. I'm obviously the 5050 prediction was from Elon Musk will probably is just to lower expectations a little bit. But this rocket. It doubles the available payload to put things into space of from any current rockets it's used. And it offers basically the next step forward to colonization of the moon. The colonization of Mars to replacing what what was the the space shuttle program which is how we used to get our gear in satellites into space and most recently. And so it's a pretty exciting day. I just I'm highly impressed may see those things come down and and Wayne and the way they deal. Compared to what mall with them NASA and everything else then what they've all been and been working on creating. But to be able to see Iraqi literally come right back down and lay in the same way it took off. You're talking about the side boosters and we'll just amazed at. And one of the things that Elon Musk is saying here is that by. The reusable and because a reusable they can lower the cost of getting things in the space significantly in fact this particular rocket cost 13. Of the expense of a similar rockets in the past so our mitts and it's a major step forward in getting no more gear and people out outer space. Well I think that's huge because the whole idea that. And these other companies are doing it outside the government when the government does things prices are so inflated that so blown up. The paying 345 times what it should be paying for for something. And then you get these outside companies that do it. And it really forces. And it forces these other companies apparently overcharging the government to release are bringing those prices down and to get more into that arranged. And I just so I think it's it's just a positive thing all out. Yet well one thing we know as a private sector has the ability to watch costs and monitor on for profit motives. I am really really boils down profits they want her to make profit so their for their watch expenses government doesn't have those same incentives and therefore. You don't have people looking at things the same way and it just just the nature of the beast against but there are certain things a government only government can do and and those are nests continue to do. And I'm sure many of you out there listening to show I've seen similar release things have come around. I agreed to two B and Jack Osborne actually Ozzy Osbourne Sonnen and and we agreed to be team captains. On a show and that'll be in the UK it's a weeklong lighted this show so literally in the life all week long but. Will be team captains on a show called celebrity haunted mansion life February 20 to 24 X so I'm excited about tennis so I think it's pretty cool you. On the UK to do this but am little uncertain as to what the with the Foreman as you can be on live going to be live television in the UK news investigating with other celebrities I don't know I really value I might go and do little investigation here and there even the celebrities actually. Have to go and do different challenges owned and Jack in and higher art team captains he's got his team I've got my. And the nice thing about it is that the viewers who watch and watch Michelle actually call and and vote off different celebrities and Spartacus like what was the TV show them off the island just as Barbara yet so I guess similar so this viewers can tune in all week long and vote off different celebrities. During the investigation of course Jack and I are saved as a team captains. But. The only reason I agreed to do is because it's something different yet something in there you don't see this health ending. He thus this altar in general it's everybody's a carbon copy of gold stars. And you know whether it's a little different here and there but it's still current copy this is something different and when they they approached me. She's what was six months ago they approached me about this Tom. I had reserve and you and I talked about a few tents and that and I agree to it because I like the consequently tally it was different that's only weeklong and it seems like a lot of fun. Yeah I think it's going to be great and I'm looking forward to see with the result I imagine some of them be online instead of something for people who are obviously aren't in the UK and upon be way to check it out. Yeah and I'm sure there is an is probably on the more that information. Well it's relatively soon when it comes and I mean right now you just were able Oregon where I mean that's we are talking approaches are just ruins what he's promoted him in September digital currency in arts and they're pretty much. It to ourselves talk and the guy earlier in easily kitty get a dress extremely warm it's it's really cold over here he sent me this. This whole thing and anti lock in their still twenty degrees warmer than we are. So all I mean to us a little more temperate there because there's Sonoma an island so he's still in the water really really really cool them down unrelated fourteen yet while green is an opportunity gets stolen thirty you do OK some people don't understand cold until they spent a winner in the northeast yes yes so in the back. I think that's fate over to the phone number 28446877669. Later in the program our guest Karen Anderson will take your calls about your pets. I'm again she's an animal communicators psychic and medium and we talked about her book team meeting afterlife of animals. Our severe haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. And had to be on reality radio dot com final agree stations we are across the country can also download the free iPhone and android app to let's listen life catch a show on the go catch passions and more. We just click the listen live button and join us right online beaten and hang out with GB myself hundred community people in an online chat. While we all listening to the show or take a break more to come Lewis who Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio will be back after this. And great friends and most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your webpage get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality we. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Turner be reviewed cases TV. Our phone number his feet. Or 46877669. Write that down we'll open up the phone lines a little bit later. And take calls for guests Karen Anderson when can we do readings with current sniper issue will take calls. Join chat about your pets maybe get some some answers from Karen but in the meantime Karen is an animal communicators and a psychic medium she's also an author of the book written couple books one is called. Be amazing afterlife of animals for web site is Karen Anderson dot net and Karen welcome back to beyond reality radio great to have young. Hey guys thanks so much and let me back on again. Comics are coming on everybody loved London when your last time and we've been looking forward to us. I really appreciate that you guys have a great audience sing great listeners so thank you so much. Thank you what have you been up to censure on the program last. Well and how I have my recent bout that has been published and it just my. How about animals in the afterlife I'm just really excited about it everyone who has a love to pad or a lot to pet. There's something in this country ill and night I tried to cover just about everything what happens. Until the point that they leave their bodies what happens after they leave their physical bodies behind. Really excited about that. And I have a new on line course. Com to learn the language of the pet if you love and it is an introduction to animal communications. All of those who want to learn how to communicate with their own pat. That's no short list of things that you've been up to that so that I work and I'm looking to you about all those things tonight now. Just because you know we've we've this this program has grown quite a bit we've got a lot of radio stations to our affiliate listen chew on the program last Marty helped. The new folks in our audience I get a little feel for what you do you've been communicating with animals for over twenty years or. That cut compact meant I'm back and I can remember my earliest memories I was able to communicate with. I am on childhood cat. And like I did I every could I didn't know that there that I was doing something unique or different. But you have to remember I am a child of the sixties so I grew up watching doctor Doolittle. I also one of my favorite shows that the kid was mr. Ed the talking horse if you guys. Over as a terrorist of course of course of course is we're is of course of course took part. And batted in in back in the sixties until the uplifting movies come out every single out that the movie. That I watch the animal with pocket same. That's you Rick dutrow really to me it would have been natural to think that my own animals would be able to communicate with me. And so I just. Believe that everyone could understand them like I could and it wasn't until my parents kind of started raising an eyebrow at me like. Does she know this stuff about the family again where is she getting misinformation and they really discouraged that. So. I started to keep it to myself. And I realized that not everybody could understand animal and it wasn't until many years later. When I was dead deputies. In Colorado. I began to. Rely on and on heightened sense of awareness just my own personal safety. And that plan my abilities started to come back to me they also started to snowball. OK and when you say a heightened sense out. How what are you referring to. Well I worked in the mountain district and I thought it worked alone. And I was the only female officer on the department so I went out there. I responding to every car that came in by myself. So I would have to rely on my way I offenses like six cents. Our intuition or gut feeling I had to start relying on that just from my own personal safety sometimes the nearest back up car was. I happen now are far away. So I had to be really. Where are going into eighteen than. Reading body language in paying attention to the humans that are on the scene and I got really good it adds. Reading. The energy of the people that were there. And just as a survival technique. And that's when things started to come back to me. And I and I understand totally what she mean I'm just for the fact of and maybe not the same ability but I'd plumber for rotor Rooter right I go to v.s I've been to all different homes you walked in somebody's house you never know who's on the other side of that door to the same thing with paranormal investigation when we go to somebody's house you never know who's on the other side of that door or what is. What is truly going on with that person whether its parent or more psychological. And you always have to watch mannerisms yet to watch the movements and try to. Try to really understand what's going on in there. Head. Absolutely. And it it really became. It's something that I. Didn't realize I was doing but I was doing it just out of personal safety and he walked onto a crime scene and you don't know what happened you don't know if they have a gun behind the door you don't know if there's someone hiding I don't know if there's that convicted talent. Little we don't know any of it that you have to really. Pay attention to how people pop tune their I'd movement hardly stand how they hold their body. I'm the body book giveaway all kinds of information and and that's what I kept paying attention to. And just call energy maybe you can relate to that too like when you lock on the scene is get bad feelings you get a bad I hate. I started paying attention pollen that. And an eye again fear and understood stay in the same disease and especially with all the so called haunted house as you go to or I go to service through investigations if you go to thousand of them your body tends to remember the way you felt at the hundred that actually were content. So you do have that extra sense sensitivity of picking up what's westerly going on the. You do it though now that's that's like object contact me and then the really cool part was. Not only would like happening Miami intuitive. Skilled. Cops don't Cullum psychic skill that column gut feelings. But that's okay color what you want but it it it's all the same. But it was on actual crime scenes. Then I realized the I hit ad campaign. Deep killed an accurate information from the family pet. Interest yet to talk a lot more about that after the break and get into the book which is called the amazing afterlife of animals messages and signs from our pets on the other side. Were also gonna talk more about Karen's experience as a law enforcement officer and on the animals played a role in the and a whole bunch stuff from the other side of the break. So a lot more to come with our guests Karen Anderson you're absolutely you're listening to Jason GBM beyond relative radio I'm. 6776690. Open up the phone lines a little bit later for our guests Karen Anderson before we bring Karen back in wanna remind everybody to go to the website beyond reality radio dot com. And you'll see a coffee mug an image of a coffee mugs sitting right there you just got to click on that darn thing and you can order and then you can have your official. Beyond reality radio coffee or other hot beverage or maybe even cold beverage vessel. But every you wanna put in it works doesn't have to be pixie cut and cold to be ice coffee it can be cut off it could be it behind chocolate can be new cork off it can be whatever you want it to be so it's the beyond reality radio official coffee mug it's red on the website beyond reality radio guy comes to stop and check it out let's bring Karen back in Carrick course again is an animal communicators psychic medium. Our website is Karen Anderson dot net. And her new book is called the amazing afterlife venables we're gonna get into that in just a little bit but turn one of the kind of set the stage or what exactly. Does being an animal communicators meet. I have the ability to understand all animals living or deceased. And the way that I can connect with them is telepathically. Those telepathy is basically trying to mind communication. And it's something that's been around for centuries and tacked BM aboriginal people. Have been using telepathy where eon. And native American. People used telepathy. It is an ancient form of communication. And it just kind of lost its popularity as we moved into our. Technologically advanced life sentence cellphones and computers. And I'm just doing what the ancient people used to deal and there's. No real still need to intact anybody can learn how to do that I can learn that anybody can learn it. So when animals are communicating with few are you hearing in glacier is is it more of a feeling that you're getting. What is the actual communication take the form off. Well they send messages in a variety of different ways they can send me an image of flash and image hit me. For instance that I tell you right now not to think about it. Your kitchen at home to the match in your kitchen and apply. Or even your hat to just get an image of your pet in your mind. You're still your eyes are opened and you can still see the room around you but it's an anti after the picture that image. There was like an older lady. Of your pets or an overlay of your kitchens over what you were seen. So what I learned to do is differentiate. What I am looking out what I'm seeing the first that the incoming flash or picture image of something. That's very apps. They content of messages lightning speed you have to be very focused and you have to be paying attention you have to be. Putting all of your effort into it because it felt that it so quickly. You might message. So they'll flash and image that's one way of sending a message. They also will send me emotions and feelings. Anxiety stress happiness. Sadness the year. Many of the same emotions that we have our get a sense her feeling of that. And sometimes it's a really strong. And almost like knocking me off my chair strong and other times it's really well and again I have to tune in and really pay attention. Still at the animal is sending me. And it all depends on the Angel. Sometimes they'll send me. We're sound and sentences that you asked about English and the Israeli. Coolant fascinating to me but. Of course I speak English don't speak any other language they know a little bit a German a little bit Spanish. But I have a client many many years ago. Had it locked cat in Japan. And she contacted me and said he can you find my cat the only my capital raise in Japan only those Japanese language. Would you be able to understand my cat and honestly at that time I had no clue I didn't know I was going to be able to understand Eric it would build understand me. But surprisingly. He. These messages came through an English. And what I've come to realize is that. There is the translation process that takes place so the messages will come to me using might symbols. And in no way that I understand them. So that's kind of cool. And I just I'm fascinated by that I wish there was that. Scientific explanation for it but I don't have won it shipped. It's just how were. So we we can defend all of that to me. There we've heard of that before word it's different sense it is and and so forth. And we'll get Atmel will can be able to communicate back and forth but for whatever reason their day and when it becomes that that type of communication. From the spirit world or whatever there doesn't seem to be a barrier. With language it for whatever reason however they talked. In these sensitive is able to a solid decipher and their head as the stated they. Got may have as if this is all just one language when communicating in this in this way. Exactly and sometimes there will be and accent. If I'm doing them a medium section I'm connecting with the departed human spirit. I'll pick up an accent and and I can tell if someone is speaking to speed and with the heavy accents. But the animals don't do that animals. Only come true using my English language. So it's interesting how that humans so come through it sometimes with a strong accent but the animals don't. And is the communication process the same whether the animals deceased or alive bomb or is that a different process altogether. It's exactly the same and attacked an animal that has tapped on. Is actually easier for me to connect to it because if you think about it there's no physical body in the way. There's no distractions. Such as their hungrier they need to go outsider they wanna play or whatever. And an animal who has passed away is pure energy. And I read energy. And that's what I'm connecting to it their energy hit it think about it as much. Easier connection there's fewer obstacles is like clean connection that's like having a very clear all of mine have clear connection on your. The same process. Is it just with animals that are living sometimes they. They have other things they wanted to do and they aren't paying attention comedians. And I have to get their focuses their attention back on me or red departed animal. They want to beat there they show up for the cash and they're excited they wanna send messages. And it should stick clear clear connection. When when eat you said along the way you had disabilities and so you were a child Leno but along the way. I think the quoted you you learn to understand their language what was that changed it that you went from hearing it and not understanding it actually understanding. Well they're there's a there's a learning curve so what what happened is both flash and image that you may not know what it is that they're showing you know. And a perfect example would be. One of the very first time I was practicing. I had I was practicing with the standard Poodle tiny bit misty. And I was asking her quietly in my mind this is all done meditative glee in your mind without you know what her favorite treat was. And misty yelled at the capitol lunch he yelled and I'll. And she yeah net app may. Need to call. That's kind of weird and mean. A total eating meat this is weird so I was. Writing it down that misty they've actually went to meet bottled. And I went on to the next question and I stopped that this really weird so when I got all the information from misty I went back to her human person and I said. Misty companies that are they've achieved its recall of and her healing dad said well. I'm sorry camp and Iran. We don't need misty meet ball we don't eat meat balls so that's wrong. And I felt a ball because I was learning at the time and I was trying to apart well two days later he called me back can he said. I need to apologize Q I think for why he said. Because remember when he said misty. Her bigotry with meat politics Padilla he has felt something hit me today and I had a column in telling you this he's that everyday. I come home from work I sit down at the counter and I take out a a piece of salami and I light up. Piece from me and then I light up the pieces from misty. And is a peace can mean a peace agreement between me that I might step piece of salami he said I held it in my hand and I went oh my gosh. It's made out of meat and it's around like a ball meat ball. So. That when it clicked in my head that sometimes they'll send me some things. That I would think it's spaghetti and meatballs right I mean he thinks that's not what the dot meant that Donna was split. Speaking about what it was and what it looked like to them the ball. A round ball made out of me. Yet they were talking about how they perceive and that's exactly going to perceive us. So that's how all I started to realize OK there's a whole. New perspective. And then I began to look at it from the animal perspectives and I give me another example. I had to pick polls tell me one time that she was worried about Paris human my colleague used their mom to their dads. This isn't worried about her human mom because night Chama. And so I didn't. Know what that was either of them Mike maybe nightmares or something like that site act that mom what was going on with her at night. And she said that she had been having trouble sleeping that she had really been struggling with insomnia and she would get up at a dead. Wander around the house the dog would follow her around the doc gave me instead saying it's obvious that the paperwork for her. And animals come up with they put together key words. That describe it best from their perspective there was something traumatic going on nights for the dark evening night trauma. So there's a little bit of a language that there's a little bit of something that you have to learn to pick up bind because that's sometimes it's from their perspective it. We're talking with Karen Anderson animal communicators psychic and medium her book is the amazing afterlife of animals the website is Karen Anderson dot net Karen when we come back. Or talk a little bit about your experience with animals a crime scenes that's pretty fascinating stuff as well. In the following numbers 8446877669. Dental freed 8446877669. Listen Jason GBM. Yeah our our area of Jerusalem and javy in our guest is Karen Anderson tonight we're talking about pets. Particularly those that can be communicated with Karen is the animal can indicator psychic and medium her book is called the amazing afterlife of animals. Her website is Karen Anderson dot net and Karen. Before we want to break I mentioned to animals at crime scenes now it must be a particularly. Unique. Circumstance or situation to be able. Now we have animals at a crime scene they can help them investigations we all know how police dogs work but to be able to communicate what those animals. Has to have at a whole another layer. Of opportunity to I'd make use of those animals. Absolutely anytime of the police officers you rely on all kind. Confidential informants and sources to gain information about a crime or suspect. And I just used that another tool in the toolbox you know it it was. It certainly wasn't something I play on it happens rather unexpectedly and certainly kind to me by surprise that. When it happened I'd realize wow that the psychic source of information here that I can happen to it why not it's. Use it if I had the ability to access information from the family pet. Why not. Does that information. Ever turn into actually like can we now witness account so like we would get from a person who saw a crime occur. Well I've gotten actual initial. Murder suspect. At this east cap. And so they can be pretty accurate they can give me that description. They can describe and you happen they can show me what happened they can tell me who theocratic fairway and if there was. Altercation between two people. I think has been described to me where. I'm missing child and went into the national forest. I was able to get information about where he plant that was accurate. It really Jason and Jamie give it an animal can see it they can send it to me. So I can that campaign. Anything that they have seen our experience. Can obtain that from them and they have to be willing to send it to meet Cuba. If it's an anti factory. Well and we'd like we just had a situation here in Rhode Island where a lady was killed. All shoes also with the dog. And I guess people try to also killer dog underdog who got away and survived was injured. But in a situation like that so you'd be able to get the information from the dog gone on who took this lady's life but then then the problem. Becomes. Would authorities. Take that. It ticket information that you that you give them and be able to to use it would be able to be using court members and everything else. Well yeah that's that's the problem you have to be able to. Gather the information. And provide them. That cute law enforcement agencies and then they have to do their own obviously the work they have to get read the investigation practical themselves but. I'm working on a missing person case straight out right here at my own home power. Where a settlement disappeared. In July and his cute. Where it left on his property and they eat. Who abducted him. So. I've been working with. Both local law enforcement on that taste of what's problematic about it is that they kept this particular individual away. His comments so the dogs didn't see where he went. And so I I haven't the basic description of the fact that. And all and then when it comes out of that situation I mean. Aren't as law enforcement even able to get a warrantless search Warner or anything else based off of what you hold them. I'd stolen off if at this day and age I wish it was different but at the stage and age if a judge would be willing to sign off on a search warrant. Off off situation. I ask it I seriously doubt that they would be able to do that they would have to rely on again that confidential informant it. They had that kind of rapport with the judge and they said. I hit a payment information if I confidential informant. Trying to happen at four lake in the tail. You know so I doubt that there's the judge out there that would I don't let based on information that came habit a pet food. But. You know law enforcement there are certainly becoming more open to. Accepting information. Medium and psychic like myself because that line if you're working on a case that somebody can provide you with the lead and then is better than nothing. Well I totally agree with it's just the legal system isn't willing to and so that that. So early Zia and I think we're we're does that change the way it does that it does that ever change so there's an open double can't worms and I'm sure you can agree with that as well because when it comes down to. It being able to prove something. It being a sensitive on the firm believer insensitive hi I'm firmly it's a lot a lot of people out there who wanna be sensitive to court now but I'm from believe that there are senses are filling with what you do and so forth. But trying to prove who who is who is real and who really do does have these abilities I think falls. As a as a real hard spot and especially when it comes out of the science world. I agree I totally agree there's certainly kept called minutes and you know my goal is if I can't I get a conviction out of bed at least I'm bringing closure to the families and their victims. Our absolutely some sort I think mean that means everything to buy it right all the way to get some some sort of closure some sort of assistants are so we're going to be getting in getting ready to take a break and so for the if you guys want to have any questions for us or our guest Karen Anderson to and the phone numbers 844687. Some six X night until treaty 8446877669. Got a lot of great stuff coming up and when we bring Caron back we're gonna talk to her about the book more specifically and again it's called. The amazing after life of animals messages and signs from our pets. On the other side an idea I know that it's it's a very common discussion on this program for people lost a pet and as you said Jay often just like a member of the family like anyone asks. And there's a lot of grief has a lot of sorrow. But this might help change some of that. Absolutely love more to come next sorry listen Jason JB MP LO. East Coast. Respects him. With myself Jason Bosnia was arson GD jokes. Great show tonight talking with Karen Anderson who is an animal communicate her a psychic and medium and she's got a new book out it's a great book to bestselling book it's called the amazing afterlife of animals messages and signs from our pets on the other side. Will be taking your phone calls and questions will we won't be doing readings with Karen but if you have questions about something momentum going on with the appellate term would dress that. The phone numbers 844687766. And we invite you call went. Don't forget tomorrow night Angela Thomas joins us Angela's a psychic current point we're really talking about the study of pre cognition. And then Thursday night Ambrose who won the task of fell will join us again and he's a paranormal psychic and spiritual author great week of programs. If you haven't had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial FaceBook page for us. That had to be unreal he radio dot com where he can find all the stations we err on across the country. You can also I checked that off tickets are counseling updating you we just added a couple of new stations this week which I key BOC in Bozeman Montana and WT SE Erie Pennsylvania. You can also download the beyond reality radio in Droid or iPhone app which allow us to listen live sketch pad shows on the go and Howard just listen lights click the listen live tab you can listen right from the web site to download the show from iTunes or any moral systems favor rated for ourselves pushed shall Ford makes it easier for people to fine. Yeah and a big welcome to Bozeman Montana by the way I was in Montana for the first time on over the summer really beautiful place him on unbelievable plays actually. And also welcome to the folks in Erie Pennsylvania that's a great town as well. Legal equitable in my tea winter I die you know you'll still others who say I personally don't because they don't ski but I have a good friend who is of ski fanatic in fact he talks we too much about it. And he loves that area in the way it is a huge dome of your country can do what it's beautiful it's beautiful out so. And now they can listen to be on reality radio when they do all those things all these to do it radio helmet to have radio Israel sent. Let's bring our guest back into the program Karen Anderson is an animal communicators and Karen again thanks for joining us suspend got a great talking to you was great having you on. A while ago we're so happy to have you back. Well thank you so much I love it a lesbian on your show you guys aren't salmon you're listening to the back. We think so too we think they're great I need to ask you about. And at animal intelligence we know that Tom you know relative to be able formal language and be able to communicate through language requires a certain level of intelligence and I think. That may be most people at this point don't often assigned to animals are we missing something here. You know I think. That's probably one of the biggest hurdle that people have this you know how can they speak words determine how can they do that. I truly believe that there is a level of intelligence that goes far beyond what we realized. They're far more tuned in to and they know. Much more about it then we could ever possibly. Even begin to realize. I don't think or. Necessarily. Missing some thing I think when you've just been doing this for as long as I have to you it's like if you were to suddenly. Pick up been moved to a foreign country let's say you live to Italy are telling you don't know Italian. Killing you get there you're not commit another language you're gonna have to look up every word. And it's going to be a struggle but after you've been there for our a year five years ten years. You begin to pick up the language in your brain starts to acknowledge. Let. Certain objects are and your memory will pull those forwards to you don't have to look at the words anymore. That's what takes place during a communications fashion I do believe that there are some other things that work behind the scenes. I'm such a help from. Spirit guide them those that I work with on the other side through my work as a medium. So I do believe that part of the translation process and the fact that I came here. English words coming from the animals it has to do with that. The helpers that I have on the other side so. There's there's the part of that that is. I don't do this alone I have. Quite a few helpers that bring the animal's spirit energy to me they bring them messages to me debris and human spirit to me. So it's kind of a group effort. Let's let's just tore phone lines bring a few of these listener calls and we've had a bunch of people waiting on hold for awhile. This is Liz calling in from New York Palin as welcome to be on reality radio you're on with Karen Anderson. Hi how are you. Have bank. Karen actually eight I have a question about a rabbit I have. And he's getting elderly and have a hard time. And my fear is that I'm who. And a lot like go and have him put down and I'm not sure he's suffering. And and what's your question. If he's suffering. Again. Well you know truly you know him. Other than anyone's. And I think that there are common. Sign that we can get from our pads that they just aren't. OK anymore you'll effective seat changes in behavior you deal expected keep them. Go up their food their water a day they won't be in their normal places. Those are some of the indicators that some of the signs to look for a couple of you know that an analyst reaching the end of their days this year. And just like. They don't necessarily want. To leave. They don't want. Debt and of their life to com. So they do hang on and putt there is the mother nature at the will to survive. I try to keep them golly even when their bodies are feeling man. So. You've got to trust your instincts and trust what you know about your rabbit and what. And normal behavior for you when you see him going off of there. Normal behavior that's an indication that they're getting close to the end of their days. Correct yes he's he's not doing too great but he's not doing bad either so he currently can't enhance he's eating like. Heat cream usually come late you know. You know he's been to the point where you off balance and you know today found them on the side and he is just. You know tries to flop around Chris what state they lose balance they kind of freaked out. And I you know and I don't wanna keep him around. For a unique. And Lillian I'll let you bring up. They're really good point there Karen. I have a lot of clients that contact me because. They want to make sure that their pets are in pain. And that they aren't struggling he. And it's really important to put their needs. For errors and none of us want to make that decision and our pac life final I don't I had to do that lead to many times. But sometimes. We need to make that decision because. That body. Of theirs it's gonna hold on as long as that possibly can't and I will tell you something that the animal can dying on their own. And that the sterling interest staying. They will report back to me after I connect with them later. That they do experience. More pain and experience more of the struggle. Then those animals too we help. Make their transition to the other side through euthanasia. Thanks so called the ethics of the call Liz we appreciate you sharing your concerns with us and you know that's going to be one of the hardest things to determine. Karen is you know it's it's gonna be it's difficult with a lot of animals animals to determine whether or not they're suffering northern pain I know. With with the dogs and I've I've had some dogs and he can kind of tell they they. Hand totaled bushel other signs but not all animals have those outward signs of of having pain or suffering. No they don't called show them and in fact animals are masters at masking it covering up. There illness to their injuries because I think about it and the animal kingdom illnesses injuries thankfully it. So they've learned to cover it up so does that make you a bad parent that you didn't know something was strong with your pet it just makes them. Really good at being a dog or cat or horse or bird or rabbit or whatever they are because that's mother nature is is instilling in them. That's survival of the fittest and cover up your illness and injury. Will reassess that matters so as human beings in San remarks from my father sick and it's one of those things where he's been sick for a long time. I I wouldn't put him down I wouldn't put him to sleep and even now in the news he'd and he would very much like to point to pass on his buddies won't let him. When it comes down to the animal world I mean we we as human beings who we tend to take these animals in and no matter how hard disk we. Have them put to sleep one when they're in pain. Is that first off how the animals feel about that secondly. Is that the right move to is at that point and aren't we sort of playing god for them and I understand in certain cases it. It stops and suffering. But in return. It's Alley we know that that's what they want it's not only they want to close her eyes forever in and be done with. Absolutely and it is a personal decision and I think everyone has to make whatever decision to strike at them whatever your beliefs are. I can only speak from what the animals have shared with me and based on what they'd count me that there is far less struggle far less pain. Pilot trauma. Kim an and a monk who has been humanely euthanized. And an animal who is left to struggle and their life because death and ugly. It's not a pretty sight I have unfortunately theme that too much of it as a cop. And it's not pretty that body does want to let go and there's all kinds of struggles going on there's pain. And the animals will tell me that both those who have passed on their own. Experience so far more trauma stress pain and struggle and those who we humanely euthanize but it's truly a personal decision. But then again sometimes cats will go off on their own when they know they're going to pass when they know there about a title goaltender just disappear. And go out on their home because they they wanna be alone they don't wanna be around people. That's absolutely true and that's what they do. In the wild they'll go up by themselves they'll actually get Kevin now by their occurred at their locker who believe whoever they're with. Because state and injured or ill animal trap predators fan senate bill. Send them out to get away from the herd of attack to keep. That at the rest of the tax base and it will go off by themselves the leaders to come to their illness or other injury suffered content to predation or maybe even elements. Yet states they aren't it isn't in the animal world has to be the rounded. By humans. Would. All of our emotions sprang up all of that around them and surrounding them. They like it com and quiet most of them want to be left alone just like you said they want to be on their own in and night quiet calm setting. And if you can work that in Q helping them. Make their transition out of their bodies and that. That's the route that I would recommend just based on what they have told me. Are sort of take a break more to come on the phone numbers 844687766. Inning until freed 8446877669. You've got a question for myself TV or guest Karen Anderson animal communicators. Will be back after this you listen Jason TV on our. Pretty juicy GPA guests next Anderson. Decatur quickly go to the Foreman is here to try to get. Least one more call in before the bottom of the hour break this is Jennifer calling in from South Carolina he Jennifer welcome to the show. And keep them minds and can't thank you for what you said about each and I Asia. Same here I am I appreciate you saying that. Yes Arnold. I hope to rescue pebbles. That I had to take over now about to not look at England. It is that the employee break apart. Now. First when he passed pecking her and the second one how the economy or. And not I don't know sorry. Thank you my question is. Is on I mean disorder. Prison itself because he knew his brother was stopped. You know. I hear that a lot and this happens. Quite a bit and bolted pets family where hear about. Companion animal that they have right around the same time as each other. And get it truly I think there's something to it I think that there is a connection there at that they see. They do decide to believe I do think that animals has. It is a choice as to how long they wanna be here and if they want to stick around maybe not a conscious choice by Q and I would have but I do feel on some level that. Their heart is all have to be and it can do and it if he thought that the brother was sleeping and certainly. He could've decided that it was his time to go to. End up you know they don't view death and dying the way that we do their very accepting of it. And the only trauma that animals so will report back to me is the trauma of seeing the pain that you and I are going through. As we go through that grieving process. So. Animals are very accepting. Of the end of their lives. Especially if that ends now actually even young puppies or kittens that passed. Way too young way too early they'll report pact mean that they feel they lived a good happy life sentence and they have no regrets because. Animals live in the moment. And they take advantage of as every single day leather here so. I I would not be surprised if that was the case that they ears decided to go right around the same time and so far it must be completely heartbreaking country ill. It was scary and that point that it went to dairy equaling. Well and see that's the best thing that you can do for your pets I've made a big mistake one time of throwing myself funds. One of my courses that had gone down with colic and I didn't know any better at the time that it. I was just. My emotions were overflowing. And I was out of control and she literally said to me you need to go away. I've heard those two words in my head but I didn't realize is that I was making her feel even worse because here she wasn't it. Critical moment in time throwing all of my emotion on top of that so I was come pounding things for her making it worse. I'm so happy to hear that you helped them pass quietly and peacefully. That's that's the best that you can do and sometimes that's all we can do but that's important to help them leave their body in a nice peaceful. Transition like that. Jennifer thank you so much for the phone call. And sorry for that loss we're gonna take a break here we go wreck remember a whole much more your phone calls as slick phone numbers 8446877669. Elisa and Jason GBM Dioner elegant revealed. Is beyond reality it's. Heard her stations carrying our program included with two new stations it just joined. The affiliate this little lit this Philly list this week including Erie Pennsylvania and Bozeman Montana greats. Greek communities where I'd be there has welcomed the beyond reality radio friendly and happy to have you on board and or in getting a bunch of new stations to coming up relatively soon get to listen keep growing. Another quick reminder to stop by the web page and check out the beyond reality radio official coffee mug you need to smog. To help you I drink some caffeine while you're listening to the program worked on the council are gonna judge you drink when you wanna under the mud was no pressure. Antonio area in the country rhetoric can be territory can be and his exile community they would just go to the website you'll see the mug me can click on you can order 5 o'clock somewhere that's exactly right it's it's I guess tonight is Karen Anderson she's an animal communicators psychic and medium and her bestselling book is called the amazing afterlife of animals. Messages and signs from our pets on the other side and Karen we've got some phone calls went to a couple here just to turner of people waiting on holes for a long time this is. Audrey in Kansas say Audrey welcome to the program. Right ankle and thank you for coming back I enjoyed black and we're here and saw. Thank you very much I am happy and back. And I don't believe that being able to appreciate the fact that you had served as the police officer I I don't actually set to. I'm thank my question is new animal bill would you feel like it's your fault they have been some hall. Hanley who has lost her home and I had to move in with me. And he's ready to take everything on towards awash. All week. And I said Mike can't on top of the dryer because the other can't which program that we eat her food. One bailout passed. Laundry room and I humiliating and Spain sprayed watch. On her shirt. And I told you over to spray would probably going in the food they creeped out. And that skilling who along had been going on. And then my kids started having severe seizures and I ticker at the bet that it was just would not good read Ulanova I had to let it go. And I felt that was my fault that she passed. Only you bash. You know. Think that's probably one of the worst things in the world to go through it when we feel that we are responsible. For. Contributing to. Passing of our pet and my heart just breaks for you I want Chenault if something's. And our passion iPad and I have to date. Connected with over seventeen minutes talent and pat. There has never been no one. That came through that told me that they're human it was responsible. For their passing. Out one and they don't see it that way. They will come through mentality that their body deal done or something happened to their body or if that was the car accident or something. But they never dream never. Did that come through and say they're human was responsible for their passing. It it'd just not the way that they see it your pets love you so much. They know that you would never put them in harm's way eight and that he would do everything that you could to protect them they know all that. So it would never even occurred at. That you're responsible and think that this play. You know Mara responsible for at their desk and you are responsible for their bird must of course your breeder. Let's try to look at it that way. You know are responsible for your analyst passing and you are for the coming into this world and they they don't pull those things against us they just stopped. See it that way. And I am so sorry about that. I appreciate it because it's such a special clothes aren't that she you know so much heat and bump. After that it didn't think it was this won't all of that there was tension between him after that night. I had to have removed and I felt bad about that do. I don't blame you and you know that's really. And I write about that in the book to an accident captain there's the captors about. Just this exact thing that we're talking about Italy sometimes things happen and they are out of our control on the way that I look at it as. You woke up every day of your life wanting only to help your pet take care of loud. Feed and give them the best of care was never in your heart it was never your intentions. To do any harm to that pat. If you can look at that that would in effect to forgive yourself and just let your pets don't see it that way they just don't view you as. The person responsible for taking their lives. Rodgers thank you so much for the call let's go to a buried in Charlotte, North Carolina you're very welcome to the show. I always say they have found out there were dying in war more Rhode Island. Everything's going great and everything's going great l.s that they've gone out there. I hate us and how does wanted to talk to you I am almost psychologist. And I don't know if you've ever notice this phenomenon. Or. But how they ask god doesn't hit areas and none of don't know the answer and then Ayers. Apple Canada. Our cash. Completely. Tuned out news leak all carry nearly as an end to a CDs brigade do and an old band show. Oh literally at an altitude and sang and welcome home detect those I don't care what cheerleader and do other animal. And it can command the house slot right down the you are on the couch. And it never has war on include it as a music player. Well cup I think certainly not a veterinarian. So I can't even. Acknowledge let a veterinarian would say that I can tell you that they were able to tune that out. Because most of what we talk about the most of what's going on around us doesn't directly affect them but if it's something that directly affect them or concern them. Or that they're gonna hit problems such as food or treats their people they are going for a lot. Does not pay attention. To they usually learn to tune things out that don't interest them I don't have a benefit for them. And everything else they can and shouted out they don't have that ability they're very good at closing things got an early focusing on what matter to them. They didn't survive all. Technique that music didn't get a higher permits and I didn't do anything to them they just did not go to sleep or whatever they do. Say and pampered them probably should admit this but I used to have a particularly find time with my dog when I was a kid playing harmonica because he would howl along with it so some music gets to be an apples I can promise you that. Someone that how do you wouldn't keep played dramatic day here at yeah they don't they don't all do it out but it certainly has its. Something that you know maybe it's happening around all the time they did that's part of their daily life that they can still pay any attention to it. Barry thanks for the call us go to Victoria Victoria's calling from Wisconsin his victory all the show. Great game I bet on the jacket and lit and Cheney probably. Remember I mean apparently was counting Congo again look I am. Her Butler that. Shelf. They can't. Your very content gay and I'm happy that you had a radio show dying and I and our love goes under Trevor. Hair and it so I'm listening didn't show it but so far and the last and a blue about the music I kind of disagree because. Like I classical music and making had seen it appear they can't endure really enjoy that. There's also that there's if you go to YouTube there's. I think I'm music tricky at. We're reviewed scientific guys have played in. Certainly the talent that had been really can leak really at and killing here and it and it's really amazing to see in my kept certainly acted like. There are cabinet or can they wanna hear it. I had I got out handicap. I wanna keep that. Yet there YouTube and look for Katz are music or cat. And implant then it's really cook. But my main question dear Karen is. Literally today my candidate had the goods have had at IP and for. Over four years. That can't be for him she people on the way at picking your dog had a heart attack suddenly at that hearing and I wanna know what she has any messages to warm me because I really think that she and the cats. What do less than a week after she passed. Well you know I hear that. Quite a bit in I fashions where. And another animal who has passed. World send another one to. Oh where make sure that we have another one in our lives. And there's no coincidence there at all I'll tell you my theory behind it. Animal. Benefit. When we're happy when we are loving another cat when we get happiness and our lives. Our animals on the other side are humans loved ones on the other side. They can feel my happiness and they can anti happiness that it makes them feel good it's like spiritual fuel. So I do believe that animals we'll send. And other pet and try election so we can have joy and love again. And have all of that good this coming into our lives because they directly benefit from that. So I don't I would. That monies that they probably. Sent this other one into your life. So that you can have that joy and happiness again. I actually agree with debt and appeared he had had a name that died in Latin American event. A lot of stress on them and not much. Arms to leave an average recently really quick here that most pat and I already had played other life came to mind. And I totally here and them do you agree. Wait say that again I didn't catch that must have outlet. Most pac ten are already lived human diets. So no I didn't Broward ultimately in that month pregnant lived Himalayan and they're good you know carrying iron into another round. OK I got you so you're saying that he does not step up lived about four as a human as human body before. I you know the canal RD again Ali see them and light in all who they would abandon. And very. Empathetic and very intuitive. Animal and I I kind telling me that. And it counseling have dreamed that unlike. Animals to humans human animal I think it is. You know Buddha thing. Well I truly. Feel bad and and I I'm no expert on this but I will this tell you my feelings from what I have learned over the years of doing network. And that anything is possible. If a week and as being you know want to reincarnated as a human come back at this humans. And it's Serbs their goal and it's Serbs their protest. I believe that that's possible and vice Versa if they want to come back as a type of animal and it serves examined or saw. I believe that day they can have that choice. So in my case that I can only share with what I have learned over the years. I do think that it can happen. So you yeah he's definitely on to something there. Victoria thank you for the call I think we have time for one more here let's go to Tiffany in Indiana Tiffany welcomed the show. There. And pack and narrower and the morning chat man on the long and we have an opener when it. You have another word of the day coming from the chat room. You know we hear and I am tired. So Eric and Eric giving room wearing their competitors who are all so what is. Ordinary blueberry. On that's a learning that the that's very pleasant word for the day and I guess that's. Only if only I'd end and then along with the flat and boring preparing and wearing horn here who. John Creighton Phoenix area there are better armed than TP. You're incredibly nice. Day and. Well that's always at all. What it's ever do that come out denies but you appreciate it as an affectionate I think that's very sweet of you call him Tiffany is I guess the official spokesperson of the chat rooms so by the way if you listening and wondering where the chat room is you can find it on the web site. Or he can find and I'm one of the gaps so Karen were were pretty much at a time here on working people find the books and far. I don't want more I don't want to go I don't know accidentally who. We talk another minute or so years so. Book about Abbot time. They can find it there as the amazing afterlife of animals and my other that Carol creatures and on it well you can. Go to my web site Karen Anderson dot net and learn about my online course you can learn how to communicate with your pets. And I wanna get my mind you guys that they ain't you for having me. Bad. Thanks so much for coming back we knew we look forward to talking you get some points. I hope so you guys got them in your listeners are that bad. Thank you so much BS is Karen Anderson again the website is Karen Anderson dot net. The book is the amazing after a life of animals stop by the web site check out the books on good stuff yes we've got some great shows coming Amaechi tune in tomorrow ordered to talk with Angela Thomas psychic in clairvoyant and we talked to mount. Recognition and that's always an uninteresting topics are. On merit so we're gonna take a quick break Mordechai unless the Jason je Giambi unrelated radio will be back after this. Graham again stopped by her. Web sites Karen Anderson dot net check it out lot of stuff there including her book the amazing afterlife of animals I was enjoying. Having the discussions about animals or pets are friends are whatever in ornament and think she's always so fun to have on she's always so happy. Which easier to just security personal around that she is enjoy it brings awareness level of energy has program blossom tomorrow night we've got Inge looked Thomas coming I'm psychic and clairvoyant are we talking about pre ignition and research. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Com or just listen any time any night life great from the to be on reality radio web site. If you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else do us a favor and just rated forest has holes was a show for it. Make sure you tune in tomorrow night we've got a great show they should tune in tonight big shout outs Karen Anderson had over her website. Check it out but this Jason DV beyond reality radio catch tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's only you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's stuck on our feet in the agency hello fading sent peacekeepers will purchase almost all actress and host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be shorter visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.